Is David Sharpe a Scam

Is David Sharpe a Scam?

Question you might be asking yourself, if you across Legendary Marketer.

As any internet user knows, there is no shortage of "gurus" promising to make you rich quickly.

So when I first heard of David Sharpe, the founder of Legendary Marketer, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical.

However, after doing some research, I realised that Sharpe is a real person.

That's a good sign.

But if he can be trusted, that's the second part of the question...

However, let's stick to fact-checking first...

Who is David Sharpe?

If you heard about David Sharpe, the marketer and not the football player, you know he had some hard past behind is sad, but really does he have to tell it in every video? 

Of course, he is trying to pull the story out to motivate you and show you, that if he could do it ,you can too.

Yes, but could he also be effective leader teaching you affiliate marketing? 

However, the facts...

is David Sharpe a Scam

In short, David Sharpe is a self-made millionaire who started his first company at the age of 21. 

His first company wasn't a great success and honestly, I have the feeling this shadow is following David Sharpe also now.

At the present days, he is successful digital marketer, also a highly sought-after speaker and consultant, having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Furthermore, he created the Legendary Marketer, which has helped thousands of people achieve financial success. 

Let me walked you step-by-step with this Is David Sharpe a SCAM. 

David Sharpe Products

You see, I wrote about Empower Network already, and it is disturbing.

This software was created by David Sharpe together with David Wood.

It a nutshell, it is a standard MLM business.

People buy a product and grow in ladder just when they "hire" a new prospect.

Oftentimes, there are no real products, just "this fake membership".

So, no wonder, there were plenty of unhappy, emotionally and financially struggling, broke people, who signed up for this.

Read this review to see some real stories. 

What is not ordinary, is that even the creators of the software called it SCAM, B**T, and ROBBERY.

The second product, David Sharpe has created is Legendary Marketer.

After a closer look, there are still some signs of Sharpe's past. 

The training program still sells a dream and is full of upsells. 

However, it is not a SCAM. 

Therefore, many people celebrate David Sharpe as a self-made millionaire. 

But is it really so? 

Read further on.

What is Legendary Marketer and how Can You Make Money With it?

So what actually is this Legendary Marketer?

It is an affiliate training program, that teaches you decent affiliate marketing skills. 

It comes with low front-end price.

At the time of the writing, Legendary Marketer will cost you $30/month with free 15 Days Challenge.

As mentioned, you will learn some decent (basic) skills about online marketing. Not too much about affiliate marketing though.   

The problem however starts if you are "hooked" and you want to really learn the skill. Then you have to go all-in, like in the "old golden years" of Empower Network. 

While EN will cost you "only" something above $5k, Legendary Marketer goes well over $25 000.

It really reminds of this: The Six Figure Mentors  

The way how this business model is not the only thing similar to EN. 

Also, the style David uses, is over-exaggerating

I mean, do they always be half naked? 

You see, I am not saying affiliate marketing is same s**t as MLM.

Thanks God it isn't.

In fact, I love Affiliate Marketing.

Not only, because it is way how I can help others. 

Also, thanks to this platform, it allowed me to start FOR FREE. 

So, unlike David Sharpe's claims, you can learn it cheaper, much more efficient and you don't have to pay-as-you-go. 

What is Empower Network and is it a SCAM?

In addition to Legendary Marketer, David Sharpe is a co-creator of Empower network. 

This MLM business was called bulls**t by its owners self , did destroy thousands of lives and went bankrupt in the end. 

is David Sharpe a Scam

Latest update: EN the website  this software is still offering, "new" discounted EN membership. 

You see, those two Davids (funny enough David Sharpe co-created EN with another David, this time WOOD) profited from the "internet era" of MLM. 

The were promoting lifestyle many people working in corporate world wanted, (paradise in further Costa Rica)

Why it doesn't surprise me , that the ad video went half naked again? 

Only later, those people who bought their dream found out, those Davids were enjoying this paradise life for their own money.

Moreover, there was no PRODUCT. 

Only empty promise. 

No wonder David Wood went nuts and had LIVE BREAKDOWN. 

David Sharpe did save him and left the sinking ship in 2014. 

Too bad, thousands of people who bought his fake dream, didn't get their money back.

Additionally, many of them were financially broke. 

Even though, I am sure David Sharpe has regretted, he was part of this circus, he can't deny, he was also responsible for people's disaster.

Therefore, it seems to me strange, he is portraying himself as a"marketing savior".

What Are David Sharpe's Honest Reviews?

If you want HONEST REVIEW of David Sharpe, you will find mostly the same.

His programs are done-for-you, high ticket, pyramide looking like courses. In his legendary Marketer for instance, you won't lean affiliate marketing. 

Yet, you are advertised to learn it.

Where did I hear this already?

So, you won't learn the skill, rather you will be re-selling Legendary Marketer like a salesman.

There are also people who are promoting Legendary Marketer, but those are mostly having a hidden agenda to promote it to you. 

This guy even confess it. 

How Much Money Does David Sharpe Make?

There is no doubt that David Sharpe is a very successful.  

He is the creator of Legendary Marketer, a company that provides marketing and training services to businesses.

According to Sharpe's website, he has helped thousands of businesses to grow and thrive.

But there isn't any of his income statements!!!

While Sharpe does not disclose his exact income, it is safe to say that he is doing very well for himself. 

He is estimated to be worth over $10 million, and his company is said to generate over $100 million in annual revenue.

However those claims can't be proved right or wrong, I am assuming he is doing financially well. 

David Sharpe Social Following

David Sharpe is very good motivational and marketing speaker. In fact, if you would follow chis YouTube Channel, the vibe of the videos is pretty good.

Do you want the exact numbers of his social followers?

YouTube channel counts 25.9k.

Facebook almost 60k followers.

Finally on Instagram he is followed by 107k people.

is David Sharpe a Scam

Is David Sharpe a "Guru"?

You see in the present internet era, plenty of successful marketers like to call them "guru". 

Why they do it?

I think, because they want to create this personality.

Guru is someone, you go when you hesitate, when you have "a faith issue" and therefore they like to call them someone who can help you.

But, in general their solution is going to cost you EXTRA money on top of the amount you paid for their initial product.  


Let me tell you what you already might know...this is wrong! 

Those "gurus" know it, but they won't stop.

In fact, that's the way how they make their money. 

However, is David Sharpe a "guru"?

I don't know. 

What I don't like about the picture he 'd like to be seen, is this "fabulous, epic and LEGENDARY" vibe.

Maybe he doesn't want to portrait himself that, but it doesn't bring positive vibe to me. 

While David Sharpe's Legendary Marketer is expensive, there are more affordable versions.  

You can start for free or start for little as $49 a month and become millionaire using platform like I started 3 years ago.

Others, so-called "gurus": Jono Armstrong and John Crestani

Is David Sharpe a Scam?

Good thing is that David Sharpe seems to be well behind his Empower Network days.

This means, he learned from the past. 

So, what I mean by that is that he learned that successful business exists, if it has product. 

Like in his Legendary Marketer, for instance. 

In my eyes, it is still too expensive, but at least it is teaching something.

Unlike Empower Network, where people were just "blindly motivated" to buy and further sell, that fake dream.

To sum it up, I won't call David Sharpe a SCAM.

He is a real person, teaching some real marketing skill and his course Legendary Course is comprehensive.

On the other hand, as mentioned previously, his course is over priced, offers high-ticket products and lot of upsells.

Additionally, it works as pay-as-you go way.

Meaning, he shows you decent training, but if you want to get the whole picture, you need to go deep to your pocket. 

I am not saying that's not ethical, and if you have some $30k to spend, you could give it a try to his teaching. 

But I know that there are more affordable, more comprehensive and more sustainable methods than David Sharpe is teaching.

I'll show you some below. 

Where Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing Without Spending +$30,000?

That's a great question :how to start affiliate marketing without spending amount equaling to down payment for house?

You see, when you search Quora for answers, people will suggest to start with finding your niche. 


Secondly, with the right affiliate network.

Again, agree, but I won't suggest commonly recommended ClickBank, Warrior+, or JVZoo.

Lastly, you will hear about traffic.

That's where it gets interesting. 

The way how you will drive traffic you your links, is the most important skill, you should master when starting your affiliate marketing business.

That's also where the biggest differences are.

You have two choices, either you will pay for the traffic, or you will learn how to drive the visitors to your site for FREE.

When you don't have a huge budget, or because you just don't want to be spending ridiculously lot, then you want to learn SEO optimisation. 

Courses that will teach you that are in general more affordable and require more patience. 

On the other side, the skills you will learn and the results you will achieve, are long lasting.

Recommended courses teaching (mostly) SEO:  

Affiliate Lab

Taking Action Online

Location Rebel

Wealthy Affiliate

Contrary to SEO, there are Facebook, Google, and YouTube ads.

It is safe to say that not everyone is comfortable spending money on ads.

Additionally, courses teaching this, are much more expensive.

Those courses are legit, but require huge investment and are risky. 

Courses teaching paid Ads: 

Commission Hero

The Six Figures Mentors

Legendary Marketers

Ministry of Freedom

Andrew James Oasis

So, we came to the end of my post...

I really hope I could give you an answer on the question: Is David Sharpe a Scam?

If you liked it, please share a word. 



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  1. Hi Julius, I’ve read a bit about Legendary marketer already. I even considered offering it on my website to people as an alternative to Wealthy Affiliate but keep on coming across blog posts like this one. Just the idea of the upsells being sold for upwards of 25K ~ the things I could do with that sort of money and you also mention the Empower network like I don’t think this man deserves to get his hands on peoples hard earned money and you have to question his integrity. Good job for sharing this because people should know what they are getting into.

    1. Hey Alex, indeed. I certainly believe David Sharpe has changed, but when you were once cheating on people, chances are high, you will do it once again. Also, the way how Legendary Marketer operates is reminding me of all the other gurus, like Jono Armstrong,, etc. They are all “selling you just a dream “but won’t teach you a lot. That’s my opinion.

  2. Thanks for providing this detailed review, Julius! This product is definitely not for me with the ridiculous upsells to over $25K! People are looking to make money online through affiliate marketing and that is out of the reach of many.

    This is the second (not encouraging) review I have read about Legendary Marketer. It is heartening to learn that there are a few other platforms out there that can actually teach you possibly the most important skill you need to have – ways to drive traffic to your website.
    Many thanks

  3. Considering how many other programs there are out there to teach you about making money online, I think paying $5K or $25K to learn about this is greatly exaggerated to say the least. Even if this system was good, why would you want to pay such a huge amount? You can get a lot of knowledge for free from multiple blogs that write about affiliate marketing. Then you can join places like wealthy affiliate that costs a few dollars monthly and helps you start and build your online business.

    Like you said, Julius, anyone can start on Quora by asking questions can hugely help. You’ll soon have enough information and knowledge to start an affiliate business. Read more, join a paid program (one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg) and keep testing things on your own and you will have success.

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