Jono Armstrong Scam

When you searched info about MOF (Ministry of Freedom) you might be wondering: Is Jono Armstrong Scam?

You see, this self-proclaimed guru is living LIFESTYLE OF SUPERSTAR.

Infinity pools in Bali, own recording studio and appealing back grounds during his ad videos, are just fragments of this hype he (successfully) creates.

In fact, Jono Armstrong did even wake up for us in one of his video ads. Almost an impossible task for a drug addict!

Without a lot of throttling, let's dive inside and get answer on this: Is Jono Armstrong Scam?

Who is Jono Armstrong?

Jono Armstrong Scam

Firstly, let start with who is Jono Armstrong.

UK born, want-to-be actor/musician, who turns his disappointment from his being into internet marketing.

Lately, it seems that every so called "guru" started as a loser, don't you think?

(Maybe they just use that, as MARKETING TRICK?

Either way, there is a quote describing what Jono Armstrong did and I like the meaning behind it.

The biggest ideas come from the biggest frustration...

Let me break that down for you, Jono Armstrong started his professional career as a teacher, earning him low income. After this venture he went to pursue his art dream and moved to Indonesia where he tried to launch acting/music career.

Jono Armstrong Scam

As this didn't work out, he become TV host, some say pretty successful. This was about the time, when he hit the bottom, admitting he was "alcohol and cocaine addict".

Later on, he did some gigs on E-Bay, little of e-commerce, before finding, what seems his final destination.

And he founds affiliate marketing that could safe his life.

So as of this writing, he is affiliate marketer, teaching other people methods, that helped him earn over $1 million in single year(2019).

But he did earn this great income?

Let's have a look.

What are the Products Jono Armstrong Created?

His best-seller is until now Ministry of Freedom. Maybe you saw some of his advertisements, because they are still viral.

This training program is based on affiliate marketing. One of the biggest differences MOF offers, when comparing to other programs is so-called launch jacking.

Not to be missed with JACKASS.

In nutshell, the program works like this:

Jono Armstrong suggests his students asking the vendors to give them access to theirs DEMOS.

Additionally, participants are asked to write review of such a product.

Complaints of such a method are that the demos are far from the real product and its features. In practice it means, that the reviews are often misleading.

You could be asking, what is the purpose of it. To be honest with you, I see as only purpose filling the pockets of his students and filling the pocket of Jono Armstrong self.

Because in his own words, the products are poor.

You see, the reviews are all very positive. Also, reviews of products which are delivering very low value.

Moreover, the second part of such a review generally consists large number of "bonuses". Mainly produced by those affiliates. It comes as no surprise that those "bonuses" are also regularly BS.

So, to sum it up. 

MOF teaches its students how to ask vendors for access to theirs DEMOS( as Jono Armstrong is authority, to get access shouldn't be problem when they mention his name).

Secondly, students will write, positive review of this product (to increase number of SALES). Subsequently, will these students add bunch of BS bonuses.

Result of this scenario is commission for these students, commission for Jono (remember his students had to pay him) and in most cases, customers who were ripped off.

Sad truth.

In addition to MOF, Jono Armstrong created:

  • The Secret Weapon
  • Octane
  • Thumbnail Blaster
  • From $0 to $100 in 24 Hours

While the content is slightly different, the reactions from public are almost always the same.

Low value, can be found online for free, over-priced and NO REFUNDS.

Why it doesn't surprise me anymore?

Why is Jono Armstrong YouTube Channel a Huge Success?

Even though, 65k is maybe not the biggest number in online marketing, it is still significant.

Jono Armstrong Scam

Imagine full Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium together. That is 65 000 people more or less.

So, would YouTube channel that big be considered as success?


But contrary to size of it, I think what should matter is qualityright?

Answer yourself if would you rather have 1000 people who never bought anything from you, or 10 who regularly buy from you...

So in nutshell, channel of this size can bring huge income.

So, to answer why is Jono Armstrong YouTube channel relatively successful, I would say he uses smart tactics.

Like clickable thumbnails (you can learn that too).

Intriguing backgrounds (well, you'd need to move to Bali for those).

Paid ads.

To sum it up. Nothing impossible to achieve as well. What I would like to mention, the videos on the channel are superficial and giving the subscribers very low value in my opinion.

Majority of it is about the newest launches of his (or his friends) products.

Additionally, for people watching it, he would be giving stories from his personal life (on some videos even his wife shows up), or some advice how to keep pushing hard even if people are making no money after applying methods he teaches.

FYI, the net worth of his YT Channel is almost $23k.

How Jono Armstrong Makes Money?

I went through the most of his income sources.

Besides his music career (not sure if he does it still) his main earnings are from MOF. Additionally, he earns from his other products as well. I guess YouTube channel is bring bit of revenue too.

As you saw the income statements from his YouTube channel and the prices of the products he promotes (very low commission, it is safe to say that MOF delivers most of his incomes.

I don't want to say that this means that he earns his money by scamming people.

Wait, if it would be legally true, I would say it. Ops!

Seriously, the "magic" of MOF is hidden in promoting low quality products making them look great just in order to make money, how would you call this?

Bringing value? Learning useful skills? Helping people?

Probably not.

Will Jono Armstrong Make You Rich?

Jono Armstrong can make you rich only if you are SHAMELESS.

You see, people who will profit from MOF or other Jono's products, have no shame ripping off other people. Because theirs reviews are all positive, independently from the program quality.

So, what other words as SHAMELESS should I use for someone who doesn't care if the product he/she reviews delivers value?

All what they care is the SALE.

If you care about your audience and you want to help them make informed decision, Jono Armstrong will not make you rich.

Jono Armstrong Students

Additional measure to find out if one is legit or scam is to have a look on people he helped, in this case HIS STUDENTS.

One of his students is also Branson Tay.

Online marketer who earned $500k in 2021 alone.

If you know some of his products you know that he "borrows" the techniques taught by Jono Armstrong.

Lot of exaggerated claims, like earn $4000 watching YouTube and similar.

He is also known for NOT GIVING A S**T ABOUT REFUNDS. Actually, I have a proof, that get refund from this guy is impossible.

I purchased front end offer of Browse and Bank product 3 weeks ago, claimed refund almost immediately, but haven't heard SINCE from him.

On the other hand, I've received TODAY ALONE!! two new emails from Branson Tay. This shows how those "gurus" are working.

I think this is a proof, that Jono Armstrong's teaching methods are unethical, and therefore I would highly suggest stay away from any of his "coaching" programs.

If you are still not convinced enough of this "two great marketers" being ALMOST SCAMMERS, see the screenshot of comment under STEALTHD (another Jono's "masterpiece)", you can read the entire review here.

Jono Armstrong Scam


You see, this arrogant prick, had no shame to use Indonesian Kids having no food as excuse not to give A REFUND.

How f****d up these people (Branson and Jono) must really be???

Jono Armstrong Scam

Is Jono Armstrong Scam?

Although, legally it would be incorrect to call him scam.

In practice it looks like statement Jono Armstrong Scam goes together.

Let's break it down:

  • He teaches unethical techniques how to earn money through affiliate marketing
  • His programs are over-priced
  • He ignores refund requests (contrary to his money back guarantee)
  • He buys YouTube subscribers, clicks and follows

So, is Jono Armstrong Scam or Legit?

I hope the above written gives you a clue.

Jono Armstrong on Forbes. Yes, This is No JOKE!

Before Jeffrey Epstein's story went viral, he was pictured in VANITY FAIR as "unconventional millionaire" who has a lot of contacts and lot of power.

If you watched the Netflix story, you would know that his profile was released just shortly after his first victims went to police.

Jono Armstrong Scam

If you are asking, how this could happen, MONEY POWER.

Well, I don't think that Jono Armstrong had to use some intimidating tactics to get his interview on Forbes.

All what I want to pointed out is that with little of PR skills, even SIMILAR-TO-SCAM-ARTIST marketers can get place in such a respected platform as Forbes.

Secondly, you don't want to believe everything you read on well-respected platforms. Nowadays, advertisement can be bought. That's definitely bad for small business owners with low revenue, but unfortunately true.

Side note: Thanks God Jeffrey Epstein was caught. Now, let's hope that Jono Armstrong "secret" will be exposed as well.

Jono Armstrong Reviews

One of the best ways to make a judgment over one person is to listen to those who have real experience with that person.

Even though, Jono Armstrong is suspect that he is buying some of his followers and he shows fake income proves from fake Twitter or Facebook users is one side.

Angry people trying to get refund of his s***i products are another thing.

Below are TWO bad reviews from reliable (objective sources) people who did have experience with Jono.

I think that those are very clear.


Jono Armstrong Scam


Jono Armstrong Scam

Is Jono Armstrong Scam Final Verdict

I really didn't want to write hate blog post about Jono Armstrong.

I also don't think that being ex drug user, should bring a stigma on someone.

Not at all. I think he can still turn his around, without being judged. 

But something I don't get is, when Jono didn't like his past that was partly influenced by his wrong decisions, decides to charge $1.5k for poor program to rip off hard working people? 

So, my intention with this post is to bring the facts up. So YOU can make well-informed decision.

I mean seriously, if Jono Armstrong is paying PR to be displayed on Forbes. When he is buying YouTube followers and creating fake reviews on Twitter/Facebook.

On the other hand ignoring or deleting the honest reviews, someone has to bring the FACTS UP.

This time, it is me.

You can ask, why do I care? Well, I do care, because I know that affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for people to create passive income.


People like Jono Armstrong are the reason that people are skeptical about affiliate marketing, they call it scam and whatever.

Honestly, I am not surprised. If I would know Jono Armstrong as the only Affiliate Marketer out there, I wouldn't trust this business model either.

Luckily, I know other platform(s) that do car for ITS STUDENTS. In fact, I am member of platform such a platform below.

If you want improve quality of your life, change your job, or build passive (online) income, or spend much time with your loved ones.

Then I can assure you of one thing.

When you will sign up for Wealthy Affiliate (FREE or PREMIUM membership), you have nothing to risk.

You will sign up for FREE in any case and then have 7-DAYS FREE TRIAL OF PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP. So, you will become paying customer, just after you had enough time to "try things out".

I think, that is no brainer .

Are you going to give it a try? If yes, then...

I'll see you inside.

Some other recommended platform to learn Affiliate Marketing: Authority Hacker or Location Rebel

Thank You

This is the end of my answer on question is Jono Armstrong Scam?

First and foremost, thank you for reading it. It was quite long, yet well-needed info. As I feel that the online space, especially online marketing is filled with all sort of scammers or look-like-scammers.

Whose only intention is to MAKE A SALE. 

They don't really care if YOU will learn something valuable or if your success will be sustainable or short lived. Secondly, their unethical, sale-in-every-case type of behaviour is really destroying reputation of online marketing. 

I wanted to warn you from Jono Armstrong and his students. 

I would highly recommend you stay away from people like them. You will be supporting what they are doing. On the other hand, I showed you some alternatives, you can go with if you want to learn affiliate marketing.

I hope I gave you plenty of information to make informed decisions.


About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • hello Ju,

    There are many people who have been scammed by Jono Armstrong. They have lost their money and their time. But this is not the case for everyone. There are many people who have benefited from Jono Armstrong’s system and they are happy with the results that they got from it.

    In addition, It is not that simple. After all, Jono Armstrong has been in the business for a long time and he has been providing resources to thousands of people who are looking for a way to make money from the comfort of their homes.

    The fact that he is not an expert in everything he talks about does not make him a scammer. He provides a lot of value and information on his blog and it is up to you what you want to do with it.

    One day, I bought one of his new launching jack product and it was information course. I found he uses turn around way (fishy ways) to get discount for Google ads. 

    These days, he created what he called Money Bot and he was looking for Beta Testers.. I attend the live call and I  can see there was hidden cost that appear later. He show his visitors his earning money using crypto money bot and he did not tell them his capital is over $10k US. He already made $38 US + $$20k US from the buyers! lol. Before I forget, The buyers sign agreements about disclaiming! lol

    He is tricky as he cannot make money quickly except this way, and I try to comment on his YouTube channel to warn the buyers, that he could not earn money using Crypto so that he creates this AI Money Bot ( cost $1000 US) to collect US dollars and you stuck with crypto!

    Some people love who not honest with them.

    By the way, I really enjoy reading this review.

    Have great weekend

    • Thanks for your reply. You see, what you just mentioned in your comment regarding your experience PROVES what I’ve written. Those shady tactics, like hidden costs to people who HE ACTUALLY INVITED TO THE WEBINAR. I mean this DOES JUST PERSON WHO DOESN’T CARE ABOUT HIS STUDENTS. Secondly, he ripped off some people but some not. That is in my eyes no reason to defend him. If someone is going to hesitate to join his program, should he just “hope” THAT HE WON’T BE SCAMMED BY JONO? What is this? That’s ridiculous. He is either honest and helpful or he is cheater and ripping people off. I am saying that in business, there is not such a thing like part time cheater. If someone has done it once, he will do it twice, and so on and so forth. Additionally, Jono is ripping off people regularly. In the end, you just proved that my thoughts are describing how the things are. Everyone should make own decision. 

  • This product seems to not be for us, we have read through the information that you provided within your blog post with question: is Jono Armstrong Scam? This review explains the details of his marketing career from selling products, to affiliate marketing, and they are not as appealing as your recommendation. WA is the best platform that anyone can go to. We are going to pass your recommendation to others to see what a great program it is.


  • Thank you for unmasking this guy for us. I was wondering if he was the real deal or just a scammer. And it turns out he is something in between. He actually teaches students how to earn some money but he is ripping off other people. Those who his students promote products to. In the end, it is not a sustainable model.

    • Thanks for your comment. As I replied to Safia already, I don’t trust this saying like he is in between. Either Jono Armstrong is person you can trust or not. In the (successful) business, it is not wise to have “half trust”. 

      Let’s give it real life context, women can’t be pregnant for 70%. Can they? 

      So the same is for business. Jono is either trustable or he is not. Clear. 

      I mean his Ministry of Freedom costs $1.5k. I think there are many people who will not invest this money to someone who is partly trustable. Because it is just too much to hazard with. I know I won’t.  

      In my opinion he is not TRUSTABLE and should be NOT CONSIDERED AS SOMEONE WHO IS “TRUSTABLE TEACHER”. There are countless examples that are just proving how he is f***ing with his own students. 

      This is just my opinion though, everyone else should have their own. 

  • Hi Julius,

    Making money through affiliate marketing by promoting low-quality products doesn’t sound right, so I will ignore Jono’s products no matter how convincing his YouTube ads are. While I went further reading your review, I found that misleading claims, no refund, and negative reviews are red flags for an online training program. I will keep these in mind and investigate the products I like to purchase next time. Thanks for sharing this valuable article to remind us of fishy programs.


  • Hi Julius,

    What I found was that it’s not all bad. I was able to find a few reviews where it seemed to be going OK for people. The launch jacking idea is not so bad if you are careful with the products you pick. However, I think maybe the worst part about MOF is there are a lot of hidden costs for tools and Paid Ads etc. Plus all the low ticket commissions I wonder if they can cover everything.

    As for the refund policy, I do agree this is highly suspect you must cover certain criteria before being eligible and you only get 60 Days. I don’t think there is anyone that has managed to get refunded so far. I think maybe if you are looking at doing this course you can get bootlegs of it. Best save your money and invest in something proper like Authority Hacker or IncomeSchool24 – even Wealthy Affiliate like you mention. I think there are worse courses than MOF but there are also better ones.

    • Hi Alex. Thanks for your comment. I am not saying that there is NO INFORMATION ABOUT AFFILIATE MARKETING IN HIS COURSES. (Some might be of some value even).

      But the shady tactics are just proving my thoughts I shared in my post.
      I mean he is not refunding people who are buying from him. While if it is some cheap $17 crap, people won’t mind. But we are talking about $1500. For some people it is lot of money. Additionally, all of his products have some hidden costs. Why he is doing it?
      Because he likes to rip off people, I’d assume.

      So, until WHICH MONENT we will tolerate this kind of “business” behaviour?Do you imagine that people with attitude: “it is not that bad” are creating him fortune? They are creating literally a millionaire who operates with help of shady tactics and who is ripping off his students. And those kind of people are visible. Even admired by some other not-informed folks. What kind of society do we live on, if we will accept this.

      But again, if that is ok for someone, he or she is free to join his program. I shared my opinion and offered ways how to earn affiliate marketing in honest way.

  • Thank you for warning me about Jono Armstrong Ministry of Freedom. There is so many affiliate programs out there and it is hard to know which one is real and which are not, but post like this definitely help us when making a decision which one to pick. Sometimes the affiliate programme will even be genuine but with cons that it would be impossible for people to benefit from. As I’m considering building a passive income with affiliate market will checkout wealthy affiliate since it is free to join then if great match will commit fully

  • Thanks for your review on this high-ticketed item. When I was new to affiliate marketing, I would have done whatever I could to scrounge up the money for this program. I was so desperate. I think the people who create affiliate marketing programs that cost an arm and a leg are not targeting the people who really want and need to do affiliate marketing – people who are struggling with money or don’t have high income to spend on such a high-priced program. Thank you for providing an alternative to this which is Wealthy Affiliate. WA is super affordable, and really teaches you from the ground up how to make money online. Thanks again for this review.

    • Thanks for your comment. Definitely, the WA is the alternative for the “honest” affiliate marketing. I don’t think $1.5K without transparent money back guarantee is suitable for anyone.

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