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I Am Going To Show You Here How I Created My Online Business 

[How You Can Start Online Business As well in a Shorter Time Than School Year]

earning on your terms

I am going to show how you can turn your passion to be your income. In addition, how you can reach your financial and time freedom you deserve.

How did I start?

My name is Julius and I would like to share a bit out of my personal journey, that led me to the point I am right now.

As I can remember I was always a big dreamer and I wanted to be well respected, famous, and rich. In other words, I wanted to be successful at something.

Growing up, my passion number one was soccer. Besides the fact it was my desired way towards success, I loved the fact I could be traveling often and I wouldn’t wake up every day too early -;)

Up to my early twenties, I was doing great and I was persuading my dream. At some point unfortunately I experienced some health limitations, and at the age of 21, I had to stop.

Long story short, for the following ten years I had my ups and downs, while together 7 years of not playing resulted in not experiencing the desired success.

At the times I did not play I had to start working. And my longest journey was in the hotel. Started as a standard front office agent and finishing as a manager, I ended my career in hospitality after 4 years.



I did not see myself climbing the leather to the position with interesting incomes.

As well as having people who were above me and deciding if my planned and well-deserved holiday is going to be accepted, was not something I dreamed about.

{If you are working in JOB, you know what I am talking about, right?}

Still able to do some of my biggest passion. (2019 Left)

While being “busy” during New Years’ Eve shift in the hotel. (2019 Right)


Affiliate marketing

While being already concerned about what I wanted and what I didn’t want, I did not stop searching for what could be the right step forward.

Then while searching, I clicked on a YouTube ad where a thing like affiliate marketing was displayed.

A guy telling his story about how he is making money during his vacation seems like something I could do as well.

Unfortunately, this guy’s website was not the right option, but with further check, I found a Wealthy affiliate, the platform I knew was the right place to start my affiliate journey.

Everything is possible

To be honest with you, I know that you heard stories when people were scammed and lost some money. I can guarantee you, that this is not the case.

Also for those who are searching for some get quick rich scheme, I have to disappoint you.

This platform is definitely not one of these.

There are many people out there, who are trying to make it look easy, but earning online is definitely not an easy task.

It requires hard work, like any other business.

On the other hand, there is not better platform when you want to know how to create online business than WA.

earning on your terms

The picture above is showing one of my posts reaching the first page on search engines[what would be one of your main goals as an affiliate marketer

What I love is, that the success you will reach in the end, totally depends on you. And that it will not cost you anything to join -;), as it is completely free.

If you would like to reach financial freedom…

Then you should consider joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Not just because according to me it is the best online income learning platform available,  but also thanks to its training and community, which will help you to grow accordingly.

This is an income growth from a member of the Wealthy affiliate who showed me the platform first.

By the way, he is 21 years old and this is what he achieved after 18 months of being a member.

Where you can be at that time?

It all depends on you!

I decided to become an affiliate marketer in order to help other people became financially free and leave their 5-9 job.

The reason I created this website is also to bring much more light to the topic of earning online, as there are plenty of myths out there.

I know there are many people who would like to achieve that, but they might just not found the right platform yet.

You might have worries and don’t know where to start, but that’s completely fine, we all had them. But…

…in case you want to know how to start online bsuiness, don’t search any further and let me guide you.

If you would join Wealthy affiliate I promise you that I will personally help you find the right direction.

I will show you everything you would need around.

Ready to be earning on your terms?

If you would like to get more facts about me, the best way is to join the community through the link above -;), but if you would like to get some essentials beforehand, there you go

  • Born in 1988 in Slovakia
  • Since my 23 moved to Austria
  • Living in the Netherlands and/in Austria
  • Mother tongue Slovak, fluent in English, German and Dutch
  • Played soccer on PRO level
  • Passionate and active soccer coach next to my business

All the best,



Let me show You How To Start

Every journey starts with a first step, you can do your first step towards your financial freedom with one click.