Commission Hero Scam

Is Commission Hero Scam might be your concern when landing on Robby Blanchard's sales page. I have an answer for YOU!

But before I will reveal it, let us find out, if it is really possible to be earning during your UBER ride.

You see, one thing that's obvious from the first look, Robby Blanchard is very good at marketing. So, this should a good thing right? Considering, he will teach you affiliate MARKETING.

Additionally some of his students described him as humble, valuable and helpful person. So, those are great signs as well.

But what about his program. Is Commission Hero Scam or Legit?

Let me show YOU!

Founder: Robby Blanchard
Product Type:
 Affiliate Marketing/ Facebook Ads
Price$997 One Time Payment, or 2 instalments each $597
Overall Rating5/10
Recommended: YES (if you are experienced in Facebook Ads) NO (if you are complete beginner)

What is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero (CH) is to affiliate marketing program that will teach you how to drive traffic to your (to affiliate marketing) offers using Facebook Ads as solely one method.

If you are not familiar with Facebook Ads, or if you don't feel comfortable to use it, then you should probably stop reading straight away, as this program might not interest you.

In other case, read further to find out what is Commission Hero about.

Creator of this program is Robby Blanchard. Successful ClickBank affiliate marketer. As I don't want to spend the entire post about Mr. Blanchard, you can read about him over here.

Commission Hero Scam

How does Commission Hero work?

For those who don't know Affiliate Marketing yet, it is one of the best ways to earn money online.

Mostly because you don't need any degree, prior digital or technical experience, and in most cases you don't need high start-up costs.

However, what distinguishes the FREE Affiliate Marketing from PAID one (talking several thousands $$$) is the way how you would drive your traffic to your websites. Paid strategies involves much higher starting costs, and are much more riskier. 

I know that doesn't sound charming, especially for people who are highly profiting from selling over-priced products to not educated starters.

But it is 100% true.

So, as you decide to join Commission Hero, you should know that this is the second way, meaning you would have to be prepared to pay regularly, aka every month thousands $$$.

I am not mentioning this to scare you away.

Rather, I just mentioned that as a HOLY FACT, and you should be prepared to accept that.

Commission Hero Scam

These 3 secrets are part of how does CH work.

If I want to be comprehensive slightly more, I would say the Commission Hero Works in these steps:

  1. Find High Paying Affiliate Products
  2. Create Facebook Ads to Drive Traffic
  3. Create Landing Pages Where You Will Drive This Traffic
  4. Make a Sale and Collect The Commission

I think, that's pretty straightforward.

Furthermore, let me show you what you'll find inside of Commission Hero and what are some tools, you'll be recommended to use.

What You will Get for (almost) $1000?

As the price tag is at whopping $997, it is your right to ask what you will be getting in return.

In other words, what is inside Commission Hero?

Commission Hero Scam

11 Training Modules:

  • Getting Started
  • Choosing the Right Offers
  • Finding Your Ad Image
  • Setting Up Landing Page
  • Setting Up Facebook
  • Setting Up Facebook Pixel
  • Tracking Your Campaign
  • Scaling
  • Ninja Tactics

In addition, you could expect those bonuses:

Commission Hero Scam

What I like about Commissions Hero?

Owner is Legit and Has Some Success

Robby Blanchard is legit affiliate marketer. He started some 6 years ago. During that period he went literally from ZERO to HERO.

His company (Blanchard Media) also works as digital agency and has worked with some important clients.

As well as, he is officially the most successful ClickBank affiliate marketer.

So, this guy definitely knows, what he is talking about.

As you could read earlier, he is also very transparent and doesn't try to hide the fact, that your main task is to drive traffic via paid ads.

Unlike this guy: Is Jono Armstrong Scam?

Affiliate Marketing is A Legit Way How to Earn Money

Affiliate Marketing is legit business that helped already millions of people make their dreams reality.

So, if you dig in to this "stuff", you might as well, find your holy grail.

If I were about to mention some biggest reasons, it is the greatest business model for starters, I'd say: low budget requirement, no customer service, no product creation...You can read more here about Affiliate Marketing , to see the whole picture.

Even so, crucial to mention is, it depends on where you are learning to affiliate marketing from.

Wait until the end of the blog post, to see my #1 recommendation.

Legit Training Inside

Even so, Facebook ads is not my preferred way of earning money online (you'll see below why) the training inside of Commission Hero is very comprehensive.

Furthermore, Robby is real-deal to teach you that. So, if Facebook ads is something what you want to master, then you'll be learning from one of the best guys in the game.

What I don't like about Commission Hero?


You see, the training is comprehensive, the earning money method is also legit, but I still think the fare for this course is slightly overpriced.

In addition to the high price tag, CH requires you to make additional investments.

This scheme remains me a bit of: Six Figure Mentors

For instance, in this platform you can buy 2 year membership with no additional costs required. Or this platform, has the same one time fee as Commission Hero, but comes with (almost) no extra costs.

Extra Costs

When you will take the training inside Commission Hero you will be taught about some "must haves", to run your business.

These are:

  • AutoResponder (+15$/month)
  • ClicFunnels (+97$/month)
  • Facebook Ads ($100-$1000/month)

Obviously, there are other Autoresponders, but some will not support you when doing to affiliate marketing.

 There is also free version of Mailchimp, but that one is just for 500 subscribers. If you will have bigger email list, it'll be paid as well.

No Refunds

I mentioned the relatively high costs of the program in first instance. In addition to this, there are some extra investments showing up along your journey as you previously read.

The worst out of it all is, that Commission Hero doesn't offer REFUND.

People who used CH in time before claimed, there was refund policy, but Robby and his team decided to withdrawn it. The reason for it is unclear.

However, offering no money-back guarantee, or free trial is something what can distract many people from joining.

Facebook Ads are Risky

Unless you are expert in using Facebook ads, they can be very risky.

Not only because the obvious fact, that you will be paying for your visitors. That said, not every visitor will buy, after seeing your offer.

But also, Facebook is changing their policies and terms of use, so often, that it is really hard to predict, how sustainable your business will be.

In the worst case scenario, you can lose it all.

In addition to this what I find especially disturbing is the fact, that you are not allowed to use FB ads for digital products. Seeing Robby is mostly recommending ClickBank offers , where majority are actually digital products, it might be an extra obstacle. 

Users Facebook Accounts Are Being Shut Down

Besides to limited usage of Facebook ads, your account might be shut down.

Therefore, inside of the CH training you will be taught how to create several Facebook accounts.

In addition to this Robby created video to help you prevent this happening (shut down of your account), but it counts as CON for me.

I don't know if I would feel comfortable applying strategies, that are on the edge being allowed.

Done For You

The issue with DFY landing pages is that once in use, everybody following CH training can have the very same pages as you.

Moreover, I am not big fan of too much DFY, because of another reason: you won't learn the skill.

I understand the advantage of saving time for instance, but in my opinion, this skill you would want to master by yourself.

Strange Claims on Their Website

This is maybe nothing, but I thought I will mention it, because it sounds somewhat strange.

You see, when scrolling down the Commission Hero sale page, you will read, this is not business opportunity. Naturally, you can ask, what is it then, if not business opportunity?

Secondly, on the very same page, their income disclaimer refer to website, which belongs to John Crestani. Don't you find it weird?

Commission Hero Scam

Missing Support

You see, during the starting period of your new business venture, you'd appreciate someone who is standing next behind you.

Stepping in, when needed, or offering careful ear to listen to your questions.

But that seems not to be the case here. You can see it from the screenshot below.

Even so, some people said they felt great piece of support from the Facebook Group, it is not comprehensive help.

According to the statement below, you will be first 2-3 weeks without any support.

Commission Hero Scam

Does Commission Hero Really Work?

You could be asking if joining Commission Hero, would be the only one places helping you earn money online.

One thing is sure, using Facebook Ads as driving traffic is a legit way. Affiliate Marketing is as well legit way and Email Marketing as well.

In addition to this there are real life stories from people who followed the CH training and after applying the techniques taught in there, they are able to make money.

On their sales page you'll see bunch of other success stories. 

Even so, I don't doubt those people showing theirs real accounts, there is one important element, Robby is not mentioning when showing those real life cases of successful students.

Those are the ad costs!

Because if you pay close attention to those screenshot, also to the videos of Robby's earnings as well, they are all GROSS PROFIT.

So, from this amount, you would need to deduct the ad costs.

In real life it could easily look like this: John's (who took CH training) gross profit, $1000, but John's ads costs were $950. So, John's net profit is just $50.

To sum it up, you can earn money following Commission Hero training, but it ain't so easy as Robby is telling you.

Commission Hero Scam

Is Commission Hero Scam?

In short: it's not. Commission Hero is legit program teaching you legit way of earning money online (to affiliate marketing) with solid training on how to drive traffic to your sites using Facebook Ads.

So, if you will purchase it, you will definitely get some value in return.

Furthermore, you will be learning those skills from expert in the Facebook Ads field and number one affiliate marketer on ClickBank, Robby Blanchard.

On the other hand, there are some flaws in the system that make it quite risky investment though.

For instance:


Is there other way?

If you read my blog post full, you could spot, I mentioned (couple of times -;) that Affiliate Marketing is one of the best options to earn money online.

Especially if you are starter.

Contrary to risky ads, there are other ways to drive traffic to your affiliate offers.

One of them is SEO.

This free "traffic highway" is considerably more sustainable as Facebook ads.

More importantly, IT IS FOR FREE.

But it takes more time to see the results. That's why more people choose the (seemingly) easier way. Still, very risky, expensive and surely, doubting way. (You have to become master, to leverage on FB ads).

On the other hand, how would you feel if the "only thing" you'd have to do is to write.

Yeah, that's right you could just be writing (SEO) about your passion (niche), stay consistent and (eventually) big money will come to you.

That way, you can create your passive income machine for years to come.

If that sounds, like something you'd love to do, you can join me below.

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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • Commission Hero seems like a legitimate program to leverage Facebook ads to drive faster traffic to our affiliate offers. However, the high-ticket price and extra costs made me indecisive. Paid ads like Facebook ads cost people hundreds easily before making their first affiliate sales, and it takes trials and error to find your perfect formula to hit the laser-targeted audience. I am not sure whether people can master Facebook Ads by this training program, so I will skip this one to find another affordable platform to learn affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing all the information here. It helps! 🙂

    • Hey MATT. Indeed, there are too many risks involved when checking Commission Hero. I think it might be drain your pocket for the first months and to be honest, not everyone can afford to invest 10k let’s say and lose it.

  • Well it sounds like an interesting if you already have some training in affiliate programs. I agree that the price is too high. I wonder if they have an affiliate program? lol I can see the commissions now. I suppose taking away the money back option helped with sales.

    • Indeed, they do have affiliate commission, but you have to send them an application. They don’t accept easily. The commission is 40% and if you perform they might increase it to 50-60%

  • Thanks for the detailed review Julius!
    While Commission Hero is a legitimate platform, the program is NOT for me for several reasons.

    The initial cost is pricy at $997 with additional monthly costs for the AutoResponder and the ClickFunnels platform, plus there is no money back guarantee if you are not satisfied! The Facebook ads is the killer!! For you to see any meaningful results, you will need to invest between $1-2K / month (if not more) for at least 3 months. Most affiliate marketer starting out do not usually have that kind of buffer.


  • Hi there. Thanks for your review. It appears that Commission Hero is a legitimate company, but it would take someone who is savvy as an internet marketer. Also, the price is steep – especially for people who are just starting out in affiliate marketing. As for Facebook ads, it will take a bit of time before you see results. So I wouldn’t go for this program. However, I love your #1 way to earn money in 2022 – Wealthy Affiliate. I like that program. It’s very in depth and it takes you by the hand. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to set up your own website and build your business from scratch. Also, I like that there is a free version, then a premium version for $49 a month. I think most people looking to make money online can swing that. Great review.

    • Hi there. Thanks a lot for your review. $1000 to pull out was something unimaginable for me at the beginning of my digital marketing journey, so I can imagine for many it would be the same. Even then, when having 1k to invest, not sure if investing in Facebook ads, would be the best option. Seeing their privacy issues and their very strict terms and condition (especially for digital products). So, if budget is not an issue Affiliate Lab can be option, otherwise Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice. Glad you love the platform as I think when it comes to value/price relation, this is the best platform to learn you affiliate marketing and beyond.

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