In my today’s article, I am going to have a look at Legendary Marketer, the place which is promising high incomes. Affiliate Marketing is a world that became to be very comfy for different SCAMMERS. That’s why it’s important, you’ll make the right decision, which network or platform to work with.

Affiliate Marketing is also a great business opportunity and I am also AM myself.

Click Here and read how my journey started.

Let’s have a look further, what Legendary Marketer is all about.


Name: Legendary Marketer

Founder: David Sharpe( Dave Sharpe), co-founder of Empower Network, (what was claimed by its owner as a fake)


Training and Support: 4 out of 5

Price: $30 starter monthly fee, up to $30 000 upsells

Overall Rating: 2.7 out of 5

Who is this program for?

As I will dig deeper into the program breakdown, you will find out that the costs are very high. Therefore, this program is for someone who has a couple of thousands of euros or dollars ready to invest.

If you don’t have this money to invest( or if you don’t want them to invest), I would recommend This Program.

Another group who will profit from the usage of this program is the owner and Network Marketers (wanting to generate more leads and sales through online marketing)

However, for starters is this program simply too expensive.

Program breakdown

Legendary Marketer is a program based on paid-up sales. In practice, that means, that for your starter member fee you won’t get the entire info needed to start, and eventually to be successful online.

With this fee paid, you will be able to get $18 if someone signs in to the program as your referral.

If you want to earn more, and profit from some of their high-ticket products, you would need to purchase upsell after upsell.

Personally, I am not a big fan of those schemes. I prefer to have all clear at the beginning, in terms of what I am getting in return for my money.

Imagine you are going to buy a jacket. And in order to wear this jacket in winter, you’d need to buy extra caution for $30, if you want to wear in rain, it would be an extra $40 and if in snow, that would be an extra $50. And the initial price of the jacket was just $20, those extra costs are not mentioned at the purchase.

Not the best, right?

Something similar you’d experience with Legendary Marketer, but now in terms of thousands of dollars. Ouch!

Let me show you what you will get for what, to be precise…

1.15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge costs $7


The owner is claiming that you’ll get knowledge others would need years to gain. Not really sure about that, but what you get is in the overview above.


This is the first step of the “upsells” journey within the Legendary Marketer, unlike Wealthy Affiliate, where you get the full training for the first week entirely FREE OF CHARGE is this platform asking their marketers to pay more, to be able to earn more.

Let’s see down, what else they offer..

2. Legendary Marketer Club, costs $30/month

This about what you will get inside of the Legendary Marketer Club. It is knowledge, which is really valuable and can help you to build a profitable business.

The only problem here is that they will not allow you to build a business on your own products, instead, you have to promote Legendary Marketer.

In other words, you will get their Sales Funnel and you have to just promote it further.

3. Traffic University, costs $1,497 one time

Here you will be taught the basics about the traffic.

How to drive traffic to your online business is one of the most important aspects of any online business. The problem here is that I think it should be included in their basic offer. (Like basically all of their upsells).

Information included might be valuable, but it is overpriced.

4. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint, costs $2,500 one time

To be completely honest with you, I have no single reason someone should pay this amount of money for the content of this part.

Sure, you will get to know what Affiliate marketing is about. They will speak about niches, affiliate marketing networks, some companies you might be working with.

But is it worth 2,5 k? Definitely not!

5. Digital Products Business Blueprint, costs $2,500 one time

Here you will be taught how to create your own digital course.

This is what you might consider as a part of your Affiliate Marketing business. I am just sticking with my opinion that it is way too expensive.

Come on, seriously? Two and half K?

Nowadays, you don’t have to pay that Crazy money for learning how to create a digital course!

6. Coaching and Consulting Blueprint costs $2,500 one time

Below on the picture, you can see what you’ll gain in the module 2 of this course:

I think this can be really valuable.

However, the price is something I am very distracted of. If your intention as an Affiliate Marketer, or as any kind of Business provider, is to be coaching people, you might consider getting this knowledge from some professionals.

7. Events and Masterminds Blueprint, costs $2,500 one time

Here is your Coach DAVE, by himself. One thing I am sure, and so is that David Sharpe is a great speaker on the stage. While there are industries where speaking on the stage is almost necessary in order to be successful, I know many successful Affiliate Marketers who never did a single speech.

Therefore, I don’t see a deeper purpose for you to buying this overpriced course. Unless you plan to be a speaker.

But then, you would like to search for different courses and persons, not an affiliate marketers!

During the last 4 parts of this program, I was often mentioning the word “overpriced”.

Why? Because it is simply way overpriced.

==> Want to check training covering all important tools for a successful affiliate marketer, whose price is not going to ruin you? Check it here!


  • It is not an MLM scheme, but pure Affiliate Marketing
  • Value in the 15-Day Online Business Challenge
  • Costs of the Legendary Marketer Club, to be honest, I think $30 for the knowledge like Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Fan Page follow it is really great price
  • 30 DAYS Money guarantee, however, I found that just applicable on the monthly $30 membership, I haven’t found any info about this guarantee for the additional upsells, should you decide to purchase any of those, I would recommend to double-check it before making the purchase


  • COSTS- This is just too much for me and I think for everyone just starting out in online business
  • OWNER- you might think I shouldn’t mention this, but if you check the article under his previous company, this does seem to me as a guy I would trust. Be aware I am not trying to humiliate him( unlike he does during his ads towards bitcoin sellers, or lotion promoters).I am just mentioning that it is really, at least very questionable if this person is doing the business with the right purpose.I know you don’t have to praise your business partner for everything( in Affiliate Marketing he would be your business partner), but at least you should have a basic respect for each other, in my eyes. I think one of the many advantages of being self-employed is that we can choose our partners/colleagues, don’t you agree?
  • “UPSELLS” PARADISE –If you read the example about the jacket you know what I mean. I think if the business is transparent enough, there won’t be any f…cking upsells, right?
  • ONLY ONE PRODUCT: At their homepage, it is written that they help people, this is not true in terms of building business. They don’t help you how to build your own business, instead they teach you techniques on how to promote their program
  • LOW-INCOME POTENTIAL– If you are starting out, and you don’t have a lot of cash to spend, so being a member of the Legendary Marketer Club, you can earn just $18/ sale

Is Legendary Marketer SCAM?

It is not SCAM! Nor it is an MLM scheme!

That’s to say at the beginning.

However, if you read my review thoroughly, you would see that it is way too pricey and the transparency of the owner is at least “questionable”. That said, you have to count the nightmare of promoting just one program.

All in one I would NOT recommend this program.


What to do instead?

There is an online platform concentrating high number of hungry affiliates keen on helping each other. Besides that fact, they provide you with in-depth training for a very reasonable price and they are teaching you how to really build your business from scratch.


Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate means you get an overview of your monthly costs at the beginning.

No hidden “winter jacket” costs if you want to grow.

Your incomes are totally dependent on you and you learn skills, whose knowledge will allow you to be hired on multiple lucrative positions (if you decide to work one day for someone).

In fact, it is the best and the cheapest “university” you can attend. It helped me create a passive income, while completely newbie without any prior experience.


I hope I could help you get more insight into the Legendary Marketer and to offer you some alternative. If you found this article valuable, please share it further by using the social buttons or simply copying it.

Thank you and best luck towards your success,

Your friend



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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Helooo there, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and educatinonal piece on legendary marketers, if it’s really suitable of e starters. I basically never had any consciced knowledge on legendary marketters before , I have really learnt a lot from in here, Anyways my opinion is that legendary marketters is a nice platform though but I really think it’s not suitable for starters, the costs attached to it are indeed much. 

  2. It is so crazy to see how every piece of tools, training, help and guide in Legendary Marketers are splitted to have different price tags. This is too expensive especially for us beginners; we’re looking for money not to spend money. Well, I know it is important to invest in order to make money but not as high as Legendary Marketers charges. Good to see you share a better alternative.

    1. Their prices are way too expensive. If you check the Wealthy Affiliate ,they are charging 1/20 out of this price and the training is suited for affiliate, but also for your own Product. 

      That’s very different .

  3. Hi Julius,

    i loved the article on Legendary Marketer. I had not even heard of it. OMG !

    i agree with you that Affiliate Marketing is a world that became to be very comfy for different SCAMMERS. That’s why it’s important to make the right decision, and figure out which network or platform to work with. I work on Wealthy Affiliates and have found it to be awesome in terms of content and training available.

    Affiliate Marketing is also a great business opportunity and I am also into Affiliate marketing myself.

    Thanks and keep in touch.


    1. Thank you for stopping by Aparna. I am happy you already found great community like Wealthy Affiliate. We all have to be aware of Scams ,that’s why I wrote this and more reviews on my site.

      You can check them all here

      Take care and speak to you soon !

  4. helllooo dear, what an amazing post you just shared with us all, and i am really glad i saw these post, so i really must commend your effort, i really love the idea you shared with us here about these marketing scheme, i a really gratefull with such an amazing post you have shared with us so far, your site really is full of such an amazing post, i must say i have been saving each of your pages to learn alt from these article, it really has been an interesting content, cant wait to show my fiends, ill surely share your contents on my social media page.

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