does Quora work

There are enough reasons why does Quora work.

From business perspective, it might help you grow you traffic, audience and authority status.

I love Quora because of its simplicity. You don't need anything special to start using it.

In fact, email address and some basic interest are enough.

When you want to find out how can Quora help your blog, service website or YouTube channel, read my post. You will love it.

Ready to start?

What is Quora?

By definition, Quora stands for QUESTIONS or ANSWERS.

does Quora work

It is knowledge based, internet forum. It really reminds me the old days of internet.

In my memories, I've got back to my elementary school-days, when one beautiful teacher was fooling around with me, pretending she's girl interested to meet me...?

But on more serious note: Quora is source of information on almost every topic.

So, you can find information about the newest celebrity couple, how does car engine works and as well, how to earn money online.

Pro or flaw of Quora is that there are "common" people sharing theirs opinions or knowledge. Depends on the way how you look at it, it might be benefit for you or not.

We can't overlook that there is certain similarity to social networks.

You can follow, like (up vote), comment and indeed create your own network. Exactly as you would do on Facebook or Instagram for instance.

You have option to participate in spaces, where you will receive updates on the newest posts in the particular topic.

That way, your Quora main page would be customised according to your wishes.

Below is my space overview.

does Quora work

Why Does Quora Work and How to Use it For Your Biz?

You see, Quora works as social, informational and educational hub. "Common" people are sharing their life experiences, dreams and worries.

Paradoxically enough, the worries are those you can leverage greatly.

Let me explain. 

In case, you own blog, assuming you are writing content, you know how important it is to WRITE FOR PEOPLE.

Could there be better place to "listen to people" as Quora?

Unless, you are able to invite some 80 millions for a beer, you won't find greater place.

does Quora work

Not only you'd safe couple of bucks (or thousands ?) this way, but also people sitting comfortably in theirs bathrobes, sipping their hot chocolate in the comfort of their home, will give you more honest and precise answers than in crowded bar. 

That's what you need when creating your ideal "buyer/reader persona".

So, this answered hopefully the WHY. 

Now, HOW it can help you grow your blog?

You have two options.

Firstly, through reading the answers on topic you write about, you can sense people's worries. But that would be useless, unless you address them in your content.

In real life example:

YOUR BLOG TITLE: How to Lose 5 kg in 2 weeks?


This question below will fit our needs.

does Quora work

When you will scroll the answers, there will be enough inspiration for your post.

Could dance be the right ingredient?


It worked for the lady in the picture, right?

does Quora work

Less attention to diet? 

There is another way, that can work.

Would you get more "readability"when you will use those tips? 


does Quora work

I hope this does make sense!

Secondly, you can keep writing on Quora.

Doing this, you will (hopefully) create follow. Those people would be naturally interested in your "main" writing on your blog. So, they will migrate also there.

Your readers list should increase accordingly.

7 Reasons Why to Use Quora for your biz

Directly Increased Traffic

I think it makes completely sense, right?

You will write some captivating posts (answers) and within those you can link to your post on your blog.

Or simply, because your content on Quora is relevant, helpful or some kind of valuable, people want to naturally find out more about your work.

Therefore, they might search for you intentionally.

All-in-one, it brings you more visitors!

Creation of Network

Even so Quora was created in the same year as Facebook (2009), I think its network is much more valuable for your business, than Facebook.

You see, the Facebook ads, recent privacy issues and also the overcrowded nature of Facebook makes it really difficult to "break in". Even, creating serious business network looks to be very difficult with FB.

Note: From my experience, if you promote digital products, your ad will be not allowed. Therefore, considering Quora seems to be wise choice.

Helping With Definition of Your "Buying" Personas

Whatever you are offering to public, there is certain importance of knowing your ideal buyer.

One of the crucial characteristics how to define such a person(s) to know his/hers wishes, desires, fears or worries.

Do you agree?

As Quora is relatively anonymous (only thing you have to share compulsory is your nickname), people tend to express themselves more freely as on Facebook let's say. (As you are most likely sharing your real name or identity.)

So, this makes is perfect, if you want to discover how people feel about certain, business related topic. You can refer to previous part of my post to see real life example.

Product Testing

Similarly to these emotions "dive in", you can leverage on folks opinion when it comes to your new product.

Tim Ferris, the creator of legendary 4 Hours Work-Week Book, is openly mentioning Quora and Reddit as the best sources when it comes to market research on connection to new product ideas.

It works super simple, you have an idea about product and instead of paying outside company to do over priced market research, you'll do it by yourself, simply asking thousands and without spending, single cent.

Learning About Specific Topic

No one is perfect and knows everything. (Even tough, we often might think that)

So learning and keeping up with trends is almost necessity.

When you want to become expert in some field you have to absorb new information. You already know that Quora is information hub.

Best thing?

It's completely free.

Building Authority Within Your Niche

Especially during your start-up period, you want to get as much recognition as possible.

If you decide to build it on Quora, it won't cost you money.

In addition, it is pretty simple. You really just need to know more about given topic as your audience and growing your authority status, will be super easy.

Earning Money with Quora

Lastly, for people looking to earn $$$ directly with Quora, there is intriguing option as well.

Through Quora partner program, people are getting paid just by asking questions.

It is not as easy as it sounds, however it might be interesting side income stream for you.

This partner programs tough works just as invite only. In order to get accepted, you have to have at least 100 000 views. The money paid is not covering full-time, rather it can serve you as side income.

In case, you want to earn money online with side hustle, you can join Appen or Remotasks. In case, you want to replace your full-time income, then online business is what you need.

How to write on Quora?

Previously I highlighted how does quora work and how it can help increase reach within your audience.

In almost every way, you have to create some sort of content.

So let me briefly footnote how to write content on Quora.

In nutshell, when writing any piece of content, it comes to really the fundamentals.

  • Being Helpful
  • Sparkle Interest

does Quora work

If you will fill both conditions, sure enough you will get attention from readers.

1. Being Helpful

This should speak out automatically. If you won't provide kind of value with your question/answer, your content will be hardly gain some views.

Depends on your intentions (building network, building authority, etc) you want to adjust your writing.

With reader in your mind as the rule of thumb.

2. Sparkle Interest

If you fill the first condition and you are helpful, it still will be (almost) useless, unless you sparkle interest.

Even it might sound harsh, it is true. 

There are 3000-5000 questions asked daily on Quora, so how do you stand out?

Even so Quora is considered to be intellectual forum, and therefore not so visual as Instagram or Pinterest, you might still use relevant images, like screenshots for instance to higher up your views.

In addition to this, you might use charts, graphs or another info graphics.

Also, simple bold text serves as great attention grabber. 

Things to Avoid on Quora

If you'd expect, nudity, you'd be wrong.

You can read the detailed explanation on why it is OK to have nudity pictures displayed on Quora.

However, when talking about your biz, and what you should be aware, there is one MAIN THING:


You see, while on your blog post it is advisable to have internal and external links, (if you write for SEO, it is even a must), Quora will most likely ban your account if you'd do it.

No worries, there are certain strategies that will help you to avoid such a cruel thing. So, you can still place links within your answer, and yet continue using your Quora account.

The way Quora doesn't like links being used is, when you write 10 lines long answer, without intention to help.

In other words: if you want to keep using links, make sure to write content that is helpful. Example of such writing would be, when writing your blog post, you can use the first paragraphs.

If your content is helpful, assuming you do help within your content, then you can paste also links within this shorter capture.

Additionally, you want to avoid any kind of gossip posts.

Even so, it might help you gain some views for short term, it is safe to say that you will hardly be noticed over long period. In case, you want to use Quora for business.

Then purely out of moral respect, I would advise not to post such a content, as there is enough of similar s**t on other social networks.

In case, you want to earn money online with side hustle, you can join Appen or Remotasks. In case, you want to replace your full-time income, then online business is what you need.

Does Quora Work? Action Required

When you read my post up to here, I want to thank you. I hope I could show you how does Quora work.

Most importantly, how it can help grow your business.

You see, I am a blogger, and trying to reach out to greater audience is part of my daily tasks.

Therefore, platforms like Quora, Reddit or Medium are more than useful. What I love mostly about Quora is the fact, that it works pretty simple and yet pretty well.

If you don't have your account created yet, I highly recommend doing so. You have really nothing to lose. Contrary to that, you can only win.

Whatever way you decide to use Quora, please keep in mind that helping other struggling folks is the number one for any online success.

If you decide to give it a try, let me know how does it work for you. Also, let me know if you have some other strategies, on how to grow your audience. 


In case, you want to earn money online with side hustle, you can join Appen or Remotasks. In case, you want to replace your full-time income, then online business is what you need.

About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • In our journey we use quora for many questions that need to be answered. We like the community with honest opinions on things. Using this platform will increase our reach on getting to our targeted audience. Thank you again for the informative article this is a powerful tool to utilize.


    • Hey there! Thanks a lot for your comment. I am happy you do see the benefits of Quora already. The questions asked are indeed huge helping tool. Cheers

  • Hi, Julius. So in general I am just wondering ….. Is it pretty much always acceptable to link to a quality relevant article which you wrote on your personal website blog or is it a problem if you link to your blog articles that contains affiliate links?

    I assume posting affiliate links directly in Quora is always going to be a problem, right?

    • Great question Schalk. You can’t just randomly place link inside of your Quora post. Even if it is high quality. You should always write secondary (shorter) blog post on Quora self. This can be much shorter (200+ words should be ok). It must be obvious that your intention is help people within Quora and not that your only intention is to forward them directly to your offer. I hope this make sense.

  • Hi Julius, Quora is indeed a very valuable tool. I haven’t really used it much to effect but I actually would like to use it more to help promote my new blog posts. I see a lot of people say you can use it to syndicate your content here. I do actually wonder about this. I just don’t really feel too confident in doing so. Can you recommend any training you have found helpful?

    Also, I see you mention towards the end about Appen and Remotasks. I use Appen to earn a few $ here and there but what is remotasks?

    • Hi Alex, thanks for stopping by. I haven’t followed any training on Quora usage. I was just collecting information about it mostly on Google search. The basic advice is really just to ask/answer. When you want to get some OFF SITE SEO traction without being against Google guidelines then use the links as I recommended. Remotasks is platform that has several tasks mostly based on AI. Some of them are easier and some harder. As harder they are you can earn more. You can check it out and let know how it is working for you. Cheers

  • Hi Julius,

    Yes, I believe Quora can bring more traffic to your site if you are always providing people answers and value when they ask on Quora. If they like what you said, they will check your profile and click the links, driving them to your websites. I will try this method to bring more traffic to my humble blog. 🙂

    Sharing helpful posts on various platforms interests me, such as Quora, Reddit, and Medium. Do you think Quora is the best?


    • Hi Matt. Yes, it is so simple, just provide value by answering people questions (concerns) and you will earn bunch of related traffic. I think, all the 3 platforms you mentioned are serving the same purpose (off site SEO), so it is personal preference I think. Personally, I like most Quora as it has people already asked the questions. Not sure if Medium works that way. I know Reddit does, however, with Reddit I have the feeling it is quite work to find the right questions, as it became almost like second Facebook in terms of plenty of low quality content.

  • Hi Julius, I’ve often come across Quora while researching but never thought of using it to drive traffic to my site. I love the idea of providing valuable content that links back to a related blog post, and helping others at the same time. I’ve already taken a quick look at Quora, and some of the many topics. I’ve found it hard getting free traffic from my Facebook page, and will definitely give Quora a go☺ I was interested to read both Facebook and Quora started in the same year! Thanks for sharing ☺

    • Hi Kathy. Quora is much better in my eyes that Facebook. As theirs ads restrictions are make it super hard to promote the product, especially digital ones. in case of free traffic, Facebook is jam packed with low quality offers, that people might easily overlook some of your (high quality) content. My experience with Quora is really just good so far.

  • So Quora can be utilized for business purposes! I always imagined it as a location where you could get questions answered or simply go to see if someone had answered a question you wanted to be asked.

    I had no idea it could be used for so many other things. It’s incredible that Quora can even be used to make money. This blog has opened my eyes, and I for one will be utilizing Quora more efficiently and successfully from now on, thanks to what I’ve learned from your article.

    Thank you for this Julius.

    • Happy I could helped you Femi. Quora works mainly as a hub where you can get some relevant traffic traction. I would definitely have a look there and see how it can help you in terms of your niche. Earning directly from Quora is more or less meaning you have to spend almost full time with it.

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