What is Location Rebel

If you want to be earning money writing online, then you might ask yourself the same question as me, What is Location Rebel?

Is it worth of its relatively high price tag ($750)? Could it live up to its promises and can it help you build your online business?

Not only answers on these questions, but as well the insider look into the program, its PROS and CONS, testimonials and my final verdict, will you find in my What is Location Rebel Review. 

In other words, if you search for in-depth and comprehensive answers on What is Location Rebel, you couldn't land on better place.

Shall we start?

Founder: Sean Ogle
Earning Potential: 9/10
: $749
Overall Rating
: 8,5/10

What is Location Rebel? 

Location Rebel is a blogging and freelancing website with course on How to build a business, you can run from anywhere! 

Its course is something I am reviewing below in the following paragraphs. The main topics inside of the course(also in the entire blog) are FREELANCE WRITING, BLOGGING, and AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Let's find out together if it is the right choice for you. 

For Who is Location Rebel?

This Location Rebel course is best suitable if you are:


If you find yourself in previous lines, you have to read further, it will be instructive reading, I guarantee that. 

What is Location Rebel

Inside Location Rebel

When you decide to join Location Rebel (Academy), you'll enter the first and main course, its owner Sean Ogle has created. 

The structure of the course is divided in 3 MAJOR THEMES.

  1. Blueprint
  2. Forum
  3. Bonuses


In short, this part of the course is set up to help you in which direction to go. 

If you are complete newbie, it might be super overwhelming to choose the right direction. ( I know for me it was). 

When I was starting out, I wanted to do something online, something that I can be working on location "free" basis, but I didn't know WHAT EXACTLY. 

The Location Rebel Blueprint covers plenty of opportunities and directions you can go when starting an online business. (But unlike, Click Earners, the quality of the information is much higher.) 

There are in total 14 Blueprints. 

Some areas you will find knowledge about in the first 8 (Beginners) Blueprints:

  • Location Rebel Blueprint
  • SEO Mater with Sean Ogle 
  • Freelance Writing
  • PPC with Joel Runyon
  • Copywriting with Ash Ambirge 
  • Sales Blueprint with David Anderson
  • Technical Writing with Alison Gresik 
  • How to Arrange Remote Work Agreement 

NOTE: In spite of the broad focus and some valuable explanation, the content inside is really just BLUEPRINT. That said, don't expect comprehensive, step-by-step course on becoming expert in either field.

Rather, it serves as a starting point in your (online) entrepreneur journey.

After that, there are 6 advanced (updated) Blueprints in Affiliate Marketing, Sales, Social Marketing, Product Creation,E-Commerce and Legally Setting Up Your Business.


LRA participants are giving very high importance to this forum. 

I can see why. 

  • More experienced online entrepreneurs are giving TIPS to "newbies"
  • JOB OPPORTUNITIES are posted regularly
  • Live Community (serves as proof of legit business opportunity and offers "companion" during your, sometimes tough journey) 


What is Location Rebel

At this stage, you will be exposed to the bonus content. Honestly, while taking the course it might be hard to follow what is actually part of the course and what is content, but that isn't a big deal, I guess.  

Along the way you will find a lot of valuable "bonus" content and courses. 

How to start a Blog Mini-Course 

Hacking the High life Course 

12-Weeks Freelance Writing Bootcamp

Archived Courses:  Writing Proposals for UpWork, How to Become a Professional Project Manager, Becoming a Web Developer, Make Six Figures as an Advertising Rockstar. 

As you see, the strategy of the Location Rebel is to give you INSIGHTS in as much topics as possible. While this can be a good approach, it has also some dark sites.

How I can Make Money Writing Online?

An important part of the Location Rebel (Academy) course is so-called BRIDGE BUSINESS. 

It is basically a guide on how to lend gigs (to cover up your bills) until your "real" business will generate proper income.

As MAIN vehicle, you'll be shown online freelance writing. 

What is Location Rebel

How does this bridge business work in practice?

Imagine that you picked up AFFILIATE MARKETING as your "main" and #1 option.

While it might be very difficult to get from point A (starting from zero EXPERIENCE) to point B (full-time passive income), you might want to be earning money earlier.

You see, Sean is teaching the freelance writing as the  number one option to go for your bridge business.

So, you can pay your bills, work on your ultimate and "main" business, and still be location free. 

That sounds as a great option right? 

As I am the guy WHO'S BEEN THERE, AND HAS DONE THAT, literally, I want to offer you my point of view.

Firstly, the idea to have such a cover up, until your business provides what you need, is great. 

I was doing it myself too. 

(Otherwise, it would be very hard to work on my "main" business.)

So, to support my affiliate website, I was doing several side hustles. Some of them are very profitable and fun.

My Recommendations:

Appen and Remotasks  (LOCATION FREE)

Roamler and SmartSpotter (APPS EARNING ME $500-1000 a MONTH) 

But contrary to that, you want to be aware some dangers, such a bridge business has.

a) You can get stuck in this phase for far too long (because it is time-consuming for instance)

b) It might offer you sufficient income and you will never get back to your "main" business

I remember, how I excited I was, when I earned some $800 for 20 hours of mystery shopping.  

So to sum up this section, although it is great idea to work on some side project while building up your main idea, you don't want to go too far. 

Otherwise, you are risking never get to your initial plan. That can be painful, because such an app, or super easy online task can be "easy money", but it will never CREATE (PASSIVE) HIGH INCOME. 

Location Rebel PROS

Real and Legit

Nowadays, not something you would take for granted. 

I review regularly online courses in different categories and clearly, there are MORE SCAMS THAN LEGIT PROGRAMS.

While that can be scary at one side, on the other side, if you will search for reviews before making purchasing decision, you should be covered. 

(Also thanks to Earninongyourterms.com haha) 

So, yeah, Location Rebel is 100% LEGIT.

Decent Knowledge Inside

I wrote decent intentionally. 

You see, the content inside of its BLUEPRINT is to the point and shows wide variety of directions you can go. 

Each area has relevant knowledge-base, so you can get pretty comprehensive intro about them. 

In the same time, I have to note, that it is not step-by-step training and you definitely would need some external course or training when you will pick clear direction.


In addition to the fact that Location Rebel has REAL CREATOR, you'll have access to the LIVE COMMUNITY. 

Here are people sharing their EXPERIENCE, TIPS, even JOB OPPORTUNITIES. 

This is definitely valuable. 

As you'll be walking the road, it might be (and it will be) tough. There will be moments you want to give up, or you'd want to get back to your "secure" 9-5 JOB. 

During such moments it is more than helpful that there are people with real-life experience to inspire and support you. 

What is Location Rebel

Money-Back Guarantee

$750 is not an amount everybody can spend on an online course. Therefore, Sean offers this awesome guarantee. 

Seeing other people reactions, it should be no-questions asked guarantee. 

So, I see that as a NO BRAINER. You are not risking anything. Just give it a try, look around, as you have nothing to lose. 

Location Rebel CONS

Chaotic Structure 


Not because there is none, but because of its structure. 

As stated previously, it is hard to distinguish between TRAINING COURSE and BONUSES. Additionally, I missed some clear order on how to take the course. (You really need to dig deep to find what you need) 

Also, there are quit lot courses (some of them not updated for a while) on several, not directly connected, topics.

Lot of Courses

Like I mentioned above, there are a lot of course. Crazy as it may sound, MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER.

Would you prefer to be an expert in 1-2 fields, let's say Affiliate Marketing and Copywriting? Or would you prefer to have average knowledge in 5-6 fields?

If you want to create passive income, or if you "just" want to make a living with your online business, you should aim to be expert in narrow term. 

I would even say, you HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT. 

Not only the competition (online) is super high and with the recent pandemic, it will just grow, but no one will ever pay you if you will not stand out.  

It is not comprehensive

While still decent, it is not COMPREHENSIVE. 

I guess that's one of main ideas behind the Location Rebel. 

To show beginners, the high amount of choices they have, with intention to pick your number one. So, that's alright I guess.

But then, isn't $750 too much for it? 

What is Location Rebel Final Summary

First of all, I hope you found the information in my review helpful. (I certainly enjoyed to do a review, of some good quality and legit course, after a while) 

My aim with my Location Rebel Review was to help you make an 100% informed decision if to join it or not. 

As previously mentioned, it is very hard task lately, to find LEGIT, TRUSTFUL and VALUABLE source of information online. 

Therefore, Location Rebel fulfil this expectations. It really serves as a great starting point for people wanting to build an online business.  

You will be enlightened into several ranges of this wide online business stuff. So, you can decide which one is the number one for you. 

Furthermore, during building up your main business, you will be shown way, how to create sufficient income till your business is generating your DESIRED INCOME.

In the same time, I have to say that if you are slightly more advanced as a complete beginner, you will not find it valuable.

You see, when you know that you want to be affiliate marketer, copywriter or web designer for instance, you should search for other, more comprehensive courses. 

(Otherwise, you will feel like losing $750)

My Recommendations:

#1 Copywriting Course: Filthy Rich Writer

#1 Affiliate Course: Wealthy Affiliate

How do I Earn Money Online?

Couple of times, did I mention, that I HAVE BEEN THERE, HAVE DONE THAT.

That's true. 

I was also in your shoes, once upon a time. I had a dream (BUILDING my location free business) but didn't know where to start. 

You would probably agree with me on this, but if you try to figure it all out on your own, it can be a long, sometimes lonely journey.

Additionally, you might commit some mistakes along the way. 

(Some might even cost you money).

Therefore I find it super IMPORTANT TO HAVE A COMMUNITY of people, knowing what you are going through and SUPPORTING YOU.

You see, my "main" business online is Affiliate Marketing.

I agree with Sean Ogle on the fact, that to be successful as Affiliate Marketer you need other skills. 

Copywriting, Web Design and Social Marketing for instance. 

Contrary to Location Rebel, I found a training course that is suitable for BEGINNERS and still it goes deep enough to learn you everything you need to build successful affiliate marketing business.

Along the way it will teach you additional skills needed for success, but the clear direction in the course is clearly affiliate marketing. 

In manner of Live Classes, you'll have opportunity to learn ANY EXTRA SKILL NEEDED.

Categories you can choose from and be taught during Live Classes at WA :

What is Location Rebel

See what other people achieved using the same training:

If you decide to give it a try, please note that you pay $49/month and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

(In case you will join through one of my buttons, I will be your personal mentor. So, that's an extra reason to join -;) )  

I think that building an online business is the best investment you can make. 

Especially, during this pandemic period, the trend is that more and more individuals, but also business are switching online.

The trend is obvious.

Where do you want to be after 6 months? Or 12 months? Only YOU have the answers. 


About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • Hi Julius,
    Reading this article, it seems to me that Rebel is mostly foundational. As you stated that while it has blueprint content, it is not step-by-step training because you definitely need some external course or training when you pick a clear direction. That had me asking why would you invest so much money if there is no taking you the novice by the hand and guiding you appropriately? Fortunately, there is a money back guarantee.

    The WA option does seem to be a more structured and guided program for beginners – plus the price is right!

    • Hi there! Indeed the info inside of Location Rebel is pretty basic, but in the same time a high quality. Therefore, I did recommend it. But at the same time, I did recommend that to certain group of people. Those who have no clue which direction to go. If SEO, freelance writing, copywriting, PPD ads…Wealthy Affiliate is for beginners, but for those who like how affiliate marketing works. I’d go even so far, and would say that WA is the BEST and ONLY ONE PROGRAM TO STARTING AFFILIATE MARKETING BUSINESS.

  • Hi Julius. Thanks for the conclusive review.

    I’m fascinated by the ‘bridge business’ concept cos it’s one I certainly don’t see around often. It’s a brilliant concept.
    That being said, I agree the $750 being charged is on the high side. Especially if I’d be focusing on just one aspect eventually in order to focus better.

    Still, it’s one I’d love to check out, and with this review, I’m definitely better informed to surf their platform.

    Thanks again.


    • Hey Femi! Thanks a lot for stopping by. Yes, I do like the idea of bridge business too. It is nice concept for the time when the main business is still in progress and doesn’t create enough income. On the other side, you don’t want to stay in that phase for too long. Cheers

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