what is Wealthy Affiliate about

If you typed in Google search bar what is Wealthy Affiliate about, you've got to read probably a lot of untruthful and crappy content.

You could read words like "controversial", SPAMY or even MLM.

While those claims are mostly from the people promoting other programs, I want to share with you pure FACTS.

Why should you trust me?

Because, contrary to those people I am user of Wealthy Affiliate.

Also, don't expect me blindly bragging on this program as it is not PERFECT.

I want to make it clear, that I will not just play odes on this program. Rather, I want to show you what is Wealthy Affiliate about.

Anyway, if you want to find OUT EXACTLY what Wealthy Affiliate is about, if it is worth to join in 2021, then you will love my blog post.

Shall we start?

URL: https://wealthyaffiliate.com  
Founder: Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim
Earning Potential: 10/10
Price: FREE to join
Overall Rating: 9/10
Recommended: YES

Affiliate disclosure: Here at Earningonyourterms.com we work hard to bring you close to some great programs, tools, or courses. Sometimes we include links within our post, and when you decide to make a purchase, we might receive a small commission. The price however, will always be the same for you. This way we can continue to provide you with great value. 

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is affiliate course or training created from successful affiliates for aspiring or experienced affiliates.

Kyle Loudoun (below left with his family) and Carson Kim (below right with his family) are long time friends from Vancouver, Canada and they started WA in 2005.

Kyle is responsible for the training content and Carson more for the back end.

It offers FREE and PREMIUM membership. (The latest update:there is also PREMIUM PLUS membership, but as I haven't use that one, I will be writing about the first two ones.)

For who is Wealthy Affiliate.

It is for both aspiring as experienced affiliate marketers.

Experience doesn't really play a part here. More importantly, your goals (and determination to achieve them).

There are new members achieving success after their first year and there are as well affiliate marketers with already successful businesses, searching for ways to brighten their horizons.

More on that later on.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate

Now, it will be getting much interesting for you. As we approach the insider view.

You see, I've joined Wealthy Affiliate in February 2019, and for these 2 and half years I have discovered every piece of the platform.

From beginning, one thing should be clear.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. So, if you are one of those people expecting 10k a month after two months building your website and 20 posts, then WA is not right fit for you.

In that case you should stop reading right now and search elsewhere.

On the other hand, if you are prepared to invest in your knowledge and create sustainable business model leveraging money long after you still need them, then WELCOME and ENJOY THE READING.

WA platform consists of 3 major areas.

1. Trainings
a) Step-By-Step OEC( Online Entrepreneur Course 50 lessons) and Affiliate Bootcamp (70 lessons)

Training created by the owners self. The first and main training (OEC) where everything is explained in-depth, serves as a great starting point for people are just discovering affiliate marketing.

It covers setting up your first website (less than 1 minute), content creation and keyword research, Google indexing and ranking.

b) Weekly Life Classes 
Created by Wealthy Affiliate Member Jay, who is by many considered as the third co-founder of WA.

The value of those live classes is huge. Great thing about it is that you can watch any particular class whenever you want.

Altogether with OEC and eventually Affiliate Bootcamp are Jay's video classes your ultimate guides towards affiliate success.

Consequently, as the main trainings weren't updated so often (much on this later on), these classes are recorded weekly and live, so the topics discussed there are super relevant. 

c) Member's Generated Training

Additionally, there is awesome opportunity for people within the community teach each other.

I think it's amazing that when some member gains particular knowledge, he'd create training on it to help others learn it and on top of that WA will reward him.

Indeed! Every WA member that creates training will receive WA credits that can be exchanged for real $$$.

So that way, if you search for extended knowledge, let's say on Email Marketing, you can visit the Classes section under Training drop down menu.

2. Tools

The most important tools within Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Website Builder
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Affiliate Platforms Center

The great deal is that there is no additional charge for any of the tools. (As Wealthy Affiliate has a strict no upsells policy, contrary to the Six Figure Mentors for instance)

It should be noted though, that if you want to have own domain, that will cost you additional $14-$18. You can also go for a free option by setting up FREE account. 


To be completely honest with you, the SUPPORT here at WA, is something that MADE ME JOIN!

I don't know any, really any platform with such a support on different levels. Not even do I know a company on the entire world with such a support.

In terms of speed, accuracy and reliability.

Additionally, once you join you'd be never alone in it.

Types of support at WA:

  • 24/7 Site Support 
    It doesn't matter if you hate or love the technical part of the website creation and maintenance, there will be always problems you need help with.
    When texting SiteSupport, never did I receive help to the point in later than 24 hours.
  • Access to the CEO's 
    Without a doubt additional extra service that is rare to find. All places I worked until now, never was I granted DIRECT ACCESS to CEO.
    Advantage of that is that those people are ultra successful in affiliate marketing, so having their opinion or advice is hugely beneficial.
    In addition, it gives you extra feeling of "being in this together"

  • 24/7 Life Chat
    Even though some critics are complaining about this level of support at WA, I like it.
    Often times, you just need to be assured of something or you need small piece of advice, or just need to hear other opinion and reaching someone via personal message could be an option, live chat is quicker.
    Also if you consider, there are people from all around the world, there is someone available to help you out, literally 24/7.

  • +1.5 Million "Coaches" reachable via PM
    Every member of WA is reachable via PRIVATE MESSAGE.
    This is a great way to get advice from someone you have created closer band.
    This way, I have created some valuable relationships within the community. Also, this is the way, you will be most likely communicating with your referrals at the start of yours and theirs journey.

How to use Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 memberships. FREE and PREMIUM. Additionally, as already mentioned, there is also PREMIUM PLUS membership, but as I haven't use that one, I will be writing mainly about the first two ones.

Even thought the FREE membership is obviously attractive because of no initial investment at all, if you want to get maximum out of the platform, but also out of your business, you should switch to PREMIUM soon or later.

Better soon though -;)

Great thing about WA is that, when you decide to try the things out as FREE member (you don't need to credit card details), you will be granted 7 days PREMIUM for free to have a look around.

The steps how to use Wealthy Affiliate are easily transformed into the sections found on its main page.

Through some of them I am going to walk you in now.

A) Foremost, start with the training.

That's where the most fundamental power of the WA is. Previously I already mentioned that the official WA training has two parts OEC and Affiliate Bootcamp.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course is the one you want to start. It explains everything in very easy to understand language.

Main topics are the content and SEO. These two subjects are in general the strongest pillar of your upcoming business.

Second part of the official training is Affiliate Bootcamp. Powerful source of information if your intention is to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

It goes much into the depth than OEC. It covers also some PPC (Pay-per-click) training. But SEO remains the number one traffic source trained in the training.

In Phase 3 with name Giving Your Site Social Value is a huge space dedicated to Pinterest, which helped many marketers with their business growth. Definitely something worth of checking.

B) Subsequently, you'll have access to your website center.

Here you can create new websites, enter the back-end of your already created website and see some extended statistics.

You can see how easy it is to create website with Wealthy Affiliate here.

C) Classes.

Entering the knowledge base here at WA. This section is the perfect place to find training on some specific topic. It serves as additional value to official training.

Super Affiliates, but also "common" affiliates within the community are regularly adding new content here. That said, here you can get some newest updates on present Affiliate Marketing trends.

Moreover, you'll have access to Jay's webinar that cover:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Marketing (YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, ...)
  • Facebook Retargeting
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO updates

Does someone need much more?

D) Research.

Entering the Jaaxy world. Jaaxy offers more than "just" keyword research.

Along with it, you can access Site Rank where you will check how well your posts are ranking. Furthermore, Search Analysis, that's place where you can "spy" on your competition and see what other people are ranking for.

E) Promote.

Especially interesting for people who want to promote other programs/platforms and not Wealthy Affiliate. Something what many critics of WA, (intentionally?) somehow forget to mention. More about that later.

I wrote post, if you are interested in finding other affiliate opportunities.

Wealthy Affiliate PROS

Affordable Price

Wealthy Affiliate has 3 memberships to offer. As you can see below, one of them is completely FREE and the second one cost you less than $1/day if you pay yearly.

Is there better option available? I don't think so.

But if you find better and more affordable option, please do let me know, I would need to check that out. 

Considering the value of the Jaaxy keyword tool and web hosting. When you would search for these by 3rd party providers, you will pay for those 2 alone more than $49/month.

1. Completely FREE Starter Membership
2. Premium Membership - $49/month, $359 when paid yearly
3. Premium Plus - $99/month

Experts Created It

Kyle and Carson started WA back in 2005. So, the platform will be soon reaching 20th anniversary. That's definitely proof, they are experts.

People most of the time crave for getting info from experts, but how often does that really happen to you? (Surely, it won't happen by this "guru" program)

(24/7) Community

Along with Support, the number one reason I think this platform is unique. You can reach out folks around the globe, 24/7. There is always someone available to help you out.

The benefit of this community is mostly in two areas.

Firstly, it serves as an inspirational source for the starters and secondly as motivational source for everyone along the way. As it can be time-to-time frustrating, writing all the content and not seeing results.

When you see blog posts fellow marketers at WA how they've done, what techniques and tactics they are using, not only will you be cheered up, but you might change your strategy, which can lead to the desired turning point.

Technical Support

In Affiliate Marketing business (or any other online business) is your website the property and vehicle.

You want to be sure, that it is up and running reliably. With minimum effort on your side.

But as websites are digital, oftentimes there are issues happening. Therefore, having technical support able to sort EVERYTHING for you, is additional and very important element of your business.

In-depth Training

We did write about it already. The training here at WA is extraordinary, because it has 3 quality layers. (Original, Member's generated, Weekly Webinars).

What was not spoken is the variety and depth of it. So you can find training on several topics. Main being SEO, Keyword Research, Social Marketing.

In addition to this, you'll find classes on:

  • Email Marketing
  • Local Marketing
  • Website Development
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Bing and Google ads, etc.

Weekly Live Webinars

I really don't want to repeat myself, so just really quick mention about the weekly webinars. You can search any class backwards as far as to November 2007!!

But to show you rather like tell you, check 3 random LIVE CLASSES below and make your own opinion. I think the added value, is a huge boost to your online success.

Quality Hosting Service

Free SSL certification, 100% protection are guaranteed. The speed of the websites created on the platform is astonishing as well.

Trust me, you don't want to go with the cheap hosting services like Bluehost, Hostgator and similar. Unfortunately they look, cheap, but in reality they aren't. For the same price you'd paid at WA, you will get at those websites, just web hosting.

Wealthy Affiliate CONS

As promised! I don't think the platform is PERFECT. Therefore, here some improvement points. Still, not so tragic, but you want to be aware of them, before joining in.

Outdated Training

Even though every!!! lesson in OEC and Affiliate Bootcamp has option to ask for an update, some lessons are outdated.

You can tell it by the old design of Facebook and WA website. Also, some methods and platforms mentioned in particular lessons are outdated. (For instance, you will hear about Google +).

But, you should be peaceful when it comes about this being harmful. The advice inside of the training regarding SEO, and especially content creation is still helpful.

Could Be More Advanced

Even though Wealthy Affiliate is created for affiliate marketers of all level, I think that it is much created with beginners in the mind.

You are taught how to set up your first website, choose a niche, do proper keyword research....

More advanced stuff like link building for instance, are not discussed enough. On the other hand, it doesn't mean, it can not serve experienced marketers as well.

Check the guy below:

Negative Reviews

As with everything, as more successful you and your services became, as more critique you will receive. 

Honestly, I have nothing against constructive and legit critique. In many cases, it can even serve as helping tool.

What I don't like though is when the criticism is based on untruthful statements and/or from individuals, they failed or have no results by themselves.

Especially, when many of these people are making decent money with criticising Wealthy Affiliate. 

Do you agree?

Anyway, I decided to collect some "hottest" negative statements about WA and show you, that it is not as it is presented.

They come from failed marketers

As said already. If someone has no success self, why to listen to him? Take this guy from ebizfacts.com.

One very successful member of WA was also very annoyed by him. So much, that he even created video to show once and hopefully forever the story behind this character.

When you will watch the video, you'll see FACTS, that should show you why you shouldn't listen to this guy.

Wealthy Affiliate is MLM

MLM marketing is based on recruiting new people to the same network you are member of.

The biggest difference between AM and MLM is that, if your referrals in MLM scheme sign new person, you would be granted percentage of it, while at AM at Wealthy Affiliate, you will earn commission "only" during direct sale.

So, people accusing WA from being MLM, are basically saying that Affiliate Marketing is the same as MLM. What is not true obviously!

Doubting Websites Used in The Training

Who would think that Kyle or Jay would show theirs "real" websites in the training must be crazy.

Imagine your website is making you millions of $$$, would you reveal these secrets to the public? I think no, because everyone could copy that, right?

So, they are showing us those "dummy" websites, just to demonstrate the way how it can be done, and to help you achieve the success. Not, the exact websites, where they achieved their successes.

I hope this make sense.


Cult. Fakes. Mistrustful. Those are the words, those negative reviewers are saying about the community.

Why someone would refer to WA community as a cult? I think, because of the enthusiasm, members are talking about it. I am not surprised. Is there other place on the internet that offers such extent to the word community?

Like 24/7 access, blog posts of other members, training of other members.

What about all expenses covered Las Vegas trip? (much later on)

What about WA credits exchangeable for real $$$?

So, yes, this community is special and through people being positive about it, others (mostly haters) are assuming there is too much bragging, what might sounds as a CULT to someone.

Doubting Earnings

Let me show you some REAL screenshots, from REAL WA users.

I know, those are just few examples. But there are +1.5 million WA users. Not everyone achieve that.

The point here is, that WA works and EVERYONE has the chance to achieve results like that.

Not everyone will, but that's not fault of the platform.

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

Indeed, next to negative reviews, there are some complaints I saw, people addressing to the platform. Whereas, NEGATIVE REVIEWS are not recommending WA as a whole thing, complaints are much concerned about specific issue.

Many times irrelevant. But it is understandable that people might have worries, issues or even complaints.

Let's have a look together, maybe you can find yourself among any of them.

It takes lot of time before first sale

I agree. But what would you prefer?

Get-rich-quick scheme with couple of sales in first months and dead site after maybe half a year.

Or rather, profitable and sustainable business leveraging you sales after 6-8 months of hard work? Even if you would need to work longer on it as 8 months, I still would go for the second, sustainable option.

(In fact, if you have a full time, and work on your website 10 hours a week, you should definitely allow it much than 1 year)

Why? Through this way, your site will be producing you passive income for years even decades, if you want to. That is priceless.

If you desperately want to see results earlier, you can invest in ads, PPC or sponsor links.

Use other platforms, Affiliate Lab or Savage Affiliate, because WA has monthly fee

Those platforms are LEGIT 100%.

But there are some flaws, you might want to stay away. Firstly, they cost above $1k. Secondly, they teach the same topics as WA( SEO, content creation).

Finally, they are ADVANCED and definitely not suited for beginners.

If you are beginner, starting out and you will invest in such a program, you might lose your money, be discouraged and most likely you will stay negative about Affiliate Marketing.

That would be shame, as Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn (passive) income online for starters.


Talking about price. Some people find fees for PREMIUM too much.

I don't know, but $0.82 a day for unlimited websites, in-depth training, community and the fastest support isn't too much in my opinion.

People, raising this complaint, most of the time add also that you should rather learn from "how-to videos" on YouTube.

Well, good luck with that.

It will take you 6 months just to understand what you need to search for. Another 6 months to put the puzzle together. Moreover, it will be chaotic for you.

I'd prefer to pay 0.$82/day for all-in-one platform.

Sites claiming to make you rich are b******t

I have never seen such a claims anywhere on WA. Not a become millionaire within a year, or click here and earn $10 000 in 24 hrs, not even join us and you will never ever work again.

Obviously, will WA mention money in some occasions, but this to show you POSSIBILITIES within the platform. What you can achieve, not what you necessarily will achieve.

But then again, anyone who will join Affiliate Marketing is doing it to gain some profit in the first or second place, right?

So, I don't see what is wrong on showing people what they can earn, if they put enough dedication, time and discipline in it.

99% people will fail because they have no will to work hard

This relates to my last sentence in previous paragraph. Of course, not everyone who joins WA, would automatically experience success.

It is not push-button money-making formula.

You need to be dedicated, need to find time and discipline and you need to WORK HARD, at the beginning super hard, if you want success.

But, which area is different?

Professional soccer players don't need to train? Restaurant owner doesn't need to stay long hours and sacrifice holidays or family time?

What is Wealthy Affiliate about?

I have written already plenty of information what is Wealthy Affiliate about.

Unlike some haters, who are earning decent money through just on blindly diminishing WA, I shared with you some facts.

I think, those facts are already enough to make Wealthy Affiliate one of the best (if not the best affiliate training program) on the internet.

Below are 4 I haven't spoke too much about, but are also extra reasons to join WA.

1. You'll learn white hats SEO tactics.

2. Sustainable and (almost) FREE affiliate marketing business start and maintenance.

3. For people promoting WA, option to join all expenses yearly paid conference to Las Vegas.

4. Not get-rich-quick scheme with promoting new shiny objects.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading my longest blog post ever. Wow!

I haven't thought it will take so long (more than 128 hours) and it will be so long.

In the same time, I have to say, it was needed.

So, if you got here, first and foremost: thank you.

Now, you should have the well needed info you might have been searching when wondering what is Wealthy Affiliate about.

I have done this long work mainly from two reasons:

1. Speak out the facts. Do you know the saying: "When good people are silent, the truth will die" ?

This sort of feeling was in me after seeing what some unprincipled, profit-for-any-cost searching people, are writing about WA.

2. Help you change your situation.

The reason you landed on my post, is probably because you wanted to know what is Wealthy Affiliate about.

Subsequently, you want to most likely improve quality of your life, change your job, or build passive (online) income, or spend much time with your loved ones.

Or altogether, as me couple of years back. 

Well, I can assure you of one thing.

When you will sign up for Wealthy Affiliate (FREE or PREMIUM membership), you have nothing to risk.

You will sign up for FREE in any case and then have 7-DAYS FREE TRIAL OF PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP. So, you will become paying customer, just after you had enough time to "try things out".

I think, that is no brainer .

Are you going to give it a try? If yes, then...

I'll see you inside.

About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • Thanks for your honest, intelligent, and unbiased review. I believe this is one of the first WA reviews that presented both sides of the argument. I am grateful for your sobering, realistic message: hard work. I haven’t made much money yet, and I will. However, I have witnessed lots of success concerning indexed posts (Miracle Meditations) — this would have never happened if I didn’t apply myself and learn the basics. I will return to ‘Home’ and review more lessons.

    I am looking forward to making passive income. I trust your expertise. By the way, how do you transfer Total Earnings to the bank?

    I agree with your 9/10 rating. Also, it is essential to beware of negative reviews and false allegations. Again, thanks for the incredible insight! Practice doesn’t make perfect as it makes progress.

    • You welcome 😀

      I think people should know the both sides. Otherwise it won’t be correct to lure someone in to the platform, only afterwards the person being disappointed. And the program has some small flaws (mentioned in my review), but in general I still believe this is the best place to start earning money online, for beginners.  

      If you mean how you can cash out your earnings, it is done through PayPal. Just check which address you provided and what is your threshold. 

  • Hi Julius.

    Thanks for the comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate.
    I am already a member but will pass this review onto my friend who is still undecided if he will join or not because you share a lot of good information.

    Like you, I think the best reason to join WA is the excellent support that members receive from the team at 'site support' and also from the generosity of other community members who are always willing to share what they have learned that works and doesn't work. When ever I have a problem, it is so easy to submit a question or go to live chat and there is always a solution provided by someone who has more experience than me.

    Thanks for the review and for dispelling some of the false information that is circulating about WA.
    Cheers mate.

    • Hey there Andrew! Thank you for your comment. Happy to hear from fellow guys. Yes, the community and the support are indeed extraordinary. Just, those two alone are making the cutting edge when it comes how one perceives the program. I also love the live webinars, as they are really the additional need one needs when searching for all-in-one affiliate marketing platform. Cheers mate

  • Hi Julius,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this excellent article about Wealthy Affiliate. I am also a WA member, so your post reminds me of how I started and why I chose Wealthy Affiliate. WA taught me everything to start my online business, and I am grateful every single day. Compared to other similar training courses in the industry, WA is affordable, proven-to-work, friendly so that I can focus on things that matter.

    Evergreen training courses, live training sessions, 24/7 Site Support, other powerful features are the reasons why this platform is over-deliver and under-promise. If you are newbies who land on this fantastic review to know whether WA is worth it or not, you should give it a try since today might be the first day of your online empire. 🙂


  • Hi Julius,
    Thanks for the great review. I think the main reasons for the complaints are two:
    1. Wealthy Affiliate is the biggest and the industry leader.
    In any industry there will be haters and people who want to bring down the leaders. Whether it be Disney, WHO, Airlines, whoever is the biggest leaders in their respective industries, the smaller players will always try to bring down the bigger industry leaders. It is human nature – sadly.

    2. 99% people will fail because they have do not put in the required work
    Building any online business is HARD and requires committed, consistent effort. The whole make money online industry plays to people emotions of quick profits, push button profits etc. They are false.
    Wealthy Affiliate never claims this, they encourage realistic expectations and provide members all the training, tools, resources to succeed.
    All people need to do is put in consistent committed effort.

    So it will be the same if a person does Wealthy Affiliate or any affiliate marketing training. They will need to work hard and consistently. If they do so traffic will come and with traffic comes income.

    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment John. Yes, indeed it makes sense, that when being the biggest, people will hate you just out of clarity sake probably. Anyone expecting success overnight, especially in an affiliate marketing, is having it wring. Hopefully, with my review I showed the doubters, that just consistent work an dedication are the only ways for sustainable success. Cheers

  • Hi Julius

    Thanks for writing this article. You have shared almost everything one should know before joining.

    What I liked most about this article is that you have not tried to hide the people's concerns and complaints. Though these are part and partial of business. You can satisfy everyone.

    But What I found satisfactory is their response to the complaints and how quickly they have tried to resolve the issue.

    What I got from your article is that Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for beginners as they can start from very basic and learn all the nitty-gritty of affiliate marketing. But it may not be useful for the experience one's who would require some advanced training.

    I would further be interested to know if there are any upsells lie other programs in the market.

    • Hey there, Arun. Thank you for leaving your comment. No worries, Wealthy Affiliate has strict no upsells policy, meaning you will be never exposed to any upsell.

  • This article pretty much sums up everything about Wealthy Affiliate.

    To be honest, I was almost roped into another affiliate program which was asking me to pay a crazy amount up front (4 digits) and apparently what you get will be lessons, ‘community’ and no free trial because ‘you’ve seen our testimonials.’

    Thank GOD I didn’t because I chanced upon an article about WA and I was just amazed at how much knowledge was shared even on trial.

    Also love the fact that everything you need is there. The ball is entirely in your court as to how you are going to use the knowledge and support you’ve got, to apply to your journey.

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s a good reminder of why I joined!


    • Hey there, Sam. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. Indeed, there are many affiliate courses, costing ridiculously high. The fact, there is real FREE trial is unbelievable. Also the fact, that you can be using the FREE version and still use some of the great tools, as FREE website or access to some of the training is just amazing.

  • The thing I like about Wealthy Affiliate is that it’s probably the most trusted affiliate marketing training course for online businesses on the internet. Sure, it has flaws just like many of the other programs online, but you can’t beat the price and the training that comes with it. 

    The great thing about WA is that it’s free to join which is great for some who are just starting out.

  • I have come across many articles that promote wealthy affiliate and talk about how amazing it is but I have never come an article that has something negative to say about it. This is what will make you different from your competition. As much as it is an amazing program, it also has it’s fauls which you have pointed out so thank you for this 

    • Of course, there are some things you would want to have better, but still, this program even with its “flaws” is unbeatable. I have to say that the problem of outdated training was an issue for me, but since they introduce the option for asking for an update (together with live classes) it is solved in manner, that also the demanding marketers would find WA helpful. 

  • Hello Julius,

    I’m with WA for 5 months now and I have to say I learned a lot of new things that I didn’t even have a clue about before. Training here is great and detailed with videos. So even you are not a technical person like me, you can do it. I have to agree with you that it is not making money fast. It takes time and hard work. However, I believe I can get there in one year.

    People who didn’t make it or people who are jealous of someone who is successful will always say bad things. That is life.


    • Hi Nat! Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving your comment. Very true, people who don’t achieve a lot are pretty often jealous. The videos here (Live Classes) are really the game changer. 

  • Hi Julius,

    This is a very honest review of WA, I like how you don’t try to make Wealthy Affiliate sound perfect, instead, you give it to us straight up by also highlighting its negatives.  I have been a member of WA for over 3 years and I agree with you that the training is not perfect, and does need some updating.  But, Kyle and Carson are constantly working on improving this platform and have many updates planned.  

    What I like about WA is the community, you never feel alone when you are stuck and need help.  There is always someone available to answer your questions and offer help.  Also, support is fantastic!  Numerous times I have needed technical support, and they have resolved my issues quickly.

    The best time to take advantage of WA and start an online business is during their Black Friday sales.  Huge discounts are available!

    Thanks for sharing your review, even though I have been here for over 3 years, I am still learning new things daily!  There is so much training here to take advantage of.


  • Hi there,

    I have been with Wealthy affiliate for a year and a half now and although it is hard work, I am really happy with the classes and courses and help of the community. When reading your blog post, I was actually surprised that so many complaints are out there about this affiliate company. Because I have seen more expensive “classes” for a lot less information. As a beginner that is, I’m not sure if you are more advanced. Thank you for this long blog post!

    • Hi Lizzy, thank you for your comment. There are some complaints about WA (many of them from people who are promoting some other products, so they have to find some issues). So, I want to address some of the concerns to people who might still wonder if it is wort to join the greatest training and community -;) (And The Black Friday deal is extended

  • OMG, Before joining, I researched Wealthy Affiliate and found a slew of posts claiming that it was a scam. I believe that many people want to make money quickly and easily. However, that is not the case. Definitely not making $10,000 in less than two months of using Wealth Affiliate. However, I am not currently creating anything. Nonetheless, I am enjoying the training, having just completed the OEC training a few days ago. I am very excited to begin affiliate boot camp tomorrow. You are correct that it takes a lot of effort. I’m on every day for 3-6 hours, depending on whether I write a post. However, I am constantly posting and training. Even though I’m not making much money right now, I know I’ll get there eventually, and I enjoy helping others anyway.

    • Indeed, when it comes to success, it is all about DEDICATION, PERSISTENCE and NOT GIVING UP. There are people who say Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t work. And i can understand them. it is not easy to work on your business (website) and be not seeing revenue for months (in some cases in years even). But that’s perfect message for those who WILL NOT GIVE UP. Because, the competition will be lower 😀

      I mean people want to have a quick success (even overnight) but that is not how does it work in reality. 

      Most of the business, especially those created on low budget and as one man business, needs time to achieve success. Again, just people with BIG DREAMS and STRONG INNER MOTIVATION WILL ACHIEVE IT. 

      If you have any doubts or questions, please know i am here to help you. 

  • Great article. 

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