will copywriting be automated

Welcome on my blog post: Will Copywriting be Automated?

If you like it or not, AI is changing copywriting game.

Will you leverage on this new power, or work against it?

GOOD QUALITY Copywriters should use this power rather than hate it. Your competitors are using it already. 

But how you achieve to "liking robots"?

Let's dive in, on pros and cons of using AI tools in your copywriting campaigns, shall we?

In the end, the purpose of copywriting stays the same: connecting buyers with sellers!

Will Copywriting be Automated?

Copywriting will be automated only if we will allow it.

We can't stop the change, progress is happening.

AI supported, automated tools are taking over tasks, that were once solely on writer's shoulders. Like blog post outline, blog post intros, META titles, etc.

While some copywriters might feel afraid, that they will be no more needed, great copywriters will adjust and take this as real fact. In short, you don't have to hate it, rather you can learn how to live with it and how to use it for your good. 

I know, no one likes the idea of "robots" taking over humans and their job. Also, the repetitive text, without any personal touch when reading articles online, can be quite frustrating.

Frankly, those are the reasons, you shouldn't panic.

Let me explain!

It is true that the best copywriters don’t just create content, they know how to emotionally resonate with their target audience.

With that said, human copywriters, content writers or digital marketers, they all have super important unique perception, angle and voice. These are the reasons while people read theirs content. In the end, that's what makes the difference.

YES, Automated AI tools are changing the copywriting game, but not its fundamentals.

Moreover, those tools will never take over humans. This will only happen, if there are no humans at all. So far I am concerned, humankind will be here for some time.

At the same time, almost every copywriting team has one or more AI tools in their repertoire, nowadays. So, what do they use it for?

There are some areas where AI tools can help you without losing your own touch. Not only about that, but also its PROS AND CONS is my post.

Will Automation and Improved Artificial Intelligence (AI) Get Rid of The Copywriting Industry?

As written earlier, the chances of copywriting disappearing in favour of AI is equal to chance humankind disappearing in favour of robots.

If you believe that there will be robots taking over us, humans, then you can believe that AI bots will take over copywriters.

As far as there are humans on the other end of the screen, human copywriters would be needed. There isn't automated tool that can create emotions.

On the other hand, automated tools, can help you in certain situations. Again, I want to make it clear, they can help you.

Don't over use them.

You can see them as your "writing assistant".

That's also the idea behind Jasper.AI, for instance.

How AI Automated Tools Work?

For clarity’s sake, sentence or two on how those AI tools work.

Their algorithm scans and read huge amount of data already present on the internet. So, those tools they don't create fake content. They use the words, ideas, and thoughts of REAL HUMAN ONCE WRITTEN.

will copywriting be automated

After that, they will create "new content" based on your need. You can give "commands" to your AI writing assistant based on the keyword, content need  and the length. 

The more sophisticated platforms use plagiarism check.

That way, the text created with the help of such a tool stays unique.

AI Pros: When to Use AI Tools in Your Copywriting?

If you are still on the edge thinking if AI tools can help you, below are some reasons you might think of it as a HELP.

I want to stress out, that I don't want to change your mind about AI. This blog post is meant to show you AI possibilities.

Why would someone want to use AI in first place?

In my opinion, the number one reason is automation=>time saver.

If you know, you do same action all the time before creating your content, it is understandable, you will be more than happy to automate that process.

will copywriting be automated

Outlining Your Content

One of the most time-consuming activity whenever creating some content, is to come with ideas for headlines and sub-headlines.

(Do you see, I don't say to write headlines, but just to come with ideas for headline?)

Instead of you searching for unique headlines (be honest, that you will find the best inspiration online), your writing assistant assistant can help you with that.

Besides, new ideas for headlines, this will help you with bringing structure into your writing assistant, and obviously, it will safe you time, that can be spent elsewhere.

Social Marketing

If you are like me and hate social marketing, AI tool can help you.

Let's be honest here, when was the last time you read something meaningful, profound or useful on your Facebook feed?

will copywriting be automated

In case, your business relies on social marketing, you could use AI tool instead of your brain.

Most likely, people who will react to the content on social media don't search for intellectual content. Contrary to that, they search for "fast-food" knowledge.

I think, AI tool is great for that.

Moreover, many such tools offer option to choose a tone you want to write.

So, if you used specific tone in your social marketing, just teach it your writing assistant and you will save ton of time.

Brainstorm New Ideas

When work alone, there are times when you just can't think of any new ideas.

You see, agencies held regularly brainstorming sessions.

There is one main idea, and members of the team will present their ideas about unique selling point, information angle, or product features.

After that there is much more "raw material" that can be transformed into much more powerful copy as if single person will work on it.

That might be a reason why the most successful copy comes from people working in-house agency, rather than from freelance copywriters...

Anyway, if you work alone, the AI automated tool can provide you extra brain to brainstorm the right angle needed for your content.

Don't feel ashamed to use it.

In the end, we are not robots, but humans...haha.

AI CONS: When Don't Use AI in Your Copywriting?

Writing The Body of Your Content

Whether we speak about blog post, sales letter, or email, they all are meant to reach certain people...

Even though AI can write in certain tone, no tool can replace human touch needed when writing body of your content.

will copywriting be automated

This part is the part where you will express your unique thoughts, about unique product benefits to unique people reading it.


Should you decide to use it, people will not read it.

Moreover, if your business depends on people converting after reading your text, your business will die. No one wants to buy from robots.

Product Reviews

There are two main reasons why AI won't help you when writing product reviews.

Firstly, every product or service is different. Therefore, the content of your review will be different.

Secondly, AI collects, read and analyse text that was already used.

This means, that should you use the suggestions from AI, your review would be losing the unique point that encourage people reading it in first place.

Final Drafts Before Publishing

I believe this is obvious.

Don't let any person, yet any tool, to make the final content check before publishing your work.

Lost connection with your audience is guaranteed.

Regardless of the volume of the help AI will provide you during composing your text, don't allow it to come too far.

Otherwise, you are really risking your content sounding "too robotic".

Examples of AI Tools Helping You With Your Copywriting.

You see, if you want to brainstorm your or outline yours content, or if you want to write catching social posts and other SEO optimisation perks, you can use Jasper.AI.

Member of Wealthy Affiliate did recommend me to try it, and I think it is reasonable tool.

It can help you with outlining your headlines and sub-headlines, intro and summary paragraphs, and also with your social marketing campaigns.

will copywriting be automated

Another tool I would like to bring into your attention is Wordsmith.

This software helps you create narrative from data you will provide. Useful if you are out of good stories.

Lastly, there is new software from OpenAI called ChatGPT.

Even though, there is CHAT in the name of the tool, it can offer you much more than "just" chat bot.

You see, in order to rank on Google with your content, you need to meet some criteria. As Google is changing its algorithm quite regularly, you want to be sure your content is relevant.

The newest algorithm is called Helpful Content. 

If your blog posts aren't "user-friendly" and if they are not intent for users, rather for search engines, you won't rank.

One way how to check this is to use ChatGPT.

If you follow this tutorial, you will see how does it work. 

In addition to this, there are people who use ChatGPT to actually make money online with affiliate marketing.

Is Copywriting in Demand in 2023?

Firstly, let me show you this.

There is 10% expected growth of copywriting related jobs between years 2020-2030

You see, through copywriting businesses are able to connect with their customers, grow their brand, and increase sales of their products and services.

Even though the copy format has changed since 1870, when this field was introduced, the purpose stays the same.

To achieve this CONNECTION between seller and buyer, there is one or set of emotion triggers needed.

However sophisticated AI automation tools can be, there isn't one that can "fake human emotions".

will copywriting be automated


What history teaches us when it comes to usage of mechanical help, that it can't replace human input.

Since 1953 movie directors display robots as main or side characters of their movies. While some could be good family fun, conclusion was always the same: they can't replace humans.

The same is in the copywriting.

Until business would need to grow (when they wouldn't need), copywriting will be in demand.

What to do to Stay in Copywriting Game in 2023 And Beyond?

You see, if you can provide good quality content as content writer or engaging copy as copywriter, your writing assistant will be always in demand.

So, it is safe to say, you have to master copy to be in demand.

Well, maybe not to master, but you need to know copy enough. What does this mean?

Writing such a content, that cold leads will convert.

How do you become good at copy?

Study, practice, ask for feedback...and write!

There isn't different way really.

You see, copywriting has no standard education.

Meaning no university or such.

So, unless you were born with brain of David Ogilvy, you have to study on your own.

Luckily in 2023 you have plenty of options, when it comes to study material.
One of the most efficient are online courses.

In addition to online courses, there are online communities that provide regularly updated content with the newest movements in the specific copywriting area. You can see them as "copywriting hub spot".

I like AWAI and Filthy Rich Writer.

If you are interested in "conversion copywriting", I would recommend Copyhackers.

On their website, you will also learn about the importance of niches and specialisation.

Will Copywriting be Automated? Summary

Yes, here you go.

Artificial Intelligence stepped into the copywriting game. If you like it or not.

If you are continuously asking will copywriting be automated, you can be breath easily, because it won't. We still write for humans on the other end of the screen.

Therefore there is emotional interaction needed.


Don’t fear automated AI tools, but embrace it. You, as copywriter can’t be replaced because the emotions, needed for creating compelling, engaging copy can’t be “faked” by the smart AI.

On the hand, it can help you in repetitive, monotonic and structured part of copy or content writing, like templates for ads, blog posts, meta titles, etc.

To summarise my blog post, either you decide to use AI automated tools or not, don't forget that you write for users first, then for search engines. So, keep your audience in mind when writing your content. They are the lifeblood of your business.



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  • Excellent article on why not to fear if copywriting will be automated Julius, it is well-written and I’m sure a big help to those out there weighing their options in today’s changing, competitive business world.

    If you think about it though many of these tasks regarding meta data, keywords and other easily identifiable elements of typical content have been moved to automated AI manipulation for a long time now. Even in a search engine optimization strategy, no one writes their own tags anymore, the hosting program does it all for you.

    I am curious though as you say people will not read actual content that is created via AI but are there technologies currently available that can identify the content as AI created?

    • Hey Joseph, 

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, many businesses and individuals use AI for their meta descriptions already, but there are also many who do it manually. However, this is one of the parts where AI automated tools can be used, indeed. To answer your question, I am not 100% sure if there is certain software which can recognise if AI was used in certain text. However, when you will become more experienced, you could spot difference. At the same time, if the content is valuable, is it bad that content creator uses AI? The entire Artificial Intelligence is still new in copywriting or content marketing. So, the time will show until which area it can help us. 

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