Empower Network

Empower Network is proclaimed SCAM.

So, why do I write a review about it?

Simply, because David Wood, one of the original EN creators came with new video series. 

Clearly, he tries to awake the "sleeping cheating giant" Empower Network is. 

In order to warn NEWBIES and people who want to earn honestly money online, I created my review. 

By the end of my Empower Network (short) review, you'll know the best way to earn money online in 2022.

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Name: Empower Network
David Wood and David Sharpe
Product Type: MLM
Earning Potential:

What is Empower Network?

Empower Network is a company that offers training and resources for people looking to make money online through network marketing. 

The company was founded in 2011 by David Wood and David Sharpe.

Empower Network has since grown to become one of the largest digital marketing training platforms in the world with over 100,000 members.

Who Are Empower Network's Creators?

Here it gets really interesting.

You see, one way to decide if you should join a certain program is to know the creator/s.

When you are considering EN, you'll get to meet two Davids, who aren't the people you want to have a beer with.

Moreover, plenty would describe them as SCAMMERS.

David Wood was successfully using the "hype momentum" of the internet and working everywhere, with his Costa Rica paradise.

How do the people who send him money feel after watching this video? How would you feel if you knew you pay for his "holiday" in the Caribbean while you haven't got anything in return?

David Sharpe tries to stay away from EN by creating a new, more "legit" program.

D. Sharpe's Comeback: Legendary Marketer

The truth is, he can't really hide his past and therefore he will be forever connected with stealing from people.

How does Empower Network work?

Empower Network is an MLM business.

As you might know, MLM businesses have in the majority, no own product or service.

The most common way how you can earn money with them is to recruit new people.

Another MLM: Amway

What might distract you from this form is the fact, that you are much more likely a seller of Empower Network, without any other opportunity. 

In addition to the fact, that not everyone is comfortable selling EN to friends and family, you will quite often be exposed to regularly added "training".

Those, are quite costly and are nothing more than "motivational boosters". Meaning, there isn't much more value added. 

In terms of support, you are left to hope for a good, responsive and caring sponsor. 

If not, you have almost no support as everyone inside EN is your competitor.

The pros of using Empower Network

You might call it a surprise, but there isn't a single PRO, I'd add to my Empower Network review.

The cons of using Empower Network?


Multi Level Marketing works in the way of recruiting. Not only do you need to recruit new members to earn money, but also, to survive.

Plenty of MLMs will force you to make monthly (costly) orders to be able to earn commissions.

With Empower Network, there is "just a small" fee, but you have to realise that they add another spice to "this deathly cocktail".

The blog you will be creating your content on is not belonging to you, but to Davids. There is a huge change, and if you should start gaining some success, they will cut you off.


Again, when shady people are behind questionable schemes, it always turns out to be a SCAM.

I mean, you wouldn't mind that both of them have a bad past.

Empower Network

David Wood talks about him as being homeless, and David Sharpe as being a drug addict. (It also could be BS. Just to make them look more favourable in your eyes)

Those two "marketers" are clearly enjoying stealing money from innocent and naive newbies. So, I would discourage you from buying anything from them.

It is a Scam

If you would still consider joining EN because you fell in love with their new marketing strategies, be aware that Empower Network is a SCAM.

Not sure, how exactly it is possible, that after its bankruptcy, EN could start again.

But if O.J. Simpson was not found guilty, I won't be surprised by anything.

However, whatever new angle, approach, or strategy EN creators are going to take, it is a PROVEN SCAM.

There are countless stories of people who spent their lifetime savings, children's education fund or literally houses in the false belief of this "fake dream". Don't be the next one by falling for the "glamorous promises".

Who should use Empower Network?

I think it is obvious that no one should join or use Empower Network.

Seriously, there are million better ways to spend $40 on.

Should You Avoid Empower Network?

To be completely honest with you, YES PLEASE!

Not only would I recommend Avoiding Empower Network, as it is a SCAM, but I would also discourage you from purchasing Legendary Marketer.

Basically, any product of those two Davids wouldn't be recommended.

Simply, I don't trust that a guy who once was cheating on people, will act now differently.

What is The Difference Between Empower Network And Wealthy Affiliate And Which One Would You Recommend?

I wrote a separate blog post about the differences between those two.

You can access it below:

Wealthy Affiliate vs Empower Network

Even so, both platforms are so far away from each other and it is almost useless to compare them, some people were asking me this on Quora and other forum, so I will briefly spend paragraph or two on this.

Business Model

Wealthy Affiliate is Affiliate Marketing teaching SEO. Model that's a win-win for everyone. 

As you will promote some program while helping people solving an issue.

It won't cost you anything, and the person who will buy this product or service would pay for it anyway. So, in fact they will be super happy you helped them and will recommend you further on. 

You can read more about how AM works on my start page.

How contrasting is this model to MLM.

Whereas this is win just for the MLM owner and top 1%. By recruiting new people you don't help anyone (except the owner).


Wealthy Affiliate has ste-by-step training consisting of 120 lessons. One part is on how to build your first website and how to monetise it. 

Second training is build as affiliate bootcamp and is oriented on promoting WA. Each lessons is accompanied by 1 hour video actionable training. 

Empower Network has 3 modules. 

The Top Producer Formula

The Team Building Formula

The Mass Influence Formula

All 3 are meant to teach you one single task: SELLING EMPOWER NETWORK. 


WA offers variety of tools.

Not for nothing, WEALTHY AFFILIATE has all-in-one platform synonym.

You can profit from keyword research tool, web builder, web domain marketplace, affiliate network marketplace, 24/7 support, and much more...

Contrary to that EN has a DFY blog network. 


If it is not clear, Wealthy Affiliate is the clear winner. 

Empower Network- Final Words

I want to congratulate to you, if you read my whole post.

All, I wanted to do, is to warn you to stay away from Empower Network.

You see, if there would be justice everywhere in the world, David Wood and David Sharpe would be in prison. 

Instead one is rehabilitating from almost nerve breakdown (not surprised after cheating bunch of people, his conscience speaks) and second one created his "legit" Legendary Marketer. 

Therefore, my review should serve as your money protector. 

You see, there are countless reasons you shouldn't spend a single penny on this program. 

For instance, the past bankruptcy, shady creators, DFY, upsells, and the fact that they were SCAMMING people in the past. 

Despite all of these bad signs, the make money online industry isn't whole sick. I offered you to have a look on (free) membership inside Wealthy Affiliate.

But this amazing program isn't the only one.

Some others recommended affiliate training platforms are below:

Taking Action Online

Location Rebel

Authority Hacker

Affiliate Lab

Anyway, I hope I could give you some ideas about how to pursuade your online business career. If you have any questions, ideas or experiences, please share them below.

To your success,



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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • This is great as a warning not to use the Empower Network, unlike the Wealthy Affiliate platform which is 100% legit with 24/7 support. I am sure this article will be useful to many as it was to me. I wish you even more success and health. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Zvezdan. Wealthy Affiliate has 24/7 support, community, and direct access to the CEO. Together with the step-by-step training, weekly live classes, and affordable pricing, I am really asking…is there something better?

  • Hi Julius, Thanks for the heads up about this. I think many people get sucked into things such as the empower network. I think even I would have done so myself in the past. I mean I think people get that making money online can be a difficult process. There is so much hype around affiliate marketing especially but I think people really fall for the idea that they can at least recoup their investment within 1-2 months and start building their profits from there but I guess that they don’t realize how parasitic some of these programs are. I think Empower Network is a great example of something like this and I think GoFounders is a similar one. You really must be careful with the companies you invest your money in. WA, as you mentioned, is a good one I think and the other you mentioned Authority Hacker is one I’ve heard lots of great things about but I think mostly the best platforms are those with easy-to-reach support and people to network with to help realize your ideas, etc. That is basically what I look for but anyway great post and thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, Wealthy Affiliate has a great community and that gives it an extra reason to sign up. In my opinion, the community and the support are two elements that add the edge for WA compared to other legit programs like Authority Hacker. Empower Network should be forbidden, I don’t recommend anyone purchase it. David Wood is just a lying, cheating, sick person.

  • You’ve said it all in your article. Wealthy affiliate sure has a great business model. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme and it’s a win-win as long as you put in the work. I’ve seen quite a few people talk about MLM businesses and they’re quite successful at it. The famous poor dad, rich dad author – Robert Kiyosaki says network marketing is one of the fastest ways to build wealth. This might be true, however, one might want to do his or her due diligence by finding out more about the business model and the owners of such MLM businesses. The owners of Empower seem not to have a good reputation.

    • Indeed, there are some very successful MLM’ers. The thing is, there are maybe 1% of all people join some MLM and the rest are suffering. True, in every field it is worse like this, the minority is successful, and the majority is not. The problem with MLM is, however, the high costs. Every MLM, that I know requires HIGH MONTHLY INVESTMENTS in the products or seminars. The worse thing? Almost all those money goes to “your sponsor”, therefore this system is not HONEST in its fundamentals. On the other hand, affiliate marketing solves other people’s issues. They will buy a product anyway. You as the affiliate just show them which one is the best and therefore it is, as you said win-win for everyone.

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