Ministry of Freedom Scam

When in search for earning money online you might ask yourself: Is Ministry of Freedom Scam?

The reason for it is simple, the huge number of complaints against Jono Armstrong (its creator) is super huge. It is alarming and it shouldn't be overlooked. 

On the other side, his YouTube channel has 65 000 subscribers and he helped his students make hundreds $$$.

If you came to discover if Ministry of Freedom (MOF) is something that can help you create your passive income, you came to the right place. 

I will walk you through the program, show you some of its PROS and CONS and I will also share with you, what do I recommend. 

So, if you are ready, shall we start? 

Founder: Jono Armstrong 
Product Type:
 Affiliate Marketing (product launch jacking)  
Price$1497 One Time Payment, or 3 instalments each $797
Overall Rating1/10
Recommended: NO (if you are honest person) 

I have to warn you...

Before I will start with finding the answer on: Is Ministry of Freedom Scam?, I would like to warn you about ONE THING. 

When it comes to Online Marketing, I do like HONEST people, HONEST products and HONEST tactics.

When I think about it, I also do like apply those in my private life 😀 

I just want to make this clear, as my final opinion could be influenced by this. 

Disclaimer: This review is consisting of opinions based on internet research. It is purely my opinion, based on my values. I am not affiliate of Ministry of Freedom. But there are some affiliate links, that might lead to commission for me if you decide to purchase the products/services and it won't cost you anything extra.

Who is behind Ministry of Freedom?

I think one of the great measures to find out more about one particular product is to get to know the creator. 

Ministry of Freedom Scam

It's the same as with movies or music, right?

When you have your favourite artist, you know that theirs following movie or album, would be something, you will most likely enjoy. 

Because of theirs specifications, those made you like it in the first place.

I like to believe that in Affiliate Marketing, we can do the same. I hope you can follow me here. 

So, who is Jono Armstrong?

  • Born in UK, moved to Indonesia in his early twenties
  • Started his professional career as teacher, earning him just enough money for survival 
  • Failed actor/musician
  • Became (successful) TV host
  • Ex alcohol and cocaine addict 
  • Went on online marketing journey (Learned from ClickBank)

In fact, let's have a look what Jono says about his beginnings. 

Ministry of Freedom Scam

What is Ministry of Freedom?

Training course teaching you how to spot products before its official launching. Your task as eventual participant is to create review of such a digital product.

This review would be in video format and YouTube is used as the most preferred channel to promote these reviews.

How Does Ministry of Freedom Work?

Below you see in-depth description what is inside of Ministry of Freedom.

To understand how does it work, I did break it down into 3 steps.

  1. Find products that are about-to-be-released
  2. Make a POSITIVE video review of this product
  3. Create YouTube channel where you will post your review
  4. When people will purchase this product through the link provided with your video, you'll earn commission

Extra STEP:

5. Jono Armstrong will also teach you how to create your own digital product. So, you might be interested in this step as well.

If you are excited about affiliate marketing, this course could sound like the perfect place to start. 

Although, there are some drawbacks, I am describing later on, so keep reading.

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Inside Ministry of Freedom

So, what is inside of MOF? 

The training is divided into 9 modules, where each module should take you approximately one week to complete.

Below, I have little bit of explanation what to expect, once inside.

Week 1: Mindset, Commitment & Success

Jono will teach you how to stay calm and patient when building up your empire. I do agree here with him, that if you want to be successful in an online business, you have to have really strong mind.

You will come across many "no-sayers" along the way, so to have this "motivational" booster, might be useful.

Week 2: Tools and Applications

As the name of the module gives a hint, you will be exposed to some helping tools and applications.

Ministry of Freedom Scam

Important to mention would be that there are several ways of starting/running affiliate marketing. First and most, we do distinguish between PAID and FREE Affiliate Marketing. 

As Jono is teaching the "paid one", you will be shown some of his recommended apps that you will not need, if you run your business on "FREE MODE". 

On the other hand, he will show you some tools that are helpful for both strategies. Like how to choose autoresponder, domain + website, or how to drive traffic to your offers.  

Week 3,4,5: Launch Jacking & Advanced Strategies

In this module, you will be taught how to find products, before they are being published => Launch Jacking.

This is the core idea behind Ministry of Freedom.

In addition to this, you will be taught how to write/record review about this product, so when it will be released, you are among the first ones to earn a commission from people purchasing it. 

Later on, I write more about this technique.

In short, I find this technique intriguing, but it has to be used in right manner.

Week 6: Soft launch

Soft launch means the short period, between the finishing of the product and actual release to general public. 

Ministry of Freedom Scam

You will be taught how to get access to this soft launches, so basically before everyone else. 

That way you can have view inside of the soon-to-be-review product, so you can make the review.

This will allow you to be among the first ones to collect eventual commission. 

Week 7: Email Marketing

Undoubtedly, Email Marketing is very important part of affiliate marketing. In terms of building your client base, it is safer than Facebook, Google or Bing Ads.

Mostly because, unlike those ads, you really do "own" your list. That means you are owner of your contact list and in this sense, you can do keep nurture the relationship, by informing your audience about your newest activity.  

But when using ads, you are more or less depending on the "mood" of Google, Facebook or Bing.

Imagine, you have super successful campaign running on Facebook. But at one day FB decides to change their terms of use and your product will be banned to be promoted. 

You might easily lose thousands of followers/clients(this actually happened).

So it is nice to have basic training on Email Marketing.  

Week 8: Product Launching
Includes: Software Research & Outsourcing

Another fundamental skill recommended to pay attention to is: product launching.

So, besides the product jacking, where you will be reviewing other people's products, you will have chance to learn how to create an own digital product.

When this sounds interesting to you, I'd like to give you advice.

You want to see some of Jono's products first to be sure, this is something you'd be comfortable to do.

As there are many people, who found this not their best cup of coffee.  

Ministry of Freedom Scam

Week 9: Paid Traffic

Previously, I talked about FREE and PAID method of running your affiliate marketing business. 

So, as you can sense, Jono is preferring PAID method. 

One of the most significant investments, running on monthly basis, would be traffic.

If you have no traffic coming to your website, you will make no money. So either paid or free, you should really work on this. 

Issue with paid traffic is that it is going to cost you anything between $100-$1000/monthly. Hence, you would have to make some good sales to make a profit.  

On the other hand, to be completely fair, Jono Armstrong has big experience in this field, so he should be able to teach you the right paid traffic strategies, right?

I am using FREE traffic, strategy I learned during the training below:


Fake Reviews

You see, however trustable and laid-back this guy pretend to be, I think creating FAKE REVIES is just SHAMEFUL.

I don't know if any other word fits here better.

Why the heck, would anyone with legit business model keep supporting purchasing "ministry of" variations of domains and creation of reviews? Why would someone create fake Twitter or Facebook reviews? Why would someone create fake YouTube followers?

This is one of the many RED FLAGS, Ministry of Freedom has. 🚩

No Way Refund

Jono Armstrong would offer you 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

Only bad thing about it is, that it won't happen.

In this case, it works like this.

Jono will assure you, you can try the things inside MOF, and if after taking action, you haven't seen any results, you will be eligible for refund. Only he will give you bunch of "stupid" requirements,

One of the most stupid requirement is that, if you will be not able to CREATE YOUR OWN PRODUCT, you won't get any refund. 

Additionally Jono Armstrong seems to be VOYEUR, asking people to do, 2 daily entries in their dairy. 

All-in-one, another RED FLAG exposed 🚩

Note: If you know someone who WAS SUCCESSFUL AT REQUESTING REFUND FOR MOF, please write me at or share your experience in the comments below this review. 

Unethical Way of Earning Money 

You see, the students of MOF are ENCOURAGED to be earning money reviewing CRAP PRODUCTS on WARRIOR+. Furthermore, they should share this crap on YouTube.

Lastly, they would earn money when sale is done. But who is paying theirs commission? Common people, mostly beginners who fell in for the cheap and unethical tactics displayed in the video. 

(BS claims like earn $1000 in 24 hours, earn $4000 just by watching YouTube, or from $0 to $10k in a week.)

Jono is pushing his students to give positive review on every s***y product. In addition, he is pushing them to include low quality "bonus material" to increase his and his students sale profit. 

Course is Over Priced

Honestly, the maximum price, I think MOF deserves is ten times lower as asking price. 

Jono Armstrong Stinks to Fake

Entering Jono Armstrong's world is like purchasing Louis Vuitton bag for $9. 

You know what I mean? You know it is cheap and FAKE, but it looks nice from outside. Most likely, it won't last for long.

Let's see what made me state that.

Previously, I mentioned the fake positive MOF reviews, and fake YouTube followers.  

Furthermore, Jono Armstrong's FAKE and CHEAP APPEARANCE COMES FROM:

  • His Fake Scarcity All Around His Websites And Videos (For Instance This  Offer Expires in 10 Minutes, When I got Back to it, 3 Days Later, The Price Was The Same)
  • Fake Income Statements From His Students (We Should Believe This Face Earned 4k by Laying on the Beach?) 
  • Bought Interview in Forbes (Seems Like if You Have Money, You can Buy it Too, Poor Bill Gates)
  • Exaggerating Video Claims/Almost no Value in His Videos (C'mon Seriously: Who Cares How Does His Wife Look Like?) 
  • (Almost) Every Ad Starts From his House in Indonesia (Who Cares About His House?)
Ministry of Freedom Scam

Extra Tools Needed

If you decide to go for Ministry of Freedom, count on that you would need to purchase some additional tools or services.

  • Click Funnel $97/month
  • Auto responder $15+
  • Paid Ads +100$

Those are the industry lowest prices. In addition to these required tools, there are some other recommended. 

Think about keyword research tool $99/month and tracking tool $20/month. 

Best Keyword Tools: Jaaxy, SpyFu.

So, to sum up the extra costs, you need to be prepare to pay at least $335/month to have your business (according Jono) up and running. 

Ouch! That's super expensive. It goes also in other, cheaper and more sustainable way. Like below:


Product Launch Jacking

In my opinion, this is interesting way, how to "pitch" about-to-release programs. 

But you should think about it that way: every weapon in wrong hands, can be dangerous. 

Unfortunately, Jono Armstrong is teaching his students, how to discover and review low quality products. 

So, what this "weapon" does in "his" possession is to over-hype the internet with over-exaggerating claims.

That thickens the internet space with unnecessary BS.

You Will get Idea What Affiliate Marketing is

Indeed, Jono is in Online Business for more than 15 years. 

So, he knows something about how to earn money online. In MOF he covers Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook, Google, and YouTube ads.

But then again, you have to keep in mind that all is concentrate about launch jacking very low quality products.  

Is Ministry of Freedom Scam?

If you read my review, you should sense the negative vibe, I was full of, when writing this Ministry of Freedom Scam Review.

You were right, if you felt that way. 

You see, I am very positive person (ask my girlfriend 😀). But one thing can make me MAD. That is when someone is taking advantage of weaker people. 

(In this sense meant weaker=not-informed) 

That what Jono Armstrong is doing inside MOF.

I wrote detailed post about Jono ARMSTRONG and one of his students. 

Below is real experience from someone claiming for refund after purchasing another Jono's low quality program, called STEALTHD.  

Ministry of Freedom Scam

You can read how MORALLY SICK THIS person can be and how dangerous it is if he will teach his techniques to others. Therefore, it is my duty to protect you and protect the online space. 

One thing, I would stress very clearly, I don't mind what dictionary says. But if someone is not giving a full refund to everyone who is not happy with owner's product, he is close-to-be SCAM. 

What I do care is YOUR SUCCESS. If you want to be successful with (honest) affiliate marketing, I wouldn't recommend to join Ministry of Freedom. 

I would even bag you not to join. 

As I wrote in my headline, don't buy Jono's program because of THIS.

That THIS would be two actually: 

Firstly, because you will be either selling dog-shit to other people in hope of earn money. 

Secondly, you might be disgusted about affiliate marketing. 

I know, that might not sound very political-friendly if you will, but Jono Armstrong had to count with these reactions as well, I guess.

Is it Possible to Make (Good) Money with Affiliate Marketing in 2022?

If you are looking for ways to earn money online, if you are desperately looking, (as I was 3 years ago), I want to assure you, there is a way. 

A way that is far more HONEST, REWARDING and LEGIT than Ministry of Freedom. 

It is as well Affiliate Marketing, but on the free mode. 

You remember, when I said that we do distinguish between paid and free running your Affiliate Marketing business? 

I still believe starting affiliate marketing for free is the best solution. Because, there is low risk of losing money. 

There are several legit programs teaching you AM: Location Rebel, Authority Hacker, Wealthy Affiliate

They all are legit. They all have some strong parts and some less strong parts, but they all will teach you how to start your online business and how to scale it up to the level you'll be excited about. 

I personally prefer WA. You can read about it more below.

 Wealthy Affiliate is platform where you will learn how to create and design your very first website. 

Furthermore, you'll have access to community of +1.5 million users worldwide. Live Chat. Training with 120 lessons. Live Chat. Live or recorded Training 52 Classes a Year. Keyword Tool included. 

All just for $49/month or $495/year. It is indeed all-in-one platform. 

Trust me , this is no brainer. 

Now, how would you feel about having such results as down on picture, with (almost) no monthly costs? 

This "kid" achieved this result during his second year inside of the community I am member too.


Ministry of Freedom Scam

Additionally, you can read more intriguing STORIES from REAL USERS below. 

The best part?

If you decide to TRY THINGS OUT, you can sign up for the 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL below.

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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • We see that you once again uncovered another company Affiliate platform that is not worth our while and will not waste our time clicking their content, thanks to your article. Jono seems to be not focused on his audience or clients. Just all fake and worthless, we are with you on your second suggestion, WA. This platform will not let you down at all we are glad to have been here for two years now.


    • Thank you for your comment guys. Indeed, programs from Jono are not worth of joining. There are plenty of other affiliate platforms that offer in-depth training and are cheaper, (and also more caring).

  • Oh my goodness, for that large price tag, I would have to be really confident that the product was legit. Instead, Ministry of Freedom seems to have ALL of the red flags! Thanks for pointing out the fake reviews and the lack of a real refund offer. I can’t imagine how upsetting it would be to request a refund that didn’t happen! I appreciate your helpful research!

  • Thank you for your feedback. For that price, one would think that this program would be completely legitimate. It’s heartbreaking how many scams exist just to get money quickly. However, it appears that there are far too many red flags while reading this, which is obviously not correct in my opinion. So thank you for bringing them to our attention. I don’t want to get mixed up in something and end up nowhere. So, thank you for writing. More honest and detailed reviews like this one are needed.

    • In terms of law, this is not scam, but Jono Armstrong and his Ministry of Freedom is very close to be scam. He is not giving refund, although he has it written. The problem here, that he teaches this techniques to people who buy his products, so the online spaces, becomes full of unethical marketers. This is one of his “students”for instance, who too “forgets” to refund the money and offers very low value program. 

  • I understand that money is important for everyone. We all need it to pay bills, support our family, go on vacation, and do many other things. The way how I choose to make money is by doing it in an ethical way. Jono’s strategies will make money but the way that he teaches to get the money is not my style.

    It would be better if he told people to do the reviews of good products and ensure that they state the true pros and cons. And then recommend the product if it’s good while recommending a better alternative if it’s not good. More people would get real value this way and it would be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

    That is what affiliate marketing should be about.

    It’s best to follow real ethical marketers like Pat Flynn for example. He is one of the persons from who I’ve learned real valuable tactics that have helped me in my business. Plus many of his students are super successful.

    By the way, I’ve shared some of his monthly earnings which now surpass $100K per month!

    People can get a clearer picture in this guide:

    Anyways, thanks for sharing this honest article. And I wish you tons of success as you continue with your business.

    • Hey Jason. You rocked it. That’s how I see it as well. We all choose how we will earn money. Honestly and ethically or how Jono is doing it. Did you hear he uses kids’ hunger as an excuse for not refunding money? That’s moral rubbish. In that case, it doesn’t matter how much money he is earning. Pat Fynn is definitely a better choice to get inspiration from. Cheers

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