Today I have created another review for you, this time the Six Figure Mentors Review from the Digital marketers Jay Kubasek and Stuart Ross.

Program Intro

Name: The Six Mentors 
Founders: Jay Kubasek and Stuart Ross in 2011 
Training and Support:
different memberships level from $29.95- $20 000
Ranking Together: 2 out of 5 

 For who is this program for?

The program is best for the co-founders and the highest 1-5% Affiliate Marketers.

It is hardly going to be suited for beginners. Unless you are ready to make a huge investment. ( 10k+)

 Check here, to see what program is my recommendation number 1, without a huge investments

 If you would like to find out more about one of the co-owners of SFM, Jay Kubassek, you can see he was co-owner of scam companies in the past, called CARBON copy Pro, and CARBON copy marketing, and he was as well part of SCAM company Liberty League International.

Interestingly enough there is no information about those companies be found on the internet anymore. 


Program breakdown

The program is claiming to teach you how to turn to be earning online by promoting other people’s products= Affiliate Marketing. In the reality, it has as well signs of MLM marketing program. Why?

Because, you are going to promote THEIR product and, your upper line is going to earn a commission always you are making purchase.

Therefore you are going to need to HIRE new people in your “business” in order to make money.

While in Affiliate Marketing, you often don’t need to even buy the product you are going to be promoting.

And to compare the commissions, Affiliate marketing can offer you 50, 70, or even 90% commission, while with MLM you’ll go barely over 50%.

(SFM commission are between 5-40%, depending on your memberships and the product you are going to sale)

That note was to be meant to clarified the business model you are about to jump if you sign up with SFM. But let’s see what that program really looks like.

Once you sign up with them, you will have access to their easy to follow training where you are about to learn how to start your very first online business.

Next to that, they are going to provide you with access to the exclusive private community members, plus you will be assigned with one of their “coaches”.

According to SFM your background, does not really matter.

You can learn the skills needed for creating an online business.

the six figure mentors review

So far, all sounds great, right?

Let me show it to you, if it is really so simple and if there are not any white spaces.

Steps you are going to take with SFM:

1. Sign Up, providing your Email 

After you are going to sign up, most likely after watching some of their ad( I have watched as a first one Dan Holloway’s video, Dan’s one of the SFM affiliates running his own site).

When you are done with watching or reading, you are going to leave your email and you sign up.

2. 7-Day Online Course 

When SFM will collect your email, you might expect to receive their 7-day online course.

Below is an example of a video I received among the first.

It is from one of their “students” Dan Holloway.

3.Your “first” membership 

When this daily session of videos is done, you are going to be asked to become their “student” meaning your membership is going to become paid.

As their “student, you are going to be paying $29.95 one time.

To be honest with you, this membership is not going to provide you with any more value except these videos, what you actually got already.

P.S. Here was the moment for me, where I didn’t go further with SFM, but rather joined Wealthy Affiliate instead.

The eye-opener for me was ironically enough, another WA member’s review -;)

However, I am glad I did this turnaround at this point, as it could easily end up for me much worse, and I could have ended up paying much more down the road.

Let’s get back to the actual review.

I mentioned this is their “first” membership.

Here you can see them all below ( as of in August 2020).

the six figure mentors review

 4. Contact with their “coach” and offers for new memberships

When you are showing interest in continuing with SFM after those videos, you are suggested to have a talk with one of their “coaches”.

He/she is going to answer some questions you might have, will give you some tips and hints on starting your journey, and most importantly he/she is going to like you for an “upgrade” or, in other words, for an upsell.

Please one reminder from me, from this moment on, I am sharing knowledge shared on the internet or out of experience other ex or present members of SFM, as I did quit after the request to become their “student”.

However, I have tried to capture the facts and less my personal feelings.

 DEA Membership

If you thought, that the ELITE membership is the last part of their schema, you were wrong.

Because once you reach ELITE, you will be introduced with the Digital Experts Academy( DEA), stating you will gain access to more training, tools, and support.

In my opinion, here it starts the real “upsell hunt”. And here is the reason why just the top affiliate marketers are going to earn a huge money.

  • Silver ($2,499) – “e-learning” course
  • Gold ($4,999) – 12-month coaching program and 3-day Bootcamp
  • Platinum ($9,999) – 3-day workshop, “professional website” with social media profiles and brand building training
  • Black ($19,999) – ticket to an annual “mastermind retreat”

As you can see this is high-tickets selling affiliate marketing.

Whereas the DEA is working integrated with SFM and unfortunately enough has no real retainable products or services, you can earn money by selling the DEA membership.

Earnings are 40% for you and 10% for your upline.

the six figure mentors review


1. The idea of what Affiliate Marketing is all about

I can also rewrite it for the idea of how you can make money online. For that purpose, is the 7-Day video online course a great tool. In case you are completely starter with ZERO experience, as I was back in 2018 when I joined(almost) the SFM, then you will really appreciate this info covered in those videos.

2. Real People experiencing success

It is very important that any kind of business especially an online business, has some kind of proof, right? Otherwise, no one would believe it is working. SFM is sharing the stories of successful and REAL people.

The only problem with that is, that the amount of people who succeed and who fail is not in the right relation.

There are numerous companies, who are referring to fake reviews. Unfortunately, the internet can be a dangerous place. That’s one of the reasons I have created this and many other reviews -;)

3. Web Support

The response of the “coach” is timely ok. That means if you would experience some technical issues, or you just have some questions related to the training you will in most cases get a quick response. I am not sure, how it is with their further stages, but I am guessing when you are paying them more, they will maintain at least the same level as I had back then, so the STUDENT( basic) level.

It is not always guaranteed, that you will be instantly helped. I had to wait unexpectedly long for help when experiencing issues when using Swagbucks. 


1. Overpriced

This is very simple to describe.

Basically, everything valuable (except the first 7 videos) would cost you more money.

As you could see earlier, the amount of money you are going to spend is huge.

If you want to get the whole training SFM offers, you have to prepare to spend around $20 000.

By the way, the same valued knowledge, but for a much lower price, you will get at Wealthy Affiliate.

2. “Lock-in” program

You will not receive any knowledge on how to build a business out of your passion, rather then you’d be taught how to sell their SFM and DEA memberships.

Second of all, as you proceed with the program, you will be entitled to use “just their suggested” tools.

As you will go deeper with Affiliate Marketing or any kind of home-based online business, you will discover that you’d need many additional resources.

You would like to stay free to choose which resources they are going to be.

3. No Value provided until you pay

I mean, when they decided not to include the earning opportunity with the first stages, there should be the reason for it.

But here is not. In my eyes, it looks like they just want to get more money out of you.

Unlike Wealthy Affiliate, where you are able to start be earning even as a FREE member.

Is The Six Figure Mentors SCAM?

Now, I wouldn’t call it SCAM, because there is some legit training, and there are people who are earning huge money, however, those are the owners, or the 1-5% top affiliates.

The biggest problem for any starter is the UPSELLS.

I am not sure how about you but form it was just impossible to invest $20,000 when I was starting out and would really consider if this is worth it even now.

On top of that, the small voice in the back of my head is keeping asking, WHY THE HELL THEY DIDN’T REVEAL ALL THE THINGS AT THE BEGINNING?

Especially when they claim to create value and change people’s lives.

Why am I suppose to pay them each time more and more, when I want to know at the beginning.

Therefore, I would not recommend this program. 

Click here if you would like to discover a platform costing you on a yearly basis 20 times less!!! than SFM 

On top of that, if you are going to join through this link, you’ll get 2 EXTRA BONUSES FOR FREE.

What I love about WA is that you don’t have to invest huge money when starting out, yet you will get very relevant, comprehensive, and thorough training, including weekly( recorded seminars).

You will have access to a like-minded community and you can even directly contact the CEO’s and you will get your answers within 48 hrs.

If you by any chance, stop liking the WA benefits, you can leave any time you want.

With the option to keep your website. (If you move it to another hosting service of course)

Personally, I have seen a lot of SCAMS or scam looks like platform, or money dragging platforms out there.

But never found such a place like WA. The founders provide 15 years of VALID online experiences and the community is acting like a big happy family, you can check it here by yourself for FREE.

(For the first 7 days you will even get PREMIUM access for FREE).

I hope I could provide you, with some valuable information within my The Six Figure Mentors Review.

My with it is to don’t let people make the same mistake I (almost)did. It can help the undecided staters to save a huge amount of money and eventually it can bring you, if you are searching as well, to the pad, that can change your life for real.

Whatever pad you will choose, I wish you a lot of fo success.

P.S.S.: If you like the article, please do me a favor and share it with people you think might find it valuable as well as you hopefully did.

Great thanks in advance.

Your friend 


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  • Wow! This is the most expensive program I have ever come across online … I thought that the Elite membership was already expensive, but then there is even more, until 20,000 US? Who is going to spend that money …? I guess, some people do, otherwise these guys would not be making any money, right?
    It seems way overpriced, though, and if they are only giving you value after you pay, and pay, and pay more, then they do not really care about you, do they? They only care about getting your money, but not about your success in affiliate marketing …

    Your alternative affiliate platform, Wealthy Affiliate, seems much better, plus, you can sign up for free and stay a free member as long as you like. That seems more honest to me, if you can be a free member and still learn much useful information.

    • Unbelievable Christine, but it is right. There are people who are willing to pay that amount of the money. I mean there are investments meaningful and probably worth 20 000$, but not everyone can afford that. For starters, it is great that it exists a program like Wealthy Affiliate Which indeed you can join for free and stay as long as you want for free. Or turn to be paid, PREMIUM member. In both cases, you are able to build your business from scratch( even while being a FREE member). And that’s something just perfect in today’s post-pandemic situation, where people have to save every dollar. Thank you for your comment and if I can further help, let me know. Cheers.

  • Hmm, I guess my expectations concerning The Six Figure Mentors was too high, but I have been disappointed after reading your post. I really don’t like it when a platform asks for money first in order to provide value. I believe that it should start providing value and then ask for money. That’s the best way to convince us.

  • Thanks for the informative article. I respect MLM as a legitimate business model when done with transparency and integrity, but it’s not for me. It also sounds like there is a lack of transparency here. Also, it is price prohibitive for my interest.

  • After reading your Six Figure Mentors Review, I am more glad that joined Wealthy Affiliate. I signed up for the free account for 1 week then I decided to upgrade to the year membership. because compare with another affiliate platform, WA didn’t have any hidden charging, and It provides free tools and tons of valuable training.

  • If somebody actually had $20,000 to buy a “Business Program” like this, you would logically assume that they must already have enough money anyway – so making a purchase like this would not be worth it to any extent. What a ridiculous idea this system is – thank you very much for letting me and others know about it in advance.

    • Hi Simon. You have a great point. THat’s the worst part, they don’t reveal it to you at the beginning, that this program is going to cost you so much. They actually will keep you with the idea, that it costs the 29$/month. That makes this program/owners just unreliable to me.

  • It is really sad that many platforms this days are more concerned about the money they want to receive from people than the value that they seek to give out at the end of everything. I don’t think that’s a nice thing in any way. All the same, it’s good that you have shared this review and it is just too expensive for me to want to give a go.

  • WOW…The prices of the products from Six Figure Mentors seem too high to be true… But, it’s nice to know that 1-5% of top affiliates can make a good living while the majority failed to make a penny though this system. And, it’s difficult to invest $20,000 into a membership product just to qualify for commissions as beginners since beginners literally know nothing about affiliate marketing, right?

    Your recommendation is a better option to proceed to build an online business since it’s 20 times less than Six Figure Mentors and will love to try it as soon as I can.


  • When I read 20,000 dollars I thought “Oh my God, this is crazy”. I need to say that lock-in programs is never a good thing: if you spend all that money you should be able to develop very good skills that you can reuse for your own business. So, thank you so much for this Six Figure Mentors review, I guess I won’t buy it!:)

  • Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure this quality information will be beneficial to anyone who come across it. I would have immediately signed up for this if I hadn’t read your review as the claims and commission rate is on the high side. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  • Hi Julius,i was in SFM for almost a month .I didn’t continue ,it was too expensive for me, who was a student back then .I even got the call from a coach .Thank you for this wonderful review

  • This is a high ticket program which is why it is not meant for everyone. Having said that, the way these people offer little to no value for their low priced products is so sad because their aim all along was to get their members to make even more purchase hence the upsells.

    Definitely not a program for newbies just starting out online with little to no investment and losing their money to a program like this would be devastating because although they offer value in their high ticket programs they just do not offer anything reasonable for the low-cost ones.

  • Hi Julius, I’ve actually been looking at promoting Six Figure Mentors. I was under the impression that it was a platform that teaches about drop shipping. I guess not ~ so it sounds like something I need to look into further at some point. You mention it’s $30 after the free video course? How much is it after that just out of curiosity? I am sure I seen this on above Wealthy Affiliate but guess will need to look again.

    I mean I think personally this is kind of intriguing but need to read more I think about the actual course modules etc.

    • Hey Alex. The Six Figure Mentors program is expensive. After paying the initial $30 each month, your overall costs can grow to $20 000. It is a kind of “locked-up community”. You can’t move your website if you want to stop using the software. The worst thing above all in my eyes is that they will not teach you affiliate marketing, rather they will show you ways how to sell Six Figure Mentors to others. I won’t recommend it.

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