Shawn Josiah

So, you want to find out if Shawn Josiah is a SCAM?

Then, you will love my post.

You see, Shawn Josiah claims that he is 7 figure marketer, who is going to help you earn money online in the quickest, simplest, and easiest way.

Furthermore, he claims to be an ex-developer inside Netflix who "cracked the code" and you can too.

Additionally, one of his most recent programs, Perpetual Income 365 states on its sales page, that you can be earning $423 daily, doing (almost) nothing.

OK, now you must feel, this guy is either genius or the biggest scammer out there.

Well, let's find this out together.

Shall we?

Who is Shawn Josiah?

First of all, let me start with who is this Shawn Josiah figure.

The 20-something guy is originally from Singapore, recently living in London, UK. Despite his young age, that he achieved some big success in online marketing already.

Shawn Josiah

On his website, you can see an overview of what that he had achieved so far. Some of his successes include:

  • ClickBank Platinum Affiliate: 2019
  • ClickBank Platinum Affiliate and Vendor: 2019, 2020, 2021
  • WARRIOR+ Top 5 Affiliate

Apart from his achievements he also shares his number one mission: helping 10 000 "ordinary" people make $10k a month in and out, with 1 hour of work, just by sending simple emails.

Sounds interesting?

Read further!

Shawn Josiah's Products

When you want to go deep and find out what Shawn Josiah's products are, I have to warn you a bit. Every of his product has this kind of HYPE around it.

So, be prepared to see a lot of huge income claims, attractive lifestyles, and much more that belongs somehow to an image of "regular" online guru these days.

However, since the year 2019, he has created A LOT OF PRODUCTS.

Similar Serial Product Creator: Branson Tay

I won't go through all of them but will mention the ones, that brought him the biggest revenue so far (seems like that's the most important for him anyway)

Shawn Josiah

Meanwhile, I am member of platform, where CEO's care firstly about YOU and later ABOUT THEIR INCOMES. Want to have a look?

Perpetual Income 365- This is Shawn's flagship.

Not only do plenty of his products lead to this product as the ultimate target, but that he is presenting it all around of the place. He claims, this program alone, has made him $1.2 million alone.  

I wrote a review about it, so if you want to get a better picture you can read it here. What the program will teach you teach you, is affiliate marketing and email marketing.

Teach you is a maybe strong word. It will more likely just show you how it works. Anyway, the program costs $997 and comes with plenty of 3rd site monthly payments.

Email Profit Academy- Even so, that he describes this as advanced Email marketing, or even better, the way how "ordinary" people can earn 7-figure online income, to me it seems pretty dead.

You see, what could have been once a legit program, turned out to be a YouTube channel where Shawn Josiah literally shares his income, but teach you NOTHING.

I mean even his website confirms that the program is dead.

Shawn Josiah

See how he will "teach" you:

What I found disturbing about this "product" is that the company related to this site is operating in real estate and clothing for adults (what the heck?) 

Click Home Income- This is another program, I wrote review about. Shawn Josiah is basically showing you 7 income streams, where he claims combined, you can earn $203 a day. 

Even, the strategies inside are legit (voiceover gigs, writing articles, ghostwriting) THERE IS NO RELEVANT TRAINING ON EITHER SKILL. Only purpose of this "program" is to lead to his Perpetual Income 365. 

In case, you want to be trained properly on every task needed for successful online business, you should join platform, I am member of.  

Less significant products:

  • Auto Voice Profits
  • Download Dollars
  • Income Engine
  • DocuProfits
  • SpotiCash
  • Rapid Commission
  • Echo
  • Paying Bee
  • Scan N Bank
  • Click Cash (created together with Seyi Adeleke)
  • Overnight Profit Sites
  • FreeBie Cash

There are some very annoying facts about his products.

Firstly, do you see the names of those products? In the majority of them, there are words like quick cash, overnight, click... That's how we could describe the way how Shawn Josiah tries to make his success.

Clicking, overnight and using your cash. Unfortunately, you won't achieve success like this in any field. Nor in internet marketing. 

Secondly, if you want to find out what products Shawn Josiah created, you need to go to Quora, because he doesn't share his products on his website.

I mean, what kind of quality these products must have when even the creator is ashamed of them?

Those are serious RED FLAGS. 

What Does Shawn Josiah Going to Teach You?

The majority of his earnings come through Email marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Solo Ads.

So, when you will buy one of his products, those are the areas you can expect to be exposed to.

Now, depending on the level of your experience, you might know what those are.

While Affiliate Marketing is really the number one way to earn money online for newbies, there are several ways how to run an affiliate business.

The way Shawn Josiah will show you, is paying a certain amount of money on solo ads, month in and out.

Quite frankly, not everyone is willing to invest money in ads.
(Don't worry, there is also a FREE way of driving traffic to your affiliate offers, I am discussing this a bit later)

5 Reasons Not to Trust Him

You see, Shawn Josiah is trying to build his trust with his website and Facebook profile. In fact, he tries to present himself as an authority.

But it can't be further from reality. Let me show you why you shouldn't trust Shawn Josiah.

1) No Social Following

Whoever displays himself as an authority, 7-figure marketer, should have a huge fan base, right?

Otherwise, it all...stinks...

Shawn Josiah

Some facts:

  • Shawn Josiah is present on Quora with 0 followers
  • His YouTube channel has 90 subscribers
  • His Instagram has 67 followers 
  • Twitter is completely hopeless with 1 follower.

I don't know how about you, but I wouldn't buy some product from a product creator with such low social evidence.

2) Fake Testimonials

Another big RED FLAG when it comes to Shawn Josiah is the fact that he hires actors to write or record fake testimonials on how his products "delivered".

APART FROM THE FACT, that the only thing they delivered is the cash for Shawn and for the actors...why the heck someone whose programs are working, thus making ordinary people rich, would need to hire actors to do testimonials?

I think you know the answer.

3) Serial Product Creator

If you are not discouraged to buy from him just yet, I have more reasons to not trust Shawn Josiah.

Only on my blog post, do I share 11 products from him.

Let me tell you something.

A really good online program that delivers results, takes at least one year until it can be ready-made. For an experienced marketer with a huge team.

So, when Shawn Josiah created 11 products within 4 years, it says only one thing...his products are rubbish. Obviously, he is not the only one who creates low-quality products on almost monthly basis.

Another Serial Product Creator: Cindy Donovan

4) Your Money Go Directly to His Pocket

You see, when Shawn is teaching you his recommended way of driving traffic to your affiliate offers, he uses solo ads.

But did you know, that those people who he would recommend to you, are his business associates? Meaning, they do serve themselves.

So, when you see some testimonials from experts on Shawn's website, be aware, that they might easily be paid by other newbies who paid for their solo ads. 

People like to talk about what is the Shawn Josiah Net worth. Next time, when someone will ask that question, be aware those money are made with dishonest way. Therefore, the question's not that relevant. 

5) "Cheap" Marketing

What I mean by cheap marketing is that Shawn Josiah uses strategies that try to convince you to buy his products regardless of whether you need them.

The strategies are targeting newbies who have no clue how online marketing work.

If you are one of those (newbies), please don't be offended or feel guilty when you believe his claims. He and similar marketers, do this because they try to use newbie's naivety.

The tactics that he uses are:

  • fake scarcity 
  • fake income claims
  • fake statements...

Shawn Josiah Reviews

I know I was quite negative about Shawn Josiah so far. I have done this by sharing my own opinions, based on facts, freely available.

In case, you'd like to hear more voices, SEE SOME FURTHER EVIDENCE.

Firstly, you might want to know that when I searched for some honest Shawn Josiah reviews, I haven't found a single positive review.

Except for affiliates who are selling his products, but those don't count, because those are people who will sell their mother if it brings them enough cash...

But seriously, look what you will get when you type Shawn Josiah on YouTube...

Shawn Josiah

Furthermore, there is As the name already says, this platform is about trust.

What kind of feeling do you have when this "7 figure successful online marketer" doesn't appear there?

Not even his programs. It's very suspicious, at least... Don't you say?

Shawn Josiah

I just haven't got the idea, that this guy is an authority whatsoever.

Is Shawn Josiah a SCAM?

You see, I tried to cover plenty in my blog post.

I showed you some income streams, marketing strategies, and products that Shawn Josiah is responsible for.

Is Shawn Josiah SCAM?

You see the OXFORD DICTIONARY definition says, a SCAM is: to cheat somebody, in order to get money.

So, is he a SCAM when he tells you A, and the reality is B? Is that he a SCAM, when he will recommend you use solo ads, only to pay his associates? Is he a SCAM when he is dishonest?

I let this one on you...

Regardless, if you think Shawn Josiah is SCAM or not, there are some alarming stuff going on around this guy. Those, are some of the reasons, I will never BUY ANY COURSE FROM HIM and I DO RECOMMEND FOR YOU TO, THE SAME. 

Firstly, there is the longevity of his products. You see, Email Profit Academy got shut down not even after 3 years.

Is Perpetual Income 365 going to end up the same? Chances are pretty high!

So, the reason behind his "serial product creation activity" isn't because that he is obsessed with helping his students, but because he wants to earn money.

He doesn't care what are his students going to do when one of his products will be dead.

Furthermore, it is safe to say, his products are CRAP.

Also, many of them will serve only as cheap (around $15) front-end for his Perpetual Income 365 program. 

In fact, a lot of tactics and strategies Shawn Josiah uses, really do remind me Jono Armstrong.

To sum up my post about Shawn Josiah, I would not recommend buying anything from Shawn Josiah to my worst enemy.

If you want to stay honest, there is another way of earning money with affiliate marketing.

Is There a Legit Way to Earn Money Online?

You bet there is a legit way to earn money online.

Unsurprisingly, it is quite contrary to what Shawn Josiah is teaching.

Firstly, there is a way you can earn money with FREE traffic.

You see, you can create a sustainable business with one program, and not be chasing shine objects every month. 

The way, I will show you will not over-promise, but it will over-deliver.

Lastly, you can earn money online without lying and telling people BS.

Are you interested?

Let me show you the platform that is responsible for results like these

Shawn Josiah

Ordinary people without experience are turning their lives.

Moreover, those are REAL people and not hired actors.

Don't believe me?

You can try it FOR FREE and see it yourself.

That's right, the platform I am a member, is offering 7 DAYS FREE PREMIUM TRIAL.

(Or you can stay a FREE member FOREVER).

Just click below, and have a look. If you decide to give it a try, I will be your mentor inside, and you will be taught everything you need to know in order to start your business, step-by-step. 

I hope, you liked my Shawn Josiah blog post If you find it valuable please, share the word, via the icons in the head, or with sharing this link. 



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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Hi Julius,

    Thank you for this detailed review on Shawn Josiah. It certainly sounds like there are too many red flags!
    The first red flag for me was the fact that his product were not listed on his website! Basically, his business is not the added value that he should be offering via his products but claiming how much money he has made. Is that really sufficient proof to claim that one can teach someone else do the same?

    Also, no review on TrustPilot and only negative reviews on YouTube? I mean, I don’t even know how he manages to still have any money when there is no online indication of a success story.

    I truly hope that people considering buying his products will get to read your review first. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Tatiana. It is definitely not sufficient to provide his income as proof of being legit, because that money could be not net money, meaning he needs to deduct a certain amount from this revenue on ads, which Shawn definitely does. Secondly, a lot of this money is from his students, as yo can read a letter in my post. The reason, why he still operates online, is that many people are naive and don’t do their research before purchasing something ( I was the same 4 years ago). I really hope to help as many people as possible with my review. I mean, now with simple Google research you can find what Shawn Josiah is doing and that he is far from being a legit guy. Cheers

  2. Hey Julius,

    WOW. I’ve seen plenty of scams online over the last few years, but dear me. Shawn Josiah has to be one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

    The claims you say he’s making about being a seven figure earner, working in Netflix, his programs saying you can earn over $200 when you can’t and his other claims are a disgrace.

    I hope he gets caught and banned from doing what he’s doing.

    Great article and keep sharing and exposing these fraudsters.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom. Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving your comment. I do share your feeling of disgust. Unfortunately, ClickBank and other marketplaces aren’t really giving any care about guys like Shawn Josiah. They have always alibi, that he sells some kind of “value” and therefore he is not considered a SCAM. Even though, everyone who sees a bot through, knows he is. Therefore, people like me and other honest marketers, need to put in our hard work and inform newbies. When authorities such as CB, lack transparency, responsibility and honesty, we need. to step in. I hope I will help as many people as possible. Creating profitable, sustainable, and honest online business possible is still possible. Cheers

  3. Hi Julius,
    I am glad you alerted me about Shawn Josiah. Most people are proud of what the produce. But, when you get your programs shut down, you are definitely doing some very shady things. Like you say, this guy is a scam. And thanks to people like you who produce the reviews to keep others safe, many will avoid his trap. people would be much better off to join your recommended platform and get real training and not get scammed!

    1. Hey Chas. You are right. If someone is proud of their work, because it helps others to create passive income for instance (as Shawn Josiah claims) there is no reason to hide the products on his website. Secondly, his Email Profit Academy is already unavailable. So, the same will happen with Perpetual Income 365 and basically any program he will create in the future. His programs are JUST HYPE and will disappear. The worst impact it will have on people who bought it, as they invested in it already and might have live websites leveraging incomes, followers, etc. It is really crap, what he is doing. Unfortunately, he is not the only one. Way more successful guys are doing this for decades. Thinking of Jono Armstrong, John Thornhill or Cindy Donovan. Too bad, ClickBank or other marketplaces just don’t care. I guess unless they make money out of naive, and not informed newbies, why should they, right? Very bad! Happily, there is still Wealthy Affiliate, with honest, supportive, and in-depth training and knowledge that is literally EVERGREEN. Being here since 2007 and still rocking it, says it all. Anyone, looking for sustainable business, has to be there. Cheers

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