Cindy Donovan

If you stumble across some of the products from Cindy Donovan, you might be wondering if she's legit.

I mean she is producing 1-2 products every year at least. Man, that's a lot. 

Unlike Branson Tay, who created 10 products in 2021 only, Cindy Donovan builds her social and public presence.

Therefore, we can assume she is not a SCAM person. 

Contrary to that, there are plenty (famous) people being on the screens giving interviews, but they aren't trustworthy. 

So, what to expect from Cindy Donovan? Should You trust her? More importantly, could she help you Earn Money Online? 

In case, you couldn't find those answers elsewhere (I couldn't), you will love this BLOG POST.

Shall we start?

Why Cindy Donovan?

First of all, let me shortly explain why I wanted to write about Cindy Donovan.

You see recently, I was researching and reviewing Covert Commission from her, and just in the same week, I saw another product of hers. 

As she seems to be behind multiple digital products, and since I am in the digital marketing industry, I decided to check out what Cindy does and if she can be any helpful.  

I will be writing from my personal perspective, but with the help of PUBLICLY ATTAINABLE FACTS.

Therefore, I will try to put my emotions "at home" and write this post based on facts, rather than feelings.

I will not diminish anything or anyone and I will stay transparent. In other words: you can expect an honest review.

Also, I am not an affiliate of Cindy Donovan, nor do I work with her in any other way. 

Who is Cindy Donovan? 

On Cindy Donovan's LinkedIn profile you will read that she is: 

  • Affiliate MARKETING Expert 
  • Product Creation Veteran 
  • Networker
  • Strategic Connector To All-From Newbies To Billionaires

Some other facts that you won't read on her social media profiles, but I found for you are:

  • Got Breast Cancer And is Healed 
  • Started Online Career When She Was 29
  • Is From Australia

Cindy Donovan Social 

First of all, Cindy Donovan uses also her other surname Battye, so to avoid any misunderstanding, it is the one and the same person. 

Not sure, what is the reason for this. It could be anything, from changing her surname due to the marriage (let's hope it's not because of the low-quality products she wants to hide her real name ) 

For the purpose of this review, I will refer to her mostly as Cindy Donovan. 

Cindy Donovan has Facebook Account with 3.4k friends and 6.7k followers.

Additionally, she has +500 connections on LinkedIn.

Her YouTube channel has a hidden number of subscribers, but her videos received over 180k views from the year 2015. So, that makes it average around 25k views a year.

Cindy Donovan

Twitter has the highest volume, 18.2 k followers.

So, those numbers should bring you peace. 

Cindy Donovan is a REAL and SOCIAL ACTIVE PERSON.

What Products Did Cindy Donovan Create?

It is hard to find out from which year exactly Cindy's career started, but from the material, I found it is sometime around the years 2008-2009.

In the time frame of almost 15 years, she has created a lot of products. 

I counted that Cindy Donovan has created 23 products including some WP plugins. 

That is a huge number.

But here comes the thing.

On one side, she had to work a lot on achieving such a numbers. (The products were also selling)

Cindy Donovan

On the other hand, some might doubt the QUALITY of the PRODUCTS.

Even so, it is not an alarming number as with Branson Tay (10 within one year), but it is still a huge number. 

Let us have a look on the products.

The majority of the products are Done For You.

If you are not familiar with DFY, it basically comes as a template, and you can customise it with your text, images, or videos.

It is definitely a time saver, but at the same time it carries a huge disadvantage, as the product creator (Cindy Donovan in this case) is STILL THE OWNER OF YOUR WEBSITE.

Similar DFY Products Were You Are Not The Owner:  Levels or 12 Minutes Affiliate

However, here are some products that Cindy Donovan created or participated in its creation: 

  1. Mailermatic
  2. Instagenius
  3. Sociempire Agency
  4. Email Copydyno
  5. DFY Hero 
  6. Videocoon
  7. Traffic Ivy
  8. Funnel Mates
  9. Minute Kit
  10. Covert Commissions
  11. Text Deliver
  12. Commission Sumo
  13. SociJam

As you see from the videos, the products are mostly easy to use. 

They are in majority DFY, and should help you get traffic.

Her main focus is traffic exchange, email marketing and affiliate marketing.

What (membership) Sites Has Cindy Created?

In addition to Product Creation, Cindy Donovan is very active in creating membership sites.

Undoubtedly, a great way how to stay in touch with your audience. 

When you create a product, chances are high that you will never hear from the customer again (unless your product is of great quality and people will come for more ?)

So, membership sites are coming as a sort of forum or community, where in addition to the product and service, members can usually chat and connect with other members or owners. 

If you like community, you will love community below. It contains 2.5 million people worldwide and has been "viral" since 2005.

There is one major Membership Site Cindy is active on. 

This site is also available on her social media accounts. The site is: This site serves a s a hub for digital marketers. You can find free training in several areas. Including e-commerce, website traffic, blogging, and much more.  

In addition to this, her site is as well This is purely traffic exchange software. 

Those sites below are still linked to Cindy on her LinkedIn profile, but she is no anymore participating in them.

How Is Cindy Donovan Earning Her Money?

Cindy Donovan earns her money through Product Creation, Membership Sites, and Mentoring in Affiliate Marketing.

Considering her involvement in other people's projects like podcasts, interviews and similar, I am assuming she is also earning some additional income from sponsoring.

Can Cindy Donovan Teach You How to Efficiently Earn Money Online?

There is a huge number of people Cindy Donovan has on her email list, in the year 2014 it was already more than 400 000 subscribers.

She was also invited for a lot of interviews, podcasts, and events where she shares her knowledge. 

So, this huge number, together with plenty of activities should suggest that she is helping a lot of people. 

But, is it so?

You see, it all comes down to quality rather than quantity. 

After more than 3 years in digital marketing, I saw plenty of products. Low quality that were just draining out people's pockets, but also the great one that helped people create 7 figures businesses. 

You see one thing, that I am very skeptical when it comes to the quality of her products. 

The thing is, she follows the pattern of cheap front-end product, while after purchasing you will discover the more expensive (oftentimes not needed) UPSELLS.

Similar Products Using Upsells: Six Figure Mentors or Ministry of Freedom 

While the majority of the "value" is in the sales video and the product itself is not super valuable. 

I am not saying the products are crap, they are doing what Cindy describes, they might help you improve conversions, sales or traffic. 

Not only because of the UPSELLS but also due to the fact that products are promoted mainly on ClickBank and JVZoo , I wouldn't call the products of a high quality. 

ADDITIONALLY, I From the interviews, and visiting her websites, I've got the feeling she is more concerned about how she can earn money rather than how her students can. 

In other words: she doesn't provide high quality training. I mean the FREE TRAINING on her website are just blog posts and not real training. 

To conclude my thinking, Cindy Donovan can help you earn money, but the value she offers is not super high.

On the other hand, platform below has step-by-step great training. 

Is Cindy Donovan Legit?

Cindy Donovan is legit not only because she has an obvious social follow-up, but also because she is present on different platforms where she is giving interviews, participating in events, or participating in online conversations.

Of course, making interviews online doesn't mean the person is trustable, but considering she has been active for more than 15 years, has sold ten thousand copies of her products, and is a REAL PERSON, should be equal to the description: being a LEGIT.  

Is Cindy Donovan a Mentor Worth to Be Followed?

This interview of hers with the girl from describes her "business model". 

If you will listen to it, especially the second part of the interview, you might be scared about how snippy and disrespectful towards members of her own sites. 

Example: She, together with her host is laughing hard about how poor people who lost their login password (those are members of her sites by the way) are tricked into clicking on an ad and buying some needless crap. 

Come on! 

If you care about your customers, you won't trick them into something they don't need, just in order to make money out of them.

Or do you think you need "extra software" to allow you to reset your password? 


If yes, the owner is draining you out. 

It's like your boss asking you to pay him for resetting your password. 

Cindy Donovan

What Others Are Saying About Cindy Donovan?

To my surprise, there are not so many reviews of Cindy Donovan on the website.

Not only is Cindy Donovan not mentioned there, but none of her products are mentioned on that website. 

Firstly, Traffic Ivy software has no mention there...

Cindy Donovan

Secondly, another software presented as successful and helpful one, called is also not mentioned on

Cindy Donovan

In fact, except for WPBlazer, I didn't find any other review on that trustable platform. 

So, we have to turn into her social media profiles, I guess. 

Cindy Donovan


There it doesn't look better. 

No reactions under a tweet from someone, who is claiming to be successful online and has almost 20k followers?

I don't know, it seems to be a bit odd.

Cindy Donovan Outcome

Voila! We are at the end.

I hope I wasn't boring with naming all the numbers and hopefully you could have found a value inside my post. 

So, I aimed to answer two main questions: Can You trust Cindy Donovan, and Could She Help You Earn Money Online?

You see, when entering the world of Cindy Donovan and what she is doing, her values, and what she is teaching, there is this strong TWO FOLDED VIEW, I've got.

On one side, her story is inspirational. Fought cancer and while on treatment she is stopping with colleague studies to turn to become a full-time ONLINE MARKETER. 

Undoubtedly, she has inspired plenty of aspiring entrepreneurs. The way she is earning money is legitimate and she is also a LEGIT PERSON. Those are definitely good signs.


You see, what bothers me, and it should maybe you too is, why is she creating so many products? 

Every product launch has a big announcement with a bombastic marketing campaign including videos, long sales letters, and emails. 

It screams how amazingly perfect it is to use it and how necessary it is for you to have it. 

(By the way, have you spotted that Cindy Donovan is even changing her t-shirts with the name of the company?) 

videos YT

If the products are so great, why there are always new products coming up from her?

Does it mean that the products she creates are having longevity of up to one year?

I think, much better it is to create one great product (like the membership site below for instance) that will stick her for long time. 

Rather than buy "seemingly" good and cheap product. Only found out it is expensive and useless. Do you agree?

Furthermore, she built a quiet reputation also thanks to her PR, but nowadays CAN ALMOST EVERYONE BUY A PR CAMPAIGN. 

Similar: See this review of John Crestani together with his purchased Interview

Let Us Know About Your Cindy Donovan Review

You see, I would be still very happy to hear some other reviews or experiences you might have with products from Cindy Donovan or with herself. 

Also due to the fact, that there is not a lot of evidence, your experience can be helpful for others as well. 

Let us make the online space be transparent. 



About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Really interesting review, Julius, of such a high profile personality and her products. What I truly found remarkable is the inability to get reviews or comments about her or her products on any platform. That is mind-blowing! Not even on TrustPilot. It certainly cautions us (myself included) to always review products before we buy. Ceci

    1. Hi Ceci. Indeed, when you can’t find reviews about a person or a product on, it is usually a bad sign. Also, people who bought products from her on JVZoo, rated her in some important aspects, with just over 30 points (out of 100). That’s super low.

  2. Thanks for doing your part to make the online space transparent through honest reviews like this. I really appreciate it!

    I don’t know about Cindy Donovan or any of her products, but I generally tend to run from programs that rely heavily on upsells, and from your review, I can see that her offerings include that.
    I also find it strange that despite how popular she’s become, there are no reviews on sites like Trustpilot about her or her products.
    But hey, that’s just my opinion.
    Thanks again for your review!

    1. Hey Femi. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. When someone, with such a volume of sales, is not on Trustpilot, it is normally not a good sign. Either the person is fake( what in this case is not true) or there is something else that makes people not be satisfied enough with the person. I am also not saying, she is a bad person or a scam. Just she has not provided a big value to her students, yet. Still better than this guy. Anyway, people searching for some valuable mentoring and guidance throughout their online journey, should join this company.

  3. I don’t like to use DFY materials to build an online business since you might lose everything once the founder decides to shut down the platform, and you need to start over again. Cindy’s story is inspiring, but not her products. I can tell that she makes most of her online income by selling the products she makes. Still, the value & quality seems low if you compare them to other legitimate platforms like your recommendation, not to mention she creates one new product after another regularly…It’s something we should pay attention to before purchasing.

    Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

    1. Hey Matt. Thanks for your reply. Indeed, I know Cindy’s story is an inspiring one. On the other hand, we should be alert when it comes to this multiple “product creation”. I think her mentor was Jono Armstrong, and if anything this guy isn’t, that’s being an honest marketer. This can be very dangerous as it spread outs further. Branson Tay for instance. This isn’t any “jealousy hate”, but more a warning to beginners. I mean, if I would be starting out now and seeing sales pages of Branson Tay (and also some from Cindy) I would think, that earning money online is like turning on the TV. Anyone, who has experienced some kind of online success, will tell you it is not an easy task. But those “gurus” will want you to believe the opposite. Stay away from them.

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