When is the best time to learn how to earn money online at home if not now? The whole world is experiencing unpleasant troubles in relation to the CORONA Virus, which caused already more than 400 thousand deaths worldwide.

There are industries where the compact will be huge, like for example hotels, tourism, gastronomy, or real estate. For those sectors, the time when they are going to recover can increase up to months, in some cases even up to years. It is very unfortunate.

On the other side, there are segments where the impact will be lower, in some departments the profits will even rise. Among others, there is working from home area, when we are expecting a lower impact.

We still know very little about, how long this crisis is going to last. But we can at least do our best in these difficult times to take care of our finances, as well in limited terms.

Remember, crisis, however sad and destructive they could be, offer space for strong individuals to get out of the crisis even stronger like they were before.

In my today’s post, I would be discussing what the market is offering.

Affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate

If you don’t know what AFFILIATE MARKETING is, the short definition would be= selling other people’s products and receiving commission, anytime someone makes a purchase.

In reality, I wish it could be so easy as it sounds. Truth is that it is more complex and you need to learn the right ways how to do it, but despite that, it is one of the best ways how to earn money online at home.


  • No Capital Needed Prior To Start
  • No Own Product- No Stocks, Compulsory Orders( like MLM for instance)
  • No Expertise Needed
  • Convenience and Flexibility
  • Working Part-Time As Well Full-Time


  • Commission Based
  • In Many Cases Too Much Information And No Guidance

If you are concern about the last point I have a solution for you. Wealthy Affiliate is providing so far the best guidance and tutoring for aspiring affiliate marketers. From thorough step-by-step training, with support of the technical department, OWNERS!!, or the online community, to the variety of helpful tools like SiteManager or Keyword searching tool.

 I am using this platform as well==>You Can Read More About My Journey Here

Becoming freelancer on Fiverr.com

1000’s of professions, fields, professionals available. I found Fiverr.com a perfect platform for every entrepreneur. Even if you are just starting up or experienced.

Main categories

  • Graphic & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • Sitemap


  • Voice Over
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Spokesperson
  • Small Homemade Items
  • Advertise a Brand On Your Social Medial Channel
  • Translations
  • Adding Subtitles

You can earn decent money while offering your and services and getting hired. Starting with creating your account, offering your services, and delivering your work. The website is offering easy to navigate structure. And regular support.

If you always wanted to become a freelancer, but you didn’t have enough time next to your full-time job, now it can be the time to build some part-time job, that when you will be again working in your daily job, you have a solid side hustle. And maybe by doing that, you will like it so much and your quality work will provide a high demand that you don’t have to go to your daily job anymore.

Because you can work on diverse projects related to the present unpredictable situation, but as well on projects with long terms. Again, if the quality is there, well-settled business or start-ups will always hire talented entrepreneurs who can help them offload their tasks.

Check the Fiverr.com for more information.


Building your own business from scratch

This is another field where many people can find their way within the present times. I can totally imagine you caring for some ideas for over months maybe even years on how to earn money online at home while being in your full-time job.

But due to the busy times at work and less free time, which you almost all spent with your loved ones, you just didn’t have enough options to develop that new start-up idea. I get it. I was at some point the same. We are all aware of the importance of bills, groceries, rent, savings, and so on.

And many times it is not easy to dive into any uncertainty by dropping out of our daily job and to start our adventure.

But now?

Of course, it all depends on your situation. I am encouraging those who are due to lockdowns and quarantines at home. If you are fighting with our present enemy number 1 on the front line, like a hospital worker, policeman, firefighter, supermarket cashier, or public transport driver, please stay doing your great service, we all need you!!

If you have hours of spare time, you can use it better like scrolling social media and checking minute by minute the present situation.

One option could be that you’d like to start your own business from scratch. Unlike Fiverr.com where you are going to help others providing your skills and developing their business, if you have service, product, or knowledge on high demand, you would like people to get to you eventually.

The areas are bright. As an English teacher, accountant, handyman, jewelry maker, baker you will definitely find plenty of clients as well as in these difficult times as when it’ll be over.

Not just you can unburden in some cases the hard-working individuals already by providing the alternatives, but you might create sustainable income for yourself and your family.

As further options, you might think of yoga or fitness teacher, life coach, or consultant. If you have your imagination working for you, you’ll find the most suitable solution for you.

Whatever field you want to start, you will most likely need a good running website. in this case, you won’t need some months of studying the coding, but you can build your website just in mather seconds. With the siterubix.com platform, you need 30 seconds to build one.

Click below on the picture to check the easiest and most convenient website builder available.

Stay strong!

That’s what I wish for all of us! We as a human being, we entered a very uncertain, unpredicted, and unpleasant time era. Even still not sure how big damage we can await worldwide, the idea we should all get by new. Companies, governments, economies, or individuals we have to be prepared on some “reviewing of values” and to face upcoming difficulties.

One way how we can help to support us financially could be by starting something new online. I hope within my post How To Earn Money Online At Home I could give you some ideas. If you have some questions or comments, please leave them below, I would be more than happy to help you out!

Independent on gender, race, religion, or age we should try our best to protect the US, but as well THE MOST VULNERABLE ones, like the elderly or people with lower immunity. Think about the hygiene and be kind to each.

I hope within my post to offer you some options on how to earn money while being home. I started working from home because I think that I am able to help many more people like I did when I was working in the hospitality industry.

Personally, I think that earning money online is the best way to create a passive income.


About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Awesome information you have provided. I have heard of Fiverr but had no idea what it was. Now that I know I know that I have skills that are marketable and I intend to use the site. Thanks for opening my eyes as I can always use some extra money as I wait for my Wealthy Affiliate business to take off. Thank for sharing this information.


  2. Hi Julius,
    like your website. Happy to have found it I’m a WA member and I was searching to find more way to make money online.
    I think I just found it here in your post. Great website by the way!!!

    1. Hi and thank you, Lyne. WA is the best online platform available. But it is always nice if one has multiple sources of income. If you are experiencing lockdown or if you are forced to stay home from other reasons, there are always ways how to earn money online. In the end, it can help you create a passive online income. Happy to help you. Cheers.

  3. Hi, thanks for the article, i kinda stumbled upon earn income online via affiliate marketing, i am a newbies anyway. Affiliate marketing is a business model that lets people (affiliates) earn the right to promote somebody else products and services.  when the sale is made the affiliate gets a commission.  Affiliate marketing is an online sales tactic that lets a product owner increase sales by allowing others targeting the same audience in exchange for a commission by recommending the product to others. At the same time, it makes it possible for affiliates to earn money on product sales without creating products of their own.  My question is, how does it really work? can you consider affiliate marketing as a career? can one really start affiliate marketing without investment?

    1. Hi. You can make a career with AM, but it all depends on you. How big will your knowledge and then effort be? The great thing about Affiliate marketing( AM) is that, as you also mentioned, you don’t need to owe any products and that you can start your business on low investment. I hope this gave you more info, if you are a member of WA, just follow the training here and you will get the needed knowledge. Best luck! 

  4. Hey,

    I’m really glad I came across your article. Since lockdown, it has been up in the air whether we are going to keep our jobs after the furlough scheme. So I am looking for alternative ways to make money, and the make money online business sounds like the best way. Especially as we are told to stay at home a lot more.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work. I will let you know how I get on with it and if I have any questions then I will get in touch.

    All the best,


    1. Thank you for stopping by Tom. Being able to have side hustles is always vital. Nowadays, the situation in many countries people forces to earn extra by necessity. For some, it can even mean to find completely new career. The place which offers growing options for people of any background is online space.

      I hope I could provide you some essential tips within my How To Earn Money Online At Home article and I will be looking forward to hear from you about your progress. All the best.

  5. I use fivver a lot as a one-stop-shop for all types of services, usually with website issues or headers and logos and the suchlike. But being with WA does take the website headaches away. Well written and researched.

  6. Hey Julius

    Your post is quite sad at the beginning as you paint quite a gloomy picture. Unfortunately, this is the reality we are living in and we truly require help. Some help needs to come from ourselves, as you’ve mentioned here.

    Affiliate marketing is truly a powerful method of generating income online. What I love most are the passive income opportunities this stream produces.

    I am currently a teacher and one of the few ways I plan to use this skill is to teach online and outside the physical classroom. I also plan to develop courses and sell them online, which is one of your suggestions here in this post. There’s so much possibility here and I 100% agree with you that in these opportunities are here to help us survive in our current global situation.

    Solomon & Selina

    1. Hi Solomon & Selina. You can use marketing techniques related to Affiliate marketing to help you market your teaching business if you decided on one day to do it online. The situation is extraordinary nowadays and there are fields, which will be hard fighting for their survival. That’s why I wanted to point out the importance to shift online whatever you do. 

      I hope it will all work out for you and you will be able to start your business in the best suitable way for you!  

  7. Thank you for this extensive list of jobs that cab make us money online. Basically the opportunities online are endless! You just need the focus and determination. Look into what you are good at and offer the service for good payback.



    1. You can find countless earning options online nowadays, that’s true. The purpose is to be effective. As there are many opportunities, which are demanding a lot of time, but the result is very poor. You need to choose the field right.

  8. hellooo dear, wow what a nice and informative content you have shared with us all, it really has bbeen amazing, i believe times like these is really hard to get nice and helpfull post like these, your content is surely going to help alot of people here, making money from home with thes post is surely going o happen after following your mini guilde, thanks alot

  9. This is just one of the articles i needed to see as i have been looking for something to start up online as a side hustle. Your review on this affiliate markketing is well detailed and the pros look good, the fact that i dont need capital to startup. You also did review on becoming a freelancer and building your own business from scratch but i think i will go with affiliate marketing.

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