what is Perpetual income 365 about

When in search for passive online income you might wonder What is Perpetual Income 365 about.

First of all, you made a great choice to be searching for some evidence on this product before making further commitment. 

At starting cost $9, it is more than tempting give it a try, right?

But is that REAL opportunity or Scam? The video on their sales page claims that Shawn Josiah and some Netflix dropout know some "secret".

According to them, YOU too can apply this "secret algorithm" and earn $500/day for less than 15 minutes of work.

Let us see if this can be achieved or if this is just another overhyped promise, trying to rip you off. 

Shall we start?

URL: http://perpetualincome365.online
Founder: Shawn Josiah
Earning Potential: 1,5/10
Price9$ for 14 days, then $477/month or $997 once +upsells +$600 +3rd party compulsory services
Overall Rating: 1,5/10
Recommended: NO

What is Perpetual Income 365 about?

PI356 is an online program using Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing as two main methods helping you create a passive online income. 

When you join the program, you will be provided with DFY tools helping you scale your business. More about every tool included in following paragraphs.  

what is Perpetual Income 365 about

How to use it?

First and foremost, you'll land on PI365 sales page containing introduction video. Where this Mr. X, who is referred inside of the video as Netflix dropout, discovered some "money-making secret". 

He describes that as MCCA (Micro-Commitment Consistency Compounding Algorithm). Where you offer people something in exchange for small monthly fee and they will commit to it over longer period of time. 

I never heard of that, but it is true that Netflix for instance uses the small fee ($7.99), but obviously they have a huge value to offer. 

Secondly, you would have to watch webinar. No worries, the webinar is not live and I pasted it below, so you don't have to go and pay the $9.

Indeed, this is the cost of the webinar. To give you some hints the first 1 hour of the webinar is more about the creator of the program.

He shares some of his earnings, previous successes and some mindset you should have if you want to be successful in an online industry. 

Furthermore, you will be shown how does Perpetual Income 365 work.

In the case, you haven't watch the webinar whole, you want to know that there are 5 Steps taught how to make money with this program.

Shawn Josiah talks about it as creating your virtual ATM.

What you might realise after watching this webinar is that the opportunity has nothing to do with Netflix. That could come as a surprise to some of you. 

Because, the first video was telling interesting story about this Mr X as Netflix story, who discover this secret making millions, and he together with Shawn want this secret to share with you. 

But ok, back to PI365.

Those are the 5 Steps you need to make in order to create this virtual ATM.

what is Perpetual Income 365 about

Step 1 Money Page

You will have access to DFY landing pages. (Several sources claim that, after the upgrade it will be 22 PAGES) The usage of it is therefore limited to 22 Niches as best case scenario.

Seeing the program is DFY, I don't think there is option of "bringing"your own landing pages. 

Step 2 Targeted Traffic

This step can be problematic. If you have already some experiences with any kind of online business, you might know, that getting traffic or in other words visitors, can be quite tricky.

Most definitely, it is crucial. 

Along with organic SEO traffic, there is also paid traffic.

Inside of PI365 you will be taught paid traffic, precisely the solo ads strategy.

Unfortunately, this will cost you extra money on monthly  basis.

Step 3 Consists Affiliate Offers

In the webinar, there is no clear explanation, how this will be done. Clearly, it is stated that the offers will come from ClickBank, WarriorPlus, and similar platforms.

Seeing this program is DFY, I would expect, you will be provided with those.

Step 4 Auto Emails

Email Marketing strategy. You will be asked to sign up with GetResponse, where the membership cost from $10-$75 a month. 

Further, you will be provided with Email Templates, this step continues until the Step 5 towards ultimate target, create your virtual ATM. 

Inside of Perpetual Income 365

One thing, I want to make clear:the initial $9 investment is just for to see the almost 3 hours long webinar. Nothing more.

So, If you want to get the full usage of the program, you'd need to pay extra money. 

I am mentioning that because it is surprising to many people, as the offer on their sales page stating, you will be charged $47/month after this "trial period" ends. 

Clearly, the "trial period" is just the period of you watching the webinar.

It seems more, like upsell pitch and not trial period. But let's continue further and see how it evolves. 

Do you see the "trial period" below?

what is Perpetual Income 365 about

Anyway, once inside, the webinar is your main friend.

So, here I've got additional feeling of an upsell pitch. Because the webinar is another piece of it and it serves just as pitch for another level of this program.

However, as you proceed further with watching, you will be shown the 3 Components Your Business will get, once you will become paying member. 

(Paying member means, after you will pay $997 at one time, or when you will be charged first "full price" $47.)

3 Components are:

  1. Affiliate Platforms 
  2. Email Templates
  3. 22 DFY Money Pages (Landing Pages)

What does it cost and can you earn money with Perpetual Income 365?

You see, the fee structure here at PI365 is confusing at least. 

So, firstly you pay this $9 as a "trial". Although, just the webinar is included. Afterwards, you need to pay $997 or $47/month if you want to get access to the components mentioned earlier. 

Then you will enter Perpetual Income 365 Elites. 

what is Perpetual Income 365 about

These tools aren't worth of $47 a month. In fact, for this price you can get something much more valuable. 

More importantly, next to these cots there are compulsory monthly costs to 3rd party services and some upsells.

Compulsory costs: 

  • Get Response 10$-75$/month
  • Traffic $40-$200/month- $40 is for around 100 clicks

That means, to run this business model you'd pay monthly $97 on lower scale and $319 on higher scale.

Some Upsells:

  • 5 Clicks Profit Activator – $197
  • Email ATM – $297
  • Perpetual Asset Multiplier – $127

Even though, I have to be honest with you. I am not sure if those upsells are not included inside the $997 payment. 

Clearly, PI365 sign-in conditions are changing regularly, it is hard to keep track what is included. However, at the moment of my writing they are upsells. 

In addition to these shady policies, when it comes to earnings of the students, it is not better. 

If you see the below screenshot. This student earned $601.97 in 1 month time. But there is not written how much she spent on her traffic. It could be much more than 1000 clicks costing here at least $400.

So she might be even losing when we count the ongoing costs she made. 

what is Perpetual Income 365 about

However, I am sure you can earn money using this system, the testimonials provided on PI365 sales page are not proof this system works. 

Because again, we don't know how much she paid for the traffic.

Additionally, we don't know what she sold.

And rather as this sale being legit sale to her audience that really was a result of planned work, it could be easily just random "coincidence" and it will never happen again. 

Without a doubt, when earning money with affiliate marketing, you want to repeat your sales as often as possible, rather than hoping for "some shot". 

I hope it does make sense to you. 

What are the PROS?

Legit Ways 

Both Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing are both legit ways how to earn money online. 

You might be sure that those ways are something that can bring you towards your dream and achieving passive income online.

On the other hand, you want to be careful when choosing knowledge about it, as there are several ways of running these effective strategies. More on this, later on. 

Money-Back Guarantee 

Undoubtedly, important factor when someone is deciding if to go or don't go with specific product. 

Perpetual Income 365 is ClickBank product and therefore, in case of unhappiness with that product, you can sleep without worries. 

There is 60 days money-back guarantee.

What are the CONS?


Firstly, let me start with price. Shawn Josiah chose the low price at the beginning to make it look inexpensive. But after further look, we've seen that it will cost you $997, or $47/month.

But that is not where it ends. You need to see the bigger picture, including 3rd party services. Email Autoresponder and the Paid Traffic. 

All-in-one at least $100/month (could be easily three times more as seen previously) is just too much.

Upsell Pitch

Indeed, after closer look every video or webinar, you will be exposed to new upsell. First of all, it is unethical behaviour used also by other products.

Similar: Six Figure Mentors

Secondly, the benefit of those upsells is more than questionable. When paying additional +600$ you'd expect some super boost, but all you'd get are just more templates, more landing pages and so on.

Not Beginner Friendly 

Despite the creator making statements that seniors, kids and complete beginners can earn money with 15 minutes of work, I really doubt that.

Especially, if you see the training you will get access to once the almost $1k fee is paid.

It looks to me just as another part of the upsells pitch to make you believe you can achieve it even as beginner.

what is Perpetual Income 365 about

DFY and Paid Traffic

What might sound as help and automation tool, it is not in the end. DFY means you have very low flexibility in usage of the Landing Pages and Email Templates. Additionally, how could you be selling regularly, when everyone joining PI365 would use the same templates? 

Paid traffic is the worst though. There is not a single guarantee that those people you will be paying for, would be interested in your offer. 

So, you might end up paying for clicks of people they will not be interested in your offer at all. 

Similar: Fast Tracks

Low Quality Products

You see Shawn Josiah exposes his success within ClickBank. But what he was selling are low quality products. The same he tries here. 

Despite not sharing what kind of product you will be selling, the screenshots within his webinar, displays WriteApps Review as one of the options. 

That's, one of the low quality products I reviewed already. 

what is Perpetual income 365 about

What is Perpetual Income 365 Income about? Final Intakes

First and foremost, Perpetual Income 365 Income is not a SCAM.

Because, when you pay, you will get some training, landing pages and templates.

Additionally, you will gain access to facebook community of people who are also members of the program, so it can give you some support.

The size is something over 6 000 people in the time of this writing.

Furthermore, Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing are legit ways, so there should be enough signs, PI365 it is not a SCAM. 

But in contrast what the creator is claiming, I don't think this program is suitable for beginners.

Additionally, the way how YOU have to find out what is Perpetual Income 365 about, has signs of something that should be avoided. 

Previously I mentioned some "secret revealing strategy" that serves as overblown statement in the first video you find as soon as you enter the page.

Besides that, there is this webinar that serves as another pitch to push you into buying low quality training using fake scarcity strategies. 

Lastly, the way how the program works shows indication of get-rich-quick scheme. Where you are required to spend anything above $100 a month, promoting low quality offers people will get tired of very soon. 

Although, there is a chance you will earn money using PI365, I wouldn't join the program. 

Honestly, I think that the only one who is earn big money with this program, is the creator. 

How do I earn money online? 

As earlier mentioned, Affiliate Marketing is legit way of earning money online, but there are several ways of doing it. 

Like with everything there are good or bad ways to do it. There is good food and bad food, good sex and bad sex, good friends and bad friends.

So, the same is accurate for affiliate marketing.

There are two ways of earning money with affiliate marketing. Below is short description. You can decide whichever is fitting you better.

1. Paid one- Investment coming from your own pocket. Often times is short living and oftentimes you don’t earn what you initially invested. So you are in search for new shiny objects on and on. The only one who earns in that case is the owner of the course/program.

2. Free on- No(or very low) investment. Need of building your website and audience. Even, it can be time-consuming at the beginning. Sustainable profit on long term.

If you are clever, you’d choose the second option.

Not only will cost you much less to start with, but it will bring you success over longer period. When done correctly, and with right guidance, you can achieve results like guys below:

The decision is yours. You can go ahead and buy Perpetual Income 365, or similar get-rich-quick schemes and hope for the best, or you can choose the FREE and more sustainable way. In case, you go for the second way:

About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • Hi Julius, Perpetual Income 365 may be suitable for those with deep pockets, but for the average beginner spending hundreds of dollars a month on paid advertising would be unaffordable.

    DFY templates would be hard to achieve any type of success with. As other members would have the same landing page, there’d be a lot of competition. In addition, the same would apply to email templates and any DFY product.

    As there doesn’t seem to be a way of editing the landing pages you wouldn’t be able to add your content or change the look of them. This is a huge disadvantage. Also, having to pay $9 just to watch a 3 hour sales pitch is very misleading. At least buyers have the 60 day Clickbank money back guarantee:) Thanks for sharing such a detailed review of this program:)

    • Hi, Kathy! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. You named it precisely. The entire program is meant to be sales pitch for very high program with a lot of DFY templates, what makes it almost impossible to maintain the sales on regular basis due to the same content other affiliates would have.

  • Hey Julius,

    Keep on with the good work of giving unbiased information about the so many affiliate programs out there that are plain misleading with their impossible promises and bogus claims.

    Imagine a beginner seeing a program as this Perpetual Income 365 and thinking that he/she won’t spend too much money past $9 or a little above that, only to find that they’ll have to spend $997, or $47/month for a program they may or may not make sales from.
    It’s due to programs like this that people are quick to tag affiliate programs as scams, when in actual fact, it is not.

    Making a thorough research and reading informative websites like yours would help a great a lot in knowing the right programs and the right way to make money online.

    Thank you.

    • Hey there, Femi. Thanks for for your comment. Fortunately, there are program like Wealthy Affiliate that are offering much more value. The subscription cost $49/month (when paid yearly it is even cheaper). But the value offered there is many times higher. Cheers

  • Hi Julius,

    When I read about “earn $500/day for less than 15 minutes of work”, my red alarm rings. I know one thing or two about affiliate marketing, so I know things won’t go this direction. Not to mention that you need to spend money $47 or $997 down the road, which is very expensive for people who just start.

    On the other hand, I believe your recommended affiliate marketing platform is a better route to go. Low start-up cost, long-term sucess, and 24/7 support, what else shall we ask for from a legitmate platform like this? 🙂


    • Exactly, MATT. With Wealthy Affiliate, one really doesn’t need any additional service. There is everything aspiring affiliates need when starting their affiliate marketing business. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

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