Branson Tay

Branson Tay wants to be affiliate guru.

He is calling himself "sirbranson" on warrior+ platform and uses smart marketing claims, like "267 billion loophole".

You see, he wants you to believe there is ultimate secret, unheard loophole that, when you pay him, you can profit from.

I know you are clever enough not to blindly trust such claims.

Furthermore, you are doing great job by researching, before investing in something seemingly great.  

The intention of my blog post is therefore clear: find out if Branson Tay is a scam or legit. And if you should trust him.

Shall we start?

Who is Branson Tay?

If you will type who is Branson Tay into Google search, you'll get a lot to see.

But let's take it step-by-step.

Branson Tay is in any case young person. Since 2020 he started his first online endeavour. He likes to position himself as this "affiliate guru".

In general he is internet marketer and YouTuber. 

Hereby, it is important to mention some facts.

Branson Tay is:

  • 21-years old
  • Active in an online space since 2020
  • Making Money With Affiliate and YouTube Marketing

What has Branson Tay created so far?

Branson Tay has created A LOT products. 

This is really significant, especially when considering his young age.

Just in 2021 alone he was able to create 10 PRODUCTS.

At this time, you might be asking. How's that possible? Is he genius? Could it be that the products are any quality?

Let me answer those questions later.

Firstly, below are some of his products:

  • Googlix
  • Login n' Cashin
  • Read4Money
  • Type4Cash
  • Browse n' Bank
  • PermaLink
  • MailerLink
  • LoopholeLink
  • ViralLink
  • DeepLink

You see any similarities in the products above? 

They all should evoke in you that, earn money online is easy, right? 

Like type text and earn money. Or Read online and earn money.

If you will visit Branson's Tay YouTube channel, you'll see that this is his style. 

But check this review and the comments below it to get an idea, what is the value of the products he recommends. 

What is Branson Tay secret for making money?

Actually there is no secret in it at all.

You see, Branson Tay earns his money in 3 ways mostly.

1. Creating his Own "Loophole" Products- In almost every video he created on his YouTube channel, he is talking about the newest product that found secret, loophole, you can add another synonym. But you got my point. It's all too much pitching.

The worst part?
All of his programs are pretty much the same.  Over-promising and under delivering. 

2. Selling Other's People Push-A-Button-And-Earn Programs- Jono Armstrong really teach him how to sell s**t. 

I mean if you will hoover around the warrior+, just for a bit, you will see plenty of BS programs over there. That's the place where "sirbranson" also finds newest "loophole".

Just to rip you off. 

3. Through His YouTube Ads- Please be aware, that whenever you will play one of his videos, Branson Tay is going to earn money. 

Would you promise me to watch just one video? Believe me, they are all the same. 

By the way, in year 2021, when Branson Tay launched 10 NEW PRODUCTS, his earnings were around $500 000. 

I am really surprised with this amount, especially when seeing what kind of work led to these earnings. 

Read to the end of my blog post to see my recommendations on earning money online the right way. 

Why has Branson Tay 600k subscribers?

So, here it really comes interesting.

Branson Tay has a huge subscriber list on YouTube.

To get an idea, Jono Armstrong (one of Brandon's mentors) has 66.4k, what is almost ten times less than Brandon.

So, I hope you agree on this with me, but Branson Tay has a huge subscribers list.

 You might ask: But why would he focus his interest on YouTube? 

Simply, because of paid ads payments.

Branson Tay

You see, YouTube as a part of Google is an interesting tool for online marketers.

Theirs paid ads policy is making it super convenient for guys as Brandon to cash out.

The only one thing that's needed is to create click baiting headlines and some video content.

There is literally no restriction what BS he will try to lure people in. As far as he is not promoting terrorism, or child pornography, he might be promoting (almost) whatever he wants.

Why has Branson Tay just 12 Quora followers?

First of the platforms with high reputation when it comes to people asking questions, that has Brandon's poor presence, is Quora.

In fact Branson Tay has just 12 followers there. 

Unlike YouTube, Quora's conditions for paid ads are much more rigid than YouTube.

Additionally, people posting in Quora also will not get approved posts so easily. Because, those posts have to be HELPFUL. 

In other words, if the content is "just" informing, it is not interesting for Branson Tay to be present. 

In addition to this, you would need some kind of writing art to include any affiliate link into your Quora post.

Lastly, there are people who search for "legit and no-hype" information about topic, so BS like "earn $500 in one hour doing nothing" or "earn $4000 just by watching YouTube" won't be work.

Is Branson Tay a Scam?

Although some people saying it diplomatically: "It's hard to say whether Branson Tay is scam or not".

I checked the dictionary!

According to the Cambridge dictionary, SCAM is illegal or dishonest plan or activity, especially one for making money.

So that said, we can easily label Branson Tay a SCAM.

He might not be illegal (I hope so), but he is definitely dishonest.

You see in almost every video he makes, there is a promise that is impossible to make real.

Like earn $300/hour with app where you will earn $30 a year.

Additionally to his impossible BS claims, he is dishonest in regard of not returning money.

I am example of such.

I did purchase his Browse and Bank product (purely out of need to help others with reviewing this program).

The front end was $17, and even though his sales page offers 365-days money back guarantee, he never replied to my email about my refund request.

Instead, my inbox is full of his ready-made emails promoting his newest crappy product or sending fake payment announcements.

Below is screenshot of my inbox. Let be example to you what happens, when you give your email to Branson Tay.

My advice: don't do it, otherwise he will SPAM your email with useless messages.  

Branson Tay

What kind of person does that?

Dishonest person!

So, that concludes that Branson Tay is a scam. I won't recommend his junk products to the worst enemy.

Who is Branson Tay's mentor?

Why is it important who is Branson Tay mentor?

Well, from one main reason.

When you'd know who was teaching him the "online stuff", it might be easier to understand what intentions, beliefs and work-ethic he has.

In this case, his mentor is Jono Armstrong.

If you don't him, I wrote in-depth review about his #NR 1 product#=Ministry Of Freedom.

If you hovered around the affiliate marketing for a while already, you might know that this guy is known for "finding excuses when he should refund money".

Also, he is known for proclaiming himself as the "guru", what he demonstrates by all kind of hilarious stuff.

 Like working from his pool in Bali, while half naked. 

Why is Branson Tay Moral Trash?

Not only Branson's character can be discovered when checking this Jono guy.

Also, they did work together. Sadly for their audience, they portrayed some deepest moral trash I saw in online world. 

They are trying to use child's unwell in their favour.

I mean, they can be shady people.

But doing this? That's behind any kind of allowed border.

Below, is communication of one unsatisfied customer after purchasing STEALTHD program, which was created by Jono Armstrong and Branson Tay.

Branson Tay

You see, when you will purchase some Branson's Tay products and you will be unhappy, there is a chance you will not get refund.

Moreover, you could be "threatened" that when he is going to give you refund, some poor kids might starve.

What kind of "helping others" is that? I don't know how about you, but I'd call this moral trash.

Branson Tay

Is Branson Tay Fake?

Although there is some evidence that Branson Tay is real person, there are also some facts, that could easily mean he is just FAKE PERSON and someone else is behind it.

Not only has Branson Tay several YouTube accounts, but also his website is "under construction".

Furthermore, there are no real reviews on trustable platforms like TrustPilot for instance. 

Branson Tay

Last but not least, when you listen to his YouTube video, the voice sounds more robot like a human.

So, there is a chance it is "made-up" voice with help of AI.

Again, it easily could be that those signs are really just signs, and nothing more. But it also could mean that Branson Tay doesn't really exist.

Branson Tay Reviews across the internet

Online reviews are undoubtedly powerful tool when it comes to placing a trust in someone.

Unfortunately or luckily, depends on your point of you, Branson Tay reviews are proof that he is not trustable.

Branson Tay

This alone is a huge RED FLAG ?

In addition to this, if you type Branson Tay reviews in the Google search, you won't find many positive reviews. (Except of affiliates selling his crappy products obviously)

Alternative to Branson Tay Programs and teaching method

It is possible to earn money online without big investments.

It depends on what is your end-goal. I understand yours aims might differ.

But either you're keen on finding "couple-of-bucks" deals or full time income replacements, I have some options for you.

First of all, I want to warn you there is not such a thing as $300/hour without some kind of EXPERTISE on your side.

If you want to earn couple of bucks extra, there are sites like or Here, you can earn anything from $0-500 month. Be prepared to work also up to 10-20 hours a week.

In case you want to earn more money than you want to build REAL and SUSTAINABLE online business than you have bunch of options.

One of the easiest way to start online business is affiliate marketing. Mostly because of low budget requirements.

In general there are 2 ways of making money via affiliate marketing.

One is legit, mostly free to start, suited for long term.

Second is shady, requires you pay to play, luring you with promises of overnight success.

Obviously, marketers using the shady tactics won't tell you that it takes time to build SUSTAINABLE AFFILIATE MARKETING BUSINESS.

But it is truth. You either accept it, or not.

I mean, there are legit businesses using paid paid ads for instance, but in that case, you have to have LEGIT OFFER, otherwise it won't be making you money over long period.

Clearly, not everyone can afford thousands $$$ to spent on paid ads. Therefore, the most convenient way is to learn SEO and drive traffic for free.

Recommended programs teaching you SEO affiliate marketing: Location RebelAffiliate Lab, and Wealthy Affiliate.

Lastly, I want to make sure that there is not such a thing as overnight success. Nor there is such a thing as push-button riches.

Guys like Branson Tay and Jono Armstrong want you believe in it, in order to rip you off.

If you are serious about making money through affiliate marketing, you have to invest the time and bit of money in order to see the results.

I hope I could help you with my post, and if you find it valuable, please do share the word.


About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • Hi Julius,

    Creating ten products in just one year is a HUGE scam alert. A cloud-based DFY system still needs maintenance, which takes time and a lot of money. I don’t want to spend money from a serial product creator like Branson Tay because he might end up abandoning all of his previous products.

    His way of making money online is mainly through selling his similar products, but it’s not for me. I will prefer a ground-to-earth way to make money through affiliate marketing. Your recommendation is a better approach. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    • Hi Matt. Indeed, his techniques are shady, at least. I think that BBB shut down their business, so I (as affiliate marketer) need to make people aware of these SCAMS.

  • Hi Julius,
    I quite agree with you from the serious research you’ve done on Sir Branson Tay claims in order to be sure whether he‘s for real or not.

    I like that you write these reviews based on your own personal experiences with these products and of course, serious research.

    The major red flags for me is the fact that he has so many products within a short duration of time, doesn‘t guarantee refund and the fact that customer support is not good enough.

    When you keep recycling products by renaming them and adding a few ‘benefits‘ just so that you can sell the same idea at even a higher price, what usually happen is that the support that subscribers get from the ‘old products‘ won’t even be relevant anymore.

    Even worse, they won’t stop selling this products. At the end of the day, it’s just money down the drain for unsuspecting circumstances!

    Thank you for this informative review. I hope more people make their research before dropping their hard earned money for something that may not work.


    • Hi Femi. I am happy you liked my review. Indeed, what you mentioned are the reasons, people should stay away from Branson Tay. Not only because of the poor customer service, but also because of the crappy product quality in first place. The chances that someone will earn on regular basis from one of his product, is close to 0%.

  • Hi Julius, thank you for such an indepth review of Branson Tay. Although I’ve never heard of him, he’s definitely a scammer. For a 21 year old to have produced so many products in such a short time is questionable. Looking at the list you shared you can tell they’re poor quality. It’s shameful he actually threatens those who ask for refunds by suggesting they’re taking money away from sick children. Also, the huge YouTube subscriber list is obviously a result of dishonest, clickbait headlines. It’s no wonder many see affiliate marketing as a scam. Your number one way to make money online is a far better option

    • Indeed Kathy. The number of his YouTube subscribers list shouldn’t be leading in any way as measure of his success. Rather, it should be an alarming fact, that scammers have such a huge “followers” list. Hopefully, will this and similar review discourage enough people to buy his products. Wealthy Affiliate teaches the honest affiliate marketing and is therefore much more sustainable. Cheers

  • Hi Julius,
    Thank you for informing me of Branson Tay! I have reviewed a few products from Warrior + and I have gotten the same email box full of offers every day, and people creating new products each month!
    It is outrageous to say the least! One guy has programs that are promoting this exact kind of marketing. You keep creating new products and send them to you email list. That’s it! That is your business!
    But, this guy is the worst! I think you could be right about him being real. Is it any wonder? He is likely using an alias because of the complaints he is receiving! But, if you make $500,000 he is just laughing all the way to the bank!
    Thank you for keeping people informed about these scammers! You are saving people money!

    • Hi Chas. Totally agree with you saying this is the worst possible way of doing online business. Because this guy indeed just uses others trust, especially beginners. As it is my mission to help people do an informed decision when thinking about starting an online business, I couldn’t stay silent. Hopefully, it will help people navigate the right way. Cheers

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