Glitched Review

Welcome to my Glitched Review.

Did you get hooked up by Jason Fulton?

He, together with Seun Ogundele claims to receive a $97 "permanent" income from their program.

So, they want to show you the same strategy, that you can also profit from it.

It would all be perfect, only if...

Seriously, how many times have you heard similar statements?

For instance: earn $1000 a week with copy and paste, earn $4000 watching videos, or earn $200 daily doing simple tasks?

If you are like me, chances are you have heard those "lucrative" statements quite a lot. So, it is normal you are hesitant if they can work.

No worries, after reading my Glitched Review, you will be completely sure, if this program is worth investing your $$$ or not.

So, without further ado, let us start!

Shall we?

Glitched Overview

Founder: Jason Fulton and Sean Ogundele 
Product Type:
 Affiliate Marketing 
Price: $19 +upsells $1200
Overall Rating: 1/10
Recommended: NO!!
Trust Pilot Rating: NA

How Does Glitched Work?

First of all, let me tell start with how the software works. 

You see, the creators claim that Glitched software is designed to help you re-post popular news and earn money by doing that. 


Let me explain this in detail. 

After activation, with the help of this software you will re-post news post form CNN, BBC, Washington post and similar on your (newly build) website.

Glitched review


The creators say that after this you can start earning money.

OK, now you must be thinking: if it would be so easy, why not everyone is doing it?

Well, let's dig further into my Glitched review to find out, if it really is so easy, or this is just bunch of CRAP.

Inside Glitched

You see, once inside Glitched you will have dashboard that allows you to create DFY websites.

As you see those websites have domain name

So, even though you are presented with the idea that DFY sites are the help here, and in general it safes you time, I won't see it as a good thing.


Glitched review

Generally speaking, the dashboard, tools and software are pretty limited.

Take for instance, the tutorial.

On their sales page, you will read about "step-by-step and over the shoulders training".

(I guess they use these phrases without even knowing what they mean, purely because everyone else is using them)

So, what do you expect when you hear step-by-step training?

Probably something more than 5-7 tutorial videos, right?

Especially, when those videos are from YouTube. It feels to me like the creators just don't care about you as their potential student.

OK, let's go further to find out if there is something positive.

Glitched review

If you decide to use one of their news websites, the content would look something like the screenshot below.

Isn't it somewhat ugly?

Glitched review

Sean and Jason are Serial Product Creators

I was hesitating if I should bring this up, but I think this might be also something that can influence your decision about purchasing Glitched.

When you check Jason Fulton's Facebook Page, you will have chance to encounter how many products this guy have created or co-created.

Only in 2022 (8 full months time up to now) Jason Fulton and Sean created 10 products!

What kind of quality these products can have?

I think, in majority those people's products are just insufficient, dishonest and targeting uninformed newbies.

You see, these 2 dishonest marketers belong to the same category, we call "serial product creators".

All what they do, is they create super appealing, over-promising BS claims filled SALES PAGE.

Oftentimes they will support this with social media and YouTube campaign. With very LOW-VALUE products as their end product.

This will bring CASH for creators and a lot of FRUSTRATION to people who buy those crappy products.

Similar Serial Product Creators: Branson Tay and Jono Armstrong

In case, you are new to internet marketing, you can feel easily attracted to those strategies, these guys are practicing. In the end, they know those psychological steps. 

Trust me when I say, that you won't earn money following their advice. 

More likely, you will lose some money along the way.

As many of their programs are requiring you to pay for ads.

I don't want to be too negative, so let me spend one more note on this one...

Maybe the worst thing about their "product explosion" is the fact, that they connect to each other. 

You know the saying that crow to crow sits?

In other words: alike attracts alike.

Glitched review

Therefore, those dishonest marketers, who care only about their incomes, are TO BE HEARD EVERYWHERE. Take for instance Cindy Donovan, and her interview. Legit guys, don't have to pay for interviews. 

So, if after this you feel, that this (dishonest) way, is the only way how  the internet marketing is working, luckily, it isn't.

(Later on, I will show you other, legit and honest way of earning money with affiliate marketing.)

It comes as no surprise to me that Glitched TOP SELLERS are Jono Armstrong and Branson Tay.

What Are The PROS?


I am sorry, but I haven't found any reasons for buying the Glitched software.

Why You Shouldn't Join Glitched?


Done-For-You software is not going to help you. Contrary to it, it brings dangers.

Firstly, you are not owner of the website. Meaning the real owner of "your" website is the owner of the domain. Most likely the creators of the software.

Secondly, you have pretty much limited options when using the software, because everyone who will buy it, will have the same DFY templates.

Lastly, you won't learn anything about internet marketing, just spend money. But that's what Jason and Sean want in the end. Take advantage of newbies.


There are in total 9 UPSELLS.

It is safe to say that if the front end product doesn't deliver, the upsells would be waste of money?

You can bet on that. Any upsell from the list is complete waste of money. You be better off to invite your love ones for big family dinner, or take your second half on weekend away trip.

The entire UPSELLS festival comes here pretty expensive. 

Misleading Claims All Around The Place

You see, Jason and Sean created their SALES PAGE as approximately 95% dishonest marketers nowadays. A lot of over-promising claims, but without a single helpful hint.

I know they want to sell as much as possible, but it continues to be pointless.

If you are new in online marketing and you have some kind of hope, let me tell you that those claims are BS.

For instance: earning $485 for re-posting 5 posts, or earning money with one-click, and also their income claims are all not true.

No Training

Another false claim is that you will be supported along the way inside the software.

I have to laugh, after I read that line.

First of all, which way they talk about, if only you need one click to get it work, right? 

Secondly, their idea about "step-by-step" training, is s****y tutorial with some 7 videos.

(If you are tired of this crap already, click below, to get real step-by-step training on earn money online. )

Grey Area (It Might Be Illegal)

By far, the biggest issue I see when it comes to Glitched software is the fact, that these strategies are possibly illegal.

You see, after you will clone those DFY sites, you should embed videos to your website from YouTube.

However, those video owners have not stated their permission to monetise their videos. Nowadays, you can be suited even if you use someone's else picture without their permission.

Now, imagine that you are going to use videos from CNN, FOX News, or Washington Post.

Almost certainly, you might expect to face a court. So, in matters of days you can not only lose what you would eventually earn with Glitched (if something), but you can easily overpay thousands of $$$.

I call this, very bad deal!

Glitched Review

Other People's Reviews

You see, the only positive reviews about Glitched are from people who have no spine. The guy from is selling the software, so he has no problem to tell his audience the software has no CONS.

If you want to find HONEST REVIEW, then you will see that marketers who reviewed it, bought it and tried it, they don't recommend Glitched.

Can Glitched Deliver?

In my opinion, the only people who will profit from Glitched are the creators and their close associates.

If you have no email list or big followers list on social media you have literally no chance to make this work for you.

(Even if you would have big list, I wouldn't promote this "offer" to them. )

The software is just not going to provide any value, nor will it learn you any skill. 

(Want to become valuable expert instead, click below.) 

Glitched Review-Final Verdict

First of all, if you read my Glitched Review to the end, first of all thank you.

Secondly, you should have now pretty much a good idea about the product.

You see, I have created this Glitched review, purely with intention to help you to make an informed decision when considering to buying it. 

The marketers of present times oftentimes, intentionally lie to you, to make their product to stand out. They will mostly target people without online experience.

With that said, my honest opinion about Glitched is that:


Glitched Review

In fact, the only reason I won't call it scam is because when you pay for the front end, there is some content.

You also, get access to some DFY websites, some short tutorial videos and some other very basic tools.

Needless to say, what is awaiting you inside, isn't sufficient.

Previously, I warned you already about the UPSELLS, misleading claims and poor training.

In addition to this, the "marketing strategy" how the software operates is more likely to be illegal.

So, if you'll fell for it, you shouldn't be surprised if you would have to face a court at one day.

What you also should be concerned about, is the fact that Jason and Sean are so-called serial product creators, meaning they create crappy products every month.

When you dig further, you'll find out, that many of those programs disappear after a while.

Similar Serial Product Creators: Cindy Donovan and Shawn Josiah

Earning Money Online Honestly

If you feel discouraged, frustrated and pessimistic about the idea of earning money online, it wasn't something I wanted. So, sorry about that.

On the other hand, I think it is nice you found my review before committing your time, energy and money to useless program like Glitched.

I am not sure if this was your first program you find online, but if you did your research, chances are, you found more of those shiny objects.

Similar Shiny Object: 12 Minute Affiliate

It is sad, that those crappy products are in the majority, nowadays. 

Luckily enough, there is this smaller minority that can change your life.

(It is like with girls/boys. The best ones are in minority, right?)

But seriously, if you mean it for real, and you want to learn how to earn money online, then there are platforms that can help you to achieve that.

If that's the case, let me show you platform that changed my life. 

Results like below are common for people who spend time learning and applying what they learn. 

Glitched Review
Glitched Review

If you like what you see, I have to warn you. In order to achieve similar incomes you have to work.

One single click, won't be enough.
But once, you will commit...boy!

The sky is the limit.

See, more REAL people who turned their life completely around thanks to this platform. 

You see, I really don't want to brag more about this platform. I just wanted to help you to find the most suitable way for you. 

I have been in your shoes, and I really know how frustrating it can be to run into these get-rich-quick scheme. 

If you are looking for honest, legit and sustainable way of earning money online, then you should go with it.

If you decide to give it a try, I will be "your personal mentor for entire time, you'll be active on the platform".

On top of that, I will give you FREE E-BOOK helping you to get an idea what Affiliate Marketing is. 

Last, but not least, you will experience some of the following benefits: regularly updated training (52 live classes additionally), every tool you will ever need to get you started (domain marketplace, web hosting, keyword research tool, etc.), direct access to CEO's, and 24/7 community of like minded +2.5 million students worldwide...

Anyway, I hope you liked my Glitched review, if yes please share the word. If you five a try to my number one recommendation, you can do it below. If not, I would be really happy if you find what would work for you.




$19 up to $1200



  • Misleading Claims
  • NO Training
  • Serial Product Owners
  • DFY
  • Probably Illegal
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  • Thank you for your honest review. The first thing I looked at was your overall review, the price point and whether or not your recommend the product. Yikes! I knew this wasn’t going to be good. Gone are the days you can promise someone that they can make $400 a day by just clicking a few buttons. With all of the cons of this product, Misleading Claims, no training, serial product owners, it’s not a product I’d recommend either.

    However, I’m so happy your review included a contrasting affiliate marketing platform – Wealthy Affiliate. I think you do an excellent job describing Wealthy Affiliate. It has a free version and a $49 premium version – which is very reasonable especially for people who don’t have a lot of money, and you learn A-Z on how to build your own affiliate marketing business. Great review.

    • Hey there! Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving your review. Indeed this program isn’t the one that will teach you how to earn money online. I wrote in depth Wealthy Affiliate review and I’m certain there isn’t better product available online, that is teaching in-depth affiliate marketing.

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