How do I start Affiliate Marketing as Non-Native English Speaker?

If English isn't your mother tongue, you might be asking yourself: How do I start Affiliate Marketing as a non-native English Speaker?

The best news is that: You can start and then run a successful online business, without being an English native. 

In fact, the two mentors who showed me how to write engaging blog posts, are non-native and they write in English. 

There are more ways to achieve huge success while not being a language expert. 

So, if you are interested in starting an online business, but you are not excellent at English, my blog post will show you the right strategies. 

Ready to discover the world of opportunities. 

How do I Start Affiliate Marketing as a Non-Native English Speaker?

The way I see it is that you have two options, here. First, you don't have to write in English at all. With the proper affiliate marketing training, you will become skilled in creating solutions not based on language, but on knowledge. There is nowhere written, you have to apply this knowledge to English-speaking blogs. If you want to write in your native language, all you need is to find a niche with potential and a bright audience in that niche.

The second option for you would be to write in English, even if you are not an expert in it. With the helping software tools that are available right now (discussing them further), it can't be even easier. Also, when you aim to start your affiliate business with writing blogs, what is the most recommended way, you are halfway through. Because blog posts aren't an academic thesis, your writing would require less vocabulary. 

Why do I need to write if I want to start affiliate marketing?

You might wonder: Why do I need to write when I want to start affiliate marketing? 

There are "online gurus" that will tell you, you can be earning money online, without a website, or using just their DFY templates.

Honestly, if you would ever experience the success that way, it'll be short-lived. 

If you want to start affiliate marketing, writing is an essential skill. 

Even if English isn’t your first language, you need to be able to write clearly and accurately in order for your affiliate marketing efforts to succeed. 

how do i start affiliate marketing as a non-native English speaker

Writing well helps you stand out from the competition and build relationships with potential customers. 

It also allows you to effectively communicate what sets your affiliate products apart from those of others so that people know why they should choose yours over someone else's. 

Good writing will even help improve search engine rankings, making it easier for people to find your affiliate offers online. 

In short, strong writing skills are a must-have when it comes to affiliate marketing success – regardless of whether or not English is your native language.

I want to write in English, despite being non-native

Writing in English can be a difficult task for those who are not native speakers. 

However, affiliate marketing is an effective way to communicate effectively with customers regardless of your language background. 

With affiliate marketing, non-native English speakers can create content that resonates with their target audience and still maintain the integrity of their message. 

How do I start Affiliate Marketing as Non-Native English Speaker?

By adapting strategies such as using simple language, employing professional editing services, and leveraging global affiliate networks, non-native English speakers can write compelling content and succeed in affiliate marketing.

You don't need to spend thousands $ for editing. 

With the Grammarly tool, you can have your text edited within seconds and it is cost-effective. 

Insanely enough, you can keep using their FREE ACCOUNT FOREVER. 

Advantages of writing in English:

  • Wider audience
  • More affiliate opportunities 
  • The biggest affiliate marketing market since the beginning of the industry is in the U.S (English-speaking)
  • Access to English is easier than to German, Spanish, Chinese  

I want to write in other languages than English

You see, many (English non-native) people will be shy to write in English. 

Even though I can understand these worries (I am also one of you guys), I think you really shall not let that feeling stop you from writing.

In case, you won't feel comfortable tapping into English you can easily use your native language.

(There is the same set of rules for being a successful affiliate marketer regardless of your chosen language.)

However, writing in one's native language can be a powerful tool for affiliate marketers. 

On the markets where English isn't the first language choice, are the chances of ranking much higher.

(It is comparable with how Affiliate Marketing looked worldwide, some 10 years ago) 

How do I start Affiliate Marketing as Non-Native English Speaker?

For non-native English speakers, writing in other languages than English can provide an opportunity to communicate effectively with customers who may speak the same language. 

Understanding local customs and linguistic conventions is essential when crafting content for audiences.

Assuming it is your mother tongue, there shouldn't be a problem for you in this one. 

With the rise of global affiliate networks, affiliate marketing through multiple languages has become increasingly accessible and successful. 

Then, writing as a part of affiliate marketing, is always about connecting with people.

I am 100% sure you can connect with people on deeper level, when speaking or writing to them in your mother tongue.

This doesn't mean, you should write in your native language. 

You should choose what fits you better. 

Surely, you will have unfair advantage, comparing to those who want to make use of Brazilian market, but don't speak Portuguese. 

Advantages of Writing in Your Mother Tongue:

  • A better understanding of the local customs and your audience mentality
  • Easier "Idea flow" for content creation 
  • Higher Productivity when writing in your mother tongue 
  • Time saved on editing, proofreading and grammar checking 
  • No need to translate   

Where to Start When You Want to Start Affiliate Marketer as non-native? 

Regardless of the language you will choose to write, the way how to start affiliate marketing is in general the same.

First and foremost, you have to find a course that will teach you affiliate marketing. 

Boy, I am so right when saying there are thousands of programs teaching it.

The challenge is to find the right one. 

That said, try to avoid programs that have claims such as: earning $1000 daily while only spending 30 minutes on work, $5000 monthly without a website or blog, and $100 an hour just with copying and pasting. 

Also, try to avoid programs promoting paid advertisements as the number one traffic source.

How do i start affiliate marketing as a non-native speaker


Lastly, courses referring to DFY templates, upsells, or "traffic hacks' are those, you should avoid. 

Chances are high you will lose your money, time and energy with those programs. 

Also, you might start to disbelief, that Affiliate Marketing will work for you. 

Not recommended: Six Figures Mentors, 12-Minute Affiliate, Commission Hero

On the other side, programs in which you want to invest your time and energy are those without empty promises. 

In other words, platforms that are rather humble and will teach you, step-by-step affiliate marketing. 

Step-by-step meaning, doing the dirty work of writing, finding affiliate deals, and reaching out to your audience. 

Believe me one thing, your affiliate success won't happen overnight. 

Nor in the weeks of time. 

So, it is essential to have someone next to you, who will guide you throughout this process. 

I will be your guide in starting a non-native English affiliate marketing business. 



Recommended programs: Wealthy Affiliate, Affiliate Lab, Authority Hacker 

After checking each individual (recommended) program you'll see that all of them do emphasize the importance of writing. 

You don't have to aspire to become the new Hemingway, but you should know how to write. 

What Kind of Writing do I need to master if I want to be successful in affiliate marketing?

When we talk about affiliate marketing, you would most likely come to meet two types of writing: blogging and copywriting. 

(further the way, there might be email marketing, but that's mix of blogging and copywriting)

Blogging is much easier to master than writing poetry, essays, or novels. 

Due to its lengths.

Rarely, you will write a blog post above 3000 words. (On average it will be 1000-2000 words.)

How do I start Affiliate Marketing as Non-Native English Speaker?

Also, the fact that blogging is "just written small-talk" chat makes it easier for you to master it, even if you're non-native.

My experience with the latter is that Copywriting is something that many people actually scare away. 

I want to assure you that it doesn't have to.

Again, you have to understand, you are going to use Copywriting on your blogs, guides, and maybe in your emails, so the text won't be that long. 

Additionally, once you learn copywriting basics, you can apply them in every type of writing, you'll do on your website. 

And as with every type of writing, should the way of having your own blog appeal to you, business owners on freelancing platforms will appreciate your knowledge. 

Freelancing platforms:,,  

Writing for Non-Native Audience-Summary

If you are non-native English, but you aim to create financial freedom with affiliate marketing, you don't need to feel inferior.

Although it can be challenging, you can be successful. 

If you would aim for the English-speaking market (bigger with significant competition) or if you will target your mother tongue audience. 

The rules leading to successful online business are in both cases the same.

Find a niche, suitable affiliate products, an efficient traffic source, and your audience.

How do I find my niche?

Think about the topic, you would be happy to write for free. Another way of finding your niche could be, listen to the questions people ask you. Those would be things you have natural talent on, and therefore it will be easier to write about. Search for an angle that you will feel comfortable with and start writing.

How do I find affiliate products in my niche?

Type into Google your "niche" + affiliate products and you will have an idea of where to search further. In 2023 and beyond, it really is that easy.

How do I choose an efficient traffic source?

This will depend on your chosen niche. Some niches are suited for video content, some for spoken, and some for writing. As a rule of thumb, you can assume that starting a blog and one more traffic source (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Podcast) is a great way to start.

How do I find my audience?

Search for the forums in your chosen niche and you will get an idea of what kind of people hang around there. Another way would be to imagine you're writing to your best friend. That way, your writing would feel much more natural and there is a high chance your content will be engaging for other people interested in your topic. Then you can use some tracking tool, for instance, Google Analytics, and use the data accordingly for your further campaigns. 

So, that was it...I hope you liked it.

The reason, I wrote this post, is to help you overcome the language barrier you might have to cross.

I hope after reading this post, you will feel much more secure to start your endeavor. 

I am here to help you, so if you have any comments, queries or questions, please leave them below. 



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  • I agree that English don’t have to be your native language to write good and engaging blog articles. But from my experience the more you write the better you become and this comes with time. So if you are committed and you keep writing your skills will get better and you will make less and less mistakes. Obviously language correction programs are always helpful and I do agree that in the beginning they are a necessity but later on you have more confidence and becomes easier.

    • That’s definitely true, you can be using Grammarly or other software. (I am sure, many natives are using that one too). But, I wouldn’t drift away from using my mother tongue, as the number one option as well. There are huge, untapped opportunities over there. Best luck Stratos

  • This is a very interesting topic and makes me realise that there are other markets out there I can never access. Your recommendations of programmes I completely agree with and are so helpful as when I first started I spent ages trying to find the right program for me until I settled with wealthy affiliate.

    • Happy you found program that suits you. If you need some further recommendations, check my website or reach me out. I regularly add new posts with programs I use or I am sure that they will help you folks. Cheers  

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