how to practice copywriting

Guess what? 

There are obvious reasons why people don’t read your blog post. Maybe:

  • you have not chosen the right NICHE 
  • you haven’t written your posts with SEO optimisation 
  • you are not sharing your content on the “right” social media platforms  

Besides those reasons, there could be another one => missing copywriting skills. What I mean by that?

Rather than TELL you, let me SHOW you how to practice copywriting at the best in 2021. 

If you want to see people coming and reading your blog, you will love this post. 

Why the hell do I need Copywriting as a blogger?

I know that no one told you that. 

Definitely no one who introduced you to blogging. 

how to practice copywriting

That same happened to me. But the truth is, you and I, and literally every blogger on earth needs (Basic) Copywriting Skills. 

Because you have to grab people’s attention, right? 

There are 7.5 million blog posts published every day! Yeah, you heard me, 7.5 million. That’s like 1/10 out of the entire population. 

It means that every tenth person on earth is your competition. 

When you want your content be read, you need to stand out. Your words need to appeal to people in such a way, that they will choose you rather than, the waiting list. 

That’s about the time when Copywriting enters the scene. 

How to practice copywriting?

No one was born as copywriter. Yet it can be easier to master it, as people will admit it. 

Despite of not formal education. 

Please keep in mind, that in order to improve your blog’s readability, you don’t have to become new Ogilvy. 

Basic skills are great for start, later as you progress, you will be surprised how much will sticks to you.

So, without further ado, here are my 5 Tips on how to practice copywriting for bloggers with some copywriting examples.

# TIP 1 4U’s Headline

What are the 4U’s? 

how to practice copywriting

I will encourage you from now, to IMPLEMENT THESE 4 U’s anytime you’ll write a new content. 

Make it as a Rule #1. 

Don’t forget, 80% of people read the headlines, just 20% reads the content. 

Have the headline, that it will force your content to end in the 20% basket.

# TIP 2 Short, to the Point Lead (including Hook)

The lead of this post is exactly 8 lines long. That’s not coincidence. 

If you want to people continue reading your post, after your great, attention grabbing HEADLINE, you need attention grabbing LEAD. 


It is true as Sun on California sky, babe! 

So, keep it short, the ideal length is 6-8 lines. 

how to practice copywriting

Further, be to the point. If your post is about climate change, than have a lead related to it. 

That said, try to start with a little hook. That can be number, not many would know. For example:

“Did you know that in Myanmar in 30-40 years the climate change will cause 0,1- 3 Celsiustemperature rise, what could wipe out entire elephant population?”

With this question, in your lead, people will continue reading. 

# TIP 3 Have “Them” in the Mind

Maybe you heard it already, but many still forget this, so I will just repeat it. You have to write about what your readers want, and not what you want.

But how do I do that I hear you asking. 

Put yourself in the situation of your reader is one way. 

For instance think like that, if I would search for asnwer on my question (at best your blog post offers the answer) what I would like ot hear? What is my fear? What is my desired outcome? 

Second way, use a tone, you would when talking to your best friend. Don’t talk differently, because it is written text. I know it might feel odd at the beinning.

But as you will practice it, that feeling will dissapear. 

Don’t write essays, when blogging. Be conversational. Like with your friend during coffee time.

Secret tip: 

What can also help is, reading aloud what you have written. Tip, THAT Glenn Fisher in his Art of Click shares. 

how to practice copywriting

# TIP 4 Talk about Benefits rather than Features

Your readers don’t want to hear the FEATURES something has. 

THEY DON’T WANT to hear what the great protein shaker consists of( unless they are supplement freaks). 

They want to hear what this shaker will do to their muscles. They want to hear that they muscle will be stronger, fitter and better looking after using it. They want to feel that.

In other words, they want to hear the BENEFITS over the FEATURES.

# TIP 5 Keep it Short

We all like to talk. 

We were born somehow with that gift (or curse?).

Honestly, which date has bigger chance to be repeated? 

One when the girl/boy was talking, talking and again talking. Or the one where YOU were talking? 

I think you know the answer. 

So, we like to talk, but much more, we like to be listened to. So keep your talking short and be prepared to listen to your audience. 

What they want? Or don’t want? What do they fear? What are their concerns about the particular product, service, etc.

Last advice on this: 

Don’t stress out when your blog is old 1 month and you don’t have visitors. It needs time to naturally grow. SEO Optimize and be patient.

What is Copywriting?

So, if you’ve come to the end of my post, you might have already bit of clue, what is copywriting.

You should know how important it is to know the basics of copywriting if you want to earn money with blogging. 

In short, copywriting is the language you use to persuade people for some action. 

In practice it can be anything, really. 

Click on link within your lead, or your CTA button. Sign-up for your newsletter. Purchasing your newest product. Whatever your intention is, great copy will help you to achieve that. 

The copywriting examples together with my TIPS I used earlier, could be good starting point for you. Remember to use them regularly. 

Start with 2-3 of them and as you progress, you might be using all 5 of them, without even noticing it. 

Last thing from me for today, you don’t have to have copywriting portfolio in order to be copywriter. (Even though copywriting can be very lucrative business) But implement copywriting inside your post. 

You can also let someone else do it for you. That will naturally costs some $$$.

Just don’t ignore it please. It could mean the early end of your new blog.  

That would be it. If you like my post, please share it with people you think might need it. 

Cheers to your success. 

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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • These are all really great points and needed reminders for me who’s been blogging for almost a year now. I’ve recently switched up my keyword method and have started really looking for the questions people are asking in my niche. I think remembering to answer their questions and talk to my audience has been one of the BIGGEST keys to bringing in more organic traffic to my site.

    I also am going to jot down the 4 U’s! I’ll use this in my editing to make sure I covered each one and see where I can tweak things here and there.

    I’ll keep tip #5 in mind. I tend to ramble on sometimes but could work on answering more of the question in the post instead of getting carried away with my own wants.

    Thanks a ton!

    • Indeed, we all like to keep talking often times. The thing we have to remember when putting the ideas on paper, that people have “no time” to read these days. Especially online where everyone gets distracted so easily. That’s why, we all bloggers, need to work on keeping it to the point and as short as possible. I am happy that you see the advantages of answering people’s questions. To your success.

  • Hi Julius,
    These are really great tips for beginner bloggers!
    I heard about copywriting and have been following the trainings on how to write blog posts but never thought of getting my copywriting skills that upgraded as to apply them for each of my blog posts.
    The tip that resonated best with me is #4 and # 5. Talking about benefits rather than features is hard at times as automatically I am inclined to start describing what I am reviewing. Also keeping it short is often challenging given that posts should be at least 1000 words…. but I guess that can also count as short given the way it is written.
    Thanks again for sharing,

    • Hi Tatiana. You are right, that 1000 words can seem sometimes like not enough. But, it can be part of the “blogging challenge” to make your point within this frame. On the other hand, keeping it short does not have to be just in relation to content itself, rather than the sentences. Your readers won’t mind reading to the point post, that is longer. They would mind reading long sentences.

  • I really enjoyed these 5 steps, very simple and easy to implement. It can be overwhelming when first starting a blog but it’s always good to keep it simple. Your Headlines tip really stuck with me. Crafting a good headline is so important to the overall blog post. As you say, 80% only read the headline and 20% read the content. It’s sad when you think about those figures, but it’s a harsh truth. Thank you for putting this guide together and sharing your knowledge and expertise, this was really helpful!

    • Hey there, Dereck. I am happy I could provide you with some value within my post. The headlines indeed can make difference in your readability. Cheers

  • Hi Julius,

    The 4Us are hit on my face because sometimes I forget them in my writing and write about what I want to tell to my readers, rather than what they want. So thanks a lot for reminding me to provide what my readers really want from my articles, and I am sure it’s the key to boost my traffic if I revise old posts and implement these in my new article writing. 🙂


    • Hey Matt. You really want to give the focus to the headlines. There is often times the decision made if the reader will spend time reading your post or goes elsewhere. Also keep in mind the lead and the overall experience. People usually like to read the post if they are hooked, so try to make every sentence worth of their attention. I know it can be challenging, but hey. In the end your competition is 1/10 of the earth population, you have to stand out. Cheers

  • Hi Julius, Yes I already picked up some of the things you mentioned but definitely some things stuck out here. For instance where you said about 80% of people reading your headline and only 20% reading your work. I did know that it’s important to have an attention-grabbing headline but it’s probably something I really should give more thought to.

    Thanks for sharing and best of luck with your future blogs.

    kind regards;


    • Thanks Alex. This is just one of many, but yeah, attention grabbing headline is what you need in order to get “read”, otherwise people would go elsewhere.

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