why my website would expand

Welcome to my "Why my website would expand?" blog post.

One of the biggest helper, which can give you a hand when expanding your website is a page speed. What can also help, is if you use the right photo size, right quality of your plugins, and also quality theme. Many, wrongly assume, the number of plugins matters. It is the QUALITY rather THAN QUANTITY. Don't believe me? WP Beginner has 62 plugins and ranks regularly on Google first page. Read my post to help you stand out and expand with your website. 

While some actions for your website still growing are obvious, like adding regular content and keeping your site alive for instance, some might not be clear to everyone. 

I can understand that during your keyword research, traffic generation, and link building, you just can't manage everything. 

So, let me help you put the most important PARTS on one list.

Following my tips, you will never have to worry about your website not ranking.

Additionally, you will set your foundation ready to CONSISTENTLY GROW. 

Shall we start, my friend?

1. Domain and Hosting

 Those 2 parts could be combined together, but not necessarily. 

It is safe to say, that a lower number of external providers causes less headache for every website owner. 


 When it comes to a domain, you want to keep in mind some rules.

1) USE DOMAIN rather than SUBDOMAIN. You should always aim to be using FULL DOMAIN NAME and not just a substrate of it, called subdomain. The full domain name is, for instance, www.earningonyourterms.com, and the subdomain would be: www.earningonyourterms.fromhome.com. 

Not only, the name is super long, but it also doesn't look too "sexy". The reasons, why subdomains exist, are simply because they are cheap (often for free). Also, some businesses could provide some DFY templates for their students on such subdomains. Strategy popularly used by "online gurus" of the present internet marketing industry. The bad thing about this is the fact, that you won't be owning this site. The owner, of the domain, will. 

Do you see, why "fake gurus" like Devon Brown do this?

2) Choose a Domain Name Carefully.

Why? That's simple. Your website is your business card. You want to be sure that the business card can stand out. On the other hand, you don't want that it will be annoying or hard to remember. 

Also, what comes after the second dot, is also important. 

Even though there are new and new variations, .ai for instance, sticking to .com will always be the best choice. Is that one taken, aim for .org. 


24/7 Hotel For Your Website

You really want to choose great website hosting. You want choose cheap hostel for your holiday, would you? So, why then pay cheap HOSTing for your website!?I know that Bluehost, Hostinger and others offer plans, that are cheap, but they don't have enough features.

So, they will ask you initially $3, only later will you find out, that if you want fast, secure, and reliable website, you would need upgrade and you end up paying 20 times more.

why my website would expand


2. Security (SSL Certificate)

First things first, SSL stands for secure sockets layer. In plain explanation, SSL Certificate encrypts sensitive data on your website.

If you get to use data from you or your clients, such as phone numbers, credit card numbers or bank accounts, you have to have it. Otherwise, you are not trustable. Now, you will see, why having everything under one roof can be amazing. SSL Certificate is basically protecting your site against hackers. 

Yeah, I know, they are f***d up people, but they do exist, unfortunately, and you want to protect your site from them. The best (and the least time-consuming) way to do it, is to have an SSL Certificate on your site. Some hosting offer them in their standard package. 

Honestly, I wouldn't see a reason why someone would use hosting that DOESN'T OFFER an SSL Certificate. 

No need to worry here too much. All the "better" hosts are providing SSL certificates in their pricing. They would differ in the level of security and this will be shown in the prices.

The advantage of an SSL Certificate is the increased security against hacker attacks and the fact that your site will be SEO-friendly in the eyes of big G.

3. Site Speed

 The single most overlooked aspect of a website is THE SPEED.

Unintentionally, novices will slow their website. Simply by using pictures with the wrong dimensions. 

Other reasons why your site might be super slow are too many videos, too many plugins, and not responsive theme (mobile unfriendly). How to solve this? 

Firstly, check the speed of your particular page

Why my website would expand

Secondly, apply a first-aid recovery kit to your site, from your back office.

Photos dimensions: 650x400 max

Plugins: surprisingly, numbers are not important as quality. Install only plugins you are using and those which have great reviews

Your Theme: choose "the best" theme, of course, this one doesn't exist, but GeneratePress is close to it 

Your post: before publishing, click the mobile version preview, you would be surprised, but this won't be "twin" to your desktop version.

Adjust what is obviously ugly, incompatible, oversized, under-sized, or not responsive,...did you know, you could publish your version in 2 versions? In other words: your Mobile and Desktop versions of the same post don't have to have the same content. I didn't know that until my girlfriend showed me some months ago. Seriously. 

So, if my post would help you, she is the one you have to say thank you to. Haha.

4. Website Advertisement

Some people love this and some don't. 

The truth is that if you master ads, your website will be in the eyes of your readers much more quickly. Also, you can reach out to a bigger audience in a shorter time. 

The size of the audience you would reach with ORGANIC TRAFFIC in years could be achieved in weeks with ads. 

You have several types of ads to choose from, for instance: Facebook ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, YouTube Ads, etc.

Facebook Ads are the most popular, nowadays! 

Disadvantages of ads are in general the high financial risks, the fact they can be disapproved by the network, and you have to be an expert to leverage them.

If you ask me, I have tried ads, but I have spent more money BUYING THEM, than my PROFIT. 

That's also one of the reasons, why I prefer writing for SEO

Facebook Ads Expert: Commission Hero

5. Website Content

The single most important piece of the puzzle called: Website Growth is called CONTENT. 

Simply because you can have a perfectly chosen domain name, a super secure website, and attention-grabbing ads, but... without RELEVANT CONTENT, no one will be visiting your website.

If you ask me, what is relevant content? I describe it: HELPFUL content.

You need to simply help people. 

Of course, it will help if the content is engaging, funny, unique, and so on...but You need to  help FIRST AND FOREMOST.

You can create videos, write blogs, add images, charts, PDF documents, something, but be HELPFUL. That way, people will come to you for me. You will establish yourself as a BRAND, AUTHORITY, and EXPERT in search engines eyes. Therefore, ranking on Google would be much easier. 

Why My Website Would Expand? Final Summary

There are plenty ways to EXPAND YOUR WEBSITE.

I shared with you the 5 KEY ELEMENTS, you should keep in my mind and play with. Advertisement is still optional, as it requires extra investment and it could be risky.

However, if you don't want to hazard, you can promote your blog on social media or on platforms like Medium, Reddit; or Quora.

Those platforms serve as user created content forums. So; feel free to use them in your favor. Just be sure to follow rules of each FORUM.

Ok, that was it for now.

I hope you could get some tips from my post and it will beeasier for you to expand with your website.

To your success,


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