what is the best hosting service

If you search for the answer to the question of what is the best hosting service, you will get all bunch of solutions starting up as low as $2,75/month.

But did you know that the offer with this starting price is worthless?

Clearly, there are plenty of people who still believe these claims. I decided to put you in perspective what those services are going to cost you in reality.

{Of course, you can pay this low price, but you won’t get anything that you really need to run your website}

Additionally, I will show you what is the best hosting service available in 2021.


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What do you expect from awesome web hosting?

When you see the amazingly looking offer for below $3/month plans, you have to realize that there is really nothing that can serve you and your business.

Because the web hosting you search for should provide you with more than just a place for your website. *

You need a domain name, an email address, security, etc.

Check therefore good what the web hosting you will go for is offering in the package. To name some standard requirements you should have, think on :

  • 1 or more domains
  • Email Address
  • Website Security
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Site Builder
  • Customer Service and Support

Depending on your needs you will put more stress on each of the features you want to have within your hosting package.

Don’t feel bad if you expect a lot from the hosting provider. In the end, you are the one paying.

Additionally, you want to make sure that your data are saved and your privacy is protected. Chances are high, that yçou want to use your website for business purposes.

So in that case, your responsibility for how your website is set and running is much bigger, like you would’ve writing about your hobby, right?

The 3 Best Hosting?

1.Blue Host

Momentarily preferred by many people.

Most likely because of their fancy promotion.

what is the best hosting service

Now you want to know that to receive the full package, you would need much more than that.

The extra services, that are still crucial are going to cost you up to $250. Below, you see some essential ad dons you would want to add to the standard hosting plan.

  • Codeguard Basic $35/year
  • Blue Host SEO Tools $70/year
  • Domain Name 15-20$/year


customer service, webinars, easy to use for beginners


costly extra services

2.Host Gator

This is one of the oldest web hosting available. It still receives some decent follow and people are happy to buy it.

The reason they are quite successful is because of their customer service and once again because of their low pricing. However, one thing you want to remember (like by the previous example) is that if you want to use your website fully, you will pay extra fees.

Additionally, their discounted price is going to raise dramatically after your initial period ends( normally after 36 months)

Out of curiosity, when you purchase their 2.$75/month subscription, after 36 months you will be paying 6.$6.95/month.

One of their pay extras(which you can see in picture below) they do offer is SiteLock, that will run daily and will protect your website from hacks or other standard breaches.

What makes Host Gator something you might want to consider is their user-friendly approach, where they include variety mix of tutorials to make the operation of your site as easy as possible.

what is the best hosting service


tutorials, customer service, old website migration


pricey ad dons, pricing ”tricks”

what is the best hosting service


Hostinger is considered one of the cheapest one on the market.

(But then again, if you count all the features you will not come so cheap, let me show it to you later.)

Undoubtedly, this web hosting service is considered heaven for cloud hosting. Meaning you don’t need to worry so much about the memory.


cloud based hosting


pricey ad dons

what is the best hosting service

What is the best hosting service?

Let me honest with you.

Before I created my first website, I had no clue what web hosting is.

Partially, I have to thank my web hosting for the fact, that I still don’t have to take care of it so much, because my web hosting is working just reliably.

You see, there are two major issue with all the web hosting services, I mentioned above.

Firstly, they don’t tell you the full price at the beginning (meaning you’ll end up much more by the check out).

Secondly, they don’t provide you with sufficient training on how such a website works, how you can attract visitors to your website. (That’s a huge mistake. Because if you don’t know how to appear on google, in present competition, you have no chance people will find your website)

The best deal is…

The platform I do host my websites, offers also completely free option.

Yeah, I al not kidding, you can create a website, together with training on how to make your website ”visible” FOR FREE.

However, if you want to choose your domain name, you would have to sign for the premium membership( which still comes cheaper as the cheapest options at Host gator or Hostinger).

You see, I do use premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, for 4$6.95, that is less than $519(Host gator), or $580 (Hostinger) respectively.

Additionally, I have access to

  • Weekly Classes
  • SEO Training
  • Social Marketing
  • Live Community of like-minded website owners
  • Keyword research tool

The standard web hosting features are obviously coming with the package, therefore I can rely on:

what is the best hosting service

Whatever reason it is, that you are searching for best web hosting service, you want to be sure that you will review their features properly and not judge just the first, fancy looking price.

Because for that price you won’t get website that is fully functional.

If you are beginner, you might find the additional training that Wealthy Affiliate provides very useful.

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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • An interesting review! The Wealthy Affiliate piece at the end was a good addition to the review. Although Host Gator, Hostinger, and Blue Host provide their own advantages, it seems like Wealthy Affiliate offers more for a better price. That is, if you take advantage of all of the benefits! I appreciated your perspective, and I learned something from your article.

    • Hey Robert. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your post. Indeed, all three providers have their advantages, but when it comes to the complexity I like to think that Wealthy Affiliate is just the best solution. Cheers

  • Hey,

    This is a great review of three of the most popular hosting platforms there is. I have used bluehost in the past, but I was very inexperienced at the time so I didn’t use it for very long.

    At the moment I am using GoDaddy and so far it has been good for my landing pages and it integrates with my Email Marketing service and landing page provider.

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a great deal and maybe this is something I need to look into in the future. If I have any burning questions about Wealth Affiliate that come up then I will get in touch with you, if that is OK?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Hey Tom,
      Thank you for your comment. I haven’t included GoDaddy into my list true, they ae re also rising up the ladder. I think what makes Wealthy Affiliate a great choice is that everything is very neat in one place and you have the additional training, which is just great when you are a beginner. Of course, please do feel to come back to me at any time you have some burning questions related to Wealthy Affiliate or anything else related to the online marketing topic.

  • Hi Julius, I had a bad experience with Hostgator. Back in 2017 I really fancied myself as a digital real estate mogul. I went all-in with only one eye open and everything went wrong basically. As soon as I got my AdSense account banned I kind of give up on the websites I let the domains run out and then I got my bill through from Hostgator. I never paid it but I was truly shocked by how much it was so actually what Wealthy Affiliate charge is not so bad if you know the true costs of hosting with other services. It is also the same with domains they might seem cheaper with GoDaddy at first but you wait till it is time for renewal. The $14 a year WA charge is another good deal. As long as you are pretty active with what your doing all-around WA is amazing.

    • Hey Alex. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your experience. Indeed, the ”hidden” costs are something that discourages me to go and continue with the path of those ”cheaper” solutions. Seeing also that, many of the providers just want you to renew at a significantly higher price, the Wealthy Affiliate is really a bargain.

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