what is the easiest system ever

Have you been asking yourself: What is The Easiest System Ever? 

In case you search for ways to earn money online, chances are, that you did. 

Devon Brown lures you out with his tempting promises for daily earnings of $100, $500, or even $1000.

Moreover, all of this is with the system that has all done for you (DFY). 

You see that's not end to hilarious claims on the sales page. Devon is promising for instance, that you will get traffic coming to your website EARLIER than it would take to order a PIZZA. 

Even so, products with such a claims are mostly BS, the average order on ClickBank is $288.80, so The Easiest System Ever should  provide some kind of value! 

If you can't wait to hear what The Easiest System Ever is about, then you will love my blog post.

Shall we start?

Name: The Easiest System Ever 
Devon Brown
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
Earning Potential:

Why Listen to Me?

First of all, let me introduce the guy behind this blog. MYSELF.

I am Julius, the creator of this earningonyourterms.com blog.

My passion is to create lifestyle, that I will enjoy and not want to take holiday from. 

I chose affiliate marketing as the way that will make this happen. If you want to check my journey, jump straight over here.

Since I already find the number one platform that "has it all", I want to show others how they can achieve their online success.

In addition, I reviewed +100 online programs, trainings, and platforms. 

So, you can trust me, I have seen them all...the good ones, the bad ones.

The money drainers, scams.

But also the legit ones. 

In case you want to find out where The Easiest System Ever (from Devon Brown) belongs, read my FULL, COMPREHENSIVE and HONEST review below.

If you'd have questions, comments or experience you'd like to share, you can do it below in the comments section.

What is the Easiest System Ever?

The Easiest System Ever is an Internet Marketing Program that is done for you (DFY) and therefore can can safe you a lot of time. If you want to be building online business the standard way, it will take a time. 

what is the easiest system ever

It was created by Devon Brown, who is famous MC in his first profession. 

Another Devon's Brown Program: 12 Minute Affiliate 

Who is Devon Brown?

Devon Brown is an entrepreneur who went bankrupt but didn't give up and made his way up. 

He is best known for being DJ and MC. He worked with some big names already as Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson.

So, he is REAL and LEGITIMATE.

That's a good sign, I guess you agree with me on this.

But what is bothering me is the fact: what he is not. 

He is just not an AFFILIATE MARKETER. 

Moreover, Devon Brown is not an ONLINE MARKETER EXPERT.

Would you let BAKER, do your heart transplantation? NO!

He might bake great croissants, but you won't let him touch your heart.

The same will apply if you want to have your house built. You won't call a PILOT. 

I am a soccer coach, but I wouldn't know how to coach BASKETBALL.

And I can go so on, and so on...

You got my point. Don't learn the secrets of Affiliate Marketing, from  from MC.

Anyway, this is kind of the first RED FLAG about The Best System Ever.

How Does The Easiest System Ever Work?

The entire strategy of The Easiest System Ever is set up on DFY (Done For You) meaning you don't have to do much setup.

Except, 2 things.

You would need to set up your ClickBank account, and also you'll need to set up the AWEBER PRO account.

For the rest: all is taken care of. 

So, you just need to pay, install it, tell Devon how many visitors you want and that's all. 

what is the easiest system ever

Inside The Easiest System Ever

Once inside The Easiest System Ever you will get access to DFY SALES FUNNELS IN 3 NICHES.


You can also create your own SALES FUNNEL in other niches.

Needless to say, you have to understand what is a niche, how to choose it, and where to find your audience.

what is the easiest system ever

Additionally, you will see the DFY traffic solution you will be encouraged to use.

And this is the biggest problem.

You see, you will be TAUGHT that you need to pay for traffic. 

Devon will offer you to choose a traffic package depending on how many visitors you want. As you can see the prices can get multiple the initial investment into the program. 

what is the easiest system ever

Without any guarantee of the SALE. 

Unfortunately, you will not learn how to rank organically on Google or Bing. 

I was taught on the platform below, how to drive traffic and make SALES FOR FREE. 

What do I like about The Easiest System Ever?

Unfortunately, I really don't see ANYTHING to like about this The Easiest System Ever (From Devon Brown).

What I don't Like About The Easiest System Ever?


What I mean by that is that in 2012 there was another (dropshipping) program with the same name. If you don't believe me, check it by yourself here.

what is the easiest system ever

And why I didn't like that the name was already in use? 

First of all, confusion. People will just be confused when you will refer to this program.

Secondly, what about the product rights? Unless Matt, the creator of the first Easiest System Ever handled the rights to Devon, this might be illegal. 

Lastly, the early end of the original product is somewhat the harbinger of the most recent one. 

(In fact, the Easiest System Ever seems to be an "updated" version of Devon's 12 Minute Affiliate).

BS Claims

You see, Devon Brown is a great MC, without a doubt, but affiliate marketing is another industry.

His motivational, empowering, and engaging words are unfortunately just words. They miss an important ingredient: MEANING.

Do you believe this claim?

what is the easiest system ever

Additionally, he will try to make you believe, you can earn $8 000 daily just after 24 hours. 

In fact, all his "campaigns" are based on how easy it is to be earning thousands $$$ within a couple of days. Trust me, unless you will win the lottery, it ain't gonna happen.

Similarly, big BS Claims You'll Find Here: Browse and Bank

Done For You

What Devon calls an attractive reason to join his program, contrary to it, you should see as a big negative.

Not only, you will not learn the task (how to drive traffic, how to create content, how to write emails, etc), but also Devon is the REAL OWNER of your website.

That's right, and: if he decides to stop with this program, what will most likely happen soon or later (considering the history of his predecessor), he will take YOUR BUSINESS WITH HIM.

what is the easiest system ever

Other DFY Products:  Covert Commissions, Fast Tracks, and Levels

Paid Traffic

When Devon compares traffic delivery to PIZZA delivery, he is not joking. 

But is he really so naive you will believe him?

You can pay for the traffic (which I wouldn't recommend in the first place) but it will be VERY POOR TRAFFIC you will pay for. 

You see, those are solo ads, the worst paid traffic available. Chances are high, you will be paying money for BOT TRAFFIC and not real humans. 

No surprise, that the conversion rate equals (almost) ZERO.ZILCH.NOTHING. Of course, Devon doesn't mention FREE TRAFFIC

On the other hand, I understand his intentions, because he is going to connect you with "his" recommendations. 

And what do you think? 

Those (solo ads) guys are going to pay commission to Devon.

That's how "business according to Devon" looks like.

System Bugs

I wasn't able to watch the webinar the first day I tried to. Additionally, the tools inside of the program don't always work as promised. 

Of course, it might be just a small bug, rather a coincidence, but it didn't add a better feeling about the product.

Do I recommend The Easiest System Ever?

Normally, I try to find something positive about every product. 

The fact, that I haven't found anything positive about the Easiest System Ever (from Devon Brown) says enough.


I wrote already bunch of reasons, why it is not such a great idea to join this The Easiest System Ever.

But to sum up the reasons, I would mention one main reason: you will be exposed to the way affiliate marketing, which is called pay as you go. 

(There is also another way of doing Affiliate Marketing, I will show it to you later).

In order to make some sales, you would need to pay for the leads.

And to see some ROI (return on investment), you would need to make sales worth more than your traffic costs. The thing is, The Easiest System Ever will suggest you promote low-value offers. 

This together with COLD, POOR, and NOT RELEVANT traffic, will almost certainly lead to you losing the money.

But one person will make a profit from this. You know who, right?

what is the easiest system ever

Is There a Legit Way of Earning Money Online?

Following my promise to show you other ways of doing Affiliate Marketing, I want to show you the other one. 

Firstly, there are two ways of earning money with affiliate marketing. Below is a short description. 

You can decide whichever is fitting you better.

1. Paid one- Investment coming from your own pocket. Often times are short living and oftentimes you don’t earn what you initially invested. So you are in search of new shiny objects on and on. The only one who earns, in that case, is the owner of the course/program.

2. Free on- No(or very low) investment. Need of building your website and audience. Even, though it can be time-consuming at the beginning. Sustainable profit in long term.

If you are clever enough, you’d choose the second option.

You’d need to invest time and effort in it.

But once it starts rolling, oh man!!!

Here are some real success stories:

If you go for the FREE way, You can create too PASSIVE INCOME FOR YEARS.

The best thing, you can start with a low budget and scale it to…here is really true, that the SKY IS THE LIMIT.

On the other side, there are those get-rich-quick schemes. 

Get rich within 24 hours, earnings with one click and similar, are usually headlines of such businesses.

Without a doubt, not only do those businesses have no longevity, going to annoy other people but can cost you a couple of thousands $$$.

Anyway, I don’t want to brag too much about the way I do earn money with affiliate marketing, so thought will let you do it by yourself by clicking below. 

About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • DFY materials might sound super handy initially, but they will only do you more damage than good in the long run. If people like to learn how to build an affiliate marketing business, learning everything about it is the key. Don’t expect there are shortcuts or secret loopholes. 🙂 Back to Devon Brown’s product! I think it’s dangerous for beginners to go with paid traffic because they know nothing about affiliate marketing, let alone driving traffic by paid ads. I would prefer they follow your #1 recommendation to build a solid foundation. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hey MATT. Thanks for sharing your insights. Indeed, I do agree with you that paid traffic can cause more damage than good. Just see what William’s experience was from the comment above. It is really bad that the internet is full of people like Devon Brown. They don’t care about their students and what damage they will cause. The only thing they care about is their own profit. However, there are different, honest paths. The best one so far is Wealthy Affiliate. This platform offers step-by-step training on ORGANIC TRAFFIC( that will create a business on a sustainable basis and for years to come). Moreover, there is this amazing 24/7 community of 2.5 million worldwide ready to help newbies with whatever question or trouble they might have. If someone wants to learn affiliate marketing, I think it is no-brainer.

  • Hey Julius, great article on ‘The Easiest System Ever’, I surely appreciate your insight (exposure). Although I had not heard of this scheme before, it is definitely something we all should avoid. I am relatively new to internet marketing so I really do appreciate this post.

    About paid traffic, I am sorry to admit that I did try it. Yes, I certainly did get the traffic, but it must have been BOT traffic, which I was not aware of until you mentioned it here. So thank you, I have learned a lot. What happened is that Google Adsense, on my website stopped showing ads because they said my traffic was suspicious. So, there you go, another reason not to pay for traffic.

    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment William. So, sorry to hear that you had this kind of negative experience with paid traffic. Unfortunately, BOT traffic is what would most likely happen if you just pay random solo ads. Even though it is a known fact, crappy product owners, in this case, Devon Brown (he is not the only one) will not tell this to their students. This immoral behavior is just another fact why I don’t recommend joining. But please don’t feel bad because you fell for their promises. You are not the only one. You learned your lesson and now you know what is not working. What is well working, is to create a business on a sustainable basis, with ORGANIC TRAFFIC. The most common way to achieve that is to write for SEO. Best news? There are training programs that will teach you that!! My recommendations are Affiliate Lab, Location Rebel, and Wealthy Affiliate. Contrary to The Easiest System Ever and similar get-rich-quick schemes, you won’t hear how super easy it is to create an online business. Because it is not easy. But with training, community, and your dedication, it might be super simple. If you want my further guidance, you can reach to out to me. To your success William.

  • I love reading your reviews about how to make money online – the money drainers and scammers. Your reviews are honest and in-depth. I also like that you talk about people with low to high budget. There are some ways to make money online that initially start out for free and offer great value. Wealthy Affiliate, which you’ve listed in your review, seems to offer everyone (including people who have limited resources) a way to learn how to make money online legitimately. Thanks for your great review.

    • Hey there, thanks for your comment. It is my mission to help people create the life they desire to have. Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate is among those great training platforms and communities that make the creation of online business possible. For beginners, there is no better place to start. Cheers, Julius

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