why is copywriting important

Ever asked yourself why is copywriting Important?

If you are a small business owner, this fact alone brings a lot of different challenges.

One is lack of time. 

As you have to multitask more often, you want to be sure that you are effective in your online communication towards your visitors.

If you are product owner, or affiliate marketer, one way how to not waste your words, but write converting lines, is copywriting.

Allow me to show you in my blog post, why is copywriting important even if you never heard of it before.

Copywriting is very important for every business. In the past the "copy" was delivered mostly in the newspapers, nowadays, it is mostly online. Therefore, you will see copy everywhere. On the landing pages, in the emails, inside of the blog posts. But why is Copywriting important?

Apart from raising your brand awareness, and providing more info about your product or service, the main function of copywriting is to turn your visitors into customers.

Some people don't like to ask for people's money, that's why they hire copywriters. You can do the same, but there are some tricks you can apply, without paying thousands of dollars for something you can do. Especially if you are one man business, you don't want to be spending money unnecessarily.

Just for the security sake, copywriting is important also in the simple, yet super important one liners such as call-to-action buttons, headlines or email capture.

Hopefully, you agree with me, that those are super important. Trust me, one word, chosen wrongly or properly can make difference between hordes of sales and prospering business, or daunting shades of misery.

But, I've got you covered and I'll share also little tricks, you can use by your own, so copywriting will not become obstacle, but fun. Firstly, why is copywriting important and its benefits.

1. Building Brand Awareness

When you are entering market as product owner or as an affiliate of certain product, you have to make people aware, that you are here.

In other words: upon starting out, you will create brand awareness.

Copywriting improves your reputation in the market and gives you a direct reach to the global market.

That said, there is a huge competition in every corner.

So, you have to find an edge, how you can create the best picture about your brand.

Picture, that describes it all.

And you really should be building brand image through effective copy. 

2. Helps You With Conversions

This is the most crucial, essential and the important reason why is copywriting important. 

Also, if there would be only one benefit of using copywriting in your (online) business, this would be it.

You see, you have to rank on Google to generate more sales, in which copywriting will help you to convert your temporary visitors into permanent buyers.

Let's be honestly here.

Business, that's also sales. If you don't sell, you won't have success.


Of course, you want to create value, be helpful and solve other people's problems with your product or service.

At the same time, if you want to have bread on the table, you need to make sales. 

Copywriting will help you do that.

Not only sales though, but also other types of conversion.

For instance, if you want people to sign up for your newsletter, watch your video, or read your email...

The lines of the call to actions have to be so persuasive that there is no other action people can make.

They have to do the action you want to them to do. 

3. Growth of Your Audience

Even though, for your audience growth, you will be better with content marketing.

In the present digital era, those two, content marketing and copywriting are more than often blurring into each other.

If not blurring, then overlapping for sure.

Anyway, to optimise growth of your audience, you have to be wise about what you say=> educate.

As well, as how you say it => engage.

Especially with the second one, audience engaging, copywriting will help you.

engaging your audience-why is copywriting important

Surely, you can relate that it is super shame, when value rich content won't be read, just because the content isn't "funny" enough.

Engagement can be done a little bit more sophisticated than TikTok videos.

4. Helps You Engage and Communicate With Your Audience

Already mentioned in the previous point: you have to keep your audience engaged.

Otherwise, they go elsewhere.

There are over 6.5 million blog posts published daily, so people have options. 

What would YOU do to stay unique?

Whatever way you communicate with your readers, you have to use copywriting in some way.

Either you or your copywriter, will have to write engaging lines.

Writing in such a manner that the words will stay in your readers mind for weeks. Eventually those people keep returning. 

Let's face it, no one likes boring lines.

Especially, in the digital era, we are living in.

we are living in digital era-why is copywriting important?

However tough, it might sound, but if your product or service is super helpful, but your promotion will be not engaging, again, you will most likely fail.

5. Provides Unique Insight Into The Product

In ideal case, you or your copywriter did have use the writing into engaging with visitors, kept communication lines and now you want to show them unique insight into the product, they should buy from you.

Simple copywriting skills, will help you with this as well.

As written previously, the product you offer can be super valuable, but if you won't write intriguing and persuasive about it, no one will buy it.

It is not secret that different pages on your site, have different meanings and purposes.

For instance, an About Us page is meant to be informative while the Products Page is meant to sell. This is also true if you are writing product reviews.

Clever copywriters know the difference in content between these two pages and will create unique content accordingly.

In addition to perfect product insights, copywriting will help you to plant an idea in customer's mind about how the product can help them.

You have to see this, like a bridge, where one end is fearsome, worried, and hesitant visitor, and on the other side is your product.

The words are the bridge. The words are COPYWRITING.

Show your visitors, the safe bridge and they will never leave.

Tips and Tricks Learned From Best

Undoubtedly, times are changing fast.

In an online world even faster.

So, what was true in 2018, will not be useful in 2023.

Especially, in the blogging. 

If you will follow the same guides as 5 years back, chances are that you won't rank in Google anymore.

However, there are still some "golden rules", that you can follow and your copy will be successful over years.

These rules were working 100 years ago, when they were discovered by geniuses of the copywriting.

The best part?

They work also now.

Of course, if you want to master copywriting, you would need to study this, but there are some tips you can use without spending money and time on courses.

4 U's in Your Headline

Did you know that 80% of your people will not read further than your headline?

I know, ouch!

You have spent so much time on your research, outline and writing, but no one reads it, except of your friend, you promised him a free beer, as a return.

No worries, this isn't your fault. At least, not completely.

Chances are, your headline missed one or more of the 4U's.

why is copywriting important

Of course, you won't create headline consisting of all 4 U's all the time. 

Try to aim achieving 1-2 per headline, and you will see differences in readability.

Lead is What Matters (Most)

You see, headline isn't the only one place of your content, where majority of people will stop reading.

Lead is important at least as much as headline.

What are the rules for writing a strong lead?

There is more than one way how you can make sure the visitors will "stick to your words" during your lead.

To name a few:

  • Using a Stories
  • Hook in an Opening
  • Keep it Short (4-7 lines)
  • Grab Their Attention Using AIDA

Especially the last method is a great one.





Brian Dean from Backlinko, uses the AIDA not only in the lead, but throughout the rest of his content as well.

The Rule of One

The thing what you don’t want is to overwhelm your reader.

They don’t need to know everything at once.

Rather than bringing all information at once, serve them your message in pieces.

That way they will stay more engaged.

It's like your favourite Netflix series.

You don't want to know how it will end during the pilot! 

Among the professional copywriters, this process is called, the rule of one.

Whenever you write new piece of copy, think about ONE topic you want to share. 

Have more you want to share? Great, write another COPY. 

Snowball Effect

This works as following.

Be sure, that the sentence you write, is directly relating to the one above.

That way you keep your readers "busy" with the topic.

As a snowball.

Your text will be collecting more attention from your readers.

Your readers will be collecting more knowledge.

How to achieve that?

Be sure, every sentence of your content, can be read alone and it will make sense.

In the worse case, if it is not story by itself, it has to be intriguing enough, that readers want to read the next sentence.

As, the copywriting legend Joe Sugarman explains it: 

why is copywriting important-joe sugarman quote

And so on, and so on...as a snowball.

Less is More

If I would write my content jam-packed, sentence, after sentence, you will enjoy it less. You can trust me on this. Actually, we can do a small test. Do you find the text easy to be read? I know, it is much harder as the lines and paragraphs. And this is just some small piece of text, but imagine, that I would add here some technical terms, like manufactured oil-hydraulic compressed machine leveraging from the earth resistant minerals has much longer durability as its polyvinyl chloride made opponents. Your eyes and your brain are just much faster tired and therefore you can't concentrate for very long. Not to mention the fact, that if I would keep writing the long sentences, without proper spacing and without dividing them into more sentences, you just wouldn't cope with the content anymore. Don't forget, we are living in the digital era, where people search for instant help and they don't have a time to read all of your lines, so be sure what they skim, will be valuable.

On the other hand.

If I would choose, short, yet powerful sentences, readability would be easier.

Am I right?

I know, I am.

We are living in the fast era.

Everything goes so fast.

So, the reading has to be also fast.

Thanks to FACEBOOK and similar, we skim more than ever.

In case, you want people to read your content, write in short sentences.

facebook-why is copywriting important

Why is Copywriting important?: Summary

If you have a blog, YouTube channel, online course, or other, even offline product, but people will not do any further action, your business won't be successful.

If you like it or not, Copywriting is a crucial part of any business.

Online or offline.

If you want to learn it, you have several courses that will teach you that.

Of course, you can also hire someone to do it for you.

At the certain point, outsourcing your business, is the great way how to gain your freedom.

But if you are not there yet, because of finances, or you can't even go there, because your business is location based, learning it is maybe better.

But the choice is ultimately yours.

BTW, If you have your own blog, you have to use copywriting as well.

(Don't be fooled by people who will claim you don't need it).

I hope you found my blog post useful, helpful and valuable. 

If yes, please share it with your friends. As always, if you have some questions, please leave them in comments section.

To your success,


About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Hey Julius,

    Thanks for the insightful guide to copywriting. It is a really good thing to have in your business plan. Being able to influence people with your writing is the key. People are put off by selling talk. It is much better to help them with their understanding and they come to their conclusion…

    But the headline is key; as you say, not many will get past it…

    1. You welcome John! When writing, it is always good to have an intent. Copywriting is teaching you to specify your intent and then you realise how much power you have using the right words. In general people don’t like when there is too much sales talk, therefore providing value first is the key. Also, this way you create a trust with your audience and after that people are more willing to buy from you. However, without using the right words when it is the time to promote your offer, you won’t be succesfull that’s the time when Copywriting will help.

    1. You welcome. Yes, definitely! Copywriting is essential for every blogger who want to sell something. Many starting bloggers don’t understand the need of writing with intent. While at the beginning of your relationship with your readers you want to educate, at the later stage, there will be time when you want to also sell something, that can help your readers to solve a problem. The action however should come almost natural. How do you achieve that? With the copywriting. Is it easy? Not, but that’s the art to do this correctly. Choosing the right words, suitable call-to-action and so on.

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