can you be a copywriter and content writer

Can You be a copywriter and content writer?

The short answer is:


Both want theirs content to be read, and both use similar strategies, so why are they different?

Let's explore that in the post below. 

Read my blog post and I guarantee, you'll never ever hesitate again. 

Can You be a Copywriter and Content Writer?

As written previously, the short answer is YES, you can be both. It is safe to say that when starting out your business, and you don't want to necessarily spend, it might be essential that you will full fill both roles. Yet, another advantage comes from this, you will became skill full in both, high rewarded skills. This alone should be enough reasons for you to dig in into copywriter, if you are content writer, or vice versa. 

On the other hand, copywriting and content writer aren't the same things, and there are some differences, you'd better know. In a nutshell, content writer is responsible for building traffic and copywriter is responsible for converting this traffic. Hence, the importance of knowing both skills, if you are one man business.

Who is Content Writer?

There are people, like Joana from Copyhackers, who claim that content writer is the guy who tells stories (copywriter can also writer stories) and engages the audience.

I agree with this, but just partly. 

You see, content writer is the guy responsible for number of people reading the blog post, journal or product review.

It could be that he chooses a story, as manner that will bring his text closer to his reader's emotions, but that's just one way.

Another way is asking thought provoking questions, using visuals and short to the point sentences.  

His main purpose is to educate and secondary purpose is to engage. 

Those two go hand-in-hand though. 

If content writer has a lot fo knowledge, but writes boring 10 000 words blog posts, his work won't attract many readers. Unless he is writing essay for Oxford University.

Oddly enough if the content is engaging, but with low educational value, the chances of success for this content are higher. 

Example are TikTok videos. 

Contrary to that above, content writers who bring continuously valuable, helpful and engaging content will win over long term period. 

In case, you wonder how to write content, that's SEO optimised, join this community. 

Content Writer's Work and The Biggest Advantage

Some of the areas, where you will see content writer's work can include: 

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Newspaper pieces
  • Magazine features
  • Press Releases
  • Email newsletters

The biggest advantage of being content writer is the freedom.

The topics, angles and elements used in such writing are wider when compared to copywriting. 

Who is Copywriter?

Honestly, we can deviate form the general perception that Copywriter, is the guy who sells. 

Obviously, copywriter's main task is conversion.

That said, it doesn't mean, that's his only task. 

Especially, in the present, marketing oriented times, copywriters need to come with unique strategies to win your attention. 

How are they doing it? By engaging their readers. 

The Copywriting legend David Ogilvy explains that best:

Can you be a copywriter and content writer

It is on the copywriter, which tools he will use to interest people. 

One of the "engagement" tool is to tell a story. (Another proof that content writing and copywriting aren't too far from each other.)

4 U's, short lead and to the point sentences are other, very useful techniques how to win readers interest as a copywriter. 

Not only copywriter needs to win readers attention, but he also needs to understand readers emotions

Good copywriter is selling something, without people realising that they have been sold to something. 

While copywriters, might be seen as those "bad guys" because they want to sell something, without copywriting skills, there would need be successful affiliate marketing, dropshipping or e-commerce business. 

People oftentimes need that last push, to get something they just "think" about. 

Moreover, we can easily say, that copywriter doesn't have to be selling a product necessarily. 

It can be online course, membership or just single newsletter. 

The way how he is doing it is pretty similar as the way when he would try to sell a product. 

As there are multiple desired actions readers can take, there are multiple copywriting courses. 

You can go for SEO copywriting, technical copywriting or conversion copywriting.

There are certain rules you have to follow if you attempt to try copywriting. That said, you might want to start with something less specific, yet very in-depth that will give you confidence as copywriter. 

Copywriter's Work and The Biggest Advantage

Where you will see the work of copywriter mostly? The list below provides overview:

  • Online and offline ads (Facebook Ads count as well)
  • Taglines
  • Web page content
  • Email campaigns
  • Television or radio commercial promotional and advertising scripts
  • Video scripts
  • Sales Letters

The biggest advantage of being copywriter comparing to content writer is the salary. 

Honestly, if you are great copywriter, you can earn millions of $.

Even as starting copywriter, you can be earning 6 figures within a year of work. 

 What Things do They Have in Common?

There are certain things content writer and copywriter have in common. 

They both: 

  • Can work remotely
  • Can work as freelancers or as employees. 
  • Can work for one client, but also for several clients at the same time. 
  • Write creative, helpful and unique content.
  • Have to engage their readers. 
  • Follow SEO guidelines 
  • Use similar set of tools, like keyword tool, content software for proofreading, and do in-depth research.

 They both (can): 

  • Use writing assistant
  • Outsource part of their job 
  • Take off whenever they want -;)

Differences Between Them 

Copywriters earn more, but have also much more pressure on their shoulders. They have to meet (oftentimes) tight deadlines. 

Furthermore, they don't have 100% control over the end product. 

This means that they work with certain audience and with certain product, service or both. 

They have to "sell" to be considered successful.  

Again, this sale doesn't have to be sale in literal meaning, but there have to be certain desired action as a result of their effort.

Conversion, sign up, filling the form, whatever that target might be. Otherwise their writing will be considered waste. 

Starting from the end Content writers, have bigger control over the topic. 

As their target is to increase traffic, they can choose angle they prefer.

They might use infographics, videos, link to different sources, and so on. 

Perception of the written content as blog posts, there are plenty of topic the end product has, while desired action is normally limited.  

Content writers are paid generally less. 

On the other side, they have more freedom and the deadlines they have to meet aren't that tight. 

To write one blog post takes usually less of a time than to write sales letter.

Can You be a Copywriter and Content Writer-Summary

I really hope you could see why you can be copywriter and content writer at the same time.

While the two's end target are different, content writer needs to increase traffic, create brand awareness and educate the readers, copywriters want to achieve a conversion.

The reason you can see them as two parts of one puzzle is simply because content writer puts the seed into the ground for copywriter, being able to reap the fruit. 

Without content writer, there will be no tree and no fruit. 

Without blog posts, potential buyers won't know the person or organisation and therefor, is unlikely they will buy from them.

On the other hand, if you aim to  earn money from your online activity, either from your blog, product or service, you need that readers will take a certain action, otherwise you won't earn.

Hence, the crucial importance of both. 

It depends on you if you decide to take part in both of the tasks, or you decide to outsource either of them. 

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  • Hey Julius,

    Been blogging for a while and was not aware those two were different things. I suppose as a blogger for product reviews we kind of do both, engage the reader then sell them something. This post really put this into perspective, I think separating both hats for those of us who do both jobs would give us a layer of vision to our post, from the Copywriter and content writer perspective, this was very educational, thank you so much.

    • Hey Victor, you are welcome! I know many bloggers, especially those starting out, don’t see the difference between copywriting and content marketing. I was one of them too. The crucial is to understand, there are differences and you need to have both in place. Otherwise you have just big follow without income or  your content would be too sales oriented without reaching to people and therefore they won’t buy anything from you. You have to look it at the way that content writer works for long term relationship, while the text of copywriter makes the move toward the conversion. Therefore, both are essential. Indeed, until you grow you have to wear those hats by yourself…

  • Hey, you. Since I remember, I’m trying to be a great content writer. As you mentioned this kind of work has too many benefits, the most important one is freedom. You can do your job whenever you want and wherever you are so this simplicity helps you to do your work better. I read your content and I find it very useful. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    • Hey Liam. I am happy you found my content useful. Being content writer offers the freedom not very jobs have around there. When combined with something you love, that’s the perfect combination. Therefore, I encourage people to write about something they love to do!

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