copywriting training online

This supposed to be the best copywriting training online on the planet.

With Comprehensive Copywriting Academy you are going to nail the words that you’ll sell ANYTHING to ANYONE.

What is the best in all of it?

With my review, you’ll get a guide what is inside of CCA, what are the PROS and CONS and if this is really the best copywriting training online.

If you’re ready, let’s get started!

Name: Comprehensive Copywriting Academy
Founder: Nicky Krawczyk
Earning Potential: 10/10
:CCA course costs $497 upwards
: 9/10

What is Comprehensive Copywriting Academy?

In-depth and self-paced copywriting course.

Covering step-by-step guide on how to write copy, how to find clients, build portfolio and how to maintain work flow come in.

About the Author

Nicki Krawczyk is EXPERIENCED COPYWRITER, with more than 15 years of experience.

Working for several big brands such as Reebok, Tripadvisor, Adidas or Marshals among others.

copywriting training online

On her about page, she is mentioning that she and her team (whenever I’ll use THEY, you’ll know I mean THEM) are not doing get-rich-quick schemes and they don’t do empty promises.

I like that.

She also shares her own portfolio, so you can get idea what she’s done.

As a proof of her credibility, you can find out that she is earning 6 figures regularly.

Inside of CCA

As mentioned, this copywriting training is self-paced, what makes it super convenient for people having job or family duties during their studies.

CCA includes personal support and advice from the author self, via regular coaching calls.

Once you create your account, you will gain access to exclusive, student-only Facebook community. So, you can share your ideas and tips for learning with other Academy students.

The training itself is divided into 6 modules.

copywriting training online

You will be taken through different stages while learning.

Module 1 is all about projecting your ideas and making them readable for people.

It will teach you how to write compelling copy for PEOPLE.

In Module 2 you’ll learn what makes copy work, which techniques to avoid on the other hand.

Also, you get yourself familiar with some copy terms.

Module 3 shows you how to be effective with planning.

While some projects could seem extensive and overwhelming at some point, here you will learn how to be effective and what it takes to make “stuff done”.

Module 4 offers look on some “new” copy devices. How to optimise copy for mobile?

What is essential for social marketing campaign? All is covered here.

In Module 5 on the other hand, you will be shown what tactics are to be considered when composing your master print copy.

These are the oldest types of copy, like newspaper, magazines and long sales letters for instance. While the basics are the same as with digital, there are some differences you should know.

Module 6 is something what not every copywriting training online offers. Nikki and her team work with so-called space ads.

They will ensure that when you are done with the course, you have your first portfolio done and you can start approaching your first clients.

copywriting training online

What do I like about Comprehensive Copywriting Academy?

Learn in Practice

Practicing copywriting, not just theory. Because that’s what you need as starting copywriter.

You don’t want to listen just THEORY.

CCA offers that. From practicing your first piece of copy to creating your (in real life useable) portfolio this is the approach you want to be taught.

In-depth and Self-Paced Training

Undoubtedly, huge amount of people taking this course are working, studying or taking care of their closest one, kids for instance.

So, you might appreciate the fact, that you can choose your own pace while completing the course.

The team around the creator is encouraging you that 15 minutes per day of studying is enough. Not sure about that time, but to be not forced to finish on certain deadline, is a huge plus.

Legit People Behind

From the training creator, its team, to the people who took the course (and share their experience) you will encounter REAL PEOPLE.

In the present era, where fake testimonials and fake creator are common, is this another huge benefit.

So, when you take the course, you might be ensured, there are real people ready to help you during the coaching calls, answer the questions you might have in community.

Last, but not least, when you see the stories of real people experiencing success after completing CCA training, you get motivational boost as well.

Even more importantly, it is guarantee, that the program works.

copywriting training online

What I don’t like about Comprehensive Copywriting Academy?

Build with Women in Mind

Maybe it’s just my feeling, but the course is created (from) women and for women.

That doesn’t mean that as a man you won’t find it valuable. Contrary to that, you can use full potential of it.

I mentioned that, because there might be males who’ll find it distracting.

Not Always Open

The enrolment to the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy is not always open. The same happens with this course

While you might be lucky and get discounted price of the course, time to time the slots just won’t be open. As well as the irregularity in enrolling, you can expect that the price varies slightly.

To get the best and most accurate price and signing in options you should check regularly their website or sign up for their newsletter.

Would I recommend CCA?

If you dream about to be well-paid writer and you would like to persuade copy writing career, this course will provide you with in-depth knowledge.

I like that the course is suited for beginners, and it consists the learn-by-doing approach.

copywriting training online

So it is not just theory, rather practice.

You can finish the training in own pace.

They suggest 15 min per day would be enough, (while that I doubt, it is definitely huge plus, that you can choose your own pace and you are not forced by deadlines).

After you finish the course you should be able to distinguish writing for print media and for interactive media.

Additionally, you should be skilled in writing different type of copy such as email sequences, banners or social media posts or ads.

Further, you’ll be shown how to create your own portfolio, which is the starting point for your copywriting career. By having this done, you supposed to be ready to land your first client straight after you finish the course.

There are real people who created this course and real people who experienced success after completing the training.

Therefore, I do fully recommend Comprehensive Copywriting Academy course.

My Final Thoughts

Direct response copywriting is a fundamental skill you’d need for any marketing related business. Be that affiliate, social, content marketing, or any other one.

So, therefore it is advisable for you to get skilful at copywriting, even if you don’t intent to become full time copywriter.

(Copywriting itself can be still lucrative business, earning you anything 30k to 65k as junior in-house copywriter without royalties)

One thing you want to be sure is, that you are investing in the QUALITY and VALUABLE information.

Don’t buy the cheap Udemy courses.

While it might be tempting to purchase “discounted” course for $12,99.

The value of such a course will be (in most of the cases) very low.

copywriting training online

Speaking out of my experience, I purchased 2 courses on Udemy and both were very low value.

Rather, I would encourage you to invest in proper and HIGHER QUALITY course.

Considering the price range of this course, it is similar to some of your expenses.

Holiday, New Sofa or Yearly Eating in the Restaurants all costs approximately $400-$1000.

What if CCA could help you get the clients and earn you 6 figures in your first year after purchasing it?

You’d be able to go for 4 holidays instead of 1. You could buy more sofa’s or one super fancy one. Go everyday to fancy restaurants, instead once a week. Examples are endless, but you know what I mean…

Sound interesting?

Click here to sign up for their free video tutorial and you can decide if that’s something for you or not.

When You Hate Writing…

If you would like to achieve financial freedom (online), but you hate writing (or you’re not good at it because English is not your mother tongue for instance) you can still achieve it.

There are some other ways too…

I personally prefer Affiliate Marketing.

You can read in my in-depth post why it is the best business model to start with.

In short, Affiliate Marketing is selling other people’s products. You don’t have to own or stock them.

You’ll choose your interest, build website with content about your interest (niche), drive traffic to it and make sales.

I hope I could helped you decide if Comprehensive Copywriting Academy is the best copywriting training online. Please, if you have any questions or concerns leave them below.

Also, if you like my content, stay tuned up by following me via the buttons below.



About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • You just revealed the best copywrite training review, and in this, you reveal another great affiliate marketing platform that we just got introduced to and go to say it is going great. Wealthy affiliate is one of the best platforms to learn from the top-dollar earners and see how they create six-figure incomes.
    As you said, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.


    • I am happy I could help you provide some new perspective. Copywriting is important part of any (online) marketing business and therefore if you are affiliate marketer, it will be just wise to invest in some program like this. On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate is such a in-depth program, that it might be enough to follow that one(they provide Copywriting live classes as well).

  • It’s good to see that she and her team don’t do empty promises and get-rich-quick schemes, which gains me more confidence to try CCA. Another thing I like is that regular support from the author in the phone calls because it’s like getting help from experts. So, I can see why this course gets value for people who want to learn copywriting. I also love the idea you brought up in the last paragraph, and affiliate marketing seems like a better path. I will take a closer look very soon. Thanks. 🙂

    • Exactly Matt. They have really provided help to thousands of students and they care for their students during the training( coaching calls and community) but also after the training course. And that’s exceptional I think. The real people experiencing the success, like this one is just another proof that this copywriting training online course works.

  • HI I am quite interested in your post n Comprehensive Copywriting Academy. Are the very expensive? What is the fee? I know you wrote $12,99 but it looks like the whole course is twelve thousand and ninety-nine dollars. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Hi Yvonne. As I mentioned, the price is not regularly the same. When I signed up a year ago, the price was $497 and I could even pay it in 3 instalments. However, you want to check their website eventually sign up for their newsletter to get the relevant info about the price. 12k though, is way too much I think. Where did you get this price tag from if I may ask? They also not always offer enrolling, so the newsletter would be great idea. $12,99 is the Udemy example.

  • Sounds interesting. I have signed up for the free video, so will be interested to see what they have to say.

    I agree with you that there are some inferior courses out there, and we cannot learn how to develop professional skills to make an income from them. So a good course is imperative if we want to grow our businesses.
    I too doubt that 15 minutes a day is a good enough investment to make huge improvements in our copy-writing skills. I would be in favor of investing more time to achieve quicker results.

    If CCA can deliver what you say, it will be worthwhile investing in this course. However, you do not mention how much it costs?

    Thanks for the information. I look forward to learning more from the video.

    • Great Andrew. Let me know what you think after seeing the video. Nicky Krawczyk is also helping her students with interviews like this. . This is special and not common and I think it proves that investing in this course is a good thing. The price of this course is varying (and i mentioned it as one of the cons this program has) When I signed up it was $497. So you can expect similar price tag. Keep checking their website or sign up for their newsletter(great in terms of you will hear when they have special discounted offer) and you’ll get the most relevant info. I hope this could help you. Cheers

  • Hi Julius,
    great review! I am thrilled with the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy, especially since the founder is a woman lol! I just researched her portfolio and see that she is a person with a lot of experience and success.
    By the way, writing is my passion and I am looking for a system of earning through writing. Copywriting is interesting to me but so far I have not had the opportunity to come across a quality course to improve my writing skills. I will definitely consider applying to the course because it really instills confidence in me.
    In the previous comment, I saw how much money you paid. I think this course is really worth every penny. However, when I decide I will contact you.
    Thanks and keep up the amazing work.
    All the best,

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