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The biggest number of copywriting courses are involving unnecessary skillset and sucks.

That might be shocking, but if you searched for the best online copywriting course, you might came across some courses, teaching you invoicing, accountancy and page formatting. 

Not that, you won’t need it, but when you starting out, you need different skills first.

In my today’s review I will show you one of the best online copywriting course in nutshell and what you’ll find inside. 

Short to say, if you want to get people read your content, you will love this.

Shall we?

Name: The Accelerated Program for Six-figure Copywriting
Founder: AWAI Experts (Michael Masterson)
Earning Potential: 10/10
: $497, or 5 times $99.40
: 9,5/10

What is it?

Michael Masterson‘s Direct Response Copywriting course. With write while you learn approach. 

best online copywriting course

Why do you need copywriting?

This is a question you might be asking. 

(Especially, if you are blogger or email marketer)

You see, copywriting is using language to persuade people to take certain action. 

How many times, you wrote your post or email with intention that someone will read it? If you are serious about it, then every time, right?

Did you always get the desired outcome? I mean, in terms of numbers.

Did you hit the 1k or 10k views? Mostly of the time not!

That’s why you need copywriting. 

Who is this COURSE for?

For aspiring direct response copywriters. 

Also for anyone who is looking forward to be heard online as well as offline. If you are: 

  • blogger
  • email marketer
  • social marketer 
  • youtube marketer

This course can help you get attention and be “read and heard”. 

Inside of Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting work? 

The course inside consists of 13 chapters and has almost 600 pages of learning material. 

Once you sign in for the course, you can expect to have 2 feedbacks on your 2 assignments by one of the AWAI’s experts. 

“Hall of Fame” -collection of some successful sales letters created by the experts as swipe file for you 

Your First Direct Response Copy (guidance) 

Members Area

Webinars on B2B Copywriting, Online/Web Copywriting

Subscription to Golden Thread- weekly newsletter with TIPS on improving your copy

Subscription to collection of JOBS in direct copy  

best online copywriting course

Why I recommend Accelerated Program for Six-figure Copywriting?


Compared to other courses, this price is considered minor. 

When you see some of the industry top sellers, that are 3-5 times higher, I see this is great bargain. 

Don’t forget that Copywriting is multi-million industry. If you master it, you will be able see this initial fee as really small price. 

Expert Training 

There is bunch of low quality “learning”courses online. YouTube videos, or how to blog posts are normally waste, because there is not really expert behind them. 

Those people are mostly, showing you couple of tricks in order to purchase something bigger (of questionable quality).

But at AP for six-figure CW you are taught, by one of the most successful copywriters. On top of that, oner of them will critique 2 of your assignments. 

No Time Limited

Some courses are pushing you to finish them in tight deadlines.

But what if you have full-time or part-time job? Even better, what if you have family to take care of. Not everyone can learn intensively. 

With this course you define the pace of your learning. 

365 Days Money-back guarantee

Exceptionally customer oriented. 

While many programs offering their unsatisfied customers 30, maximum 60 days money-back guarantee. 

At AWAI they went further than that. 

Astonishing full 1-year guarantee is what even the biggest sceptic should consider as no-brainer, do you agree?

best online copywriting course

What do I miss at Accelerated Program for Six-figure Copywriting?

Starting Your Business

Although, there are some infos on how to set up the administration part of the business, I missed practical advice. 

Mostly on how to get clients, setting up your portfolio, and so on. 

Do I recommend the Accelerated Program for Six-figure Copywriting? 

In general, there is some proportion of people who prefer books over courses. 

I’d say, it depends on the quality. 

You can have a great book, and low quality course. You can have low quality book and great, full of value and knowledge course. 

So it really depends on your personal preference. And whether you feel better learning from book or from online course. 

Personally, I like both. Books are great in terms of that you have it always at home, and most of the time it can be easier to find the desired capture when needed. 

On the other side, their cover is somewhat quickly damaged. (Maybe just in my case? -;) )

Btw, some of the great book for starting copywriters are, Art of Click and Great Leads. 

This course is great also because you will get unlimited access to it. 

That said, once purchased, always yours. 

Following that, I would recommend the Accelerated Program for Six-figure Copywriting. Even though, it has long name, the information inside of it is to the point, and lacks (thanks God) unnecessary invoicing and accountancy info. 

If you are hoping to het better at copywriting, you should give it a try. 

So, all you bloggers, copywriters, email marketers, social and youtube marketers, I am speaking to you. Want to get better at convincing people to listen to you? 

Then don’t wait too long and take action. Because if you won’t, someone else might. 

Purchase material of great quality and let the wheels roll for your business. 

This course has that required quality you are looking for. If not? You have 365 days money-back guarantee. I think, that’s what you call no-brainer, am I right? 

P.S. Not everyone was born in english speaking country or is great at grammar. I know it from my personal experience how  difficult could it be to master english if it is not your native language. 

If that’s your case (also if you hate writing, but you still want to earn money online), you can still build your passive income machine, without extensive writing. 

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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Hi Julius, It’s kind of a coincidence coming across this post today. Just finished a post myself that was inspired by a short copywriting course that I recently took. It was only short but feel like I am writing as a brand new person. Have really struggled with blogging and affiliate marketing thus far so will be interesting to see what happens with my new perspective on writing. To be honest, am not really looking to try any new courses so soon after but I can definitely see the value here. Anyone can fill up a page full of words but having a page full of words that people read is a whole different animal. I will have to look this up another time I guess. Many thanks; Alex

    1. Hi Alex, great to hear that you took a course already that boosted your writing skill. Feel free to share it, what course was it. Even if you take one already, please don’t forget to continue educate yourself, as this field is so wide, that there is almost always space for improvement (unless you are an expert)

  2. Interesting, I hadn’t thought of a copywriting course that way and didn’t realize how useful it could be and how it could improve blogs and other writing projects. The price is not bad and you seem to get a lot of value for it. A 365.days money-back-guarantee also speaks highly of them. If they offer this, then it means that they’re confident about their product and that what they are offering is of excellent quality. This could be worth looking into.

    1. Exactly Cristine. If you want to get higher readability, this can be the best online copywriting course and the only one you would need. For long term, copywriting is very useful and on-demand skill, that everyone writing content needs, even if not realised by many.

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