Welcome to my blog post: Is copywriting hard?

Copywriting is often seen as a difficult skill to master, but is it really as hard as people think?

The truth is that copywriting can be challenging, but with the right approach and resources, anyone can become a successful copywriter.

In this blog post, we'll explore why some people find it hard to write great copy and what strategies they can use to overcome those obstacles.

We'll also look at how understanding your audience is key in crafting compelling messages that will drive results for your business or brand.

So let's dive into why copywriting isn't necessarily hard - if you have the right tools!

Is Copywriting Hard?

The short answer is, no, copywriting is not as hard as some people make it out to be. With the right approach and resources, anyone can become a successful copywriter.

To understand why some people find it difficult to write great copy and how they can overcome these obstacles, we need to look at the fundamentals of writing great copy.

One key element the understanding of your audience. Knowing who you’re targeting is essential in crafting engaging messages that will get results for your business or brand. Writing compelling content involves connecting with your target readers on an emotional level while also appealing to their logic through problem-solution statements or product/service benefits.

Copywriters must also take time when developing interesting headlines that grab attention and make readers want to click through from search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, since many people only read headlines before deciding whether to read more content on a page, catchy titles are crucial for boosting engagement rates and conversions.

What is Copywriting?

While there are many definitions, I like the one from Glenn Fisher, who describes it simply as: language used, to persuade people to do certain action.

You can say that copywriting uses sort of persuasion in writing.

Copy needs to inspire people to take action – make a purchase, book a class, click on a link. As the content of the copy will change, also the form of it will change it. 

Depending on your audience and the purpose. 

So, purpose is much more clear, right? 

If you want people signing up fir your newsletter, with your cool emails, single line cta button, would be enough.

To understand your audience, you need to do much more research. While discussing your audience needs would require whole new blog post( I will definitely write it once), for now you should know that this is super important. You need to understand:

  • Where THEY hang out, online and offline 
  • What THEY read
  • What THEY think 
  • What THEY want

Is Copywriting Hard to Learn?

There are two sorts of answers you will get.

Firstly, people who didn't make it as copywriters, or haven't tried it even. They will tell you copywriting is hard to get into.

On the other hand, people who made it, successful copywriters, will most likely tell you, it is not hard, but...

As with every career, copywriting requires, time, energy and knowledge before, you can harvest the enjoyable fruit.

Copywriting isn't something you can learn at university.

So, the best way to get the knowledge is to enrol for online course.

Another important aspect of copywriting is SEO optimisation.

Search engines use algorithms based on keyword analysis; thus utilising SEO tactics in order to get ranked on Googled, such as keyword research is vital for success in digital marketing campaigns today – this includes optimising everything from website pages to blog posts and social In conclusion, copywriting is not necessarily hard.

Why is Copywriting Hard for Beginners?

I think this Reddit answer explains the problem pretty damn good.

is copywriting hard

Many beginners in copywriting will assume that one course, video series, or book will make them great copywriters.

Don't fool yourself in the same direction.

Every profession needs a time to be practiced.

Another, self-made copywriter explains other problem beginners might have. Lack of affinity with copywriting. 

You see, many people will start to like copywriting because of its obvious benefits.

For instance, the location freedom and huge pay. 

But if they don't like writing, research or long hours spent on creative thinking, they won't love copywriting.

So, this is what you should ask yourself.

As early as better.

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Then again, even if you think that copywriting isn't right for you but you love the idea of enjoying the benefits of it, high incomes, location freedom, etc) then you are not completely lost..

You have two options.

One is writing about your passion and find clients in that field.

Second option is, you can write about your passion and start your own business around it.

Is it Hard to Become Freelance Copywriter From Scratch?

Similarly to the above one...if you are able to invest, it can be easier as you thought at first.

Where to invest?

In the courses and also in yourself.

Mostly, you need to invest a lot of time in it.

Firstly, you need to write daily.

Without it, you won't make any progress.

Secondly, you need to read a lot. (Now, I don't mean your Facebook feed, but real books)

is copywriting hard

Thirdly, when you will write, ask for a feedback.

Every professional copywriter had to start somewhere, and the ones I know all started with asking their feedback.

They all more or less admitted, their first works stunk like...but after practicing, learning and crafting, they managed it.

So why you shouldn't?

Of course, when it comes to copywriting, many people will tell, it is hard to get clients when starting from a scratch, if you don't know "people".

And as in every other field, those "nay" Sayers should be ignored...in every area, you will try to succeed, certain group of people will discourage you to join in .

Some out of jealousy, some because they aren't doing it by themselves, so the don't 't want you and some have just poor image about them and want you to believe the same.

Is Copywriting a Good Career and Can it Make You Rich?

A great thing about copywriting is that it can be a side hustle, a full-time job, or a business. That said, you can definitely make it your "gold mine".

Oftentimes, skilled copywriters will cash in 6-7 figures on yearly basis.

At the same time, if you aim to make it your side hustle, because your main activity is your blog for instance, you can.

Why is Copywriting a great career?

  • As a Copywriter, you can work anywhere, anytime and you can set up the amount of hours you work
  • You learn skillet that's valuable, always in demand and profitable
  • You can set-up your hourly rate
  • Freedom of choosing the niche you want to work in, write and learn about
  • You Discover Your Creativity
  • Copywriting is an Growing and Evergreen Industry

What Skills You Need as a Copywriter?

There are certain skills professional copywriters have to have. 

The list is much longer than those 5 items below, but they serve as introduction. You can easily see those five as blueprint and from expect them at your every project. 

The last item on the list is the research. 

If you ever wrote blog post, you know that research is taking at least half of the work. 

Expect the same here. obviously, as longer the copy, as longer the research. 

  •  Understanding Your Audience on Emotional Level
  • Common Writing Skills 
  • Creative Thinking
  • Willing to Learn a New Skill, Product or Whole Niche
  • Being Able to Spend HOURS ON RESEARCHING  

What Are Some Examples of Copywriting?

You can find examples of copywriting everywhere.

The landing pages, emails, or blog posts.

They all have pieces of copywriting in them.

As you can see in those examples, the text is rather short, what makes it easier for everyone who isn't that great in writing.

Everyone can learn how to write a few lines, right?

In that sense copywriting is similar to blogging.

Unlike novels, essays or diploma work, where the text is expected to be over 10 000 words.

What is Difference Between Content Writing and Copywriting?

You see, the biggest difference between copywriters and content marketers is their intent.

While content marketers write for longer-term relationship, that said their intent is to educate, COPYWRITERS write with intent of action.

This action can be a SALE, but not necessarily. Many wrongly assume, that copywriters are just selling.

Take for example call-to action buttons, subscribe button or newsletter sign up. Behind those actions, there is also copywriting skill.

Moreover, sometimes click on such a call-to-action can bring you or your client, much higher profit in the long run, than one SALE. Other way to look on this can be that content writers write to increase traffic (volume), while copywriters write to convert.

As, you can see, they both work together. They both have their place in the process of business oriented content. Yet, they are both different.

So, don't get it wrong, that copywriters are just "selling".

Learn more: Can You be a Copywriter and Content Writer?

Is Copywriting Hard?-Summary

In conclusion, copywriting is not necessarily hard.

It does require some skill and practice to get the hang of it, but with the right resources and strategies anyone can become a successful copywriter.

With an understanding of your audience and their needs in mind, you can craft compelling messages that will help drive results for your business or brand.

So don't be intimidated by the challenge - grab those tools to help you create great copy today!

As you could see, every digital marketer needs copywriting skills. If you are blogger, YouTuber, product owner or affiliate marketer...you need to educate, engage and also persuade people that your product, knowledge or service, is "the deal". 

I hope you liked this blog post. 

Please, share the word with a world.


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  • Hi Julius,

    This is such an inportant article because copywriting is so important and content is king, as they say.

    I find that if you tell the truth in your content and you do your best to use personal experiences on the topic you are talking about, then you won't have a problem in creating and copywrtitng.

    This article you have written, you are talking about your own thoughts, opinions and experiences. So, you didn't find this difficult because of those reasons.

    Thank you for sharing and keep creating amazing content for the world.

    All the best,


    • Hey Tom. Writing using own experience is definitely helpful. I am using the majority of the copywriting principles as well. The thing is many content writers forget, that the while content is the king, they need to write with intent. An informative post, in form of “how to” tutorial, would have been written with different intent as let’s say product review. So, the structure, tone and content would be different. And that’s the place where copywriting can help. I hope you can use some of the principles in your own writing. Cheers

  • Hey Julius, great blog post on the question of whether copywriting is hard or not! Some people may find it challenging to write excellent copy, but anyone can become a successful copywriter with the right approach and resources. Your emphasis on understanding your audience is spot on – crafting messages that resonate emotionally and logically with your target readers is vital. And let’s remember the importance of writing catchy headlines to grab readers’ attention! It’s clear that copywriting is a valuable skill that can lead to lucrative career opportunities, and with dedication and practice, anyone can become a successful copywriter. Thanks for sharing your insights!

    • Hey there, thanks for sharing your insights. Understanding of your audience, is at the same time, the most important, yet the most difficult task above all. Not only in copywriting, but also in affiliate marketing, content marketing, and so on…once understood, you as a content creator, and your words, have a huge power. Headlines, and leads are the most “visible” place of single online content where copywriting can be used. Apart from those, you should be able write compelling cta’s. As for bloggers, those are the 3 areas where I suggest people spend their time to learn copywriting. I am happy you liked my post and I hope it helped you. Let me know if I can be help with something else. 


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