SEO copywriting courses

Have you been searching among SEO copywriting courses trying to find the best one for you?

Optimising for clients and in the same time for search engines isn’t always easy.

Your content is king in the end, and you want to be sure that it stands out while facing the competition.

I am going to have a closer look if SEO copywriting certification course is the one that can help you boost your content.

In short:if you want to get higher Google rankings, this review will help you.

Shall we start?

Name: SEO Copywriting Certification
Founder: Helen Lloyd-Martin
Earning Potential: 10/10
: $995, or 3 times $390
: 9/10

Before I will dig in the course itself there is question I am getting often and I want to answer it now.

Do Copywriters consider SEO and are the SEO Copywriting and Copywriting the same?

Yes copywriters writing online, consider SEO.

SEO copywriting courses

Secondly, SEO and Copywriting is not completely the same. (For instance if you write other than digital copy, I think you won’t consider any SEO techniques.)

Even though it is quite similar. The biggest difference is that with Copywriting you are trying to appeal to the customers, and while writing for SEO, you are trying to appeal Mr. Google and his friend Mr. Bing.

Obviously, if you are writing online copy, then you want to have ideally both of the worlds inside of your written text.

I hope that it makes a bit more sense to you now.

What is it?

Created by first-ever agency to specialise in SEO and happen to be the founders of the first SEO Copywriting Certification program these pioneers on SEO created this unique program.

Endorsed by organisations such as and AWAI, the SEO Copywriting Certification training is a self-directed training focused on web content and social media writing.

The materials are continually updated, reflecting the latest search engine changes. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to receive feedback on their writing.

In short, it is SEO Copywriting course for content writers of all level. (Maybe you will have slighter advantage, if you know basics of SEO, but it is not necessary.)

Who is it for?

Aspiring, but as well experienced copywriters.

Additionally, it is suited for every content creator online, looking for more readers,subscribers and customers.

So, it can suit every:

  • blogger
  • email marketer
  • content marketer
  • freelance writer
  • social marketer

About the author

SEO copywriting courses

Helen Lloyd-Martin is a 20-year marketing veteran, a recognized author and considered the pioneer of SEO copywriting.

Recognised worldwide as a first-generation search marketing expert, her life is split between watching the search engines dance and pinpointing the exact direct response copywriting strategies that make people buy.

  • Profiled in the book Online Marketing Heroes as the pioneer of SEO copywriting.
  • Mentioned as a must-follow online marketing genius in the book The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide: Essential Tools and Tactics for Business Success.
  • Past-chair of the Direct Marketing Association’s Search Engine Marketing Council.
  • Developer of the SEO Copywriting Certification program, the only industry-endorsed training program teaching SEO Copywriting best practices.
  • Voted one of 2012’s Top Women in SEO, and nominated again in 2013.
  • Advisory board member of SEMpdx, and serves on the board of American Writers and Artists, Inc.
  • Quoted and cited in many publications, including The Huffington Post, Target Marketing Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and others.

Inside of SEO Copywriting Certification

As stated previously, the course is divided into 8 blocks in period of 3 months. The lessons are structured in way that they follow each other, so you want to start at block 1 and finish at block 8.

Let me share with you what you can find in each of blocks, directly from the author:

SEO copywriting courses

Discover the step-by-step process Master SEO copywriters go through to create highly targeted copy that crushes the competition.

You’ll learn how to research your local and national competition online, figure out the hottest trends relating to your business, develop a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats,) and how to expertly position your company.

SEO copywriting courses

Who is your “perfect” client – and how do they think, research and buy? What are your unique features – and how do you translate those into hard-hitting benefits?

You’ll discover how to develop a customer persona, boost your benefit statements and create targeted messaging that will make your customers want to take action – right now!

SEO copywriting courses

You’ll discover how key phrases relate to your unique buy cycle, how to build a key phrase seed list, how to capitalize on key phrase trends and various fun (and free) ways you can find the best key phrases for your site.

SEO copywriting courses

This lesson demonstrates how you choose the best key phrases for every page on your site.

You’ll learn about the evolution of a key phrase list, how to overlap key phrases and how to develop a tightly-focused site wide key phrase strategy.

SEO copywriting courses

Wondering how to write top-converting copy that can gain great search engine rankings?

You’ll learn the truth about key phrase density, where to really place your key phrases and the most important pages that you should start writing right now!

SEO copywriting courses

Discover how you can transform your existing articles, FAQ pages, blog posts and more into powerful, top-positioned pages.

SEO copywriting courses

Why settle for a few top positioning key phrases when you can build content – and gain rankings – for hundreds more?

You’ll discover how to create compelling articles, FAQ pages and more that will help you capture clicks across the buy cycle.

SEO copywriting courses

Measuring your SEO copywriting success is more than just checking your key phrase rankings.

Discover the various ways you can measure your success, test your copy for effectiveness and further improve upon your SEO copywriting campaign! We’ll discuss easy ways to improve your site copy using Google’s free tools such as Search Console, Google Analytic and Website Optimizer.

Why you should join SEO Copywriting Certification?

Learning from a Expert

Helen Lloyd-Martin has over 20 years experience in behind her belt, so I think that should be already enough to state that she is more than legit to teaching SEO.

additionally, she already trained over thousands students in-house or online.

Ultra Specific Speciality

Some 30 years ago it wasn’t the SEO we know today.

While nowadays, it is one of the most searched skill for almost every business online.

If you will master it, you would have been:

a) targeted by big companies, which can afford to pay you generous money for your knowledge

b) seeing your own business sky-rocketing, when applying the right SEO strategies

Comes with Certificate

This one is mostly interesting for you guys, with freelancing business.

You could place the logo with the certificate on your website, and that will really differentiates you from the other self-proclaimed SEO “experts”.

SEO copywriting courses

Why you might steer away from it?


Without a doubt, the value of the course HUGE.

The thing is, not everyone can afford to pay such money. Almost a grand for 3 months course(or 3x $390) is still lot of money for some.

SEO’s one topic only

While it is awesome to be specialized, and in general I prefer the ultra specificity rather, than bright skill set with averaging in each.

There might be people who want to learn Copywriting rather than SEO (Copywriting). For those there won’t be much in it.

On the other hand, this course offers the only one course for copywriting you ever need.

Do I recommend SEO Copywriting Certification?

The course definitely provides a huge piece of value. Not just the legitimacy and experience of the author speaks for it, but as well the testimonials from REAL people are proof of that.

SEO copywriting courses
SEO copywriting courses

After purchasing you will get to know the basic and advanced SEO techniques and strategies for your online content.

So, in nutshell, you will surely learn highly search able skill in the funny way .

On the other hand, you want to consider the price, as it is not affordable for everyone.

So, yes, I do recommend it, if you have enough money to buy it and if you want to improve rankings of your posts and pages.


What if I tell you that you can access very similar, high quality, up-to date and in-depth SEO (and other) training for a fraction of that price?

Yeah, with this program, you can start for FREE, and the PREMIUM membership will cost you just $49/month.

About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Hi Julius,
    Thanks for your thorough review of this SEO Copywriting Certification.
    I hadn’t heard of a copywriting course that combines SEO in it as this one seems to do. Also its good to realize how useful it could be and how it could improve websites and other writing projects. The testimonial from the Pilates studio is pretty good.
    The price is a bit high but you seem to get a lot of value for it.
    Have you personally done it?

    1. Hi John. Thank you for stopping by. They are the only one doing such a course, that’s why the super specific skill set you will gain after completing the course. That makes it interesting. The testimonials are real proof that, it’ll bring value to starters as well as more experienced content writers. I personally haven’t done the course, as for now I think my SEO knowledge is on a good level, but will consider to finish the course in future.

  2. SEO Copywriting Certification sounds very good, but I certainly wouldn’t pay sucg a high price for it. I know the importance of SEO in creating web content, and use it in every piece. However, as you rightly said, everything taught in the course is available at at much lower cost with your recommended program. The good thing about the course is the founder’s recognition and experience. I’m sure a beginner who can afford $1,000 would find it useful though.

    1. Hey there! The price of the course can distract some people interested in learning the SEO copy. However anyone with 1k could join, the value is huge. I like to spend bit less though and see if the program is working. Therefore WA is great option as they offer FREE trial first and cancel anytime option.

  3. Hi Julius,

    Thanks for showing us how good the SEO Copywriting course is! I am pretty sure this is a legitimate training program instead of online scams that are only after our hard-earned cash. When there are full of craps online, it’s valuable that we can actually learn some real SEO tips and hacks from Helen Lloyd-Martin, an SEO pioneer that goes ahead of us for 20 years…

    The biggest letdown for me is the price. So far, I cannot afford this cost. I might try your recommendation to get almost the same training in one place. Thanks a lot for showing me the alternative. Highly appreciated.


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