How to work while traveling

How to Work While Traveling? As the pandemic slowly turns into post-pandemic era, traveling becomes swank again. 

Yes, finally, I hear you screaming! 

But How to Have Work Done and Yet Enjoy?

For clarity sake, I am sitting in Waikiki Bar at Morro Jable beach in Canarias when writing the post, so there will be extra authenticity added into this tasty post ?

Some people say that traveling is better than drugs or orgasm. 

Well, I don't know about that. But I do know that TRAVELING BRINGS EXTRAORDINARY MOMENTS. 

It's easy: traveling offers new horizons, gives you inspiration and excitement when discovering new places.

In case, you are also travel addict and you are working online (who doesn't right now, right?), you will love my guide.

(I confess, I am travel junkie, I started my Instagram recently, where I aim to capture all of my (past and present) journeys. Don't miss it!!)

So, sip your margarita and enjoy the reading.

What I won't cover in my How to Work When Traveling Guide?

Firstly, let me be completely transparent with you.

I don't known about you, but I love when people express their intentions before I am going to commit any of my valuable time.

Therefore I won't be disappointed.

Makes sense, right?

(This is true when it comes to food, dating, traveling or reading information.)

When you are 20 years old and looking for fun, you won't go for a date with 10 years fella, who is looking to settle down.

How to work while traveling

OK, so I what I won't cover in my post:

  • Jobs Opportunities While Traveling (I won't give you guide on getting a job in hostel or how to find a job in restaurant while on cruise ship)
  • Obvious Stuff like: Trusty and Stable Internet, or Traveling Light (C'mon, you are definitely very smart and therefore you know that if you want to work online, you HAVE TO HAVE RELIABLE INTERNET. As well as, when going to trip while working, you won't take one 25 kg check-in bag and 2 other carry-ons, right?)

I really had this urge, to warn you, to avoid prior disappointment ?

What I WILL COVER in my How to Work When Traveling Guide?

On the other hand, I'd like to give you a little sneak peek what to expect.

Clearly, the pandemic turned many office jobs into remote one, if you wanted or not.

Some people are using therefore advantage of extending travel.

As it is new for many, there might be some struggle when booking your first "travel stint".

Don't worry neither, if you are travel veteran. There are some tips, that you might not known. Or if you do, maybe you forgot them and it can be nice to refresh your mind. 

So, inside my guide How to work when traveling, you'll find out among others:

  1. How to stay productive when sunbathing half of the day
  2. How to efficiently switch from "online to offline"
  3. How to enjoy the great local food and in the same time drink your favourite soy coffee
  4. And obviously, how to work while many more.

Get to Know The Location

After couple of years, you won't remember the sea view, the apartment equipment or if you took a ferry or plane.

What you'd remember for ages are people, food or drinks.

I still know how tasty was the feta inside of salad I had while in Greece. It was 4 years back. 

In other words: you'd remember smells and tastes.

Seriously, people who work while traveling oftentimes can't tell the difference between the countries.

So, when you ask where they are, they might response Vietnam instead of Malaysia, India instead of Sri Lanka or Sicily instead Sardinia.

Of course, when working from apartment with sea view, it is unforgettable experience.

At the same time, the views could look more or less the same.

How to work while traveling

Even, this location on Canaries is amazing for working. It won't be more unique than beach bar in Portugal I worked last year from.

Especially when you do often travel and search for similar locations, it can be hard to tell the difference. 

But local people, food, drinks, smells and tastes are everywhere different and therefore UNIQUE.

From my recent experience: the local market in Yaiza, Canaries is different from the one in Hilversum, Netherlands. 

Additionally, every location has its unique treasures and monuments.

Don't miss on them!

How to work while traveling

These super tasty mussels, and cheese plate, is something we talk about years after we ate them. It was in Catania, Sicily in 2019.   

Morning Meditation

Actually, the idea for this blog post came out, as a result of my morning meditation.

More precisely, it is an "hour-of-power" ritual introduced by Tony Robbins.

(Recommend it for everyone)

So, now I am even more concern about you like the post.

Otherwise, this tip sucks as does my writing.

But seriously, is there something better for your focus and concentration when sea waves are bumping into the rocks at shore?

Check Spotify playlists on meditation and calming music. 50% has ocean wave background sound.

Taking the stroll at the beach in wee hours has other benefit too: empty beach.

How to work when traveling

Super efficient, having beach for myself during my "motivation" at 7 am. 

The biggest purpose of this activity tough, is to set your mind for a day ahead.

I have a friend back in Amsterdam who is complaining about the weather and how, he'd love to live and work at the beach.

But while we were together on holiday couple of years back in Greece, he was wasted almost every day. Sure he didn't think about meditation after that.

Although, having fun at beach is something no one should be blamed for, I am asking myself where could have been his life now, if he took the time for himself? 

Don't do the same mistake and take advantage of this great scenery and environment. That way you become productive machine and won't get disturbed so easily.

Also, you can finish your work earlier, and have more time for chat with that beautiful waiter down the street or for visiting local, hidden gems.

Side Note: It could be whatever activity you like. Not necessarily meditation. Morning run or walk at the beach would do almost the same.

Second Side Note: Use the morning motivation for your long terms goals as well. There is not better place for dreaming and planning your future as at beach. 

You remember my drunken friend from Greece?

On the very same trip, I got idea for this website you're on now.

How work while traveling

Sure, this view helps to get "ideas float".  Crete, Greece 2019

Time For Sport

Hiking. Running. Biking. Swimming. Fitness Exercise. Basketball. Volleyball. Tennis.Yoga. Snorkelling. Surfing.

You have endless opportunities.

Many options with one purpose:keep you moving.

Assuming you work online, there is probably nothing better to get your mind off after working day, as sport session.

How to work while traveling

After this unexpected invitation to fish family reunion, I was relaxed better like pint of lager. Fell in love with snorkelling. 

Also, if you have meetings or if you were on the phone the whole day, sport is necessity.

In case, you don't practice any sport why not start right now?

Honestly, if I would have to choose where to start with my physical exercise, beach is definitely preferred rather than testosterone jam-packed city-centre fitness club.

However, you don't have to aim for Iron Man, running Oslo Marathon or Completing Tour de France.

Trust me, 30 minutes stroll would do its magic.

In addition to clearing your mind with the help of sport, you might:

  • Have A Lot of Fun When Doing Sport Activity
  • Meet Some Great People, Even Your Potential Partner if You Are Single
  • Sharpen Your Body
  • Get Tanned (If in Warm Destination)

You see? Many benefits while to sport while on your traveling endeavour.

Turn Off Social Media

Scrolling down Facebook is super stupid at home!

But while on terrace in Crete enjoying your frappe (working or chilling) IS ALMOST A CRIME! ?

How to work while traveling

This was my daily frappe at Panorama Restaurant on Crete in Greece. Definitely didn't need a Facebook there.

But seriously.

So many people come to the beach and half of the time are chatting on Facebook with their friends.

Especially when you are traveling while working, the Facebook should be blocked.

If not blocked, because you need it for your work for instance, then at least delete messenger from your phone and don't take laptop with you when you don't work.

For those of you who don't known the dangers of using too much Facebook(while traveling), those are the two main: you won't enjoy the present moment and you are risking the FOMO (FEAR OF MISSED OPPORTUNITIES) 

But what opportunity could you miss? Night out with friends at it worse! So, you'll get together when you are back. Now, go and enjoy the beach where you are now. 

Side Note: There is nothing wrong on taking beautiful picture and sharing it. But do it at the beginning of your trip (or at the end) and then don't open the Facebook while enjoying the beauty of the place you are now. 

Bring a Piece of Home With You

Some people's biggest motivation for doing what they're doing is picture of their kid, or dreamed house or motivational quote.

If you do belong to that group, you definitely want to bring that  "carrot" with you.

This guide should help you how to work while traveling and not how to get homesick while traveling.

Apart from this, I have known guy who wouldn't be happy and productive if he doesn't drink his favourite soy latte.

Another friend of mine bought portable PlayStation luggage (it looks like hand luggage, but it has PS with monitor and joysticks in it) and carries it everywhere he goes.

I used to bring book from specific author with me during my travels. If I didn't read some of his book, I felt like the trip was incomplete. (Some books I read multiple times already-; so I really hope he'll write some more soon)

It can be something smaller, like favourite pyjama, t-shirt, drink or sleeping mask. Or something bigger like your dog for instance.

Unless it is your TV or 2x2 meters big Al Pacino's Scarface portrait, I'd recommend you to take it with you.

There is nothing wrong having a piece of your home with you when traveling. Especially, if it helps you to stay focused.

Never Stop Traveling

I know, there is pandemic. I know, you have your kids. I know, your boss. Your friends. Your budget.

There are plenty of reasons, you just can't travel.

At the same time, I think who wants, will find a way.

It is very simple: are you searching for solutions or obstacles?

Do you see Sunday as end of something great, or as exiting start of new chances?

Obviously, if you were tested positive on covid, then don't travel.

Or if there is wedding of your great friend and you were asked to be his best man, don't book trip to Bali in the same weekend.

Stay responsible, but also adventurous.

I named some reasons at the beginning of the post. If they were not enough, you can think of this simple example.

Fancy restaurant dinner and shopping in Magna Plaza in Amsterdam is one day event.

Clothes will get worn out. Memories will stay for pretty longer!

Additionally food in the centre of Amsterdam might be overpriced and over cooked.

Yeah I know, overcooked fish can happen also on Zanzibar. 

The only difference is that you won't be mad for so long if it happened on place like this...the potatoes and chilli weren't the best, some might call them too salty. But when sitting in the restaurant with such a view, I didn't bothered. 

The picture below is from Atlantique Bar in Esquinzo beach in Fuerteventura.

If you still demand more reasons why to travel, those are the ones that always work for me when I start to hesitate if book or not:

  • Inspiration (I never write so much as when close to the beach and when temperature is above 20° Celsius.)
  • Discover New Cultures, Traditions, Food, etc.
  • Meet New People- Useful not only when you are single (I have Found great Tennis Buddy during this February Canaries trip)
  • See Your Life at Home From Distance-That regularly leads to better solution => better future

    Some Real life examples from my life:

    When moving out from Austria to Netherlands in 2015, guess were I made my final decision? It was on Mallorca

    Change of Job by the end of 2016?
    Boom, Albufeira Portugal.
    Quitting my Job and starting my own Company in 2018?
    Boom Crete, Greece. 

  • Saving Money (Depends where is the place you called home, but deem you live in Amsterdam, where renting apartment comes for $1300. In Morro Jable, place I am now, the same size apartment comes on $500-600. Adding the restaurant, traveling or service costs and after one month of living in Canaries you'd safe already)

I hope I could give you some inspiration on how to work while traveling.


If you liked the post, please don't be shy and share the word.

Also, in case, you have not yet found your online endeavour, check platform that allowed me travel wherever and whenever I want.


Just travel!

P.S. Let me known how this guide works for you.

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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. We are glad that we have ran into this article and finding out five new traveling tips that does not prevent me from traveling and doing what I want. I know that we travel all the time and do our work as we do school. The article opened our eyes again in letting us know how much freedom we really got with us being our own boss.


  2. Hey Julius, some great pointers here. Travelling the world is an aspiration of many, and being able to make money at the same time is a great selling point. But it’s too easy to get distracted by the nice weather. I think meditation is a great thing to consider and reducing the amount of time you spend on social media is just as important, regardless of what your goals are.

    Exploring new parts of the world is something that I’d love to do, and you’ve shown it’s possible to do it whilst making money online. Thanks for sharing these tips Julius…

    1. Hey John. You nailed it. Nice weather is super distracting. Just had example of it today -;) Was able to read a book at least. Yesterday, it was actually first time, I felt happy for having cloudy morning here in Canaries from the very same reason, haha. But, indeed the meditation is the thing that works best. As it was last day of our trip, I could cheat a bit;-)Happy, you liked the tips.

  3. Hi Julius, travel broadens the horizon, and working while travelling sounds idyllic. I love the idea of starting your day by meditating on a warm, sunny beach as well as drinking frappe in a beach side café. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring post:)

    1. Hey Kathy. Glad you liked it. Indeed, those are idyllic moments. The mornings at empty beach are really priceless. Spent last week doing it and craving for more-;)

  4. Hi Julius,

    It’s good to read your article on how to work while traveling, and it reminds me how wonderful traveling is before the pandemic. The remote work model makes it possible to work on the beach or the forest once you have an internet connection, making us digital nomads with a laptop lifestyle. I wonder how you arrange your work time and your private time since the boundary between these two gets blurred when you work remotely, right? It helps if you can answer this. 🙂


    1. Hi Matt. Great question. I think the only approach is to be super strict with yourself and set time deadlines. What I’ve done during my last trip for instance here in Spain was that I woke up 7, did my morning motivation/meditation and sport. Worked from 9am to 3 pm and then was able to enjoy the beach and surroundings. As the sunset wasn’t before 7 pm, I’ve got in average 4 hours of sun/beach. Sport and morning routine done as well on beach, that would be 6 hours of sunshine in total -;) But, as I said, BEING STRICT TO YOURSELF, is the only option. Although getting distracted is much more easier by the beach and being super strict is not easy, but with time all can be achieved. Let me know if that helped you mate.

  5. Hi Julius, Yes travelling is definitely motivation for working online. It probably is one of my main reasons for blogging ~ I think my first trip away excluding Ireland was Crete in I think 2018. I think I got a passport before that as was supposed to go to the Philippines a year earlier. I didn’t go there but I spontaneously decided like within 24 hours I think it was to meet my family on holiday in Crete. It was so crazy because I bought a laptop of FB marketplace that morning and actually ended up stuck in Prague for like 8 hours or something but it was a great trip as was doing some dropshipping work at the time so actually made a bit of money whilst there which was really cool.

    Since then I have had a good number of trips where I haven’t worked and somewhere I have. I think Agadir Morroco and Gibraltar I did a bit of work there but everywhere else I just had problems eg. my bratty nephew has been away with me like 4 times – I never worked much with him there and other problems have been like with WIFI and other distractions but definitely I would like to think my goals would be 1# to actually have passive income coming in already so I didn’t actually need to work and 2# well to just be able to work as I would at home. I would actually love to just hop around a little bit. I just come back from Prague (my 2nd time) I had actually planned to stop off in Milan on the way back but was advised against it by immigration was probably for the best but yes if things can go back to how they were before all this covid stuff – I’d definitely like to travel more.

    Great post;

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I am happy you liked it Alex. It looks like you had pretty awesome travels behind you-;) Well done.
      It can be a bit tricky with all the devices when working online. So therefore Wifi, battery and portable chargers are must. Otherwise you are risking to have to stop, just when your inspiration flows the best. Passive income is indeed the best way for traveling the world, as you really can plan your work and day according to your wishes and not to wishes or orders of someone else.

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