How to Earn with Blogging?

Do you hate your job? Do you want to earn money online? Then you might have come across the term called BLOGGING.

While some people talk about blogging with content or even disgrace (that would be mostly writers).

There is a significant amount of people who love blogging. Some of them making even money from it, and…some are making regularly 6-7 figures a month. 

If you wonder how to earn with blogging, this blog post is for you.


First things first. 

Blogging is writing about an event, situation, or topic in a blog. Blog content is often referred to as blog entries. It uses (most of the time) conversational style.

Ya know, what I mean…don’t ya? -:)

That’s right, one thing to remember before starting is that blogging is quite young and people using it are therefore young or younger. Those people are also talking to the young or younger part of the population. 

So you want to make sure your writing uses LANGUAGE your audience will understand and can relate to.

Ok, I might write a post about TIPS how to get great at blogging, but today I want to talk about the ways how to earn with blogging.


how to earn with blogging

#1 Content Specialist

When you will get skilled in blogging, you can persuade a career in content marketing

Most of the jobs you can get would be guest blogging for other bloggers, who uses their site for monetization. 

You will get some assignments from the owner, like TOPIC, AUDIENCE, and KEYWORDS and with some guidance about the entire voice of the particular web, you should be good to go. 

PRO about Content Marketing is that you should be flexible in choosing your niche. Be that one or several. 

CON and less intriguing is that you will have a lower right to define your rates. And at the beginning, you might feel you don’t earn enough. 

For instance, an agency called beginners around $20 for 1500 words. 

#2 SEO Specialist

Very similar to Content Specialist is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist

You will be responsible for the ”back-end” of the posts. 

Many blog owners don’t have time to deal with the Google updates. If you get skilled in SEO and you have an affinity with it it can be a great way how to earn with blogging. 

PRO is that you can earn much more like a (beginning) content specialist 

CON is that the work can become a bit stereotype after a while. But then again, think of the locations on the sandy beach and turquoise water you can be working on. Intriguing enough? I bet ya. 

how to earn with blogging

#3 Adsense

This technique has two views. One is that you can become an AdSense creator(I can assure you it can be much more difficult as it sounds)

Secondly, if you are the owner of the blog, you can insert those ads into your blog posts, and you will earn money through visitor clicks. I know this might sound even easier than the previous technique, but in fact, it is even harder. 

Because of the fact you have to have a ton of traffic. Now we are talking like 10k a day. 

PRO on-demand task(if you are creator) 

CON high tech skills requirement (creator) or huge traffic (blog owner) 

#4 Sponsor Blogging

If you are going to be a successful blogger, people blogging in your niche, would at a later stage ask you to mention their blog on yours. 

They might also ask you to share their post link within your content, so people interested in a similar topic will visit their website.

It makes sense right?

If you consider some high authority website is recommending smaller business with outstanding services, there is a high chance that people will visit that site. 

(It would be like Michellin Star restaurant owner would recommend the newest fancy burger place in your town. Would you be keen on visiting? I guess so.)

how to earn with blogging

PRO relatively easy way to earn money, (if you are an established blogger with a high authority )

CON not suitable for beginners 

#5 Affiliate Marketing

My favorite way of earning money with blogging.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, I recommend you to read about it, it is a great option literally for everyone. 

In nutshell, you will be writing your blog posts about products, brands, or services offering Affiliate commissions. 

After you created enough reputation in the particular niche, there is a huge potential of skyrocketing your affiliate sales. 

In case you are asking what would you sell, there are literally tons of products or services starting at web hosting platforms, throughout CBD sellers to Private Jet renting companies. 

In whichever direction you go, the earnings 20k+ from a single site are not uncommon…

The SKY is limit here! Whatever your passion is, most definitely you can find an affiliate program about it. 

PRO suitable for people of all levels, ideal for beginners 

CON limited amount of dedicated training teaching you affiliate marketing 

I tried to cover the 5 easiest ways how to earn with blogging.

Additionally, there are other options available, but I just wanted to give you an overview of what are the options if you are still unsure of the direction you want to go.

You could spot, that it highly depends if you want to blog for others like options 1,2, and 3 from my list, or you want to build your own blog with your own audience. 

The first way is probably easier in short term, but if you decide to build your own blog the earning possibilities are just bigger.

That said, you would need to work with a long-term goals mindset and be ready to work for some time(could be even months) for low or any salary. But the fruit will come later if you dedicate enough TIME, PERSISTENCE, and ACTION. 

P.S. In case you would like to get an estimation of what blogging for others can earn you, you can check and hoover around the most appealing field you would be interested in and check what are some of the common rates.

P.S.S If you are intrigued to become a blog expert on your own, this training can help you achieve your well-deserved financial freedom.

About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • I joined the online industry almost two years ago and not a day goes by where I’m not learning something new about these journey and how to improve my business while blogging. This always takes me back to the old tumblr days but with a more in-depth perception of what you’re trying to portray to your reader. It’s a fun experience if you’re writing about the things that you love and it can be even more rewarding when you start making money out of something that you truly enjoy. 

    • As you pointed out Stephanie. If you can connect writing about something you love with earning money from it, what could be best, right? That is one of the great things about the online world, you have really endless topics and ways how you can connect with your audience and eventually how you can monetize your effort.  

  • I believe people blog for a win-win situation. The reader is helped with the topic written and posted. 

    The blogger first enhances himself with rich knowledge, earns as a reward from his hard effort and make a sense of accomplishment in helping others.

    But you are right, one would only earn a little in simple content writing without affiliate marketing. SEO, AdSense and Sponsor Blogging goes along with developing blog authority. This is what I am experiencing. It coincides with what you just posted. So that means, I agree with your 5 simple ways of how to earn from blogging.

    • Hi Rose, thank you for your comment. 

      Blogging is not just writing, post, and earn. Even though if you experience a huge volume of traffic and you are relevant then at a later stage you can be experiencing that flow. 

      Most of the time is blogging consisting out of several little components, as mentioned in the post. 

      I am really happy that you see the complete picture as well.Cheers

  • Hello. Thank you for the 5 simple ways to earn with blogging. I am very much interested in being an AdSense creator. I did not know I can do that but it is something that I might want to consider. Thank you for pointing that out. I am also interested in sponsor blogging. I want to learn more about it. Thank you

    • Hi Boi. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. The AdSense creator is definitely an interesting (with increasing demand) area for people interested in earning from blogging.  The harder part is to gain the skill. But once you are skilled you can find many assignments. 

      If you go that way, I wish you just the best of luck. Cheers

  • Thank you for providing an informative post on How to earn with blogging. I found it very helpful and useful. I have been thinking about blogging myself as an affiliate marketer.

    • hey Yvonne, and thank you for your comment. As an Affiliate Marketer, you can really leverage your blogging skills. There is training that provides all the important tools to teach you this valuable skill.

  • Nice tips on making money with blogging. Though there a lot of ways to earn, my favourite one is affiliate marketing. Though it takes a lot of effort and time it’s worth doing it. It’s the best way to make passive income online.

    • Hi Kavitha. Thank you for your comment. I do love Affiliate Marketing as well. Happy I could provide you some additional tips. Cheers

  • I smiled when I saw the bit on Adsense and the traffic needed to make money using this service. I have been using Adsense and it is indeed an uphill battle. The important thing here is that I am climbing still, so there is hope as long as I don’t take a nosedive, all is well.

    I do appreciate learning about other ways to make money from blogging. The good news is that they can be combined, and so it is possible to have multiple earning streams. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Josephine, and thank you for your comment. Indeed, if you want to have a regular and decent income from Adsense you should really have a traffic counting in thousands, unfortunately, it is like that. You also should think about the user experience, as too many ads could be annoying for users and therefore it might lead to the counter effect. There are indeed other options (you can use them simultaneously) that are requiring less traffic.

  • Thanks for this informative post and the 5 simple ways to earn money from blogging. All 5 can exist in affiliate marketing to some degee.

    People come to your site because they are usually looking to solve a problem. Rewarding them with good content will usually make them want to come back. SEO brought them in, content engaged them and even though they may not buy the first time around, affiliate maketing (and possibly Adsense where used) would also have created some engagement – 4 of your tips ! Sponsor blogging will eventually occur as authority increases.
    Great interconnections.


    • Hey there Ceci. Thanks for your comment. There are definitely several options to monetize blogging. I tried to cover some of the easiest ones to follow. As you mentioned it is not just about the direct sale, you can definitely provide quality content and use email marketing, for instance, to nurture the relationship with your possible prospect and make the sale at a later stage. All that it matters is the VALUE. If people will receive value from your blog they will do come back eventually and will make purchases when the time is right. Cheers

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