Bryan Winters

Bryan Winters is a well-known and respected internet marketer.

His Diddly Pay Pro software is the latest product he has released, and many people are wondering if it is worth the investment.

You might know that finding a reputable and effective online marketing tool can be difficult.

With so many options available, it's hard to know which one is the best for your business.

So, in this blog post, I will provide an honest review of the Diddly Pro software and give you my opinion on whether it is worth your money.

Keep reading to find out more!

Shall we start?

Founder: Bryan Winters
Product Type:
Social Viral Software
Price$3 one-time shipping costs, afterward $20/month+ UPSELLS
Overall Rating5/10
Recommended: YES with WARNINGS (read further what you need to pay attention to)

What is Diddly PRO?

The way Bryan Winters defines Diddly Pay PRO social-viral software.

If you never heard of social-viral software, the video below explains that perfectly.

In a nutshell, you'll need to have either your own product or someone else's (inside of Diddly PRO you'll find products to sell).

How Diddly PRO will help you to get BUYER LEADS, instead of people paying for the product.

Let me explain that in detail further on.

How Does Diddly Pay PRO Work?

I can imagine that if you hear social-viral software, you might wonder what that exactly means.

Therefore, I'll do my best to come up with a plain explanation...

Social-viral platforms (such as Diddly Pay PRO) will offer you, as a website owner the option to place a button inside of your offers.

This button will offer visitors the chance to purchase your product with leads, instead of paying for it.

Bryan Winters

Let's say someone decides to go for this option, then he can share your offer with 3,4, or 5 people (depending on each offer) and when those people will share their email, the threshold was met, and those people can enjoy your product.

You will get their email addresses in return.

Email address is useful, for further email marketing campaigns.

For Who Did Bryan Winters Create His Diddly Pay PRO?

This method taught inside Diddly Pay PRO is suitable for advanced online marketers.

If you are started, It might be just too risky to use this system.

(Are you a beginning marketer? Then you have to follow this (FREE) training.)

Diddly Pay PRO Pros

Legit Method

Indeed! This social-viral software is really legit method of getting new leads.

This can be nice refreshment for you!

The chances are, that you feel frustrated every time, you bounce to some seemingly great software, only to find out it is another money drainer and not deliver.

There are plenty of low-quality rubbish products out there.

Therefore, knowing that Diddly Pay PRO offers a legit way, is vital!

Click Bank Money-Back Guarantee

Generally speaking, when purchasing products on ClickBank, you always get a money-back guarantee. I always got a refund when purchased anything on CB.

At the same time, if the product presents as a one-payment offer, but with the tricky small letters, there is hidden mention of monthly costs afterward, be sure you cancel both memberships.

Previously, I was almost trapped paying $97 as a monthly subscription when buying low-value Millionaire Society, as it wasn't stated on their sales page, that this product is a monthly membership.

Diddly Pay PRO Cons

Can Be Misleading

You see, while on the Diddly Pay PRO sales page, you'll easily get the feeling, that this software does it all for you.

While the truth is, you have to have a product and you have to have traffic already coming to your site.

(You can also learn how to drive traffic to your website)

Otherwise, you won't use the real potential of this product.

The truth is that you can also promote products inside of Diddly Pay PRO, but those might not meet your expectations and might not be profitable, because people won't need them for instance.

Trust me when I say, that RELEVANCY is super important in online marketing. If you can't offer something "hot", even the most fancy software and gadget will be useless.

No Traffic Generation Training Included

Yep! As mentioned a couple of times already, there is no traffic generation training inside this software.

If you would buy this software as a newbie, you might even not recognise, you need one.

Traffic is the lifeblood of your blog. When no one is visiting your site, you have nothing more than a hobby. I guess, your aspirations are higher.

Therefore, if you intend to monetise your blog, or help someone (or both), you have to know how to drive traffic to your site.

There are 2 basic ways to do that.

Firstly, there is paid way, with the help of ads. Secondly, you can learn how to drive FREE(organic) traffic to your blog. 

If you are starting out, it is safe to say, that the FREE traffic is more suitable for you.

Not only it is more affordable, but it also produces results over a longer period.

 Moreover, it creates passive traffic. In case, you are interested in FREE Traffic generation training, read further on, I dedicate it the whole paragraph to it.

Diddly Pay PRO Pricing

The front-end initial investment is $3.

However, what might seem like a great deal, be aware that there are monthly costs.

So, if you want to keep using Diddly Pay PRO, be prepared to pay $20 a month.

Additionally, there are 2 UPSELLS.

Those offer you more DFY (Done For You ) products you can promote and simultaneously create your email list.

Bryan Winters

From people who purchased the front end, it seems you don't need these UPSELLS, as the front end product would be sufficient.

Would I RECOMMEND Diddly Pay PRO?

The method taught inside Diddly Pay Pro is legit.

If you have your product or if you want to promote other people's products in the return for their email address, this method will serve you. 

However, it has some flaws, and that's why I doubt it will work for everyone.

First of all, I would say email marketing works better than this social-viral software.

Simply, because, you can get people's email addresses with lower effort than creating products.

One blog post for instance. Also, more importantly, those people will be what we call "hot leads", because they are interested in your product.

Otherwise, they won't read your post in the first place.

So, that said, I would recommend Diddly Pay Pro to you guys, if you have some relevant online experience, and ideally if you have your own product.

(If you don't have the product, you can, however, still promote the products within Diddly Pay Pro. )

Bryan Winters Diddly Pay PRO-Final Verdict

First of all, thank you for reading my Diddly Pay Pro review.

If you read it through, you read about its pros, and cons, and how it can help you.

It is good to know that this method Bryan Winters is offering is legit and can bring you new leads to your business. 

On the other hand, you saw the dangers of using if you're not an expert.

The biggest issue I SEE, IS THAT THERE IS NOT ANY TRAFFIC GENERATION TRAINING taught inside the software.

In other words: if you don't know how to drive traffic to your offers, this, or any other push-a-button software will be useless.

Therefore, you have two options: paid traffic or FREE (ORGANIC) traffic.

In the following paragraph, I will show you the best way how to drive traffic to your website.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Offers in 2022? (The Best Training)

As promised earlier, I will show you the best training on how to get traffic to your offers in 2022 and beyond.

Previously, I had it about, that if you don't manager traffic generation (people's clicks) any software is useless.

Even so, Diddly Pay PRO is legit product and it can help you increase your email list, it seems the creator forgot to mention, then in order to make it work, you need people visiting your site.

In other words: you need traffic.

Also, I started about it already, you can drive traffic to your site in two ways:

In my opinion, FREE Traffic is a great choice, if you don't have a big budget.

Also, to have the paid option working perfectly, you need to keep investing, otherwise, no one will visit your site.


On the other hand, content created with FREE traffic, is more likely to stay on the web for a longer period.

Also, you need to write this content once and then you can forget it, but it will still drive visitors to your website.

Contrary to PAID traffic.

The Best FREE TRAFFIC Training

When it comes to free traffic, you can think of SEO.

While many people assume when they hear SEO, that it is just content creation. The truth is SEO has much more layers.

You can write your blog posts, with the intention to rank on Google or Bing, but you can also do some OFF SITE SEO. (links)

For instance, relying on answers on Quora, Pinterest, or Facebook posts is a great way of getting "indirect" free traffic to your offers. 

If you are tired of writing, and you prefer to create a video, then you can use YouTube as a PERFECT TRAFFIC GENERATOR.

You see, there are more options than only blogging.

However, the best training teaching you those ways is on Wealthy Affiliate.

I love Wealthy Affiliate, because it teaches SEO as the main TRAFFIC SOLUTION. 

Furthermore, this platform has 24/7 community of like-minded people (till the date already 2.5 million users worldwide), technical support where you will get your answer within hours, (UPDATED) live training classes on weekly basis, domain and affiliate marketplace, UP TO 50 WEBSITES and much more...

The best part? 

You can start for FREE using the button below.

Even so, you might stay FREE member forever (and still get access to some of the great tools I mentioned above), when you aim for REAL SUCCESS, like guys below, you should switch to PREMIUM ASAP. 

It costs less than $1.30 a day.

Bryan Winters
Bryan Winters

If you liked my review, please share the word further. 



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  • I do not want to be miss lead buy Bryan and your number one option to make money seems more reasonable. We have been reading your post and commenting on almost every article and we must say that you keep us reading.
    In this review of diddly pay pro by bryan is not what we want and WA is the best platform you can choose.
    Do not be miss lead with upsales in there program.


  • Thanks for showing us the pros & cons of Diddly Pay Pro. Your input helped me avoid it since it lacks many fundamentals to build a sustainable online business. Without traffic generation training, it’s extremely hard for beginners to succeed in affiliate marketing. I would prefer to learn the basics from an all-in-one platform such as Wealthy Affiliate and seek more opportunities to promote high-ticket programs. 🙂

    • Hey Matt. Indeed, traffic generation is something that most online marketers will struggle with. Therefore, if you have a chance to learn it, you should definitely grab it. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most accurate, comprehensive, and yet the simplest (easy to follow) platforms that offer traffic generation training. For me, it is a brainer. When you will master your traffic skills (sources) , then you can use social viral software, like Diddly Pay pro for instance. Cheers

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