Millionaire Society

In case, you wonder if you shall you buy this seemingly great Millionaire Society program, you are at the right place.

Mack Michaels, claims he will safe you 2 years of research.

So, because he did his part and created this Millionaire Society, you can copy his strategies and be earning with single click.

Too good to be true?

Let's find out together in my review.

Millionaire Society Overview

Founder: Mack Michaels
Product Type:
Affiliate Marketing
Price: $4.95, afterwards $97/month
Overall Rating: 1.5/10
Recommended: NO

What is the Millionaire Society?

If you would believe what Mack says, then the Millionaire Society is a program that will show you how to create an automated online business in as little as 15 minutes.

Also, if you would follow the tips that the author will show, you can earn up to $268 200 a year.

While such claims seem irresistible, you might have heard similar ones already in the past. 

In fact, it is a known strategy among marketers.

Millionaire Society

They will try to make their system look super easy to use and make you rich almost instantly, just in order to get you "on board", but in reality oftentimes, it will just blow you out.

Let's read further, to find out if this is also the case in the Millionaire Society.

How Does Millionaire Society Work?

First of all, I have to warn you!

The sales page doesn't match the way how the system works.

You see, after watching the video on their sales page, you might expect to be exposed to some training on how to choose a niche, how to set up a website, and how to write content.

Quite contrary to that, there is basically nothing from this inside.

So how does it really work?

Firstly, you will watch the sales video.

Secondly, you will sign up for not even $5 in the member's area.

Lastly, you will get access to the "training" videos.

What the creator meant with one-click turnkey business, is that he created PDFs of around 20 pages long, that you can download (in one click).

Not sure, how about you, but this doesn't seem to me a one-click turnkey business.

It doesn't work in the way, that you just do one click and you have your business set-up. You will download the pdf file in one click, but nothing further .

So this could be seen as first RED FLAG ?

Furthermore, as there is missing training, the execution of his idea, however great it might be, will be very poor.

Especially for people who are new to the field earning money online.

Inside Millionaire Society

The fact, that there is missing structure and training inside the Millionaire Society is really diminishing any of the value this program might have.

Not that the value is extraordinary, but it has some potential.

The owner talks about blogging, article marketing, email and Facebook marketing, forum marketing, etc.

All, legit and valuable strategies if done PROPERLY.

The thing is, how can you have them done PROPERLY when there is no TRAINING ?

Anyway, when inside Millionaire Society, you will start with checking the "Systems".

If you would expect some specific, detailed, and powerful tools, you will be hugely disappointed.

What you'll find inside are video series on 4 subtopics.

How to earn money ClickBank, how to get 100k visitors, how to earn on Pinterest, and how to flip domains.

Millionaire Society

Let me stress once again, that all of these subtopics, are relevant, legit, and can be super-profitable WHEN DONE PROPERLY.

Unfortunately, you will be not able to learn how to make a profitable business in either of them due to the very shallow information shared inside the Millionaire Society.

Legit Website Flipping Training: Affiliate Lab

The second part of the member's area, you want to click on is, the "Businesses" section.

Millionaire Society

As you see, there are some 160 categories you can choose from. I don't aim to repeat myself, but I have to say it.

There are LEGIT TOPICS, like Article, Forum, and Email Marketing, that can alone bring you thousands of $$$ a month.

But again, the chances you will learn the skills from this program are basically zero.

You see, all that you will get, are just some outdated PDFs on each topic.

Millionaire Society

Let me ask you a questions: Would you be able to learn any valuable skill just after reading 20 page long PDF?

The rest of the members' area is pretty much useless.

Except for the "Rolodex" section maybe.

They share with you the tools they were using to create their business.

So, that way you can see some legit websites for Web hosting, keyword research, domain flipping, etc.

Who is Mack Michaels?

To my surprise, there is not much information about Mack Michaels online.

Whereas some other marketers claim this isn't his real name, for me, it is hard to prove.

What I found online about him is his LinkedIn profile, where he is positioning himself as a Digital Expert and founder of Maverick Money Makers.

At this moment it starts to be disturbing.

Not only does his LinkedIn profile have NO CONNECTIONS AT ALL.

(This is pretty strange when considering he calls him a digital expert. Even serial crappy-product creator Cindy Donovan has more LinkedIn connections.)

Also, some of his products don't exist anymore.

When you click on the Maverick Money Makers link, you will be forwarded to the ClickBank page, stating the product doesn't exist anymore because of a terms violation.


Millionaire Society

For clarity sake, Maverick money Makers was started in 2017!! What does it say about product that has longevity short as 5 years?

However, the most concerned I've been after discovering that the MAJORITY OF THE REVIEWS OF HIS PROGRAMS ARE NEGATIVE.

Those are huge RED FLAGS ?

Millionaire Society Reviews

You see, I always think that one of the best ways to find out if a product can deliver upon its promises is to read the reviews.

That's the reason you read my review as well, right?

So, during my research I was searching for some Millionaire Society reviews, and it is pretty much bad.

Apart from the disturbing feeling I've got around the creator, the same you will experience after reading this review.

Also, what I found super strange is the fact that there are missing reviews.

It is at least suspicious when product from "digital expert" Mack Michaels has collected in the time frame of 12 years 0 reviews.

Millionaire Society

For those of you who like more videos, here is one honest Millionaire Society review for you.

Millionaire Society PROS

Money Back Guarantee

Due to the fact, that Millionaire Society is offered via ClickBank, you will be granted 30 Days Money-Back guarantee.

Up to this moment, I was always refunded, when purchased on CB.

All you have to do is to provide your email and order number (you'll find it in the confirmation email after purchasing the product) and you are all set.

There Are Legit Ways Shown

I want to make it clear, that the strategies, tools, and ways of how to earn money inside Millionaire Society are all legit.

For instance, if you would master Blogging, Facebook Marketing, or Email marketing, you can really be earning thousands of $$$ a month.

At the same time, when I said A, I have to say a B.

In this case, the information contained inside Millionaire Society is not guaranteed success, ESPECIALLY NOT without proper training.

Millionaire Society CONS

Dishonest Product Owner

Even so, I don't have proof if Mack Michaels is a real or a pen name, this personality is DISHONEST.

You see, there is a huge mismatch between his sales video and the content of Millionaire Society. After entering the members' area, half of the features of the website are not working or are locked.

Millionaire Society

Lastly, he offers this program for $4.95, but nowhere on his sales page, will you find a mention of its monthly price, which is $97.

In fact, for people just starting out online and not knowing these tricks of crappy marketers, they might not pay attention when checking out their payment details on CB.

Outdated Program and Tools

The program is from 2010, but that shouldn't be an excuse. You see, I am earning money thanks to a platform that started in 2007, and is still up-to-date.

However, if you would be to follow the information inside Millionaire Society, 80% of its content won't work nowadays.

Technical Bugs Around Every Corner

In addition to the content being outdated, there is a significant number of BUGS.

You see, just in order to play their "video training," you have to download Adobe, with a flash player.

Too bad that Adobe is not supporting flash player since January 2021. So, you are screwed right there.

Furthermore, 20% of the features just won't work. After you click on them, you'll see the website doesn't exist anymore or has security issues.

Without Proper Training

Maybe the worst out of the worst is the fact, that you won't get any training.

You see, the feeling I've got from it, is that there is this bunch of PDFs without any clear structure how to use them.

Especially, for people who are just starting out, this must a horrible experience.

I know, if I ENTER PLACE LIKE THIS, I WON'T LEARN ANYTHING. Chances are, you'll feel the same.

There is no guidance, step-by-step tutoring, or any of that kind. Just short videos and bunch of PDFs.

Is Millionaire Society a SCAM?

Oxford dictionary defines SCAM as dishonest activity.

Millionaire Society

Whereas Cambridge defines it as ILLEGAL activity.

So, depending on the definition you will accept, you might call Millionaire Society SCAM or not.

It is not illegal scheme, but it is definitely dishonest.

Either way, you will label it, the fact is I WON'T RECOMMEND Millionaire Society to you.

You won't learn anything that will help you get skill full in earning money online.

Quite contrary actually.

You will feel lost, confused and even betrayed(due to the low value inside of the program)

The same useless programs:

What is Better Alternative?

Even so, Millionaire Society is useless, you won't leave my review post empty-handed.

Or should I say "idea-empty"? ?

In case, you are in the point in your life, that you are fed up with your boss, colleagues or the work you do, then you really have to switch online. Mostly, because word is becoming a mad hole. 

I have to warn you though. 

There is nothing like 15 minutes, one-click and push-a-button online success. 

When you aim to create full-time income, you also have to be prepared to work your ass off.

You see, many people keep telling me, Julius I want to earn money online, I want to work wherever and whenever I want.

But when I tell them, OK great, here are the steps, they say, nah, that's too much of time, I can't do it.

What can I SAY TO THAT?


When we have this straighten up, where do you start?

I reviewed over 100 online training, platforms and schemes, and there are just a jew that are worth of your attention.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is, that the majority of online training programs are crap.

The one I recommend the most is Wealthy Affiliate.

It has the biggest student base (2.5 million growing), regularly updated training (52 live classes additionally), and all tools you will ever need to get you started (domain marketplace, web hosting, keyword research tool, etc.)

Additionally, there are REAL PEOPLE EXPERIENCING REAL SUCCESS STORIES. People who started without a huge budget or experiences. 

  • 6.2k in passive income from 21 Year Old College Dropout
  • Single Mum, Earned over 100k in 4 Years Passive Income
  • What about this guy? $1 million over 10 years in passive income

  • The best part is, that you can start your FREE 7 DAYS TRIAL just by clicking below. Also, if you like you can run your business completely on 0$ monthly costs. 

    If you would like to achieve a massive success, I would advise to switch to PREMIUM, that cost less than cup of coffee a day.

    P.S. When you sign up via my links, I will be your personal mentor inside Wealthy Affiliate and I will get you my E-BOOK BONUS.

    I hope you like my Millionaire Society review and if you have any questions or concerns, please leave them below.





    • Money Back Guarantee


    • Outdated
    • Technical Crap
    • Dishonest Owner
    • Missing Training
    About the Author

    Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • It’s weird that this guy has no Linkedin connections and no reviews on TrustPilot even though his company has existed for so long …
    The PDFs might be useful but few people will want to read long PDFs … video training is more effective and often keeps the interest. Anyway, if there isn’t much info about the creator of Millionaire Society I would be suspicious and I wouldn’t get into it. Thanks for this honest review! I’m always surprised at how many dishonest “get-rich-quick” schemes there are on the internet.

    • Hi Christine. Thanks a lot for you stopping by and leaving your comment. I am as well like you, surprised at how many those low-value product creators are out there. Crazy, huh? In this particular case, I think the issue is not the length of those PDFs, but rather the missing structure. It’s like a bunch of articles, without pointing out the direction. On the other hand, my recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate has this amazing step-by-step training that will understand anyone. 16 or 60 years old? Tech savvy or computer hater? It doesn’t matter. I was really blown away by how simple it is. Therefore, I won’t recommend other platforms to start with. Cheers

  • Hi Julius,

    Thanks for exposing yet another scammy product. Your readers will make a better decision because of your sharing. The dishonest founder, bold misleading claims, and low-quality PDF files push me away from it instead of paying money to join it. I believe people should have a correct mindset about making money online to avoid chasing shiny objects. By doing that, they could finally find a legitimate platform to build a sustainable online business, such as your recommendation. 🙂


    • Hi Matt. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with the Millionaire Society. Those guys, who are behind those products, just try to lure newbies into it. If I would see this some 4 years ago, I might also think, it will deliver. But after, after more than 3 years in the online business industry, I know, that the info inside the Millionaire Society will not help people create a sustainable online business. on the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate has everything people need when starting out an online business. Cheers

  • Too many red flags you’ve highlighted on the Millionaire Society program………
    – program offered for $4.95 to lure you in but with an unmentioned monthly price of $97 on the sales page
    – program and tools are outdated with 80% of content no longer relevant to the present day
    – no reviews on TrustPilot and no Linkedin connections
    -lots of PDFs with no clear direction on use, and few short videos – Will be difficult figuring out training……and more…
    I am not surprised the program was rated so low. Does not look like a program that can provide value to its users!

    • Hi Ceci. You are right, there are just too many red flags. Therefore, this program is to be avoided. There are many similar programs out there, which work on the same strategy. Share a great sales page, only for you to find out, that there is not much of value(in this case, it is also outdated). On the other hand, I love programs where the creators work on the improvement of the program and also do have a sort of community that supports each other. SO far, only this platform has offered that to me, so I would definitely recommend this to everyone, who wants to be successful online. Cheers

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