Having this question as well?

No worries, you are not the only one!

Why do you have this feeling? Is it important to find out the cause of your feelings? Or should we try to find the solution rather?

I think both are needed if you want to get rid of this question once forever.

Let’s dig into it and see if we can find both, the cause as well as the solution. 

==> See, how I switched from “hated” job to the Life Under My Terms <==

People are hating their JOB

Let me get this straight for you, there are still people hating their JOBS.

Also during the COVID-19.

While you might think that people are more thankful for their jobs, and would even accept a lower quality job, just to secure their finances are in order. The quite opposite is happening actually.

People are keener to leave the places they HATE. They don’t feel appreciated or they don’t earn enough, even with the risk of not having income for some time.

The tendency when people realize what really matters is apparent. I do raise thumb up for that.

There is an example I just came around today. My girlfriend told me the story of her ex-colleague who had quit her job( very well-paid) just because she had a priorities disagreement with her manager. That shows a lot of courage she has to stand for her values. And less appreciation from her Manager. Anyway, about the manager’s flaws, I am talking later in this post.

The fact is, that before the COVID-19 there were 67%!! worldwide unhappy in their JOB. 

If you are now belonging to the first, or to the second group, you might be asking yourself still the same question:

Why do I hate my job?

Let’s see if the guy who has been there too, can help you. The guy is ME.

Why do I hate my job?

First things first!

Before you want to change your life, you have to first name the are you want to change. You have to name the reason why do you hate your job.

If you would not find the REASON, you will hardly know what YOU WANT and what YOU DON’T WANT in your next job position, right?

So simple it is.

Find the reason what makes it for you unacceptable and take care, you’ll don’t have it at your new place.

Let me show you what can be some reasons people HATE THEIR JOB.


We all know it. First days, weeks in your job, you are super excited about the new place, maybe about the tasks maybe about your colleagues. You already imagine it, how you are going to rocket it here, the all launches and after-work drinks in your colleagues, you maybe see even the scene, where everyone is laughing at your jokes, during such an evening.

When you got realized, there is something wrong.

There is someone not sharing this “new reality” with you.


The objection why it is not working between you and your boss can be divergent.

Maybe he expects you to work hard, he is not appreciating your services enough, you feel underrated, he is super rigorous…or like in the movie Horrible Bosses, your boss just simply doesn’t like you.

Who cares it is personal?

Definitely not he or she, right?

The solution for next time here is either you will know the person and you’ll know what to expect, or you will trust your intuition about him/her.

Or, you will NO work for boss anymore.

The options are numerous here, but the most efficient, ethical, and readable is to start your own business.

==> Wanna know how I started my business during the COVID outbreak?<==


I think there is not a lot of people, who don’t want to have a bigger impact on their work.

We want to feel that our job is meaningful, that we are bringing value to the world, and that we are important, right?

If you don’t, and you are just paying your bills and looking forward to your pension and you should wake up, brother!

This is not real life.

Anyway, if you are belonging to the group of people craving for recognition and meaningful life, you might want to have a higher impact.

Within the job, oftentimes people lose that feeling.


In my opinion the number one cause, why people keep asking why do I hate my job?

It was the main reason for me, to leave my previous place or places.

The Freedom you crave is financial, time-wise or project-wise.

If you are doubting about the importance of your freedom, think about it this way.

If you want to earn more, you are missing freedom on how much you want to earn, because in the majority of jobs, you are not paid on performance, but according to payscale.

If you want to spend more time with your kids or spouse, but you can’t, you are lacking time freedom. I don’t know boss who will let you finish an hour or two earlier daily, just because your son wants to watch Duck Tales on TV.

It’s all about FREEDOM. 

Of course, there might be other reasons for strong reasons, you HATE your JOB, but those are the most common. In all cases, you want to define what you want in order to be happy.

What do I want?

That’s right! Like in every part of your life, also in your professional life, you have to know what you want, otherwise you won’t be happy.

In case you are thinking about a job, as a place of “getting” money and as a place, where you have to torture yourself and force yourself to stay 8 or more hours daily, and you don;t believe it can be also a pleasant place, please again, do wake up!

Many people still don’t get it. You really can enjoy your JOB, it really can be your HAPPY PLACE and it can also bring you JOY.

Anyway, let’s assume, that you are already aware of this fact!

But in the present summary of circumstances, you are just unhappy or you even HATE it at your job.

What is it that you want to have, but you don’t have it at your present place? 

More time to spend with your family? More money to buy things you always wanted? Higher impact? Less stress? More interaction with customers/clients? More traveling? Working at your home? More flexibility, diversity, satisfaction?

It can be anything your appetite, yet don’t miss it in your place.

Once you defined that, you can work on the solution, right?

I know it can be difficult and even scary at some point. But don’t let those feelings stop you persuading the life you want and you deserve.

Because if you keep going and never give up, you will succeed. Trust the guy who was in your shoes.

Working along hours, hating the working times, the low impact my work had, the fact that I was replaceable within an hour of time. The low pay and in the end the small joy I found in my job.

In the end, I found my way, you can too!!

Remember one thing, If you get to the point, where you know what you want, you are a big step ahead of all the unhappy, unsatisfied, and frustrated people.

Because they don’t know what is bringing them to this point. You know it. That’s great news.


I have the solution

Well, not really I do have a solution, but the person who has a solution is YOU.

You, who are reading this post. You are the major of your life. You can decide what you will do with your life. You can decide who will be in your life and who won’t, where you are going to live, what you gonna eat, and as well HOW YOU ARE GOING TO EARN MONEY. 

i tried to show you here within my post, what can be the causes of your unhappiness in your work, what can be the way out of it, by finding what you want. But the rest is on you.

As a wise man once said,

 just those who will never give up will be successful.

Whatever worries, fears, or uncertainties you might have, it easier to overcome them if you know what you want and if you keep your desire as a vivid target in front of you.

I know you might be afraid if it will work, but take it from the man who has been there, lived the same s**t, and now is living the way he wants. It didn’t come out overnight, it was tough, at the beginning, but it is becoming being rewardable.

I am human just like you, I don’t have a superpower, I just made a decision, found out what I want, and keep persuading it. Never gave up and I am keen on continuing.

By the way, if you would tell some of my friends from basic or even high school that I am earning money online, they would laugh at you. I was known for “hating” social media or “blogging gurus”. But I realized what I WANTED and the online business world offered it to me. I just had to change my point of view, my approach.

Best luck to you as well,

Your friend 



P.S.: If you need some inspiration on how to start your own business, you can check this post, where I collected some 5 Great Small Home Business Ideas

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  • I know exactly why I hate my job. I hate feeling as though I’m not valued and being told that what I do isn’t good enough even though I work my butt off. I hate that my boss treats me as though I’m lying just because my co-workers do because they aren’t adult enough to admit when they’re wrong and try to cover their tails.

    I want to work for myself because I enjoy helping people and want to feel valued as a person and I don’t want anyone telling me what I’m doing isn’t good enough. I most certainly want the power to pay myself what I’m worth and feel amazing about what I’m doing instead of dealing with unnecessary stress and resentment.

    I want to travel and live the life I’ve always dreamed and know I deserve, so I can definitely understand why so many people want to “fire their boss”.

    • Hey Aria, Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience. I am sure, you’re not the only one having feelings of firing your own boss. I know how frustrating it can be to not be valued, rewarded, or respected enough for the things you do in your job or in your life too. The same feeling you would have if your life partner doesn’t appreciate you, right? And if get would, would you leave him? That can be a question, you can think about. Because if you would your life partner, you should definitely leave your job too. Or at least make your decision and search on opportunities to work next to your job, on your business for instance.
      I don’t know if you heard about Wealthy Affiliate, but they have training which is going to teach you, how you can turn any of your passion into a profitable online business. Here is my review
      Let me know if helps you, or if you need further help. Best luck.

  • As someone who has been self-employed for most of their life, I’m lucky not to have had many of the issues those in employment have. Hating your job and only turning up for the money must be soul destroying. I agree, it’s so important to know what you want. Just taking time to evaluate your working life and decide if you love or hate your job may encourage you to find new opportunities.

    I believe working from home online is the future for many of us, and with hard work and a vision anyone can achieve success. The platform you recommend is definitely worth checking out! I’m sure there’d be less people saying “I hate my job” if they’d only give building an online business a try.:)

    • Thank you for your comment, Kathy. Great, to hear you are already on the path of being self-employed. I really hope people will get to know Wealthy Affiliate and it will be their tool into the passive income, because it really does work!

  • I stopped working for someone else decades ago, after an also major disagreement with my general manager. I can’t say that was the only reason, but this was the last straw, so I cleared my desk and walked out. Without any idea what am I going to do.
    Soon I started my own little company, which slowly grew.
    Even though I was “my own boss now”, I was still highly dependant on my client’s free time, their mood, knowledge, perception, and so on. As I have always wanted a different way of working, I did try all sorts of online marketing courses I could reach. For years. Almost a year ago, I ran into WA, which I see you also recommend and I knew I found what I was looking for! A great platform to learn and a fantastic community to be part of.

    • Hi Kerry-Anne. Thank you for sharing your experience. I think many people could relate to that. The disagreement with the manager/boss is very often the cause of leaving the job. It seems that you were lucky enough in terms, that you could start your won company. I admire your approach a lot and it is a great way hoe to grab the life into your own hands once again. This can be the right time to start an own business. Cheers.

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