Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020

In this post, I am going to give you an honest Wealthy Affiliate review 2020 and what you can expect once you will join in. The platform will bring you value either you are a starter or already experienced in the world of affiliate marketing.

Before I will start reviewing anything, I would like to shortly describe that Wealthy affiliate is an online platform where you will always feel that support and willingness to teach and grow are everywhere.

The platform offers 1000+ trainings, live classes( webinars), support, live help, and interaction from the 1,4+ million of users, web hosting, web support, and perfect keyword searching tool. All in one- it is the most affordable platform available online, nowadays.


Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Founders: Kyle and Carson


Training and support: 4.9 out of 5

Webhosting and web support: 4.9 out of 5

Price: Free( Starter members) 49$/ monthly or 495$ yearly (Premium members)

Ranking together: 4.9 out of 5

Training at Wealthy Affiliate

For me as a complete newbie,  was training one of the most decisive factors I decided to gave it a try. Extensive training, such you can find here within WA is just extraordinary and I don’t think there is a community offering something like that.

Types of the training:

  • Online Entrepreneur Course (50 lessons)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp (70 lessons)
  • Webinars( Weekly)
  • Classes and Courses

An incredible way how to stay focused and excited yet during the training here at WA is their strategy called “Earn as you learn”. That means in reality, that depends on your pace, the platform is offering you the option to start building an income while you are still gaining new knowledge and proceeding with training.

Isn’t that amazing?

One of the easiest ways how to earn is to provide comments on other people’s posts or websites. I am explaining that in other parts of my review.

The extensive trainings do have the power to turn a complete newbie into a well-educated affiliate marketer. Their lessons are easy to follow, step-by-step, with a lot of videos and tasks, which will help you to build your business from scratch.



Start by creating your own website( done in 30 seconds), to the understanding of different niches, SEO, keywords, and marketing strategies to attract your audience( PPC, Facebook Ads).

Maybe it sounds a bit complicated to you, but no worries, once you start all the terms will become your second nature. Plus, You will receive during the entire training, support from experienced marketers, who are members of the community, as well as from me, as your mentor(if you decide to join through my link below)


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Yes, in my opinion, if you want to build a passive online income, through successful online business, Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform you will need. No more searches for your unanswered questions, no more feeling that this all is overwhelming or worries of being SCAMMED.

Because Wealthy Affiliate is 100% legit and has all the important tools for your online success. Trust me.


Community. The best “colleagues” in the world

Any place you are starting to work, you have most like plenty of questions. Especially, If you are new to the world of affiliate marketing. There is a huge chance, you would have the need here as well.

Hence, what makes the WA further special is the support and interaction other members are ready to provide. Not just that, the CEO of the company is reachable with a simple private message. (That’s something I don’t think you can experience at any other, money-making platform, or at any other company at all).

In reality, the website is using the Live Chat feature, providing the option to contact anyone who is online. In practice, it means, that any time you are struggling with something and your mentor is not available, you can hit the community with the question, and usually there is always someone more experienced who is going to give you an answer regarding your problem, within a couple of minutes!

In general, this is a huge advantage, mostly at the beginning, as almost everything is just new to you. And you want to go further with your progress as quickly as possible, right?

The community is full of honest, helpful, and ready to share folks. That allows you to get inspired, as well as to create a new connection, which can be helpful as your business will grow.


Jaaxy-Is keyword searching tool and it is included within your membership. As you will proceed with your training you will start to understand how important it is to use the right low competition keywords in order to be ranked and in the end to get traffic to your website.



The program is providing an incredible variety of the helping tools. Where within the search you are able to receive the average number of searches that the particular keyword receives per month and QSR(Quoted search results)-the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword. Both help you to find just the right keywords.

Web hosting-As already mentioned you are able to build your website here at WA, basically within 30 seconds and you have the option to choose out of 1000s of WordPress Themes. Yes, the times when you had to spend weeks on building your website are with wealthy affiliate gone.

Furthermore, if you own already a website elsewhere, you can bring very easy to the WA. In addition, you will have WebSecurity guaranteed on a high level.

The last thing

I would mention regarding WebSites is WebSupport. Any time your website experiences some distortion, ranging from easy issues, like you can not remove your ads from a particular article, to the serious stuff, like your website is showing page not found status, the people from WebSupport will help you.

And it won’t be helped, where you would need to wait or search further. Their help is almost immediate and right to the point.

Success stories- What can be a better proof that something is offering a high chance to earn and to be free, as REAL stories of REAL users of the Wealthy Affiliate? Have a look on some of them, down below



Did you always want to try service before you will purchase it? YES? Then you will love it here!

As a FREE member, after signing up, you will get access to whole features of the PREMIUM membership for 7-days! So that’s the way you can experience what it is like to be a part of the WA community, what kind of training, support, and interaction you will get in case you decide to switch to the paid version.

If you decide that you like it, but you would like to stay with the FREE features, that can obviously too, and you will still get access to many helpful stuff.

Please note, that if you would be excited, and you feel like that the option of using the PREMIUM membership is something you can’t miss, but in the same time you think at this moment 49$/month or 495$/year is too much for you to pay, the WA is offering you a great option to earn an extra cash throughout commenting on other people’s post.

So this way, you will be able to earn for your PREMIUM membership by spending time within the community. I find it awesome.

Is Wealthy Affiliate legit way to achieve financial and location freedom?

Yes! That is the short answer.

The longer answer would be that I started my online journey in the year 2018 and since then I didn’t find any better platform, which is helping others in creating online passive income, like Wealthy Affiliate.

Its offer of:

  • Training,
  • Live Chat,
  • Support,
  • Web Hosting and Web Design

It’s providing the real deal here. Once you will sign in, you will feel safe and that you are taken care of. In the present way of SCAMS and their owners trying to get advantage of people, and trying to rip off people’s hard-earned money, is a platform where SUPPORT and HELPING are the most important values, is real mercy.

An important note, in conclusion, is that Wealthy Affiliate is not a “get quick rich” scheme in any sense. But if you are ready to put hard work and dedication in, you can achieve a sustainable, passive online income. And in addition to that, you can become an expert in the field of Affiliate Marketing.

I am personally a PREMIUM member for more than a year and I am earning passive online income, if you would like to join click below.

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I hope I could provide you some valuable information within my Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Your friend



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  1. Minaher

    Hi Julius,
    I couldn’t agree more!
    I’ve been looking for a way to make a living online for quite a long time-years, to be more precise.
    How I never stumbled upon WA before-escapes me, but I finally found them almost a year ago and I’m here since.
    I can honestly say I have learnt much more in this short time than I have all those years buying different courses on online marketing, funnels, email marketing, facebook ads-you name it.I’ve spent a bunch of money and I still was not ready to start anything meaningful online.
    Now I build my website, I plan to start another one soon and for the first time I know I’m on the right path. As you said, the trainings are an endless source of knowledge, but also the community gives an unbelievable support to anyone asking for it. All in all, I can confirm your recommendation with all my heart.

    1. admin

      Hi Minaher. I am so happy with your reply. It is amazing to hear stories like yours, as it is just proving that the WA really works! The community and the training are the 2 most powerful “unfair advantages” this platform offers. In comparison to any competitor, it is UNBEATABLE. I wish you just success and all the best with your second, but as well with your first website and hopefully, you will get where you want to. If you need any help later on, please just hit me with a message, ok? I am going to help as much as I can. Cheers.

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