wealthy affiliate black friday

This year's Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal is taking place from Friday 25th November 12 AM EST until Monday 28th November 12 PM EST. With PREMIUM you'll pay $299 a year. With PREMIUM PLUS, you will pay $499. All of these crazy discounts will be this year, for the last time. So, if you ever taught about joining Wealthy, aka creating your online business, barely would be there better time.

Yes, when I heard from Kyle, the co-creator of WA, that this year is the last time that, Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday is happening, I was shocked. 

As a member, of this fantastic platform, I couldn't imagine this would happen. 

On the other hand, it makes sense. 


The discounts are enormous. Take this and the last year alone. 

They decided to offer folks up to $689 off. 

Indeed, this year's INSANE Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal is excellent for people wanting to try their PREMIUM (49% OFF) or PREMIUM PLUS ( 57% OFF). 

Ok, so how much would that actually save you? Let me show you in my short blog post. 

When Does Stop This Year's Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday?

So, first thing first. 

This year's Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal is taking place from Friday 25th November 12 AM EST until Monday 28th November 12 PM EST.

The price you would pay for PREMIUM, respectively PREMIUM PLUS, is as follows:

If you would pay standard monthly pricing, it will be 12x$49=$588
Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Saving: 49%

If you would pay standard monthly pricing, it will be 12x$99=$1188
Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Saving: 57%

So, while the discount is obvious and huge, what you will get?

Let me show you below!

Meanwhile, You Can Read This: My WA Experience 

What is included in Wealthy Affiliate Premium?

1. Training OEC (Online Entrepreneur Certification + Affiliate Bootcamp) 

The flagship training within WA is going to teach you what you need to know about how to build your first website, how to create content, how to do keyword research, how to use social media, etc.

Affiliate Bootcamp is extensive training if you should you decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate as your core offer.

2. Live Video Classes (Value $497)

Learn the latest trends within Affiliate Marketing, Social Marketing, and Email Marketing...

If you won't learn everything from the training, you will get the option to join weekly LIVE VIDEO CLASSES. 

Therefore, you will access 52 new classes every year. Not only this, but you can access every class back in 2005. 

As both the OEC and Affiliate Bootcamp contain knowledge that is evolving, those live classes are assuring you are keeping up with the track.

Jay will be your coach here and he is self, a successful affiliate marketer. 

You will see his famous (real-life) case studies once you join Wealthy Affiliate.

You see, those classes alone are so powerful that they could have been brought up as a completely new product. Something like WEALTHY AFFILIATE DIGITAL PLAYGROUND. 

PREMIUM PLUS EXTRA: Instead of 52, PREMIUM PLUS classes are recorded more often. Therefore, there are 250 LIVE CLASSES awaiting you, should you decide to go for PREMIUM+. Also, those classes are recorded with specific experts, not only by Jay. So, you are guaranteed to access Instagram experts, YouTube experts, and Email Marketing experts... 

3. Keyword Research Tool (Value $399)

Funny enough, Wealthy Affiliate started as a Keyword search tool platform back in 2005. 

The price they initially charged was $356.

Another example of how insane this year's Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal actually is. For the lower price, you will get the entire WA Premium.

Additionally, for a couple of bucks more, you could get the entire package with going for PREMIUM PLUS. 

To Jaaxy itself. 

Apart from the obvious keyword search tool feature, it has two exceptional extras: page rank and search analysis. Former cross-tracking your keywords across search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN,..) 

Later, "spies" on your competition. 

QSR is the last one to be mentioned. Not many keyword research tool offers insights into quoted results. This is extra useful when you aim for low-hanging fruits. 

PREMIUM PLUS EXTRA: Alphabet soup BETA version worth $1 188/year 

4. Domain Marketplace (Value $189)

In case, you want to profit from the training, but don't want to promote Wealthy Affiliate, you should still consider taking advantage of their domain package. To create a successful online business, you'd need a WEBSITE. The domain is something like the address, that people will find you on the world-wide-web map.

While godaddy.com and likes, offer affordable starting prices when you want (necessary) extra you end up going deep into your pocket. WA is really beating up the competition here.  

Included with domains ending.com.net .org you can really build websites that will stand out.

wealthy affiliate black friday

5. 24/7 Community and Support (Value $199)

Getting instant help, inspiration and support is obvious here at Wealthy Affiliate.

There are these two amazing extras: COMMUNITY and SUPPORT. Both are very important in helping you EARN MONEY ONLINE.

Especially, at the beginning.

The community within Wealthy Affiliate is like having 2.5 million coaches inside your home, ready to help you, and just a message away.

Technical Support is, on the other hand, your first aid kit when you have technical issues with whatever part of your business. 

The best part? 

Their response to your query is within 1 hour. 

Additionally, you'll have direct access to the CEO of the company via private message. Also, Kyle is daily active in the chat. 

6. Website Builder ( Value $149)

Choose your amazing theme out of the +3000 themes available within Website Builder.

No need to know any coding. 

Additionally, You can create and set up your website in less than 30 seconds. It is so easy that a kid can do it.

7. Caring 1-1 Mentorship (value $197)

This offer is not something that's included in any Wealthy Affiliate membership, but if you sign up through my link, I will be your personal mentor. 

Meaning, I will be there for you if you have a question related to WA or affiliate marketing in general. (In case, some of the experts inside, aren't available)

Also, I will give you access to short ebook on how to start your affiliate marekting business. 

8. 2023 Updates

One of the biggest improvements Wealthy Affiliate went through are the updates. 

You see, I am a member since 2019, and since then, the platform introduced, PREMIUM PLUS with extensive live classes, the Jaaxy BETA version, extensive keyword research, and updated training inside OEC and Affiliate Bootcamp.

Moreover, there is a Vlog platform going to be introduced in 2023...

To sum it up, Wealthy Affiliate is vital and definitely keeps up with the trends and updates in this fastly-moving, online business industry. 

Are You Going to Profit From The Last Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal?

Ultimately, you are the one deciding...but if you ever want to learn affiliate marketing and enjoy the greatness of passive income, now it's time you should start.

What is the best place?

In my blog post, I gave enough reasons to go for Wealthy Affiliate. 

In case, you still hesitate, let me show you some of THE real-life success stories from REAL WA USERS 

wealthy affiliate black friday
wealthy affiliate black friday

To sum up, what you will get inside of WA: is amazing, comprehensive, updated, and in-depth training. There is OEC, affiliate BootCamp and users generated training.

In addition to this awesome piece of knowledge, there are expert live classes, jam-packed with the expert covering everything related to your online business. 

Tools such as Jaaxy (keyword tool) domain marketplace, web hosting, and website builder are making sure you don't need 3rd party services. 

Last, but not least there is mind-blowing support of a 2.5 million community, direct access to the CEO, and my personal 1-on-1 mentorship. 

So, do you see why this is an amazing offer?

I hope to see you inside.

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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Hi Julius,

    This is such an important post to inspire more people to join Wealthy Affiliate.

    I have been part of Wealthy Affiliate for a while now and the help it has given me to grow my affiliate marketing business, create my own products and sell them is amazing.

    Black Friday weekend is the best time to join because it will be a bit cheaper (not that it’s overly expensive). So, hopefully a lot of people see your post and follow your advice in joining Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Indeed Tom. The COSTS ARE ALREADY AFFORDABLE, but with this Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday and also Cyber Monday deal, it’s extra affordable. So, I think if people want to join WA ever…now is the best time.

  2. Hi Julius,
    Thanks for alerting everyone to this great deal! Wealthy Affiliates is a great price anyway because of the massive benefits that go with the membership. But, This Black Friday Special is truly special. You can get this great price forever, and save money for as long as you remain a member. I can’t imagine ever wanting to go anywhere else! But, when you save $689 bucks a year and avoid any future increases, how can you beat that?

    1. Hi Chas!
      I totally feel you! Wealthy Affiliate is already ridiculously low. But exactly for those who are on the edge, this can be the perfect occasion to join. I can imagine there are some starters who want to go to PREMIUM. Also, some PREMIUM members want to go for PREMIUM PLUS. This is the time for those folks. On the other hand, the 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL is always on, so people interested in starting, hosting, and growing their online business, can join WHOLE YEAR THROUGH. Then again, why not save almost half of the costs forever!? Lately, I have compared Wealthy Affiliate with Legendary Marketer and with regular pricing, came that Wealthy Affiliate PREMIUM is 200 times cheaper as Legendary Marekter. With Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday (EXTENDED UNTIL 1ST December btw) it will be 400 times cheaper or 200 times cheaper as PREMIUM PLUS member. It is no brainer.

  3. Hi Julius,

    Black Friday deal or not, wealthy affiliate is a great platform for people who are looking at being successful as an affiliate marketer. There’s great value for money if subscribed to any of the plans. I can understand why the creators of WA won’t be doing any more black Fridays in the coming years and thus they are making this year’s the last one with jaw-dropping offers. I have a feeling that the prices of these plans might go up soon. Now will be the best time and opportunity for someone who intends to sign up for this great platform.

    1. Hi Femi. We shouldn’t be surprised if WA membership prices will go up. For years, these were those industries’ lowest. Therefore, to lock this year’s extended Black Friday deal, is a great opportunity. Last &é hours and then it’s gone forever…

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