What is Thumbnail Blaster

Have You Been searching Internet to find answer on: What is Thumbnail Blaster?

If yes, today is your lucky day!

I have created this comprehensive, in-depth and honest Thumbnail Blaster review to help you make an informed decision if this software is worth your investment. 

When I mean honest, I do mean honest.

Unlike many marketers, who expose you their "honest" review only to make commission regardless if you really need the product or not. 

I have no intention to "sell" you Thumbnail Blaster.

Rather, I want to help you find what best suits you.

So, in my review, I will cover its features, how does it work and also some alternative.

You will love it!


Then let's start!

URL: https://thumbnailblaster.com
Founder: Vlad D. and team
Product Type:
 Thumbnail Creator
Price: $97 ONE TIME+upsells up to $251
Overall Rating: 5/10
Trustpilot Review: NA

You see, I know you might be tired of thumbnail here and thumbnail there.

Honestly, it is quite annoying to me.

Seeing open-mouthed faces of people pointing towards theirs product.

Click baits all around the place.

But is there any other solution? If you want to be successful online (especially on YouTube) the thumbnail is somewhat necessity.

Unlike so-called influencers, I still firmly believe that you can create thumbnail that will be attractive for people to click on your offer, SEO and Google friendly and you won't be discussed by its design.

In case you would like to create thumbnails you will be proud of, then maybe Thumbnail Blaster can be the solution for you! 

Before I start, let me tell you, that you want to be extra careful, when searching for reviews.

Just here on Google's first page, there are marketers, who will write endless positive reviews, with only intention to make a sale.


First of all, you want to be aware that Thumbnail Bluster is sold via ClickBank.

At one side this is good because ClickBank offers money-back guarantee on all the products sold there. On the other hand, ClickBank has reputation of selling cheap and crappy products. 

So, let's find out where this Thumbnail Blaster belongs in this chaos and if it can help you. 

What is Thumbnail Blaster and How You Can Benefit Using It?

I hope you didn't get scared away, when I was mentioning the bad practices of some marketers. That's the reality tough.

If you are still here, let's really dig in and find out what is Thumbnail Blaster.

what is Thumbnail Blaster

So, in a nutshell it is Artificial Intelligence supported drag and drop thumbnail creator.

The creator suggest you to use it for YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Depending on your preferred social media platform you might want to use it accordingly.

What this tool does differently from other graphic software is that it comes with 30 pre-made templates and those are specifically made with intention to create thumbnails.

Unlike Canva for instance, that has multipurpose use.

How To Use Thumbnail Blaster?

One of the great things about Thumbnail Blaster is how easy-to-use it is.

In just 3 simple steps, you can great attention grabbing Thumbnails.

I mean, see it by yourself:

  1. Select One Template
  2. Click Edit and Customise
  3. Publish and Get Views

What is Thumbnail Blaster

Inside Thumbnail Blaster

As previously mentioned, the Thumbnail Blaster comes with 30 DFY templates, which you can customise and edit according your wish.

Artificial Intelligence is helping to kind of optimise the pictures, and also gives you feedback about the quality of your picture. They use so-called micro computer, that will give you score about accuracy of your photo. 

If you are familiar with AIOSEO, this plugin uses similar rating. 

The software is drag and drop, meaning you don't need to know any coding, photo shop or any other graphic design skills.

What is Thumbnail Blaster

Moreover, the standard version of Thumbnail Blaster comes with over 1000 Graphics Objects to choose from when designing your pictures.

Even so, using Thumbnail Blaster gives you tool to create, interesting thumbnails, it comes with some UPSELLS that will enhance your experience and indeed, those should bring you more sales.

Thumbnail Blaster Upsells

1. Thumbnail Blaster PRO- ($127 one-time)- The main reason you want to buy this upsell, is the split testing option.

So, this is in nutshell feature, that will allow you to have two thumbnails testing against each other. Depending on the result( number of views, clicks or sales) you can choose the one that perform better.

2. Agency Upgrade ($67 one-time)- In case, you want to create thumbnails for someone else, let's say you want to sell your services on Fiverr.com or similar sites, then this UPSELL will be suitable for you.

3. Lingo Blaster ($57 one-time)- Lastly, you can translate your video descriptions and titles to 100+ languages with the help of this upsell. Not entirely sure, if this one is worth of the price. 

What do I like About Thumbnail Blaster?


Previously, I taped into it already, the fact that the software doesn't need installation (it's cloud based) and the drag and drop feature, both serves super handy when it comes to navigation.

Being experienced with graphic design tools, or complete beginner, it won't take you too much effort, to get to use the software.

Money-Back Guarantee

Offered via ClickBank, Thumbnail Blaster comes with 60 Days Money-Back guarantee.

This is great and offers you security, when purchasing a product and you are not entirely sure if the product will deliver.

I think, it should be like this.

The same applies, when yo come to brick and mortar store, right? You have chance to try, feel, and sometimes taste the product, before you make your decision.

So, as customer friendly option, it's just good that this strategy comes also when buying digital products.

What I Didn't Like About Thumbnail Blaster?

Limited Features

It would be safe to say, that 30 pre-made templates is low number. Also, the fact that they did ready-made just some niches niches for you, shows that there is not so much to offer.

Furthermore, as the name already suggests, you can use this software "just" for thumbnails, so it will be not sufficient when creating infographics, comparison charts, or audio. 

When in search for multi-purpose tool, try Canva.


You see, I think the price is too high. Even so, you might encounter some time-limited offer, where the standard version will cost only $38, but it has flaws.

First of all, it still might be too much when comparing to other tools (see later on) and secondly, when I tried to apply the price, it still showed me I had to pay €104.

what is Thumbnail Blaster


I hate UPSELLS. Just from the fact, that it is dishonest marketing strategy.

If product creator really cares about his/hers clients, customers or readers, then the appropriate way would be: create a product with bunch of features, and leave it available.

Maybe add, some PREMIUM features for extra charge, but the first version has to deliver a lot. Do you agree?

Unlike Vlad and other marketers too, who will give away a small and low value at first, and then you have to pay for every other detail.

I mean, see it yourself, how they're doing it here.

Want split testing? Pay extra.

Want video transcription translated? Pay extra. Those should have been included in the standard version, then it would be product, that has potential to become evergreen. 

Thumbnail Blaster vs Canva

Thumbnail Blaster comes as a tool with a specification in creating thumbnails.

Generally speaking, it is helpful when business can segment itself. This offers much narrower niche and therefore higher chances of success for business and for people finding solutions for their problems.

what is Thumbnail Blaster

On the other hand, there are other platforms that will offer just way more. 

So with that said...I would like to share with you, little comparison of software, I do use on daily basis.

You see, you can use this software for FREE for lifetime.

Moreover, this free version has 250 000 templates!! that's almost 10 000x more then Thumbnail Blaster. Obviously, there is much more...

The software is called: Canva.

What are the reasons I think Canvas is much better than Thumbnail Blaster?

Well, first of all, it comes with FREE version, that has already more. to offer then paid Thumbnail Blaster. You see, up to today, I haven't paid single $ on Canva.

Furthermore, Canva is better in terms of:

  • PRICE-the FREE version offers 250 000 templates compare to 30 at Thumbnail Blaster
  • FEATURES- you can schedule and automate your social media posting 
  • VARIABILITY OF USAGE-you can create pictures for all kinds of purposes, social posts, thumbnails, infographics, comparison charts, letters, presentations,...
What is Thumbnail Blaster

What is Thumbnail Blaster Review Final Thoughts...

If you made it to the end, congratulations and thank you in the same time. 

I hope I could help you get insights into this software.

You see, when asking what is Thumbnail Blaster you might get carried out with positive reviews of other affiliates who are selling almost every product regardless If it will bring you value or not.

I tried to do it differently.

I hope you appreciated the fact, I didn't go for "easy commissions money" with trying to sell you Thumbnail Blaster. 

So, what are the final thoughts about Thumbnail Blaster? Do I recommend this product? Should you look elsewhere?

First of all, Thumbnail Blaster is not a SCAM and it is LEGIT product!

(Statement not so obvious nowadays, especially when it comes to online products)

Secondly, the software will deliver you what it says.

In other words: it has 30 DFY templates helping you create attention grabbing thumbnails. First and second UPSELLS are also valuable add-ons to the BASIC VERSION.

Its functionality, and the easy-to-navigate nature are user-friendly.

However, I think, there are better options out there.

I shared Canva. This is by far, the number one solution for any graphic you'll ever need.

Not only for thumbnails, but you can use Canvas for creation of blog posts, social posts, info graphics, comparison charts, and much more...

What is Thumbnail Blaster

What I love most about Canva is the fact, that you can be using the FREE VERSION and it is still sufficient for you, if you are blog owner let's say.

In case, you want to go for PRO version because, you want to use more templates, organise your social posts or get 24/7 support for instance, then it'll be just $109 yearly.

You can try Canva for FREE here. 

Again, feel free to use Thumbnail Blaster. But, I personally would use Canva, because....It is just better.

The Best Way For Earning Money Online in 2022?

2022 is a year that can be seen as post-apocalyptic in many ways.

We just survived Covid pandemic. That caused massive shift in people's thinking about working.

Some positive, but some negative.

(In the Netherlands for instance there was massive problem at Schiphol airport, which caused delays and holidays cancellations, something not imaginable couple of years back)

Now, there is a war crisis, causing the prices increasing ridiculously.

Gas price went 100% up, my energy bill just went recently 50%.

Who knows where this will go...

While world is slowly going mad, you can step out and create life on your terms.

One particular area had experienced growth also during Covid crisis, it does now and chances are high, that it will experience growth in the upcoming months and years.

Online Business.

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Anyway, I don't want to promote you "best scenario" but, take a look on guys, who are using the same platform, I am.

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  • If you want, you can start for FREE today and get an idea what you can achieve.

    This was it for today, thank you for reading and till next time. 


    $97 ($250 worth upsells)



    • Easy To Use
    • Money back Guarantee


    • Price
    • Limited Features
    • There are Better Options
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    Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • Pretty interesting. I’ve always used Canva for thumbnails, but the idea of templates seems like a good one for people who don’t want to take too much time designing.

    • That’s true for sure. But 30 templates is not enough in my opinion. Canva has more than 250 000 templates in the FREE version, so almost 10 000 times more than Thumbnail Bluster. I think, learning how to create a thumbnail is another area for people to discover anyway. So, I would encourage people to learn how to create thumbnails and use Canva (free version). It seems to me a better solution than purchasing Thumbnail Blaster has 30 templates and no clue how to create them from the scratch. But, I do understand that people like to have the work done, so not everyone wants to gain the skill. It’s up to personal preference I guess. Thanks for sharing your opinion. Cheers

  • Hey Julius,

    Another great article on a piece of software that I have never heard of before or knew existed. I love coming to your site and learning about all these new things.

    It’s great that you say that Thumbnail Blaster is not a scam and is legit because it may be something I look into in the future as I grow my online business even further.

    Thank you for sharing such an interesting and informative article, keep up the great work as always.

    All the best,


    • Hey, Tom! I am happy and excited to help you with providing new information. Yes, this software and similar are the future and they can be a huge help, especially for people looking for ways to automate their business. It is safe to say, that if you create blogs, and maybe do some social marketing, you just don’t have time for recording long videos. In that case, Micmonster can save you a lot of time. On the other hand, I can understand, that not everyone is happy to use artificial intelligence tools. So, I guess it comes to your preferences. Cheers

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