how to thrive during a crisis

Welcome to my How to Thrive During a Crisis blog post. We are living super challenging times.

I won't talk about how to act during your "personal crisis" because your boss was angry at you, or because you are overwhelmed by all the parenting and working.

There are plenty of books, courses, and articles about that.

I want to write a post, and set a seed of thinking, if you will, about how to thrive during the (upcoming) financial crisis the world is experiencing.

You see, while I am writing this blog post, I am sitting in a beautiful, Ionian sea overlooking an  apartment in Zakynthos. And what strikes my mind upon arriving, apart from the beautiful scenery obviously, are the high prices.

I am regular in Greece, and those prices are 3 times as high, as they were 3 years ago.

So, even though, you might be already tired of hearing about war here, and war there, the past-Covid crisis, or global warming issues, those are very challenging times we are living in.

Previously we learn, that crisis can be an opportunity to thrive, but not everyone will leverage on these. I want to show you how you too can turn this global disaster into your profit.

Shall we start?

Why a Financial Crisis?

It doesn't take much to know why this financial crisis is happening.

Firstly Covid pandemic was here. This alone was devastating for many small businesses, individuals, and also bigger companies.

Not talking just about a business point of view here, obviously. The health issues are those that were threatening to our population as well. 

And when humankind started to breathe properly, there you go, war in Ukraine.

While I don't want to talk about politics here, the effect of this "operation" will be huge. Again, in terms of health (those almost 20 000 killed people up to this date come back), but also in terms of economics.

Gas prices are the first that went ridiculously high. 

In Greece for instance, the increase is already 40%.

You might be saying, hey Julius, tell me something new! I know this stuff already.

I am aware, that you know it. 

But rather than stating the facts, I want to sparkle an interest why this happens and what to do when there will bigger crisis arises? I want to make you aware and show you that you are in charge.

Firstly, without being conspirators, do you think that the war started without the most powerful people knowing it will happen? 

If you say NO, do you think that your government will do enough to support you when there will come a huge crisis?

Well, it depends on your country, but I know there were places on earth, where people really lost almost everything during the Covid pandemic.

The war can have the same impact. So, you really shouldn't wait for someone to save you when your wealth will be threatened. 

Tired of hearing war and covid?

Let me give you another example. There were people who LOST ALMOST EVERYTHING DURING THE 2008 CRISIS. THAT HAPPENED WORLDWIDE, EVEN IN THE U.S.

So, do you still feel, that government will protect you? 

Do you feel you are in control of your money?

What Options Do You Have?


And while there is not yet this huge crisis, there are plenty of signs, that something big is coming to happen.

In case, there really will be another enormous financial crisis, you have 3 OPTIONS HOW TO REACT.


When people, are faced with stressful situations there are those 3 basic reactions. 

And it does not relate just to money. 

More than 2000 years back, when prehistoric man was attacked by some big animal during his hunt, he would do 1 out of 3 things. Firstly, he would freeze and let the fear take control, surely enough that would mean certain death. 

Furthermore, he could fight the animal, but chances would be small that he will beat it up and survive, and most likely he will be dead as well. 

So, the last chance would be to run away. That could potentially save his life. 

If we were to relate to it today, we can see running away, as running from the general economics and creating your own economics. But moreover this further on. 

how to thrive during a crisis

Let us have a closer look at what they would mean in this, particularly, in money-related situations.

If you would be fearful of hearing from the most powerful people about what is to come, you don't have to feel ashamed.

In fact, the news, internet and social media are full of disaster bringing "truths". 

I can imagine, that if you were reading news for the past 10 years or so, you must be pretty scared what you will read right now.

Market crash, global warming, higher prices, war...enough for heart attack.

(Reason, I don't read news, except for sport -;)

However, it is safe to say, that if you would succumb to those "threats" and back up, in other words: if you would allow those messages to paralyse you, chances are high you would be fearful to spend money because the world is going mad. 

Secondly, you might be passively waiting for this storm to be over. 

You might say, I survived Covid, the 2008 financial crisis, so I will definitely survive this one.

In the end, the most powerful of the world have everything in their hands.

I am not saying this approach is bad. In fact, many people live their life with the motto, why change something if the present is OK?

When you are happy, healthy and financially secure, you might get by still pretty fine.

But, I think that during this massive shift, no one can be 100% sure the wealth once build, will be still hers/his. 

Covid was a great example. If you don't know what I mean, ask restaurant owners in the Czech Republic, where all their money went during the pandemic. 

It wasn't just the case in poor countries like the Czech Republic. I have a friend who had to sell his bar because he hadn't had income for 2 years. It happened in the Netherlands, one of the best economies in Europe. 

Finally, there is this approach of people who will take approach the challenging times as opportunity to thrive.

You see, there is no coincidence, that some biggest millionaires were made in a financial crisis. It wasn't the case just among titans like J. P. Getty. 

But also more ordinary people made fortunes by buying company shares for little and growing them over time.

I started my company in march 2020, exactly when the pandemic started.

how to thrive during a crisis

Above is view from my "office" in Greece.

What Are You Risking If Don't Do Anything?

By doing nothing, you are risking just about your wealth. Nothing more.

You see, this biblical saying: 

"to those who possess a lot will be given, and to those who possess little will be taken away"

which is also valid in present (financial) life.

How otherwise would you explain that the richest men on the earth did double their wealth during the pandemic?

I don't want to sound to be against governments. 

But the facts are that central banks, big corporations and the richest men of this world, don't care about those who are more poor. They care about how to get more.

The Covid crisis was just a perfect example of this.

Even if I am wrong, (ow boy, how I wish I am wrong in this one) it is far better to do something now, as it might be too late, when the crisis will hit us.

I know what I am talking about...

In 2008, I was a soccer player rising, getting paid, and enjoying my life. 

At that time sudden health issues forced me to stop.

In combination with the lack of knowledge that would have been interesting for the market and the fact that we were in the middle of the crisis,  I almost lost it all. 

No one wanted to employ me. My family didn't want to support me anymore. It really wasn't an easy period.

So, it will be just helpful, if you acquire new skills. 

Learning how to make money, protect them and become financially free, can be one of them.

How to Thrive During a Financial Crisis?

I hope, that at this time, you start to understand how important is to have a control of your incomes and your economics.

When it comes to making money, I think that there are 2 ways, that stand out during challenging times:

investing and starting your own business.

Previously, I mentioned J.P. Getty and how he became billionaire investing in (then) low-valued stocks. 

how to thrive during a crisis

He was not the only one. Warren Buffet is another example of a guy who started with nothing and made his fortunes with investing. He started during the second world war. 

Tony Robbins is suggesting, that investing is the safest way to become a millionaire.


Of course, if you know where to invest. 

Did you know that there is INDEX FOND that had a 10% annual profit during the last 30 years?

There is amazing opportunity coming with this index, because it is a passive investing strategy, meaning index follows the market and you don't have to day trade. 

Unlike, what many "experts" will tell you to do, passive investing is easier and saver. (You see, again example of not listening to the masses).  

Let me tell you an example, if you would safe $200 a month with this compound interest of 10% you will have over $150 000 in period of 20 years. You will have $270 000 in 25 years and $460 000 in 30 years.  

This index fond is called S&P 500.

There are various variation across the globe, so check what are the opportunities in your country. If you are living in the U. S., you can invest directly by opening an account with them. 

If you are elsewhere in the world, chances are you need to have a broker, opening an account for you. 

Have a look.

Secondly, you can be owning a business.

Again, traditional thinking (influenced by media, schools, politicians) says don't risk, play it safe, especially during pandemic, war and other crisis.

But is this right? 

See the previous chapters. Rich will get richer and poor poorer. Where do you want to belong?

I think starting business in the crisis is the best thing you can do for your finances, for yours and your family's future.

But, there is this important question: Which Business?

My Recommendation Number One

Starting restaurant, bar or retail business in early 2020 would be very bad idea. 

So, you want to be sure, you choose the right industry.

What could be the right industry to start your business right now?

You can say oil! 

You would be right, unfortunately, you have not the resources to make it profitable business for you. Maybe just by investing in some companies which will grow during this period.

So what then?

The answer is an online business.

You see, this model was growing in 2008, it was growing in 2020 and it is growing now. You can bet, it will grow during the upcoming years too.

So, when you want to know how to thrive during a crisis, start an online business.

I started my online business as completely newbie 2 years ago

Without any computer, IT, or marketing skills.

Fast forward today, I am earning money online.

Was it easy? NO! 

But with the right tools, training, and support it is quite simple. 

(Obviously, you would need to add also mindset, effort and persistence, but it is all worth)

Below are some results of people who are members of the very same platform that helped me to start online. 

Amazing results, aren't they?

People, who were living similar lives as you are living now. They didn't grow up in rich families and didn't have special skills, or special connections. But contrary to that they had dreams, willingness to learn and work.

If you have the some and if you are ready to take control of your finances, then this opportunity is for you.

Click below and join me, together with other 2.5+ million people worldwide, and create life on your terms. I will be more than happy to show you things around and become your mentor for the time being. 

Don't Forget to be Grateful

I hope I didn't scare you too much with my blog post. 

There are still high chances your life will be not changed and affected by any present or upcoming crisis. 

And I would be super happy if that would be the case.

What I would wish the most is, that there is no crisis at all, there is not any war, and everyone on this beautiful planet is equally happy, rich, and healthy.

Unfortunately, you and I both know, it is not true. There are huge differences in what people own, and what kind of joy or freedom they enjoy.

Especially, freedom of choice is what we all have and somewhat we are playing a hazardous game with our FREEDOM. 

You can decide, where you want to live, what opinions you would to listen to and also how you will earn your money.

I showed you 2 ways of effective money making strategies, that could help you answer the question of how to thrive during a crisis and create the financial freedom you deserve. 

Additionally, those two strategies are going to bring you wealth, that is not controlled by others.

I hope you got inspired. If you will use them, I'll be happy. If not, it is also fine for me.

In any case, please don't forget to be grateful you are still alive, and you can make your own choices. For many people, those are not the words they can say.

Be nice to each other.


About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • It’s true that times are difficult. I’ve been able to do well during all these crises you mentioned but I left my job in April 2022 and for the first months after that I did very well but now during the summer things are hard. Summer months are tough in my area. It isn’t easy, and I’ve been doing what I could to get out of this financial slump.
    For a long time I’ve wanted to invest but I don’t know in which companies and I also can’t invest a lot of money to start out with, so I still need to find out more about it.
    Investing in an online business is also a great idea, it will pay off in the longterm. Can you sell websites at a profitable price only if they have lots of sales on the site? Or can you also sell when you have lots of content on it but with few sales?

    • Hi Cristine. Thank you for your comment. First of all, congrats that you leaving your job in order to persuade your dream of being self-employed. I think, the beginning phases of this adventure are hard for almost everyone. Especially if starting as one man business and without any investor behind you. During my start 2 years ago, I was earning just 700€ a month. Now, I do earn almost triple and I’m still growing. Secondly, not sure what is your area of business, but if I were you I’d ask what are the reasons it dropped? Is it just summer or maybe something else? Like war crisis? People leaving for the holiday? That way maybe you can come up with more ideas. Don’t be afraid to dig in other areas for time being. Furthermore, regarding your question about the websites, I’d say that the number one measure for eventual buyers, is TRAFFIC. Because if you have visitors, you can market them and then the number of sales up to that moment is not important. I can’t give you investment advice as I’m not entitled to do that, but I think that the example I mentioned in my post, can be the way to start. If you see, you can even start with 100€ a month (or even less and increase at a later stage ). Important is to start. If you want to know more,I’d really recommend Tony Robbins book ,Money Master the Game. I hope this helped you. Cheers

  • Hi Julius,
    It is no secret that some people hit the jackpot during the Covid crisis simply because they were quick to explore new opportunities with PPE. At the same time, others spent time throwing “pity parties” and complaining without doing much! In every crisis, there is always a silver lining for those who insist on thriving. Do do so however requires a shift in mindset…..

    While investing may be the safest way to become a millionaire – as stated by Tony Robbins, you must also be prepared to take risks and of course know where to invest (:-)

    Thanks for the thought provoking article

    • Hey Ceci! Thanks for stopping nu and leaving your comment. It’s all about the shift in the mind, which will lead hopefully in shift in actions. Because for instance, during COVID pandemic it really wouldn’t be clever to invest in restaurant or hotel. So,where to invest during upcoming crisis? Besides ,ncestment in stocks, bonds Efts and similar, the best thing is to invest in self. In self education. Because those who will learn a new skill that can be marketed at later stage or even better, if you can start an business, then at the peak of the crisis, those will have a huge advantage. The best business to start is undoubtedly, an online business. In my eyes ,the only business that has guaranteed growth. Wishing you just the best for managing the coming weeks/months. Let me know if I can be a further help. Cheers

  • Hi Julius,
    A very interesting post. Most people are just living for today, buying their Apple phones and new cars. It is when the crisis hits, they will say I should have started saving money. Even investing in certain stocks, timing is important. As you say, it has to be the right investment. Many dot com internet stocks disappeared in the dot com bubble. But, the online business has survived! Anyone who is smart enough to take advantage of it now, will be the survivor. Thank you for your sugestion for the best business in 2022.

    • Hey Chas. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. Timing is everything, it seems like you are already ahead of the herd when you mention this. The biggest investors will agree with you as well. In the end, the recently COVID crisis ,just showed how the right timing is absolute must. Really great that you mentioned the dot com bubble. So more people can see the relation. Well. I wasn’t back then in the business,so I can’t really relate, but the fact that the online business area not only survived, but is thriving in every time, says a lot. I hope as many people will go and grab this opportunity. Cheers

  • Hi Julius,

    Thanks for this inspiring article. I admire your honesty and generosity in showing us how to make money online. I think people should understand the power of the internet and leverage it to build a long-term sustainable business. By doing that, we will have more physical and mental freedom to buy back the time and live a laptop lifestyle anywhere & anytime. 🙂


    • Hi Matt. Thanks for your comment! You’re one of the enlightened that also see the potential in an online business? I mean even the biggest names ,I mentioned Tony Robbins already and he is one of them, are shifting their activities online. Someone can say, that’s temporarily. I will disagree. The drop in physical labour jobs and similar was a huge before COVID. During COVID crisis ,it was even more obvious and now it somehow stays on the same dropping speed. So, therefore the solution is almost obvious. To thrive in the upcoming (not only crisis ) times, an online business seems to be the best solution.

  • Hi Julius
    I have been in a financial crisis before and the worst thing you can do is to blame someone else for your misfortune. What I found helpful on top of what you have said is speaking positively about your situation and taking action. Online business is the total answer in this day and age of uncertainty. Thank you for spreading the word. I will bookmark this page for my daughters.

    • Hi Angee. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I was also hitten in the 2008 crisis and as just starting professional without financial support from my family, it was almost a disaster. So, I would recommend to your daughters: to start learning some valuable skills. Secondly, learn how to invest money. As many opportunities will be now “cheaper” to go into as in economically peak times. Online Business is great as a new skill and as well as investment ins sort of way. Furthermore, as already mentioned earlier, Money Master the Game is really an eye opener. I just wish I read it those 15 years ago. If I would start back then and invested in an index fund with 10% average compounded growth (real life case shows that’s what is possible if you invest in proper index fund) and put let’s say $100 a month, I could have now: over $40 000 in my bank account. If you put it that way to your daughters, they might like it. Let me know, how they progressed. Cheers

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