When in search of voice-over service, you might hear about Micmonster.

Within the last 3 years, there is a huge growth in Artificial Intelligence tools. Voice-over is one of the areas that has profited hugely from it.

It makes sense, why would you pay $100 for an online entrepreneur who will help you once, when you can have for the same price unlimited projects done?

Of course, the end result will be a not-human voice, but with technologies rapidly improving, we might see a huge shift.

In case, you want to find out if Micmonster can help you convert, drive more traffic, or sales, then you will love my review.

Shall we start?

URL: https://app.micmonster.com/
Founder: Harinderpreet Singh
Product Type:
 Voice-over Software
Price: FREE and PRO for $19/quarterly or $120/yearly or $137 lifetime
Overall Rating: 8/10
Recommended: YES
Trustpilot Review: 3.5/5

Before I start writing about Micmonster and give you insight into the software, be aware I am not an affiliate of the software.

What is Micmonster and How it Can Help You?

Micmonster belongs to TTS software.

In other words: it is text to speech software. 

So, Micmonster will help you transfer any text into natural-sounding voices.

You can choose between FREE or PRO versions. 


The FREE version comes with possibility to upload text up to 1000 characters and with the opportunity to merge up to 10 files (for longer texts). 

PRO version will allow you to create one file with up to 12 000 characters.

Both Micmonster's memberships come with over 500 voices, 140 languages, and multiple voice styles (angry, friendly, excited, cheerful,.)

Apart from standard YouTube videos, this software will help you also in the creation of your multi-purpose videos, such as training courses, podcasts, or social media marketing campaigns.

How Should You Use Micmonster?

Using Micmonster IS SUPER EASY.

First of all, sign up for the FREE version. Here you'll access the dashboard, with all the necessary tools.


Furthermore, type the text that you would like to hear as speech.

Additionally, choose language, voice type, and voice style, and your first project is done.

In case, you are in the FREE version, chances are the space dedicated to your text/speech won't be sufficient.

So, you can merge up to 10 shorter projects into one.

Inside Micmonster

Apart from the possibility to make new projects, there is also DFY section.

Creators prepared 10 DFY templates, among others Selling Email Marketing Campaign, Social Marketing Campaign and SEO Campaign.

Honestly, I am not really big fan of DFY templates, but you might like it, so just mentioning it.

Also, there are some video tutorials, that will help you navigate yourself ,once inside.

I mean the software has not have too many features, so you should be fine, when watching those videos just once.

I think, it is nice that the creator thought about this short "training". 


What Did I Like About Micmonster?

FREE Version

Unlike Speechelo, Micmonster offers a FREE version.

Yes, it is limited. Yes, if you plan to do bigger projects, you want to use PRO.

But at the same time, I think it is wonderful that the creator thought about giving his customers the option to try things out first.

Without a doubt, it shows he cares about people in the first instance and then about his profit. This is really in contrast with many marketers, nowadays.

Platform below has as well 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL.

Voices Sound Natural

Not only are the voices sounding quite natural, but also the voices, you hear in the FREE version are the same in PRO.

This means you will not hear "perfectly sounding human voices" on the sales page, only to find out that in the FREE version, they don't sound the same.

This is unfortunately, the case in Speechelo.

Affordable Pricing

It is safe to say, that over a hundred bucks for lifetime usage are a bargain.

Seeing Fiverr.com quality speakers will start charging at $50 per gig, it seems to be a no-brainer.


Also, human voice-overs will take much more time to deliver your project. 

So, time-saving is another value you will get when using Micmonster.

I am really afraid that human voice-overs might be seeing a huge unemployment rate.


Positive Reviews

Last but not least, when in search for Micmonster reviews, you will see mostly, positive reviews. 

Again, for such a "simple" tool...it is really great sign.

Trustpilot.com users gave Micmonster an average 3.5 star, YouTube and Quora users were happy about the software as well. 

What I Did Not Like About it?

It Still Is Artificial Intelligence

Even so, Micmonster has some outstanding voices (sounding natural), but it will stay "just" artificial intelligence.

So, in other words: it will never replace the human voice.

Then, it comes to the point of what you need. If you are happy to have almost replacement of a "human" voice-over or real human voice. 

Micmonster vs Speechelo

Previously, I mentioned that there are plenty of text-to-speech services to choose from.

So, Micmonster is not your only one option. I recently reviewed Speechelo, so therefore, i'd like ot offer you this to have a closer look as well.

Which one is better Micmonster or Speechelo?

Let's see below, which one is a better fit for you.


Do I Recommend Micmonster?

Hm, without a doubt, YES BRO!

Even so, it hugely depends on the project you need your voice-overs.

But basically, except using Micmonster as part of your professional portfolio (as a voice-over actor) you can use Micmonster for all types of videos.

It will create naturally sounding voices for all purposes.

Only one thing to consider: it will never replace your own voice.

So, you have to be prepared that your YouTube product reviews for instance would have this significance and people will recognise it is not you.

Apart from that, I think Micmonster will fulfill your expectations and can deliver high-standard voice-overs.

Considering also that it comes with affordable pricing and the reviews from real users are positive, I would recommend Micmonster 100%.

Can You Earn Money Online Without Voice-Over?

Voice-over can add a special "spice" to your videos.


Especially, if you are a non-native English speaker and your audience is mostly English.
You can use female, male, or even kid voices to make the video more attractive, which will lead to higher engagement.

So, enough reasons to trust Micmonster.

On the other hand, you might be curious if there is also a way to earn money online without using voice-over.

In the end, maybe you don't want to create videos, podcasts, or other learning material.
Maybe you like to write.

Then, you have still plenty of options.
I am having it over blogging.

I am not saying blogging is better, more profitable, or easier than video marketing, but it is an option for some of you who prefer to communicate with written text.

Indeed, at a later stage, you can also implement videos, but in case you want to start blogging, then I'd like to show you a platform that will teach you all you need to start earning money with blogging.

If you want to have results like the guys below, then click here for 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL. (No Credit Card Required)


I really hope, you liked my Micmonster review and I could help you to make an informed decision upon purchase. 

In case, you have questions, leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer them.



FREE or up to $134 Lifetime



  • Natural Voices
  • Affordable
  • Positive Reviews


  • It stays "just" Artificial Intelligence
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  • Excellent article this is an excellent text to speech article for those who want to make a good video and accelerate the growth of their online business, and it is also a good option to have some variant of voice to text for better and faster article writing. This way we can save a lot of time and achieve our goals faster. I will have to try Micmonster more times and I am sure that this article will be useful for everyone to find a solution for their online business. Thank you for this article and I wish you success and health 🙂

    • Hi, there Zvezdan! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. If you search for the text-to-speech platform, micmonster has some great tools you can profit from. Also, their plans are very affordable. Together with the FREE trial, you can be comfortable giving it a try. Let me know how that software work for you if you’ll do it. Cheers

  • This is my first time hearing of this software. I only knew speechelo which is what I have used and it was good.
    It would be interesting to check this one too. I also think it has good benefits that can help me since it is cheaper and comes with a free version (trail too). Thank you for making me aware of the differences.

    • Hey there! Indeed, I reviewed Speechelo too. If you were happy with it, you will love Micmonster. From the reviews of people that tried both, people tend to prefer Micmonster. Even though, it is personal preference I guess. The fact is Micmonster is cheaper, offers FREE trial, and has more features(languages, voices, styles, …). Happy, I could be of help, and let me know if you will give it a go or if you’d like additional info. Cheers

  • We have not heard of this voice over program or platform. We are using a similar one that can turn words into speech. Micmonster review will drive more sales in 2022 we are glad that you uncovered this platform for us to make extra income.
    Thank you for the review and we will be sure to check out Micmonster to test out on the free trial.


    • Hey there, guys! You are welcome. I am always super happy when I can help other people with finding the right tools, which can help them make a higher number of sales, traffic, or subscribers. Micmonster looks pretty good, so when you are familiar with voice-over platforms, you might want to check that out too. if it’s not better than your present one ;-)Cheers

  • Thank you for this very interesting article! I have been researching AI lately and it is just crazy how many programs are utilizing AI these days. Personally I don’t see a lot of use for this myself but it is great to know its out there in case I develop a need for this type of program. There are a ton of different voices on this software as well. I am always a big fan of companies that allow you to use a free version because I believe it shows they have confidence in the quality of the product.

    • Hey there! Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving your comment. Indeed, Artificial intelligence is growing and it can improve our lives. Although, it can be dangerous if in the wrong hands. But this, we can say almost about everything right. I mean, just seeing what TV, internet is doing with people in Russia, where the majority of them still think their country is on special operation. If you like the free trial type of things, and you want to earn money online, you’d like also this platform. When you like to try text to speech platform, then you should definitely try Micmonster. Let me know, if you will do.

  • Hi Julius, So I’ve only recently come across micmonster. I looked at speechely I think towards the end of last year and remember there was a few issues with it. I like the chart you’ve made to highlight the differences. I mean micmonster definitely appears to be the clear winner here but I do wonder so I guess Youtube videos would be the main thing that this software can help with – I was using I think Pictory.ai for creating videos with automated voiceovers but I think that manually creating a video finding images is quite a chore. I wonder if micmonster is a one time payment and also what is your advice for using these recordings for creating videos?

    • Hi Alex. I agree that Speechelo is not as good as Micmonster. There is a limited FREE version that you can use forever without a single payment. If you want to have a PRO version with unlimited access, then you can choose to pay quarterly $19, yearly $120, or a one-time payment of $137, which will guarantee you lifetime access. Depends on your preference, thus. In my opinion, the best way to use it is as an introduction video for an online course,s for instance, an educational video inside of the course, and even for (short) product reviews. But it will highly depend on you and your audience. Not everyone feels good about having this non-human sound on their channel. I’d say just try, and see how it is working for you. Dependant on the feedback you get from your audience, you’ll see what works best. Let me know, if i can be of any further help. Cheers

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