Click Wealth System Review

When in search for Click Wealth System Review, you might be confronted with lot of contradictory information.

At one side the owner of the program, Matthew Tang, claims he found "secret" that made him millionaire. Now he wants to reveal it to you. 

On other hand, people have raised their concerns already. 

Therefore, I've created my Click Wealth System Review to help you find out if his bold claim is any real.

In 2021 there are more SCAMS in online marketing than LEGIT programs.

If you are new in this niche and you want to start earn money online, it can be quite easy to be ruled into one of the scams.

In other words, if you want to start earning money online, you have to read my Click Wealth System Review. 

Shall we start?

Product Type:
 Affiliate Marketing
Founder: Matthew Tang
Earning Potential:
costs $9+ UPSELLS
Overall Rating: 1/10
Recommended: NO

Not only because of this protecting you from wrong choice, but also because I genuinely want to show you how you too can grab a piece of this $80 million industry called affiliate marketing, I've spent 10 hours on researching and writing this post.

What is Click Wealth System about?

Cloud based and Done For You program teaching you how to earn money online.

Even so, the creator called this strategy Customer Middleman Arbitrage, it is basically combination of Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing.

Both being legit strategies. On the other hand not all programs teaching them, are legit. 

Let us find out where belongs Click Wealth System. 


Money-Back Guarantee

Thanks to the ClickBank and its newly introduced money-back guarantee, you are covered for 60 days.

ClickBank is marketplace of affiliate products. As an extra service, they introduced this rule. So, whatever reason, you wish to give the product back, you can do it through their website without stating a reason. 

Extra Tools and Sources

As you will read further in my Click Wealth System Review, the owner is teaching , PAID TRAFFIC as the main option.

While, this is not the best solution, especially for starters. He will also show you some FREE TRAFFIC options.

So, you can expect some very basic learning material on driving traffic from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and from Blog commenting.

Additionally, when you buy the Click Wealth System, you will be granted access to the Facebook Community.

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Done For You

What might sound as a time safer, it can turn to be a nightmare.

First of all, you are not an owner of the domain you will place your offers. 

That means that the owner of the domain (someone from Matthew's team) can kick you out at any time. While he can continue in the (earning) activities, you were doing.

Less dramatic reason why this belongs to CONS and not to PROS is the limited choice you will have.

Not only landing pages, but also the email swipes are done for you and of course limited. If there are 100 people signing for the program, you have already big competition. 

Recommended: Glenn Kosky's LEVELS uses the same strategy 

Paid Traffic

I see only two reasons, why paid traffic can be a good option:

a)you have a new product and you want to see how the market will react to it, so we can call it short time testing
b)you have not a big follow, but you have some amazing offer, and you know for 100% sure people will be interested in

Besides of these two options, you are most likely going to lose money. 

Especially if you are beginner, this "bet" can cost you a lot of money.

To make things even worse, Matthew and his teams decided to recommend you solo ads, what is the worst paid traffic solution, (claimed even by PAID TRAFFIC users.)

One of the reasons why, is because you DON'T KNOW WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE COMING FROM, so you don't know if they have any interest in your offer. T

hat way, you can spend hundreds $$ for traffic, but have no sales.

Unethical Marketing Strategies

Click Wealth System Review

Firstly, the prices for hosting your site, purchasing domain, accessing the  web designer and website builder are not so expensive. 

In fact, in this program for instance, you'll pay just $49 a month for all of it and you'll get also KEYWORD included. 

Additionally there is a story, you've heard or watched very often. 

The story goes like this: One guy (in our case Matthew), was paid poorly in his current (accountant) job. Suddenly, at one day he was kicked out of this poorly paid job, so he was left out and needed to find a new source of income.

While on search, he discovered this "secret" that made him millionaire and he wants it to share with you.

How sweet, isn't it? I don't want to make wrong assumptions, maybe he was really in bad employment and maybe he was fired. But what I doubt is, that he just discovered some secret and he wants to share it with you.

Another shady tactic from Matthew is, that the video shown on the Click Wealth Page is just a sales page. In order to get to even find out what the program is about, you have to pay $9.

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You see, Matthew wants you to believe that the success (with affiliate marketing) comes overnight. 

That's one of the reasons why he priced the first product at low $9 price tag.

Second reason is to upsell you. Imagine, you are aspiring affiliate marketer without any experience, and Click Wealth System is the first product you see.

After watching it, your feeling would probably like: that's super easy, let's do it.

At that moment Matthew comes with his upsells, because he knows you are "hooked" and you will spend. 

You have to be aware, that people like him, will try to use your inexperience. 

What can lead just to one result: YOU losing time and money.

How does the Click Wealth System Work?

Firstly, you would have to set up your account.

Later on, connected with ClickBank and GetResponse (Email Auto responder that has membership starting at $15).

Click Wealth System Review

Clearly, the first 3 STEPS are easy to understand.

Remember, Get Response membership starts at $15 and is not included in CWS costs.  

STEP 4 Activate Your Traffic is relating to activation of your free traffic.

Be aware, this is not FREE (organic) traffic in real sense. 

But 100 clicks paid by the creator (Matthew Tang and his team). As you will see later on, Matthew will get share of this payment back. 

Click Wealth System Review
Click Wealth System Review

Those clicks are coming randomly through SOLOS ads. 

As you read at other place within this Click Wealth System Review, this strategy is not the best one.

In the STEP 5 Set up Profit Page you will choose one of the LANDING PAGE template they provided to you. This will be the page visitors would see when they click on your offer.

Step 6 Click Tracker  is to help you keep track of your clicks, so you can better see from their come from and what action people took. 

Step 7 Get You Verified Influencer Traffic is to connecting you with some solo ads runners. Those guys will then send you PAID TRAFFIC to your offer. 

These "influencers" you will have option to chose within Click Wealth System are basically SOLO ADS freelancers.

Those people are with all respect, no INFLUENCERS in the affiliate marketing. 

So, you will choose one, pay him or her, and they will send you (questionable) traffic to the landing pages. In fact, this traffic will came from their email list!!! 

When someone will click on these offers and make a purchase you will earn commission.

In general this method is called Affiliate Marketing. 

I don't understand why Matthew Tang called it CUSTOMER ARBITRAGE MIDDLEMAN.

To sum up how does the Click Wealth System work:

  • You'll Create Landing Page (template from the program itself)
  • Find a person who creates SOLO ADS for you to drive traffic to these pages
  • Make a commission when someone clicks on the offer and make a purchase

Inside Click Wealth System

Once inside of the program, you will see menu on the left side.

Below, I will explain each section.

Click Wealth System Review

After watching the Getting Started Video and seeing the Welcome Message (here you will be revealed that the Customer Middleman Arbitrage is really affiliate marketing), you will see the Profit Pages.

Those are the DFY landing pages. Below are the 5x Profit Pages, what is actually the #1 upsell. What it does, basically just adding up the amount of the landing pages.

Click Tracker stands for a tool to track your clicks. So, that way you can see where the people clicked and what was their action afterwards.

Free Potential Sales stands for the FREE 100 clicks, you will be granted from Matt.

Profit Activator is #2 Upsell. It comes with 5 plugins, that should boost your sales.

In fact, those plugins are included in any better theme and I don't see a single reason you should pay for it above $100 (Matt's price).

Click Wealth System Review

Traffic source will show you where to find "influencers" who will send you traffic. Again, those people are not really influencers, but people who run RANDOMLY people to your sites.

Click Wealth System Review

Finally, the last #3 Upsell is providing you with some help when sending emails.

Precisely, it encourages you to build email swipes for your auto responder campaigns, inspired by other users.

How Can You Earn Money With Click Wealth System?

The basic way on how to earn with this program is explained in the previous paragraph.

What is worth mentioning, that the landing pages where you will send people, have different OFFERS displayed. However, the choices are very limited.

(You have to realise, that everyone joining the CWS, has the same choices like you).

You will have opportunities to choose from several NICHES.

Question, I would raise here, are those offers any good, AND DO THEY PROVIDE VALUE? 

Because if not, hello, you won't make sales! 

Click Wealth System Review

Honestly, I have my doubts. 

As previously stated, the main strategy recommended to you is solo ads. That way, you are super limited because you have no idea who the people are.

It can be someone from India, absolutely not interested in your offer.

One thing, I learned for the time being in Affiliate MARKETING and BLOGGING is RELEVANCE. You have to be relevant, offering content, advice, TIPS and also products people actually want.

When you'll create this DFY landing page, you will be asked to purchase TRAFFIC. Because someone has to see those offers.

That's where the problem starts.

You see not only the solo ads are irrelevant, expensive and ineffective. In fact, the creator's #1 recommendation, is a page, where he is affiliate and earns 20% from every purchase.

At this time your alarm bells should start ringing!!

Why the hell, would the creator of Click Wealth System want to you to spend money on inefficient strategy? 

That's right! Because he is earning from it!



For Who is it Best for?

Maybe you've sensed it already but Click Wealth System is the best just for the owner.

For the rest, the chance of earning money regularly, is very low.

Is Click Wealth System a Scam?

Although, we can look on it from different perspectives, the Click Wealth System is not a SCAM in the pure sense of the word (because you get something in return for your money).

The value is higher like in Click Earners for instance.

But, to be completely honest with you, I can understand why someone would could it SCAM.

You see, you are pushed to buy overpriced upsells from the moment you purchased the first $9 "membership".

Secondly, the creator of the program is teaching you PAID TRAFFIC methods that are EARNING HIM MONEY (while you will lose money in most of the cases).

In addition, except the people promoting the program, I couldn't find a single POSITIVE REVIEW about it. Moreover, once inside the program, you will be taught to promote just Click Wealth System!!

Click Wealth System Review Final Verdict

You see, Matthew Tang shows you one legit option on how to earn money online.

Affiliate MARKETING.

However, what he doesn't do, is teaching you affiliate marketing.

His strategy is to rule you for low-quality upsells and paid inefficient traffic source in order to sell his product.

You don't have to have a degree in math, to see the pattern. As more people will join, as more he will earn. What is even more sad, is that by achieving that (his rising incomes) people inside of the program will LOSE MONEY.

So, this indeed looks almost as a PYRAMID SCHEME and it comes very close to SCAM.

Therefore, I would NOT RECOMMEND you to join Click Wealth System, by no means.

Not because of the $9, which you will get back if you want to.

But because of the lost time you will spend.

Moreover, I don't want you to stop FROM EARNING MONEY ONLINE, because you can do it.

You just need to have the right TRAINING, COMMUNITY, and SUPPORT.

Where do You go From Here?

When you read my Click Wealth System Review until here, firstly I want to thank you, as I know partly it could be discouraging reading.

But just partly.

You see, the MAKING MONEY ONLINE niche is attracted by different "gurus" and SCAMMERS. Who will just try you rip you off.

On the other hand, there are ALSO LEGIT and SUSTAINABLE programs.

The way as I see it. There are 2 ways of doing affiliate marketing. FREE and PAID.

1. Paid one- Investment coming from your own pocket. Often times is short living and oftentimes you don’t earn what you initially invested. So you are in search for new shiny objects on and on. The only one who earns in that case is the owner of the course/program.

2. Free on- No(or very low) investment. Need of building your website and audience. Even, it can be time-consuming at the beginning. Sustainable profit on long term.

If you are clever, you’d choose the second option.

Not only will cost you much less to start with, but it will bring you success over longer period. When done correctly, and with right guidance, you can achieve results like guys below:

The reason, why I wrote my Click Wealth System Review is to help you make DECISION based on FACTS.

Additionally, I want to show you way how YOU CAN EARN MONEY ONLINE on regular basis for years to come. And you don't need thousands $$$ a month to run it.

P.S. My #1 Recommended training program has EXTENDED ITS BLACK FRIDAY DEAL until 2nd December 23:59 PST. So, if you are serious about learning Affiliate Marketing it would be shame not to use this up to 68% OFF DISCOUNT!

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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Thanks for showing us what’s inside Click Wealth System. It seems that the cons outweigh the pros. For example, the done-for-you materials, paid traffic, and upsells. I know one thing or two about affiliate marketing, so I understand those are not the shortcut to your online success. If you like to make money online through affiliate marketing, I think it’s better to join a platform that offers proven-to-work training like your top recommendation.


    1. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your opinion with us, Matt!Indeed, the DFY are very limiting. Running such a business come easily in range between $500-1000 a month with questionable income. You want to be cautious with these “to easy looking”offers from ClickBank.

  2. Hey Julius,
    Thanks for calling out Click Wealth System for what it really is!
    Everything is flawed in this offering, it overpromises and under-delivers
    As you say solo ads are irrelevant, expensive and ineffective. People expecting to make money from push button systems like this will be disappointed.

    It is far better to build a real online business and create quality content that helps people. Click Wealth System and these other Done For You Systems try to sell a short-cut to people, playing to their emotions for quick profits. But nothing could be further from the truth.
    So thanks again for sharing the reality of Click Home Income .

    1. You are absolutely right John. For longer terms success, the REAL business with REAL offers and for REAL people is the solution. Programs like Click Wealth System, or Click Earners are here to attract NEWBIES (inexperienced people) and to rulE them into offers that are closely to SCAMS. So, it is my mission to offer people the right choices.

  3. Although $9 seems a low price, I can imagine how quickly this increases as members buy Click Wealth System upsells. The one thing I don’t like is DFY products. This not only makes it harder to stand out, but all other members will have the exact same content. Solo ads is something I’d steer well clear of. I honestly think free traffic using SEO is the best option, especially for beginners. Your number one way to earn money online is far better. You’re shown how to build a solid business using proven methods that work.

  4. Hi Julius, I always love these objective review of products because they truly help readers searching for online opportunities by providing them with the pros and cons of the product or service they are considering.

    So funny that Customer Middleman Arbitrage are such fancy words for a combination of Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing! While many may think the done for you option is the way to go, as you rightly highlighted, a major concern is that you don;t own the domain and since it is all done for you, you learn nothing! This makes it easy to kick you out for some potential flimsy reason down the road,

    Your alternative option does teach you from the ground up and I will look into it for my sister.

    1. Hi there, Ceci! Indeed DFY options are in majority cases lacking enough options. Additionally, if there are other people using the software, it might lead to more exact same websites.

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