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The Best Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Deal During the Last 5 Years has Started. Never Before was Joining WA More Affordable as During the Upcoming 4 Days.  Discover How You Can Start Earning Money Online without Owning Product for Less than $0.82 a Day.

November 27, 2021

Did you hear about this insane black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Deal? 


That's right! 

When You join WA anytime between 26th November- 29th (23:59 PST) 2021, You will be godfathered (price locked forever) the bargain $299 for Premium.

So, If You are looking for program teaching you Affiliate Marketing for price lower than cup of coffee $0.82 a day), you will love this PAGE.

Shall we see the offer?

Could This Be Your Story? 

Imagine, WAKING up EVERY MORNING with a feeling that You don't have to work today. 

You can take it easy and stay in the bed a little longer if you want. 

Not too long though, because yesterday you've met your new friend Pablo down in the village. 

You two made plans for today. Firstly, You will go for surf lesson down at the coast, followed by snorkelling trip just 1 km Further South.

Afternoon, he promised you to meet with his friend who has beautiful eyes, but most importantly, she is a Spanish teacher. (Who is teaching the language for one third of the price as back in home.)

He also mentioned, some Bullfighting in  Pamplona day after.

But MAYBE you would just stay at your apartment and the enjoy the scenery though. (Blue sea is here at Lanzarote, almost lighter in colour than the sky above.)  

It is January and here is still amazing 21 Celsius and You haven't seen a rain for the last 4 weeks. 

This is not some artificial reality game. Nor it is some movie I want you to see later tonight. 

This is a reality many DIGITAL NOMADS are living today. 

You can be one of them. 

Let me Show You how. 

Present Days 

I started a bit atypically, but living a LOCATION FREE LIFE is dream of many. 

Even, if you are not dreaming about traveling distances and living on the beach, this page can CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 

You've seen it probably too, but due to the Corona Pandemic, many jobs were lost. 

While there were sadly people who left their jobs involuntarily. 

There were also people who were part of so-called Great Resignation.

(If You haven't heard about it, some 21 million people left their jobs between March and July 2021. That's 3 times more than a year before.)

Apart from those who were forced to leave, 40% of "quitters" stated that they were attracted to remoteness in the job or other form of flexibility as the  reason for a change.

People just have seen how the pandemic and working home made their life easier. Now they want to continue that.

If you are still at your current Job, then You might be fed up, with the long hours you work without seeing your family.

Maybe you think you are underpaid.

You don't like that you are forced to work at one location, while you want to travel.

Enough reasons to start your "NOMAD" life? 

In any case, the solution I am offering you here is Earning Money Online with Affiliate Marketing.

What is Wealthy Affiliate 

Wealthy Affiliate is platform that teaches You everything You need to know about Affiliate Marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing helps you start Earning Money Online in the simplest way. 

(It doesn't require a huge budget upon starting out). 

And indeed,  Wealthy Affiliate is the right place helping you to create your DREAMED NOMAD LIFE.

In fact, I wrote comprehensive review what is Wealthy Affiliate about , so you can read more in-depth about it. 

For our purpose, You should know that Wealthy Affiliate is ALL-IN-ONE platform, suiting experienced as well as aspiring affiliates. 

When I say ALL-IN-ONE, I really mean there is ALL inside of the WA premium membership. 

You see, for what you would have to be paying thousands $$$ elsewhere, or searching hours long on "how to" blog posts on Google or videos on YouTube, you can get here at Wealthy Affiliate for one (monthly) FEE.

It Will be shame to leave this 49% OFF, available just during this black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Deal. 

Not without a reason is WA regularly chosen the best affiliate platform.

Even though some critics are diminishing this(who wouldn't blame competition?!).

THE LONGEVITY (since 2005), COMMUNITY POWER(+1.5 million and growing), and THE TRAINING (regularly updated) are things that can't be overlooked and are really just part of this amazing program. 

Some facts you might have missed about WA:

  • Created by Successful Affiliates and Friends in 2005
  • Counting +1.5 Millions Users 
  • Updating Training Regularly, Which is Bullet-Proved for the Years After Pandemic 
black Friday Wealthy Affiliate


The community of people READY TO HELP EACH OTHER by sharing their experience and TIPS is still what amaze me after all the time spent there. 

You can bet there are some EXPERIENCED and SUCCESSFUL guys you can learn from. 

Eddy below, is one of them. 

black Friday Wealthy Affiliate

Additionally, You want to know that Wealthy Affiliate is not a GET-RICH QUICK SCHEME.

Furthermore, the training inside is not forcing you to use PAID TRAFFIC and pay extra money. Quite contrary to that, it teaches you SEO Organic (FREE TRAFFIC) tactics how to drive people to your website.

In addition, it DOES NOT OFFER any UPSELLS.

(3 Memberships are Clearly Explained and all of them have its value). 

You see, these 3 subjects alone are enough reasons to join THE PROGRAM during this amazing black Friday Wealthy Affiliate deal.

Why Premium Membership is the right Choice?

Even though, there is also a STARTER MEMBERSHIP, the REAL-DEAL is the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP. 

The Premium membership is the best choice when you want to ENJOY THE TOOLS and THE GREAT SUPPORT.

I am not saying, that as a FREE member, you can't achieve success. (You will have some limited access to the training as a FREE member).

As a premium member you have 100% to all necessary TOOLS, TRAINING, AND SUPPORT you need to start with Affiliate MARKETING.


black Friday Wealthy Affiliate

The TOOLS included in the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP at Wealthy Affiliate are unbeatable. 

Other platforms are charging thousands $$$ for, what you will get included in the PREMIUM. 

You see, the almost artificial reality story from the beginning of the page could be YOUR NEW REALITY QUICKER when you join Premium Membership. 

As a PREMIUM member there are several extra benefits for you.

Even so , it is super hard to choose just one I personally love the LIVE CLASSES.

52 a year, that's exactly 1 per week. (With PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP)

The best thing?

They are LIVE each Friday, but they are as well RECORDED (so you can watch them backwards, if you've missed any of them)

This alone makes the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP your to-go source when you need additional and up-to-date knowledge. 

Some topics discussed during the LIVE CLASSES:

  • Email Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • SEO Trends
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Outsourcing

Below you can see how does it look inside of LIVE CLASS called Pinterest Idea Domination. 

black Friday Wealthy Affiliate

Listen, I really want You assure you of one thing, starting to EARN MONEY ONLINE with Wealthy Affiliate is super simple and everyone can do it. 

Not just because the TRAINING (with great live classes)is created in super easy-to-follow way, but also due to the (needed) SUPPORT from the community (often super successful) marketers and the owners. 

You see, oftentimes you purchase product and service with great marketing offer, but when you enter it, you realise there is no one to help you. 

Do you know what I mean? 

That's totally different at WA. You would have to actually stop to read the advice, tips and experiences from other members in order to concentrate on your work.

I mean it LITERALLY.  

Could there be a better example OF HELPFUL COMMUNITY as the one below?

Those are all blog posts within WA from other members that can help me with my question: "HOW TO MAKE MORE SALES?"

black Friday Wealthy Affiliate

I know some platforms offer Facebook group or member area. 

But trust me, there is nowhere such oneness, companionship, and support like here at WA.

You can even contact the CEO's.

How cool is that? 

To leave this 49% OFF discount, available just during this black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Deal, will be almost like leaving money on the table. 

To sum up what you will get during this great black Friday Wealthy Affiliate deal, I wrote it down. 

For less than one dollar a day (less than cup of coffee probably wherever in the world), you'll get:

1. Step-by-step Training (Value $997)

Important for getting started. You will be walked through from the beginning to your money producing website.

The teacher in this training is the owner, self successful affiliate marketer who has been in the industry longer than 15 years!

The training includes:

  • Choosing Your Niche/Market (You remember the gardening example)
  • Building Your Website From Scratch (less than 30 seconds)
  • Driving unlimited traffic to your website completely for FREE
  • Finding Your Affiliate Products
  • Collecting Your First Commissions

...and plenty more

black Friday Wealthy Affiliate

2. Live Video Classes (Value $297)

If you won't learn everything from the training, you will get option to join weekly LIVE CLASSES. Jay will be your coach here and he is self, successful affiliate marketer.

You will see his famous (real-life) case studies once you join Wealthy Affiliate.

3. Affiliate Platforms Marketplace (Value $99)

Amazon was used in the example above, but there are literally thousands of Affiliate Platforms.

Depending on Your Need. Digital or Physical Product? Service rather than Product? No Problem! Here You'll Find Everything.

4. Keyword Research Tool (Value $399)

You remember, when I mentioned the keyword?

At this time there is Jaaxy, coming on to the scene.

Great, keyword research tool, coming with additional functions like SiteRank (tracking your results) and SiteAnalysis( tracking the competition).

With Wealthy Affiliate is Jaaxy FREE for you.

5. Website Builder ( Value $49) 

No need to know any coding. Additionally, You can create and set up your website in less than 1 minute.

6. Domain Marketplace (Value $89)

To create a successful affiliate marketing business, you'd need WEBSITE. Domain is something like the address, that people will find you on the world-wide-web map.

After joining Wealthy Affiliate, you don't need to purchase 3rd party domain, because it's completely FREE for you.

7. Web Hosting (Value $249)

Hosting is something like a house. Place where your address can be for REAL.

Once again, no additional FEES whatsoever. It's completely FREE with Wealthy Affiliate.

8. 24/7 Community and Support (Value $99)

Lastly, there are two amazing extras's: COMMUNITY and SUPPORT. Both are very important in helping you EARN MONEY ONLINE.

Especially, at the beginning.

Community is like having 1.5 million coaches ready to help you.

Support is on the other hand, yours safe port where you sail, when you have technical issues with whatever part of your business.



Do You see why this is such a NO BRAINER?

Now, It Is Your Turn.

All what You would have to do, to guarantee you to get all this above and much more at discounted price, is to act during the best Black Friday deal days.

In this case between Friday and Sunday (26-28th November 2021).

The Best Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Deal

Obviously, You might be asking yourself: "is that really, so easy? Just find people searching for a product, find the product, sell it and I will get money?"

In the nutshell: YES, it is THAT EASY!

Of course, there is a process, you have to learn, but once learned, you can EARN MONEY ONLINE on REGULAR and AUTOMATED, basis.

Don't believe me? Below are some stories of people who are part of the program and who you will get direct access to.

best black black Friday Wealthy Affiliate  deal
black Friday Wealthy Affiliate
black Friday Wealthy Affiliate

You prefer to SEE it for real, CHECK THEIR BLOG POSTS ABOUT IT.

If all of these sounds appealing to you, then


Oftentimes, people want to have a better life. They want to have the things they are dreaming about.

They want to have a BETTER PAID JOB, MORE MONEY IN THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS, SPEND MORE TIME WITH THEIR FAMILY...but often times they don't achieve it.


I don't have answered for all questions, but I know unsuccessful people DON'T GRAB THE OPPORTUNITIES, WHILE SUCCESSFUL ONES DO.

Which group you want to belong to?


Because just DURING these FOUR upcoming days:

26th-29th November (23:59 PST) 2021

You can grab the best black Friday Wealthy Affiliate deal with 49% OFF PREMIUM PRICE what comes to $0.82 a day. 

black Friday Wealthy Affiliate
black Friday Wealthy Affiliate


Isn't Affiliate Marketing death in 2021?

Question, people would ask a lot in online forums, on Facebook, YouTube or Quora. I can certainly tell you, that AFFILIATE MARKETING IS NOT DEATH. Why am I certain? Ask yourself a simple question. Do you think that people will BUY ONLINE MORE or PEOPLE WILL BUY ONLINE LESS? If you follow the technological development in the recent years, and if you see what is happening in the world right now (Great Resignation etc.), the ANSWER IS MORE. Therefore, you can be 100% sure that Affiliate Marketing is sustainable business and it will stay here for a while -;)

Do I have to promote just WA?

Definitely not. You saw, that one part of your membership is Affiliate Platform Marketplace. There are alone hundreds of other affiliate opportunities. Simple Google search will show you another thousands affiliate programs to join. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how you can turn these opportunities into INCOME. You are FREE to choose any Niche and therefore any product you will promote. WA being one of the options, but not the only one.

How Much Money Can I Earn?

As YOU already saw from the examples within WA, the incomes really differ. It will depend on the NICHE you are in. On the products or services you will promote. Also, it (largely) depends on your TIME and DETERMINATION. That's why, you wouldn't see 2 people with the same results. But that's everywhere, right? Sportsmen, bakers, or consultants starting at the very same time and in very same city, would have different results! Affiliate Marketing is no exception.

How Much Time Do I Need to Spend?

Again, it differs. As, I understand you would start with this as a side project (what is completely fine), you will decide how much time you will invest. I know, that YOU might need to work next to your affiliate marketing business, and that's not a problem. Those who can dedicate more time to it, would most likely see the results quicker, as those who on the other hand would have less time left. But that makes sense I guess, right?

Is Wealthy Affiliate SCAM?

I already showed you enough proof that WA is REAL and LEGIT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, so it is definitely not a scam. I know you might have this question (as internet is full of SCAMS), but you can be sure and safe, that Wealthy Affiliate is community of REAL people, with REAL results and is made for REAL opportunities. Along the way, you will come across some SCAMS (in Affiliate Marketing quite common thing), but WA is different.

How much will I pay during black Friday Wealthy Affiliate deal?

The price is $299 a year. So, when you count it it is the price I mentioned already $0.82. In this price are all the great tools included as written earlier. But remember, you will be hosting your website in Wealthy Affiliate and you’ll also be using the amazing Jaaxy keyword research tool and many more cool stuff.

What are the membership options?

There is Premium Membership normally at price $588, during black Friday $299 (You safe $289) and Premium Plus Membership that costs normally 1188$, during black Friday Wealthy Affiliate deal is for $499 (you safe $698)

Is this Offer "Godfathered"?

Yes, once YOU sign in during the black Friday Wealthy Affiliate deal, you will "lock" this price for the lifetime. The Premium Membership will therefore renew always for $299 and the Premium Plus Membership for $499. 


More questions? Ask me at: