CBD Pure Review

Welcome on my today’s post- CBD Pure Review

Are you also falling into the newest trend of CBD? Is it all just hype or does CBD really help?

What you can expect when tasting the CBDPure?

I will try to cover that in my CBD Pure Review

In the beginning, I want to congratulate you for first checking the potentially great looking option. 

Because there are many SCAMS out there, or products of low quality and you are smart enough to search for proof before getting ready to purchase.

Name: CBDPure 
URL:  https://www.cbdpure.com/
Founders: Brady Bell
Business Model: Affiliate Marketing
Earning Potential: 5/10
Price: Free to join 
Rating: 5/10

What is CBDPure?

CBDPure is a grower and producer of high-quality full-spectrum cannabidiol (“CBD”) oil derived from certified organic-standards industrial hemp grown in Colorado and Washington

CBDPure is 100% legal and safe to consume in the U.S. It does not have the psychoactive properties commonly found in recreational cannabis – meaning it does not provide a “high” or intoxicated feeling to users

The cannabinoid content of all CBDPure products complies with the federal law of the United States.

If you decided to give it a try to CBDPure, you want to check beforehand what are the laws of your country when it comes to CBD. 

I know that in my country, The Netherlands, it is allowed. Well, here is also THC allowed, that’s why there are so many tourists probably -;)

CBD pure Review

When is it best time to use it? 

If you are a fan of the CBD, and you enjoy its benefits. 

Also if you want to monetize your CBD related traffic, then you can become a CBDPure Affiliate. 

Why you should use it? 

Because CBDPure is self-growing and producing the CBD. That means all is natural and you won’t be poisoned by GMOs, pesticides, or herbicides. 

The CBD has numerous benefits. Like helping with acne, cancer, or depression. Third-party labor tests showed that the industrial hemp CBDPure uses is of high quality and has a high content of CBD. 

Plus if you are going to spread the word and sell the product further, you can help you financially and help others solve their issues. 

How to Use It? 

Assuming that the usage of the CREAM (gel) and SOFTGEL (capsules) is more or less clear, I’d describe how to use the oil. (For the animal oil, I will follow the same application like for humans)

There are 3 ways how you can apply it to yourself. 

Firstly, there is massaging it to your skin. 

Secondly, through adding it as an ingredient to your favorite drinks or dishes. The most effective being smoothie or juices. 

Finally, the third and the most common option is to drop the oil under your tongue. More in the video below

If you are interested in monetizing your website traffic, then you want to know how you can join their CBD oil affiliate program, correct? 

So, you have to follow the steps below and after your application is approved, you can start earning. 

Sounds pretty easy right? 

Let’s see later on

What do I like about CBDPure?


 The CBDPure is offering 4 Basic Products and all of them seem to be of great quality. 

Yet the price is still very affordable.

CBD Pure Review

Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, if you don’t like the product, you will get your money back and this for 90 days. 

I think that can be considered as a quality proclamation. Generally you’ll experience some 14 or 30 days, but 90 days?

These guys must be sure about their product. 

BBB A+Rating

Better Bureau Business Rating means BBB has determined that the business meets accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. … A+ is their highest grade.

CBD Pure Review

High Commissions for their Affiliates

Once your application will be approved, you can start selling through your affiliate link and receive the commission. 

That’s how Affiliate Marketing is working, right. 

How great the particular Affiliate Marketing is, highly depends on its commissions. 

And the CBD Pure affiliate program is going to leverage you 40%!!! That’s more than good.

As a result of sale worth 100$ you will earn 40$.

What I don’t like about the CBDPure?

There are 2 Things. 

Firstly, there is the fact that however good each vendor can try, there is not a guarantee yet, that particular product is without THC.

What does it mean? 

Simply, if your country has zero-tolerance to THC you can end up in big troubles.  

It depends purely on the rules in each country ( I think here in the Netherlands we are safe -:) 

Anywhere else like in the Netherlands, I would double-check it beforehand…

Secondly, to get to their Affiliate Program you have to have a decent follow and the content of your website must be CBD-related. 

And that’s totally ok and obvious. 

What is the issue then? 

They will not provide you training on how to get this traffic

This means, that if you are interested in CBDpure products, and you don’t have a big following yet, you can be pretty sure, you won’t be accepted…

What you can do then? 

Search for different CBD affiliate programs, for instance….

or Learn how to get this traffic. 


I know a place, where you can learn how to get a TRAFFIC to your website. In fact this training offers much more…

In conclusion, do I recommend the CBDPure? 

You can try it as a product. 

Ideally with THC test to determine if it’s risk-free for you in that sense. 

 I think their pricing is reasonable. 

But if you are seeking to earn money with CBDPure, I wouldn’t join it if you are just starting out.

(But feel free to join when you have a huge following around the CBD topic because you can really profit from the 40% commissions.)

There is a high chance your application would be rejected anyway. But even though, you receive links and banners, but that’s it. 

No TRAINING provided on how to bring visitors to your site, how to place those links or banners to your website, no SEO strategies, no marketing strategies…

Those elements are super important if you want to make money with your affiliate links.

But guess what?

There is training offering you the knowledge needed to be successful in an Affiliate Marketing world. Not just that, they are offering training on making money online in any given niche. 


Completely nuts. 

Also, if you are going to sign up for FREE NOW, you will get direct access to me.

I hope you enjoyed my CBD Pure REVIEW.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Your friend, 


CBD Pure





  • Product Quality
  • High Commissions For Their Affiliat
  • BBB A+ Rating
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • No Traffic on Traffic Sources
  • Not Available In Every Country
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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Hey Julius,

    Awesome review on CBD Puré, I was looking around about CBD affliate programs and love seeing that you did a review on it and provided an honest feedback on it.

    I really enjoy how you provided me everything I need to know from just one page and made it extremely convenient for me. Pointing out if its good or not for beginners or what to expect from the company themselves really helps me evualate it and make a thorough decision.

    Thank you so much for providing this information to me.


    1. Hey Elias,
      I am so happy to hear that my CBD Pure Review has helped you in your decision. Please stay tuned up, as I am planning to write a couple of other CBD-related reviews/posts. Cheers.

  2. Hey Julius, thanks for sharing your take on CBD Pure.
    I’ve reviewed some CBD oils before and I can say that CBD Pure is one of the good ones out there!
    The price is affordable and they are not like other MLM CBD companies out there with outrageous prices and you can still make money with their affiliate program – which I think is far better than joining an MLM.

    1. Hi Wina,
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. Indeed, they have really affordable( like the 300mg oil for 30$ for instance).
      In addition, they are growing it and producing it by themselves, which makes it even more trustable.
      The MLM business model is definitely one to avoid. Their culture of ‘cult’ has destroyed more lives than it has made rich. CBD Pure affiliate is definitely worth of try if you have a website related to the CBD. I hope you will make a great choice. If you need help with anything else, please let me know.

  3. Hi there, Great review! I’ve been taking CBD oil for 2 years now. Ever since I turned 50 it seems like I have a new ache and pain I never had. CBD oil has taken most of these pains away. I also notice I’m not sore after a hard workout. I think this would benefit me since i am a walking talking testimonial. Can you tell me if this product comes in different flavors?
    I looked at your recommendation and sounds like that could help drive lots of traffic to a product like this. I’m going to look into Wealthy AFfilates even deeper. That may be the key to making this CBD successful!
    Thanks for the recommendation. Brilliant!

    1. Hi There. Thanks a lot. I am always happy to hear positive feedback about the product I wrote the review about. Others reading it would be happy as well. As far, as I am concerned they don’t have other flavors rather than natural.
      But you could try maybe their CREAM , as this comes with menthol and white willow bark (aka nature’s aspirin) Although, I don’t recommend to eat it LOL.
      I think you could benefit from it after your workouts, as those creams are created for your zs support to your muscles and joints.
      Wealthy Affiliate is the place where you will learn EVERYTHING you’ll to get your affiliate marketing business to be profitable. I hope I could help you and if you have further questions, just let me know.

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