You might be tired of your current job, so you are searching for ways, how to earn online. And that is good approach. There is a bunch of opportunities available right now.

It was never easier, it was never more actual.

The thing is, there are many “SCAMS”, or get-rich-quick schemes, which are not working. Some of them are even ripping you off your hard-earned money.

Let me help you.

I have created this blog post in order to review if you can make money filling surveys.

Making money online is possible

This is a very important thing I would like to mention. It is 100% possible to make money online. You can earn part-time income, but you can well make a full-time income. Or, if you put enough energy and work, you can earn enough to retire earlier.

It all depends just on you.

What are you going to do when filling online surveys?

One of the things you might come across when you were searching for ways how to earn money online is filling the online surveys.

Well, online surveys. What are you actually going to do?

After filling up some basic information about you, your present living situation (if you are single, married, income), your hobbies, and eventually some other small details, you will be applying for surveys.

Those surveys has various topic. It can be anything from your latest experience with LED-lamp, through watching videos or playing online games until web shopping.

That can be a basic way for you to earn some small cash. I am going to discuss some PROS and CONS this strategy has.


  • Earning money from the comfort of your home
  • Relatively free working time/work whenever you want
  • Easy tasks


  • Long waiting, you don’t know when the next suitable survey is going to be available
  • Sometimes not accepted survey (yes, it can happen)
  • Lower earnings, you shouldn’t be expected thousands of $, in fact, what you can expect is 100-200$ with some long working hours
  • Not every survey will accept your application, mostly due to the location (funny enough even in my home city Amsterdam, I wasn’t able to get accepted by some of them)
  • Some websites will reward you with “points” instead of cash, that can be irritating time-to-time

Market favorites

If you are considering this as an option, I have collected a list of some websites, you might be interested in.


Offering a variety of activities. Such as playing online games, online shopping, watching videos, or filling the online surveys. They are offering a $5 sign-up bonus. The fact, that it pays real cash instead of the points, as well as, that it’s offering quite simple tasks, it is one of the most popular nowadays.

The issue with this one is that you can not make an account everywhere. ( I tried from the Netherlands and without success.) As it offers version, I am guessing it will be available in the UK, the U.S. With the rest of the countries I am not sure.

The platform is very well-designed and it looks like there are plenty of opportunities within “casual” Internet activities. For instance, the companies they will reward you while you are buying/using their products are among others Amazon, HP Packard, Nike.

In this case, it is more like a cashback service. Although, you can take standard surveys as well. There are other attractive parts of this website and like refer to friend program, where you can earn extra points referring to your friend, or the question survey, where you will be receiving simple questions on your phone (after downloading the app) and earning points.

There is however a huge minus point in my opinion. You are not earning real cash, just points which you are exchanging for gift cards.


This is the only one online survey I was able to make actual surveys. They offer a variety of different surveys, where you can choose the one with the highest reward. The basic reward system is based on points, however, it is possible to exchange those points with cash.

What I found a bit distracting is the length of every survey. This comes through several ads and that increases the time you need to complete each survey. In reality, you can expect some $2/ hour( if you are lucky enough to finish the survey).

With this in mind, you can decide if it is worth it for you or not.

Do you want to know a more profitable way of earning money online?

If you are like me. You are not going to be happy with some one-two a hundred bucks per month. You see, I started my online business because I was tired of people telling me what to do. I was tired of exchanging my time for money.

I wasn’t earning as much as I wished either. To achieve all that I wanted I would have to be working maybe 50 years in my last job and I wouldn’t be hanging out with my friends, or wouldn’t travel, nor would I be able to buy some nice things for my girlfriend.

Adding that I had to meet everyday people, I did not choose to be next to me, as colleagues or managers, for instance, it was very bad.

So there, had to come something new. Something that wouldn’t suck my energy, motivation, and burn my dreams.

After a long search and after a couple of unsuccessful trials, I finally found something, that could be the light on the end of the dark tunnel. Wealthy Affiliate

In case you search for a place where you can:

  • Earn while you learn
  • Get skilled and create your own business
  • Create your very first website
  • Get mentored all the way from the beginning
  • Achieve full-time passive online income in 1 year

I know this can sound all bold, but I can prove it to you, that it is possible. Doesn’t matter if you are experienced, or newbie. You don’t have to have any specific knowledge or starting capital. There is basically NO RISK involved in starting your business with Wealthy Affiliate.

Check MY STORY if you would like to get inspired.

There are real people using this platform. Many of them started from the bottom and along the way, they learned how to create online passive income.

Below you can see some inspirational stories of other people.

This is staying at home mum. This is guy maybe just like you. Without any specific skill. Without experiences. Wouldn’t be nice to earn what he did?

Conclusion- Can you make money filling online surveys?

Short answer. Yes, you can!

More complex answer is, you can make money filling online surveys, just the amount will be not high.

For who is this method suitable?

For someone who searching for extra cash, next to their income. You can make some 25-100$/ month according to your time. While I know some people who started their making money online journey with surveys, there are more suitable ways to earn money online.

For who is this method not?

If you search for a way, how to replace your full-time, or eventually to earn more, this method is not for you. You will be probably frustrated of the time you spend on those platforms, to find out that you were paid poorly.

==>If you are serious about making money online, I recommend you to check the best available platform online.

You can choose between two memberships. First is completely FREE and you can get really amazing stuff included in this membership, like 2 websites, online training on how to build your business from scratch, some basic keyword search. If you would like to get full access including a 24/7 live community, full access to the training, live classes, then I recommend you PREMIUM membership. Which comes for $49 month.

The perfect thing is that if you sign as a FREE member, you can opt for a FREE trial of PREMIUM for 7 days. As an extra tool, if you sign now, you will have access to me personally and I will guide you with your first steps towards your online success.

I hope I could provide you some basic insight into the making money online world. Please let me know if I can help you further.

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