why do I hate my job all of a sudden

Welcome to my guide on how to be happy in your job, called: Why do I hate my Job All of a Sudden?

Let me start with James Altucher's quote on the present JOB market situation:

"The government (U.S.)gets up to 50% of your paycheck and than 10-20% of that goes to kill people on other parts of the planet, including our own children."

I think that the line perfectly explains the present situation.

90% of people worldwide are unhappy, or even hate their jobs.

Why is that?

Partly, because, we weren't BUILT to follow the orders, but to CREATE.

The jobs in majority cases, don't offer enough places for the employees to fulfill this wish. The same goes for adventure, fun, and learning something new. This just ain't happening.

Secondly, people are fed up seeing how their governments, bosses, or managers, just getting richer, while they are happy if they could pay the bills.

Let me show you how to escape this vicious circle!

Why do I hate My Job all of a sudden?

I believe that people are fundamentally misguided about their contribution and value to the world on a basic level.

If one doesn’t have an inner sense of value, and how to live by giving that in the form of a calling, than it reflects how you value others, and the choices you make, especially for work. When society tells says you aren’t good enough, until… than you eventually believe it, and just stick with the status quo, working to obtain things and trying to barricade your life against discomfort.

Furthermore, I discuss this topic quite often with people around me and SOME REASONS for hating a job, my friends told me when we were discussing the topic, are actually repeating regularly.

See if you find yourself there:

  1. I hate My Boss
  2. I Can't See Any Positive Outcome
  3. I Don't do What I love

Let me show you what else I found out when asking my friends...

There Are 2 Groups of People

Those Stuck in a Job That They Hate and They Don't Know Any Better

The reasons why the majority hate the job they are in I outlined already earlier.

There could be also other reasons.

Say the colleagues, the salary payments are low or the feeling of no control. 

(In my case, it was actually a bit from all written above.)

What would you say those people to help them get "unstuck" at their current place?Maybe something that they need to realize, that they are in charde. That they can change the job if they want to.  There is always other boss, company doing similar tasks, but paying more. There are colleagues who might fit better their personality...

You see, the biggest drama of people's lives is when they feel, they don't have a control. They can't be further couldn't be further. You have always the control. Also in the seemingly most unfair situation, you can decide how you will react to everything what's happening to you. You have a control, it just depends on you how you react!

I love what Victor Frankl, Austrian Psychiatrist who survived holocaust, have written about this, in his book Search For Meaning:

why do I hate my job all of a sudden

Note: Those who are the loudest with complaining, have the lowest "guts" to change. 

Those Who Keep Changing Their Jobs Regularly And Being OK With That

There is another group of people who out of their frustration would jump from job to job. You can easily call them job hoppers. In my circles, there are plenty of them.

They change job more often as I do change my jeans. That's not offense, or being diminishing towards them. I just want to point out, that it is not good to live like that, unless you really enjoy that. Unless you enjoy leaving the place before getting know the receptionist. That's also way to live!

Note: You can also change your circumstances even if you are job hopper. 

The Way Out in 3 Steps

Now, let's talk about how to get out of the vicious circle. If you are unhappy with it. If you are happy, good for you, but you can still read it. How cool could you be, in the eyes of your struggling friends if you would offer them solutions?


Realize What You Want (Doesn't Matter if J.O.B or Entrepreneurship)

Speaking out my experience, I didn't know for some time what I will be doing. It was dark experience.

It was during the time when I finished my school, luckily it was short period for me, but I know there are people who are living like this for years.

How you'd change it?

Ask yourself: "If every job is paid the same in the world, what would I do?"

Note: This alone won't all of a sudden create the life you want, because there are other steps in order to make to live the life you want, but it is at least, this is a start.

Find The Way to ACHIEVE it

When you know WHAT you want, than there is the time to search for a WAYS how to ACHIEVE YOUR DESIRED OUTCOME.

This is where many, have it wrongs. Simply many would over estimate the fact what they can learn. In order to achieve what you want, in the most of the cases, you would need some SET OF SKILLS.

Those skills could be easily obtained, do you agree? Moreover, in the present digital era, there is an ONLINE COURSE on almost every topic.

So, you don't even HAVE TO GO PHYSICALLY TO SOME SCHOOL, YOU CAN LEARN FROM YOUR HOME. On your pace, whenever you want and you are the teacher and student at the same time. How awesome is that?

Note: After disovering what you want, find the place where you can learn it. 

Find The Way to ENJOY It

Do you know the saying: "The biggest tragedy is when we get what we want?"

While I don't understand with this fully, I know what the author meant. Very often, we work so hard, sacrifice our free time or family time, don't do traveling, just in order to "achieve it" and when we finally have achieved it, we feel EMPTY.
Even worse is, when some people will search for excuses even before starting out, they'd say things like why I should aim to be wealthy when I would have to pay higher taxes? People will be jealous of me. I will have no more friends, that I use to... 
Let me tell you, that you can change your friends, those weren't good anyway, if they would judge you...Higher taxes? Also, that means also, higher incomes... In the worst case, you can still move out to the country where taxes are super low. 

Even though, the SOCIETY wants you to live small life and be scared, NOW MORE THAN EVER, if you want to be successful, happy and life on your terms, you have to find the way to not only work with the right information, be persistence, but also you have to know HOW TO ENJOY THE RIDE.

Note: 70% of 55 Fortune companies started their business in crisis. So f**k the inflation, if you know what I am saying...thrive! 

Advantages of Escaping the Rat Race

You see, recently I wrote another post asking what is better Employee or Entrepreneur?

I just love helping people, being on the edge between those two...

Unlike many business owners, I don't want to diminish JOBS and employment. If you are happy in your job, fulfilled and you feel that you are also rewarded properly, why change?

Job has plenty of advantages too.

Free weekends, paid holidays, paid insurance, building of some kind of retirement fund. Starting at certain time, finishing at certain time, getting always paid your hourly rate, even if the company struggles. Travel allowance, sport allowance, company build-ups.

To name a few.

In fact, I was an employee and now I am entrepreneur, so I can compare. Even though, I could enjoy some nice months in employment in the past, I prefer greatly entrepreneurship.

I will outline some of the biggest advantages, so you can see if it is something for you as well. If not, feel happy to stay in your employment.


Secret Way to Out

I don't know your personal story. I am not sure what is your passion, hobby or your background.

Yet, I can show you a way, how you can transfer the life into the one, you will be actually happy to be living.

The answer is put your passions on a page.

No, I am not crazy, nor do I speak in secret language.

You see, I started an online business around my passion. There are people who are doing the same. They are from different professional background: engineers, students, unemployed, or retired, from all sources of life.

Also, your technical skills are not important, this isn't technical at all. In fact, I am so anti-technical, that anything wrong with my PC, and my girlfriend has to step in.

The best thing? You don't need that. All you need is computer, passion and something you can write your text with, ore record with. 

In adition, you can start for less than $1.5 a day.

There are thousands of ways, how you can achieve your HAPPINESS. So, that you wouldn't need to ask again: Why do I hate my job all of a sudden?

My recommendation is just the only one of plenty. So, feel free to do your research and see what will work best for you and let me know. I am curious.

However, I hope I could help you give an idea on that you are not alone in this fight.

Also, that my post could give you some clue what direction you could go.

Please, if you know someone who could use this post, share the word further.

So...that was it for today!

I hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you have questions, tips or if I can be any help for you. Looking forward to meeting you. 

To your success,


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