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What’s up guys? Welcome on my What is Sqribble about? Your Ultimate Guide in 2021 blog post.

Creating e-books is very crucial part of any (online) business.

Maybe you just started your business and you heard from every side that you have to create your GIVE AWAY to people to capture NEW LEADS.

Maybe you have to create awesome e-books, because it is your living and your clients are not easily amused.

In any case, once you master the e-book creation, the SKY WILL BE THE LIMIT FOR YOU.

Sqribble claims to be THE ONLY ONE TOOL YOU WOULD EVER NEEDED to create such amazing e-books.

Well, let’s have a look in my REVIEW if they are correct, or it is just another OVERHYPED promise and you should steer clear away from it.

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Name: Sqribble
URL: www.sqribble.com
Founder: Adeel Chowdhry
Price: $197(now limited offer for $67), if you scroll down to my review you will get even $20 from me
Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10

What is Sqribble about?

Cloud based E book software, helping you create e books.

Additionally, it is great tool when you want to create reports, cheat sheets or case studies. Its drag-and-drop design allows everyone independently of experience, create the stunning results within minutes.

Who is behind Sqribble?

It is always nice to know who creates the software you are interested in. In addition, you can discover the past products of the person and that can help you judge and make fine decision when it comes to the purchase. 

Adeel Chowhdry has over 10 years of online experiences and has won platinum affiliate badge on Clickbank. 

On the Scribble website you will find short BIO that includes following part about his other products:

What is Sqribble about

He has also 120k likes on Facebook, and 10k followers on Instagram

I think this, you can call him trustable product creator. 

What is Sqribble about

For who is Sqribble for?

  • Blogger
  • Email Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Web Designers
  • Freelancers
  • e-BOOK Writers

Literally for EVERYONE who needs to create great looking e-books quickly for own use or for clients.

How to use Sqribble?

After purchasing (for limited $67, when you scroll down, you will have the option to safe another $20 using my link) you’ll have the option to choose 50+ templates.

There are 15 niches to choose from.

What is Sqribble about

Subsequently, you will have couple of options to choose from on how to add your content.

You can Grab it From URL, Start From Scratch, Copy & Paste, Upload Word File, or Choose One From Article Selection Within The Platform.

What is Sqribble about

Further, pick a colour of the theme, text, or background. You can play and customize endlessly according your wildest wishes.

Sqribble allows you change almost everything including font size (300+ Google fonts), text and picture formatting.

You can basically create completely new e book within minutes.

What is Sqribble about

Lastly, when you are happy with your result, you will generate your e-book among the first ones a PDF file or directly with the URL.

Additionally, you can publish it directly to client.

(Sqribble has an option that allows your clients to submit their comments or suggestions directly and straight away after they will receive it from you, inside your e-book’s file.)

Why you want to invest in Sqribble?

What is Sqribble about

50+ Templates

I found that the starting templates offered, are just enough to help you create your first e-books. The navigation is easier also due to the fact, that you can choose templates out of 15 niches.

With the ELEMENTS creator, you are able to turn the same template into several e-books.

Make E-books Creation Super Easy

I remember how long it took for me to create my first e-book. It was 15 pages Affiliate Marketing Personal Guide, without a picture, with 4 links and it took me about A WEEK to create it from scratch!

OK, you can think I was slower than average, it was my first one though, but still.

The point is that with Sqribble I know I would create the same e-book, just with better layout and design, much, much quicker.

Commercial License Included

Sqribble is created also for people who are working among the first ones FREELANCERS and therefore selling their services to others.

To support that initiative, they will provide you with Commercial License, what means that you can unlimited e-books for your clients without worries.

30 Money-Back Guarantee

I haven’t try it myself, but Sqqrible claims you will get full refund, if the software is not going to increase your sales in the 30 Days period.

It is always nice, if such a guarantee is provided, among the first ones it double-protects your purchase.

What is Sqribble about

Why you might want to steer clear from Sqribble?


Not a fan of UPSELLS in a first place. I think you should know what the OFFER among the first ones soon among the first ones you wan to purchase it.

In total there are 4 upsells you will be introduced to during your purchase.

  • SQRIBBLE PROFESSIONAL $87 – MORE templates, designs, content, storage, editing, etc.

  • SQRIBBLE PRIME $44 – 15 Templates every month for a whole year

  • FANTASIA 3D $74 – 3D e-book covers

  • AUTO JOBS FINDER $99- platform for finding freelancing jobs across well-known websites like for instance, freelancer.com, flexjobs.com, golance.com
What is Sqribble about

Missing Undo

Not be able to repair something can be bringing you headache. I don’t know why exactly this small bug cannot be taking care of, but it can be really annoying.

Imagine you work on your e-book and just before you are about to publish it, you move one of your paragraphs to the middle instead of to the right.

In that moment you are screwed. You will be forced to start the entire work/page from beginning.

Do I recommend SQRIBBLE?

Yes. Even with the flaws, the software convinced me enough.

If you need to create e-books on regular basis for your business to gather new leads or to increase your email list, you have to have tool like Sqribble.

Not only would you have access to great themes and designs, but with the content creation option you could create the next super selling e-book literally within minutes.

I think the price is very affordable itself.

On top of it, among the first ones promised, I am going to give you another $20 OFF. Just fill in your email adress and you will get your $20 discount.

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  1. Hey,

    It’s strange that I came across this article because I have just completed my first E-Book, and I have another two to go. Looking at your sqribble review, maybe I should look into this system to create my next E-Books.

    If I do look into this system I will let you know and how I am getting on with it. If I need any help or have any burning questions I will get in touch, if that is OK?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hey Tom. You are welcome to ask any question you might have. If you are searching for e-book creation software, I think Sqribble can really be the way to go. If you decide to go with it, don’t forget to use my voucher for $20 off

  2. Hi Julius,

    Thanks for introducing us to Sqribble. It sounds like a huge time-saver for people who like to create their own ebooks. The cloud-based system works efficiently to make everything so easy, not to mention they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. But, things get a bit worse when I see the upsells. Anyway, business is business. The front-end product is enough for newbies like me. 🙂


    1. Hey Matt. Yes, the upsells is something what could have been avoided( except the job finder, I also recommend to avoid them). But if you need just simple tool to help you getting the edge with your e-books, the software does it.

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