Welcome to my Roamler PRO review.

If you don't know what Roamler is, you can refer to my other blog post.

How would it feel to earn money just by visiting shops?

Even better, how would it feel to get paid while you eat your burger, visit the cinema, or have your favourite beverage?

That's not some sci-fi way of earning money, that's the newest reality Roamler offers.

Roamler PRO is a new way, this company introduced, and apart from the product checks and reviews, you can earn much more with merchandising and sales tasks.

Sounds interesting?

Let's read my review then!

P.S. At the end of my blog post, I will offer you the opportunity to join my referral link.

So, it is definitely worth reading.

Shall we start?

Name: Roamler PRO
Wiggert de Haan and Martijn Nijhuis
Product Description: 
Money Making App
Earning Potential:
FREE to join 
Recommended: YES


How Do You Use Roamler?

I explained step-by-step guide on how to use Roamler in this blog post. The Roamler PRO tasks are therefore no different. 

All you would need is your Iphone, ID cart, power bank...and some SMILE.

 In short, it works like this.

Assuming you officially became ROAMLER PRO (steps are explained later on): 

  1. Open the app and search for tasks in your area
  2. Accept tasks you are interested in 
  3. Perform the task
  4. Send the task for review 
  5. Get paid

Those steps are valid when assuming you officially became ROAMLER PRO. Steps on how to become Roamler Pro are explained later on. 


What is Roamler Pro?

Roamler PRO is a new way of earning money within Roamler community.

It will benefit Roamlers who work as self-employed.

In many countries, freelancers or self-employed people are bombarded with a lot of bureaucracy and sometimes ridiculously high taxes.

Therefore, the company headquarters in the Netherlands started this initiative to make the life of freelancers easier.

In their own words:

Roamler Pro is a new Roamler tool with which self-employed Roamlers are able to automatically download invoices for their earnings with each pay-out they request. This means Roamler Pros never have to manually prepare invoices and can easily find the VAT on their invoices, an immediate and efficient way to maintain day-to-day administration that an independent professional in a fast-paced economy requires.

In addition to more flexibility, there are also new tasks added to the list if you are Roamler PRO. 

What are Some Roamler PRO Tasks?

In general, there are two categories that people without the status of Roamler PRO won't see.

1. Merchandising

In case you are not familiar with the word merchandising, it is basically product placing that will attract more people, obviously, with the intention to make more sales.

One example of such a task would be, "mirroring" cans of RedBull in the shelves. I did plenty of merchandising for RedBull and I loved it. Within 15 minutes in one supermarket, you can earn €15.

2. Sales

Sales are pretty obvious to everyone. What I would like to say is that you are not paid just in form of commissions, but you also receive some standard contribution.

But if you are successful during your visit and you make a sale, you receive a bonus. 

(Normally around 30% of the basic rate)

I like that you are not "forced" to sell but rather motivated to sell.


When you decide to go for merchandising/sales tasks, you should know, that those require a bit more time to complete so be sure, you add more time to your planning.

Especially when you will perform tasks for the first time.

Also, in order to be eligible to get access to those tasks, you have to register yourself officially as a company.

The best way is to register a one-man business. In many countries you will have some benefits, like belonging to the lowest tax range, for instance.

How Much Can You Earn With Roamler?

This is the question that interests everyone!

I get it.

I would answer you with a question.

How much time do you have?

Commonly, when you work as a freelancer or self-employed, you get paid according to your results.

So, Roamler is no different.

Therefore, the amount that you will earn depends on your time availability, task availability, and your productivity.

Generally speaking, earnings for the product checks are ranging from €2 to €20.

The merchandising or sales tasks will bring you anywhere between €15 to €35.

There is also a third way of earning money with Roamler, and that one is super interesting for people looking for passive income.

Let me explain that later to you.

Firstly, below my earnings in 2021.

I worked between 10-15 hours, a week and earned just over €702 a month.


Is Roamler Everywhere?

In case, this whole concept looks like a fantastic opportunity, it really is!

Unfortunately, there are a couple of downsides.

Besides the fact that the tasks are not available regularly (so you can not rely on them as your main income) there is a location limitation.

In other words, if you are unlucky and your country of residence isn't on the list below, you pretty much can't use Roamler. Unless you will move out . 

On the other hand, why not move to sunny Spain and use Roamler earnings to help you set up your living situation before your online business starts to bring you cash?

Countries where Roamler operates at this moment: the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, and Chile.

In case, you want to earn money online with side hustle, you can join Appen or Remotasks. In case, you want to replace your full-time income, then online business is what you need.

How can I get Roamler Code and why is it important?

When I tell people about Roamler, besides the earning possibilities, they want to know another thing.

Where can I get Roamler Invite Code?

The good news is you don't really need an invitation code to join Roamler.

You can just download the app fill in the details, and start accepting tasks in your neighbourhood.

Even tough, you don't need an invitation code, if you will get one, you should definitely use it.


Because by joining the app via this link, 2% of your lifetime earnings would go-to person that invited you.

So, at this time, I will introduce you to this passive income opportunity.

If you are like me, you don't want to work for money, but rather, you want money to work for you.

The best way to achieve that is with passive income.

There are 100 and 1 ways to create your passive income.

You can own property and renting it out, investing in stocks or crypto, doing e-commerce, or doing affiliate marketing.

Inviting people to "work for you" in Roamler is a great way to earn extra passive income.

Would people be happy to join Roamler via your link knowing that they can do the same thing?


You are offering them this great money-making opportunity, so why they won't join?

One piece of advice tough, don't invite people who are living in your vicinity, otherwise, they might become your competition and that way you will not earn more while you sleep, but less while you are awake. 

How Do You Become Roamler PRO?

After becoming one of the Roamlers, you will navigate yourself in the app and find tasks: "Become Merchandiser" or "Join Our Sales Crowd".

After that, you will be contacted by one of the guys from head office, and then there will follow-up a short phone interview.

This really isn't a job interview, as your experience is really not that relevant.

They just want to know your motivation for joining these types of tasks.

Also, you will get a short introduction to what kind of tasks you can expect, and if you still by any chance won't find it interesting, you can still back up and stay performing the product checks.

Subsequently, you would need to register yourself as "a business".


This might sound scarier as it is.

Even so, it depends on your country of residence, but in many cases, starting as a one-man business is really super easy.

Additionally, if you earn up to a certain amount per year, you might be eligible for lower or none-taxes at all.

Again, this depends on your country and the legislation.

In my case, if I don't earn more than €20 000 a year, I don't pay any BTW taxes.

So, the amount I earn is the NET INCOME.

Finally, when you've done this step, you will receive a Roamler ID badge and then you are good to go.

Just search for merchandising or sales tasks, accept them and earn. 

Apart from higher earnings, you can also reserve your task for a longer period.

Commonly, it will be 4 hours (compare to 2 hours with product check).

Occasionally, you will have even the option to reserve your desired task for 24 hours, but this is just in case of larger projects, where you can accept more than 20 tasks.

Enough reasons to become Roamler Pro?

In case, you want to earn money online with side hustle, you can join Appen or Remotasks. In case, you want to replace your full-time income, then online business is what you need.

Do I recommend Roamler PRO?

I recommend becoming Roamler PRO 100%.

You see, there are 3 conditions you have to comply with tough.

Firstly, you have to live, or intend to live, in one of the countries where Roamler operates at this moment.

Secondly, you have to be willing to register yourself as a (one-man or small) business.


In case, those 3 conditions sound like something you can be OK with then don't hesitate and jump to the Roamler PRO community.

In case, you don't comply with conditions 2 or 3, you can still enjoy Roamler when in the city having a beer at your local pub, eating burger at one of the shops around the corner, or watching the newest James Bond in the cinema. 


P.S. 2: If you decide to give it a try with Roamler or Roamler PRO, via my invitation link, I will personally teach you how to perform your chosen tasks the way it will be accepted and you will get paid.

In case you don't live in the Netherlands, I offer to have a video call with you while I am performing the task. In case you'd like to do it, then leave a comment with your email address, or contact me at

Please note, that the reviewing team at Roamler has to review every task you perform before sending you your reward. In the beginning, the chances are, that your tasks won't get accepted, only because you haven't done them correctly.

(It happened to me often at the beginning).

So, therefore, to avoid your frustration I will help you. 

In fact, it is a win-win for everyone. You can earn money with side hustling, I can earn passive income, Roamler has another happy "worker" and the clients are happy. 

Is There Better Way to Earn Money Than Roamler?

First of all, let me thank you for reading my Roamler PRO review.

I really hope, you found value in it.

Also, I hope that I answered all of your questions or concerns you might have.

(If not, please leave them in the comments and I will be happy to reply)

Secondly, I would like to offer you other opportunities how you can earn extra money.

I will cover offline, online, and passive income creation opportunities.

In case you like Roamler, you might be interested in SmartSpotter. That's a very similar app, with slightly different tasks. They do offer some merchandising tasks as well, but lower amount compared to Roamler.

SmartSpotter is to be found in the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, The Netherlands and United Kingdom

In addition to offline money-making opportunities, there are online ways to earn extra money.

I love The company offers a variety of tasks.

For instance, you can work as a search engine assessor, online mystery shopper (recommended one), mobile app assessor, translator, transcriber, and many more.

With an online mystery project in 2021, I was able to earn up to $500 a month for 8 hours of work in one month. You can read about it here.

Surfing the web and earning money is possible with Swagbucks or Honeygain app.

Those are rather easy tasks, that's why don't expect high earnings.

Almost never, would you go above $20 a month.

When you love transcribing, then you might find Remotasks, the right place to go.

Be aware, that good-paying tasks are quite difficult to perform and take quite long time to complete.

For Guys Who Think Bigger

Lastly, I want to show you an opportunity how you can start your online business.

Even so, the earning options are the best, the time requirements are also the highest.

Not for nothing, did I call this section, guys who think bigger. 

I prefer to "warn" you straight away, that there are many people who think that earn money with online business is easy as surfing the web.

It is not, you have to put some hours for learning and working, before ripping the fruit of your effort.

In other words: you have to plant a seed, before you will get your money tree.

I hope this makes sense.

But, when you are able to dedicate some time, oh boy...

It is safe to say, that then the SKY IS THE LIMIT.

If you ask, what are you talking about Julius, I'll tell you 2 words: AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Selling other people products, to people who are in search for that product, you will earn commission.

While the commissions vary, depending on the product or services you will be selling, you can earn anything from $0.50 to $5000 from a single SALE. 

Again, it all depends on you and the chosen affiliate program you will go for. But this stuff is real. I am not talking here some gimmick. This strategy exists some decades and is still booming. 

I know you are already counting the trips you will do in one year, the number of houses you can own, or the cars you can buy.

But before you will achieve that (let me tell you, all this is definitely possible) you need to learn the stuff.

While there are hundreds of so-called "online gurus" who will lure you into cheap crap, showing you the "easy shortcut" by promoting theirs get-rich-quick schemes, there are also LEGIT programs to help you start with affiliate marketing.

I absolutely love Wealthy Affiliate. This platform is responsible for results like these:


Sounds interesting, then join me below.

You can start for FREE joining the 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL, by clicking here and if you like the platform, you can go for full package. Let me tell you, if you aim high, you won't regret it.


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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • Hi Julius,

    It’s such a great article about Roamler Pro! I’ve moved from Belgium to Portugal and unfortunately I can’t register just yet (which is a bit weird as the map shows a pin for Portugal somehow). But I’m going to keep a close eye on it as wages here are super low and at the moment 740 euros a month for 10 -15 hours a week would already be a full-time wage to me!

    I was just wondering, I’ve also read the Roamler article you wrote, but I can’t see so much what’s the difference between the two of them. Would you mind telling more about the differences between the two?

    • Hey there. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. Too bad, that the Roamler app is not available in Portugal. Indeed, the map shows that it should be available there, but it is not. That’s very strange. Maybe, that the creators plan to move there, and therefore have their map already updated 😉
      The difference between Roamler and Roamler PRO is 2 mainly. Firstly, for Roamler you don’t need to be registered as self-employed (small business owner), whereas if you want to be able to accept tasks for Roamler PRO, you have to have it. Secondly, Roamlerhas tasks such as product reviews and product checks, and in the majority of cases, you work as Mystery (so you have to be kind of sneaky), whereas Roamler PRO offers sales and merchandising tasks. When doing them, you would contact the store manager and inform them, that you are going to perform certain task. Apart from this, the payments are also higher for the Roaler PRO tasks. I hope this helped you and I really hope for you that Roamler will be soon available in Portugal -;)Cheers

  • Julius, we are thankful for this post on how to earn and extra income add this one to the list. You are always helping us get more motivated to earn extra cash. As an entrepreneur I am motivated when we get your articles. They are all powerful motivating valuable information we all can use. You made good money for the year as well.


    • Hi guys. Wow, thank you for your kind words. Knowing that my content is helping you stay motivated and inspired is really a booster for me. I will post more similar posts regarding earning money online, so stay tuned -;) Cheers

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