What is Bing Bang Profits

If you want to get more traffic using paid ads, you might ask yourself: What is Bing Bang Profits?

Most Importantly, could this seemingly great product be the solution you need when in search for more sales, leads and profits?

I've got you covered here. 

You probably know that using Google or Bing ads, involves a risk of losing money. 

On the other hand, the creators of Bing Bang Profits are experienced marketers WHO ARE BEHIND SEVERAL MONEY EARNING SOFTWARES, so they should teach you these things properly.  

When you want to find out What Is Bing Bang Profits about, read my comprehensive review, and I guarantee you will find your answer.

Additionally, I will show you how you can get more traffic to your offers organically (FOR FREE).

Shall we start?

URL: www.bingbangprofits.com
Founder: Alexander Kirilik and Demetros Papadopoulos
Earning Potential5/10
Price$47 One Time Payment + Upsells up to $180
Overall Rating5/10
Recommended: YES with warnings

First of all, let me introduce me short.

Hi, I am Julius, the owner in Earningonyourterms.com

Blog created with purpose to help people like you in creating financial freedom with passive income. Once on my website, you will find more than 100 programs I reviewed.

Additionally, there are plenty of tips, tools and recommendations how you can start your online business.

I started my online business (as many others) because I was simply tired of my corporate job and full filing dreams of someone else. Maybe you are walking in the same shoes I have been.

If you as well want to create your passive income and become financially free, then you will find the information in this review (and on my blog in general) super helpful.

I would be more than happy if you would come to my blog regularly for inspiration and TIPS.

Just a note, below you see the platform that taught me everything about earning money online, if you want to jump straight away there, you can do it below.

In other case, let us jump into Bing Bang Profits Review.

What is Bing Bang Profits?

Bing Bang Profits, or BBP, is software helping you create Bing (Google) Ads to increase your traffic, sales and leads.

The main strategy is to use other people's successful campaigns and place them into your Bing or Google ads account. In addition, they use keyword tool and tracking tool to help you find how well your campaign will operate.

Do You need Bing or Google Ads?

Foremost, you should answer this question:

Do I really need ads?

Because, let me get this straight, ads can be very effective way of getting more traffic to your offers.

 However, ads can be also very costly and they can even lose you money rather than bring you money.

Especially, if you are beginner and you have ZERO EXPERIENCE IN USING ADS.

So, before even starting, you should be sure that you have experience to some extent and you have also extra budget available.

Because the truth is, that every ad campaign will cost money!

If you have what it takes to start using this program, then read further, because Bing Bang Profits can be the cutting edge you need.

How does Bing Bang Profits Work?

So, as mentioned earlier BBP will help you create highly converting Bing (Google) Ads.

The way how it is done, is through copying some ads, that are running and are successful at the moment.

 Important to mention is, that you still would drive the traffic to yours offers.

However, if you don't have one offer just yet, BBP can help you with that as well. (UPSELL FEATURE). I am discussing that feature a bit later. 

The steps how BBP operates are as following:

What is Bing Bang Profits

In practice, it looks like this:

STEP 1:Choose A Niche

Assuming you know what niche is, you might want to use the offers in your present niche. 

Let's say your website is about making money online, then you obviously would choose ads related to this niche.

Doing anything else would make no sense at all.

Something like having a website helping people lose weight, but you will choose ads promoting cheap travel. That just wouldn't work.

I hope that is easy to understand. 

You might also start with completely new offer as well.

All you would need, is to create such an offer and place it on some landing page for instance.

STEP 2:Activate the Software

Firstly you will type keyword around your niche into the searching tool inside of BBP.

What is Bing Bang Profits

As a result of this search, you'll see list of all Bing and Google ads running right now using that particular  keyword.

If you want to see the Google results, you just need to change the settings under SOURCE drop down menu. 

What is Bing Bang Profits

All you have to do is pick some you like the most. 

What Bing Bang Profits will then do is it will transfer the complete ad into your Bing or Google ads account.

That way, you should be getting the same or similar traffic as the initial offer.

STEP 3: Enjoy Sales and Leads

If all set up correctly, now you should be able to enjoy not just increased traffic, but as well your leads and sales.

At this moment, you maybe started to jump up to the ceiling in your room or pulling out your credit card, seeing how easy it can be made you feel let's try it. 

But you should know it is all not that easy.

Read further and see what are the risk included with this method, I mention them later on.

Inside Bing Bang Profits

Once inside Bing Bang Profits you will be taken to explore the training.

I reviewed more than 100 products already, and I think that this training is a decent one. That said, you will learn some valuable skills inside.

What is Bing Bang Profits

The structure of the training, is easy to understand and as well easy to follow.

Most importantly, it is over-the-shoulder training.

So, you will enjoy the real case studies inside of the training. 

That way you will learn some basics like how to set up your affiliate account on affiliate marketplaces  (for instance on ClickBank) Or how to get accepted into affiliate program on affiliate platform.

Obviously, you will be walked through the creation of your first ad and advertorial page. 

Moreover, inside of training you will learn advanced stuff like how to build a sales funnel or how to create your buyers list. So, as you can see the training does provide a real value. 

After you completed the training, now it's time to put it all into work. The features inside BBP will help you.

The dashboard looks something like this:

What is Bing Bang Profits

Some important features you will be using inside BBP are:

Bing Competition- That's' an overview of the Bing Ads already running. (You have option to do the exactly same for Google). From this list you have an option to choose the most compelling ad and transfer it to your ad account. 

Bing Suggest- Basically KEYWORD TOOL. This can be helpful in ad creation, but as well in creation of any content on your website. I know that decent keyword tools charging monthly fee anywhere between $19-$149. So as one-time fee included in BBP, it is definitely something bringing additional value.

Offers- This is list of affiliate networks you can join in particular niche. Very useful tool if you haven't chosen your affiliate platform yet or if you want to start brand new page.

Domains, Links are paid features As well as the Split Tests. Some are valuable some less. More about them in the upsell section.

What are the Upsells inside Bing Bang Profits?

UPSELL #1 Bing Bang Profits Evolution $37- Extended option to spy on competition on Google. Includes also training on how to leverage this option to the fullest. VALUABLE 

UPSELS #2 Bing Bang Profits Quest $47- This upsell is giving you tracking tool, so you will be able to measure your campaigns. What keyword is converting better and adjust your campaigns accordingly. Additionally, included comes the split test option for even better overview of your campaigns. VALUABLE 

What is Bing Bang Profits

UPSELL #3 DFY Bundle $67-You will get access to 40 DFY Ad Campaigns, 5 Case Studies, Email List Building Strategies and 20 DFY Landing Pages for ClickBank offers. NOT NEEDED

UPSELL #4 Bing Bang Profits LIMITLESS $27- Extra 30 websites, this time with content already placed on those websites. Moreover, you will gain access to Demetros private inner circle group with option for 1 on 1 coaching.

I have to say I am not big fan of DFY services. Not only would you have limited options. You will also face big competition of others having the same offers. NOT NEEDED

See also this product using DFY: Fast Tracks


If you own a website and you want to get more traffic using paid ads, this software can be good fit.

Especially people in the following groups would leverage greatly using this tool:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • CPA Marketers
  • Email Marketers
  • Bloggers

Who is this software not for?

As mentioned already at the beginning of my Bing Bang Profits Review, this software is not suited for beginners.

Contrary to what the owners are saying (also some marketers promoting this tool).

You see, using paying ads is an investment. And any kind of investment involves portion of risk.

Bitcoins, bonds, stock market, real estate are all investments. 

When you want to start out with some of those, you have to have at least some knowledge before spending money on it. Otherwise, there is great risk of losing your investment.

Trust me, I used Bing ads and time-to-time I do use them now as well. But just after proper guidance beforehand.

What are the PROS?

Experienced Owners

Both Alex and Demetros are marketers who've been in the game for over 10 years. This alone should give you peace in your mind.

Additionally, Bing Bang Profits is on market some years already. Even though, it is not super long yet (mote than 3 years), it shows that the software is building its presence and is here to stay.

Also, people who are using the program more than a year, appreciate how the owners are supporting them along the journey. So, here I would give ?

Decent Training Included

I was positively surprised after seeing what kind of training is included in the basic BBP membership.

Especially after my previous experience with some similar DFY software, I was skeptical.

Of course, it is not super in-depth, but if you have some experiences already, you will find it useful.

What is Bing Bang Profits

Money Back Guarantee

First of all, BBP requires just ONE TIME PAYMENT.

Therefore, you don't need to pay recurring, monthly fees. Even so, the fee is not that high, you might not need refund.

But then again, if you are for some reason unhappy with this program you are covered. 

Because, every software, program or course sold on ClickBank, offers Money Back Guarantee.

What are the CONS?


First of all, there is no guarantee that the campaigns you will pick up, are going to bring you similar profits of those who actually created the campaigns.

People will land on your offer, BUT THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THEY WILL ALSO BUY. So, you have to have already highly converting offers on your website to make this profitable.

Secondly, assume there are hundreds people using BBP and using same or similar ads. How high would be your chances in making significant profit?

Additional Budget Required

You see, to run any ad campaign, you need budget.

If your campaign is going to be successful, then that's not a problem. In other words, if you spend $1, but earn $10, that's OK, right?

But what if you spend $1 and earn nothing?

Again, it might work for you. But you need to count that to use this tool, you need additional budget outside of the cost of the software.


I like it when I know from the first minute what the offer is about.

Therefore, when I am purchasing program and I am exposed to upsells before even seeing the standard membership, I became somehow annoyed.

Why didn't they tell me this before? Do I need to purchase additional upsell to get the "whole" program. Even though, BBP standard membership offers quite lot, and you can run it without upsells, the feeling of annoyance stays there.

Do I recommend Bing Bang Profits?

First of all, thank you very much that you got so far and read my What is Bing Bang Profits Review.

It might have been a bit longer, but I had a feeling I would like to offer you as comprehensive review as I could.

Furthermore, Bing Bang Profits is NOT A SCAM. 

That is good news.

You will get decent training on how to use the program.

(There is some advanced training content on Email Marketing List Building, How to Create Sales Funnel)

The owners are real and experienced marketers who care for its students. (Quality Support Inside)

Additionally, the software exists already for some time, that lowers the chances that it will disappear quickly.

On the other hand, there is a risk involved that comes with using the paid ads.

In addition to not guaranteed ROI, you need to be prepared to lose some money along the way.

But if you are fine with those risks and you are searching for ways how to get more traffic with paid ads (assuming you have some experiences with Bing ads) then this software can be very beneficial for you.

Therefore my final verdict is: YES, the SOFTWARE IS RECOMMENDED, BUT WITH WARNINGS.


In case you want to use FREE TRAFFIC, platform below will teach you SEO tactics on getting tons of traffic FOR FREE. You can join me and another 1.5 million users. 

About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Hi Julius,

    You said that Bing Bang Profits is not for beginners because it involves money. What do you have to advise to a beginners who has knowledge and guidance beforehand?

    I saw somewhere in your article saying you use that after receiving a proper guidance beforehand – I hope not as a beginner.

    Thank you. 

    1. Hi Aubin! 

      Thanks for stopping by. If you have experiences and capital (that you don’t mind losing eventually) you can definitely give it Bing Bang Profits a try. As it looks as program that is helping people. I had experience with bing ads, but first I accomplished a small course to get rolling. Hope this helped you. 

  2. I haven’t actually ever heard of Bing Bang Profits so I was very interested to read your whole review to see how they stack up. The owners and the training sound solid and informative and they have been around for 10 years. I also appreciated your warning for beginners about using paid ads as it’s nice to be forwarned. Your post and others have made me realize that I should learn more about creating excellent SEO for free traffic before I venture into any paid ads.

    They sound good for semi-experienced marketers. $47 doesn’t seem too much for the basic course.

    1. Hey there, Lily. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. True is that $47/month isn’t that much. Seeing there is value in it. You can say, it is for semi-experienced marketers, but by no chances for beginners. 

      When you mentioned $47 being not a lot, this platform, does cost just $2 more, but learns you EVERYTHING you need to know about content creation (FREE TRAFFIC). Maybe worth of checking -;) 

  3. Interesting review about Bing Bang Profits, I have heard of this program before but wanted to learn more about the program before investing my money. I surely need help with creating Google ads that turn into sales and leads for my business. I am going to give them a try after reading your review. Thanks so much for your help and I will be sharing your website on social media. 

    1. Glad, I could help you Jannette. It would be great if you’d share your experience after your purchase. To Your Success

  4. This is my first encounter with Bing Bang Profits. After reading, I came to the conclusion that this would be a great asset to have once I gained more experience. As a beginner, I understand that investing is an important part of running a business and being successful, but the risk isn’t worth taking when I don’t know anything. So I’m bookmarking and saving this article for when I do. Thanks for writing it.

  5. Wow, what a great review Julius. getting traffic on google, bing and Yahoo is really an important aspect as traffic equals product sells opportunities, but to get traffic it requires google ranking. This is a great solution to many problems people have concerning traffic. this is a real breakthrough, simply because you’re using already successful campaigns to attract traffic to your own site. that is some amazing news for me and for the whole online marketing society.

    1. Hey Paul. I am happy you are excited about Bing Bang Profits.Although it can be a huge benefit for your traffic, be aware also of the risks. 

  6. Thanks for such an in-depth review. I’m tempted to try this because it promises traffic based on successful campaigns. Why did you give it 5/10 though? I think it’s a good solution for people looking to get traffic. I’m a pretty advanced internet marketer so I feel comfortable trying this. Thanks for this review.

    1. Hey there. I did give it 5/10 because it has some decent training inside and it comes with the money-back guarantee. On the other side, I still consider it a bit risky, because you are suppose to drive traffic via paid ads, and those are always risky. In case using their strategy of “stealing” the ad, you still would have to create irresistible offer in order to make a sale, so therefore you’d need to acquire another skill (copywriting and content marketing eventually). In case you are advanced marketer, you might give it a try.

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