What is Auto Chat Profits

Have you been asking: What is Auto Chat Profits? 

In the words of the creator, ACP is a powerful CHATBOT software set up in 14 clicks and in under 6 minutes earning you passive income.

Is this cutting edge in AI that can help you earn $$$, or is it just a big SCAM you should avoid?

In case you are searching for answer: What is Auto Chat Profits? you will love my review.

Please make yourself cup of coffee and enjoy the reading.

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URL: www.autochatprofits.co
Founder: Chris (Simon Wood)
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing/EmailMarketing
: $17/month+ UPSELLS
Overall Rating
: 3/10

What is Auto Chat Profits?

As already said, it is software that allows you to earn money online using CHATBOT. 

To answer you concerns you might have, the CHATBOT serves as a landing page and will not do the work for you. Many people think it is completely in the hand of robots.

Reading also the sales page and other people's reviews, almost no one is mentioning this important fact.

Anyway, he strategy used inside is Affiliate Marketing.

It is DFY software, which means, the tools inside of the software are ready for you.

Another DFY: The Easiest System Ever

How to Set Up Auto Chat Profits?

Setting up your Auto Chat Profits (ACP) business is quite easy and straightforward.

You'll do it in 3 EASY STEPS.

1. SETTING UP CLICK BANK ACCOUNT (if you don't have one yet)

If you are not familiar, ClickBank is one of the biggest marketplaces, where to find digital products to sell.


Something good to know is that there are 4 domain names you can choose from.

Those are representing the 4 niches you will be encouraged to dive in.

THOSE 4 NICHES are: Green Energy, Self Help, Making Money, and Health/Weight Loss


You will be shown how to create and connect you Getresponse account. An email autoresponder is an important tool for keeping in touch with people who will not buy from you in the first place.

What is Auto Chat Profits

How Does Auto Chat Profits Work?

Now the fun part. How Does the Software work?

As said, I want to correct the misconception many people get when they see the sales page.

What is Auto Chat Profits

You see, the CHATBOT is very small and almost unimportant for the entire business model.

Its function only being to capture people's attention and capture their email for future email marketing campaigns.

So, the way how ACP operates is again pretty easy.

Firstly, you will choose a domain name out of the 4 DFY websites.

Secondly, you will choose a product on ClickBank that you will promote. No needless to say, you will choose a product depending on the niche you have chosen.

By doing so, you have two options for how you will display the offer.

One is directly on the CHATBOT website. You can implement the offer on your landing page.

The other being: you can capture people's emails and approach them via Email Marketing.

Lastly, you will collect you commission.

Voila! You are rich and you don't have to work a single day.

Is that so easy? Of course not!

First of all, there is TRAFFIC. One of the most important elements of every online business.

It is the LIFEBLOOD of you website.

How You Will Drive Traffic Inside ACP?

You see, when it comes to how to drive traffic, inside ACP you will be shown how to do this ORGANICALLY (for free), and also through SOLOS ADS( paid option).

As the solo ads method is part of their upsells, I will show you the ORGANIC way taught inside ACP.

Honestly, if you can reach the first page of Google or Bing ORGANICALLY, you are way ahead of you competition.

Because that way you will be displayed under searches real people did and therefore the chances you make sales are higher.

So, it seems the ACP creator did great job. The way how you can grow your traffic explained inside Auto Chat Profits are legit and timely proven methods: 

  • Guest Blogging
  • Forum Marketing
  • Article Marketing (Content Marketing)
What is Auto Chat Profits

Inside Auto Chat Profits

When you purchase the front-end Auto Chat Profits offer (there is 14 DAYS FREE TRIAL), you will get access to pretty limited tools.

The only thing coming with it is the domain.

It is important to say that the domains are just 4, therefore, it is inevitable you will have the same name as hundreds of others.

If you want to have another domain name, you have to purchase UPSELL #2 Double Your Profits Site for $187. 

Moreover, about upsells in a later section.

Another source of information you will get access to inside ACP is the TRAFFIC GUIDE.

Honestly, I was positively surprised about how much information the creator spent on ORGANIC TRAFFIC.

In my experience with similar products, the owner just focuses on paid traffic, and organic traffic is mentioned as a secondary option that is not recommended because it takes a long, it is hard to rank, and whatever these get-rich-quick schemes creators don't like.

The ways delivering FREE TRAFFIC TO YOUR OFFERS he explains are guest blogging, article/content marketing, and forum marketing. All 3 relevant and traffic-driving ways.

But is the quality of information sufficient?

Read further to find out!

Auto Chat Profits COSTS and UPSELLS

The front-end product comes with 14 DAYS FREE TRIAL. Thereafter, it will cost you $17.95 monthly.

In addition, there are in total 3 UPSELLS.

1. FASTER PROFITS $197 : This upsell will provide you with 1 WEBSITE that is equipped with sales videos, some articles, and product reviews. Meaning you don't have to do the work by yourself. To be completely honest with you, I am not sure if these sites differ per user, or if they are all the same.

2. DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS SITE $187: This is completely identical to the UPSELL #1. You will get different websites though.

What is Auto Chat Profits

TRAFFIC TSUNAMI $97: This is a step-by-step guide on how to get targeted traffic. I haven't purchased this upsell myself, so not completely sure what is it about. Indications tell it is training on SOLO ADS. (Be prepared to invest extra money on SOLO ADS)

What is Auto Chat Profits

For Who is Auto Chat Profits?

For people who want to earn money online with Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing.

Regardless of you experience level.

What you need to be prepared for when you decide give it a hot, is to invest extra money.

Is ACP a Scam or Not?

Even so, it might look like YES, Auto Chat Profits is not a SCAM!

You will get a decent knowledge base on several topics within affiliate marketing and email marketing. For instance, guest blogging, content marketing, and forum marketing.

The videos are rather short, but they give you a good starting point.

Additionally, you can do you own Google research and find out about each of the topics.

Having said that, ACP is not a SCAM, but is far from being a perfect and completely transparent program. You see, the creator is hiding behind a fake character, referred to as Chris.

That's never a good sign.

What is Auto Chat Profits

Furthermore, there are fake actors all around the place. What kind of vibe that gives? To me it gives a sign that this product will not stay long on the market. 

Also, it hints that the product owner is probably not completely honest, transparent and trustable when he is hiding behind fake identity. 

What do I like About ACP?

Introduction to Legit Earning Ways

The creator of ACP will show a basic introduction to two legit and profitable ways to earn money online: Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing.

When you will watch the videos inside of the software, you will know how to capture people's emails, how to find a product to sell, and some ways how to create content.

Money-Back Guarantee

There is 60 Days Money-Back guarantee on the entire sales funnel.

This is also extraordinary, as the majority of product owners will give a guarantee on front-end price, but rarely on UPSELLS.

That might show the product owner is quite sure about the quality of the product.

What I Don't Like About ACP?

Hired Actors

There is no real person taking part in this business whatsoever.

The creator uses his fake name, and the "coaches" are also actresses.

The creator has at least such a noblesse to mention that.

But apart from this, do you feel comfortable entering a business full of fake personalities?

What is Auto Chat Profits

Shady Marketing

You see earlier I praised the creator is showing some organic traffic methods. Too bad the quality is not exceptional. Contrary to that, when you will use his strategies, you might hurt rankings for you site.

For instance, he is suggesting you use PLR (private label rights content). This basically means someone else wrote the content and now you have opportunity to use is as you own.

Another PLR Training: The Niche marketing Kit

It is safe to say, content creation techniques taught inside ACP are going to hurt you rankings. 

Additionally, some strategies are on the edge of being black hat SEO.

BS Claims

It is very common that product owners of GTR (get-rich-quick) schemes use exaggerating claims across their sales pages, videos or copy.

So, it doesn't surprise me when I hear all around Auto Chat Profits claims like: limited offer, limited spaces, act now, because tomorrow will be late, nameless income statements, and so on. With only purpose to create fake SCARCITY and NEED. 

What is Auto Chat Profits

If you are new to internet marketing, you might fell for those promises.

Please, don't!  

Those are in the majority: FAKE.

Fake Owner

You see, not only the support members of this business model are hired actors, the creator, is hiding his identity. Clearly, not a good sign.

If he is not schizophrenic, the only reason he is doing it is that the product is not of good quality, so he doesn't want to be associated with it by any chance.

Make sense, right?

For clarity's sake, the guy who is speaking while recording the training videos is Simon Wood, but he refers to him as Chris.

As you see in the video below, they change the "fake identity regularly":

Promoting ClickBank Products

You will be taught and shown how to promote products in 4 niches. Apart from the fact that those are very limited and highly competitive niches, you will be shown how to find those products on ClickBank.

While you might make a couple of bucks from irregular sales, it won't last long before you will not see any money coming to you. The reason is simple, 95% of the products on ClickBank are crap.

Done For You

Previously, I mentioned that already, there are only 4 niches you can choose from inside ACP. In addition to this obvious limitation, you won't be the owner of this website.

Can you imagine that you will work you ass off, and this fake Chris character will one day close his business and take away you earnings with him?

This can easily happen because, he is the owner of the website you will work on.

This is most likely another reason, why he uses a fake name.

Tired of this crap already? Let's build a serious and legit business then.

Do I recommend Auto Chat Profits?

The product creator has decided to use new strategy of getting people's attention, through :CHATBOT.

I think this can work to attract new people.

Also, I like that inside ACP you will be shown legit ways how to earn money online. AFFILIATE MARKETING and EMAIL MARKETING.

Additionally, you will be shown some strategies on how to build you TRAFFIC ORGANICALLY.

For all above, I do clap my hands.

But to understand what is Auto Chat Profits, you need to consider the entire picture.

There are very disturbing aspects of the business model.

Think on hired actors, fake owner name, DFY, and shady marketing strategies. These all cause distrust towards the software creator and despite earning potential, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THE PRODUCT.

I mean, yuo can purchase it, have a look around and even try it, if you like, as there is 2 months money-back guarantee.in case you will like the strategy, I would urge you to stop using the DFY websites inside of ACP and move elsewhere.

Otherwise, you are risking that you eventually profitable site can be taken away with the business owner at any time.

What is my Strategy For Earning Money Online?

You see, Affiliate Marketing is the best way to start earning money online.

You don't need to create, stock or ship any product. You don't need to handle customer complaints. On the other hand, you have freedom to work from the comfort of you home.

Moreover, you can start with what you have right now (low budget) and without extensive skills.

All you need is LEGIT training.

In 2019 I was. in your shoes. I didn't know where to start. Who to trust and who to follow. I only had dream of quitting my day job. I was craving for freedom.

Then, after some trials,I found training platform that has it all.

It has step-by-step training on how to build you first affiliate marketing business from scratch, weekly updated classes, and community of more than 2.5 million people worldwide ready to help at any time.

In addition, the platform has helped thousands of people create their desired lifestyle. Additionally, it has created incomes that in their daily jobs, would be impossible to achieve.

See it below and get inspired.

Trust me on this, when I say you can be the next one. All it takes, is action from you side.

Are you ready to join?

Auto Chat Profits

$17.95 + Upsells



  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Introduction to Legit Ways to Earn Money


  • Fake Creator
  • Hired Actors
  • Shady Marketing
  • BS Claims
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  • Hi Julius
    I have never heard of chatbots before. It sounds like a good business model to earn passive income. My only concern will be the overall rating of this product. Can you help me with this one?

    • Hi Angee. Thank you for your comment. In my review, I wrote that I don’t recommend the Auto Chat Profits. Mainly from the reasons that there is fake creator, hired actors (pretend to be coaches), and all-in-one shady marketing strategies. This doesn’t mean the chatbot itself will not work, I see it as a time saver. But together with the reasons above and also the missing social proof but I won’t recommend using it. What I do recommend is to stick to one (proven) method and just keep taking action. There is this program that has it all, a person starting out online business would need. For someone with a little bit of more experience, I would recommend this program. Hope this helped you,

  • Hey Julius, another great informative post. I appreciate the thoroughness with which you wrote your review. Although I had not heard of these AutoChat Profits before today, it is good to have a better understanding of the program should I run into it in my research. I am always looking for good ways to earn online. The internet is full of such ‘so called’ opportunities.
    I shall bookmark your site for future posts you may be planning.

    • Hey there, William. I am happy I can provide you with some information while you are in the search for the “ideal” online program. Lately, I heard a quote, which I like and I guess it is relevant too. Every course has its own unique way of teaching people online business. (There isn’t just one proper way). But rather, just pick one and stick with it. Meaning, that don’t “switch team”halfway through. This counts just for legit platforms. AutoChat Profits fits into this category, just in 50%. This platform, for instance, is a perfect example of a platform that has it all. Whatever choice you make, I hope it will work out for you.

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