the fast tracks review

Is this promise of earning over 5k daily any true?

Let me show you the truth in the fast tracks review I have written for you.

I know you are clever enough, meaning you check product before buying it, and as part of your research about this product you probably landed on my blog post. It could not be better.


Because I have collected the pros and cons, what the product is about, how you can (or can’t) earn money with it and much more.

So, if you are searching for answer if this product is legit or scam, don’t look any further.

In the fast tracks review, you will find it out.

Shall we start?

Name: The Fast Tracks

Founder: Merlin Holmes
Earning Potential: 7/10
:costs $997+
Overall Rating
: 2/10

About the product

I am not going to blindly brag about Fast Tracks. Nor, am I going to bully the product.

As that is not the purpose of the fast tracks system review.

I want to reveal the facts.

Firstly, let me start with, what this product is about.

It is 6-week, Affiliate Marketing Course created by Merlin Holmes.

the fast tracks review

As two “wheels” on how the affiliate sales will be made, the creator Merlin Holmes uses interactive Landing Pages and Email Marketing.

It should be noted, that there is a one extra tool you will be taught in this course and that will be:

creation of ads.

Maybe you already know that in order to make any affiliate marketing business a success, you need to drive a traffic, or in other words visitors, to your offer.

And there are 2 ways how to achieve that, paid and free. Merlin Holmes has chosen the paid one. I am not saying which one is better, but you need to be prepared in addition to your initial investment, to pay extra money.

Fast Tracks Costs

There is one-time payment of $997 you are required to pay to the owner of the system.

Apart from this, there are monthly, recurring payments to:

  • ClickFunnels $97+
  • Email Marketing Service $15+
  • Paid Traffic $150+

So, to run your business using the whole recommend package from fast tracks, it will cost you anything between $250 to $500 a month.

How does Fast Tracks Work?

Previously, I dived in a little how the fast tracks work.

It uses the interactive landing pages as a tool to grab people’s attention. The creator is mentioning that those interactive landing pages have a specific emotional value through the mean and usage of simple YES/NO pols.

Melvin Holmes claims in his webinar that those landing pages work extremely well and are the most successful, when used in fitness, personal development and making money niches.

(FYI if you don’t know it already, those 3 niches are the most popular in general, so we could easily say, that every landing page and not just those interactive, will work extremely well in those niches.)

Along with landing pages, the other helping tool used in the fast tracks training is Email Marketing.

So, in the nutshell, how the fast tracks works is as following:

You have to find profitable affiliate offers on websites like ClickBank or Commission Junction.

Subsequently, you will create attention grabbing, interactive landing pages where people will land.

Below, are the “revolutionary” poll with YES/NO. Options. 

Isn’t it quite irritating?

the fast tracks review

As a helping tool for people to find your pages easier, you’ll create paid ad campaigns. Finally, you will capture people email addresses using email marketing platform and then decide if you want to nurture the contact for some other sale or sell to them directly.

Inside Fast Tracks

When you click land on their sales page, you will have to register yourself to webinar.

The upper part of the sales page looks something like below:

the fast tracks review

After YOU registered yourself, there is short video introduction on how this technique has helped thousands of people to create income of several thousands $$$.

the fast tracks review

Following this introduction, there is “the real” webinar, that is actually recorded. Too bad is not LIVE.

Where the further in-depth information about fast tracks follows.

the fast tracks review

After this “webinar” is finished you will be asked to join the fast tracks by paying the SIGN-UP FEE.

Additionally, you would need to create the accounts at ClickFunnels , Email Marketing Provider and recommended creating RevContent account for display ads.

the fast tracks review

What are the PROS?

Legit Way to Earn Money Online

Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing are two legit ways how to earn money online.

In fact you can really make the income, or even higher, shown in the headline of Fast Tracks sales page by simply using this two techniques.

I love the fact that you can, start Affiliate Marketing without a huge investment, without any products, or without bunch of employees.

There are two ways how to start and run Affiliate Marketing. For FREE and PAID. In the fast track review you will see that the owner chose the paid way.

What are the CONS?

B.S. Claims

I couldn’t help myself. But during the time I was working on the fast tracks review I came across some untruthful, misleading statements from the owner.

Those shady tactics are often signalling a SCAM.

But, let’s see it further, without too early judging.

To name a few of those untruthful statements:

a) FREE training program. Honestly, the only one thing for free is the intro video and “webinar”. To use the full material and tools, you’d need to invest at least 1.5k in first month and then additionally $250-500/monthly.

b)Merlin Holmes starts his video introduction with encouraging you, that after mastering his techniques, you can earn as far as $14 000 within 24 hours.

I know, you are smart enough to know, that this is just B.S. statement.


Unseen, that this program should be for FREE, the initial investment, together with the monthly/recurring costs is just too much.

Additionally, after spending already enough time online, I can confidently write, that the fast tracks is not worth of this investment.

Paid Traffic

To make any online business a success, you need traffic.

While you can drive people naturally and for FREE to your website optimizing for SEO, in the fast tracks you will be shown the hard (way more expensive way).

You don’t want to spend hundreds of $$$ monthly on traffic that might not lead to purchase. Even though Merlin Holmes, claims this is risk free business opportunity, in reality, it is quite RISKY, because you can be losing $500 a month on regular basis.

By the way, below is picture of RevContent display ads.

Do you recognise the annoying ads that show up when you scroll websites?

If you would use Merlin Holmes recommendations, you’d become source of such an irritation .

the fast tracks review

Final thought from the fast tracks review

If you made it to the end of the fast tracks review I wrote for you, I want to congratulate YOU.

Because now you should have relevant knowledge what to expect.

To sum it up:

Fast Tracks system is teaching how to earn money with affiliate marketing. Using Email Marketing.

Whereas Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing are both legit ways of earning money online.

It should be noted thought, that there are two ways of doing affiliate marketing.

I will describe the difference in following section. In short, the way how fast tracks works is the paid, quick-success-searching way.

Someone who wants to join, needs to pay a lot of money prior to join this system.

Additionally, there are regular monthly costs for additional services. For services that could be bought elsewhere in better quality and cheaper, or are not needed at all.

Like display ads.

What is mostly absurd to me is that, Merlin Holmes is telling you, to not to do the honest email marketing and honest affiliate marketing, but to go the “fast” and scummy-look-like way.

You will hear him saying, that you shouldn’t build relationship with your audience and that you should not build an audience. Instead, sell low quality product and spam people’s inboxes.

It’s safe to say that programs like these are causing your frustration when you scroll down the net and all of a sudden, there’s annoying pop-up window.

Do you know what I mean? I bet you do.

Therefore, as result of the fast tracks review I wrote for you: I am not recommending this program.

Of course if you are honest person, wanting to earn money on sustainable, honest way, with intention to help people.

How Do I Earn My Money Online?

Following my promise, to make it clear what are the two ways of earning money with affiliate marketing, there you go:

There are two ways of earning money with affiliate marketing. Below is short description. You can decide whichever is fitting you better.

1. Paid one- Investment coming from your own pocket. Often times is short living and oftentimes you don’t earn what you initially invested. So you are in search for new shiny objects on and on. The only one who earns in that case is the owner of the course/program.

2. Free on- No(or very low) investment. Need of building your website and audience. Even, it can be time consuming at the beginning. Sustainable profit on long term.

If you are clever enough, you’d choose the second option.

You’d need to invest time and effort in it.

But once it start rolling, oh man. Here some real success stories:

You can create too PASSIVE INCOME FOR YEARS.

The best thing, you can start with low budget and scale it to…here is really true, that the SKY IS THE LIMIT.

On the other side, the first option is often times representing the get-rich-quick schemes. Get rich within 24 hours, earnings with one-click and similar, are usually headlines of such businesses.

Without a doubt, not only those businesses have not a longevity, going to annoy other people, but can cost you couple of thousands $$$ in better case.

Anyway, I don’t want to brag too much on the way I do earn money with affiliate marketing, so thought will let you do it by yourself.

fast tracks





  • Affiliate Marketing is legit


  • Price
  • B.S. Claims
  • Paid Traffic
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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • Hahahaha! How left-minded do you have to be to buy such a course?

    I mean, don't get me wrong.

    I've also spent hundreds on courses before, but never have I ever even thought of wasting $997 on just a single class.

    The recurring payments are where it gets tricky. It seems to me as if the creator is just into getting affiliate commissions from Clickfunnels.

    I don't know, to be honest.

    It might not be a scam, but it's sure as hell not worth it.

    Thanks for the Fast Tracks review, my friend. I hope others get to see it before buying it!

    • Hey my friend! It is completely ridiculous I agree with you. The price is super high, especially when comparing to WA.
      I see also issue with the way how the scummy methods are presented to be the “honest” one. I hope I helped as many people as possible to stay away from it. Cheers

  • Thanks for your honest review of Fast Tracks
    What I really don’t like and you have highlighted very well is this is about selling low quality product. So it’s not sustainable. People don’t like to buy sell low quality products!
    Also the ongoing costs of running this paid traffic model are alarming. So there are no real skills learned here, it just seems to be copycat methods to sell junk products that don’t really help people.
    This is really bad and I’ll steer clear of this one! Thank you

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