six figure success academy review

Hi and welcome to my Six Figure Success Academy Review.

If you are here, you are probably doubting if this program is the right one to help you earn money online, am I right?

So, I can tell you, that you are at the right place.

Because I am going to reveal to you if the Six Figure Success Academy is LEGIT, VALUABLE, and PROGRAM that is going to earn you money. Or is it the program to be avoided at any costs? 

Without further stalling, let us start.

Name: Six Figure Success Academy  
: Ty Cohen & Mike Balmaceda 
Earning Potential
: 2/10
:  $1997 (more sources are stating $997, but their official website is showing the price $1997 
Rating: 2/10

What is the Six Figure Success Academy?

6-week training course. 

Inside you will find 50+ videos in the length of 1 hour in total. 

Its main purpose to teach you how to help people who might need help with promoting their own digital courses. 

The way how you will do it, is by creating webinars for those people and then show it to people via influencer ( traffic owner)

Sounds a bit too complicated? 

No worries, it is actually super easy and I am going to explain it to you in detail. 

For who is it? 

The creators of the course are claiming it is suitable for complete newbies. 

six figure success academy review

How does it work? 

Step 1 

Find a ”BOB”, the person (who is on Udemy or another platform) selling on the online course (eventually other digital product) for a cheap price. 

Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda are assuming that those people (BOBS) have no clue that their courses are worth thousands of $$$.

So, when you step in, they will gladly want to work with you. 

Because then, they will earn much more. That sounds like a great deal, right? 

But is it for REAL? 

six figure success academy review

Step 2 

Assuming you found this ”BOB” person, you will want to help him promote HIS online course with the help of the TEMPLATE from Six Figure Success Academy.

When you look carefully on what I just written( yes, everyone will use their TEPMLATE)…

…then I guess you might start to sense that there is something not alright with the software. 

six figure success academy review
(Those kinds of overhyped promises would work some decades ago) 

Step 3 

Find the influencer, who will be happy to share his followers( could be an email list too), and show this offer to them. 

When you don’t know any influencers, you will be shown inside of Six Figure Success Academy how to search for some. 

So, in the end, you work as a middle man. 

Finding someone with the digital course, who is not skilled at sales or SEO. 

six figure success academy review

Further, find someone with traffic, connect them and cash out some big commissions. Again, it sounds like a great and super-easy way to cash out. 

But is that for REAL? 

Things I like about Six Figure Success Academy

Legit Business People Behind it

It is not obvious, that you will come across the LEGIT digital program, with the LEGIT creator. 

In fact, the percentage of SCAM products is higher, than the LEGIT one. 

Clearly, that is not the case with SFSA, as the owners are both successful online marketers. 

What did I not like about it? 

B******t claims

In the era of ”gurus” and scammers it is probably outrageous to see such (dishonest) claims, but I still find it as a huge reason not to sign in for such a program. 

If the owners are trying to persuade you with the idea that everyone can make $250-$500/day, with this program, it looks like a perfect salesy technique, don’t you think? 

DFY (Done For You) 

Let me be clear here. 

I like to automize everything I can. If someone can do groceries for me, I would be fully automated -:)

The problem here is, that when it comes to sending emails to prospects, you want to stay as authentic as possible. 

Additionally, the owner of the template can anytime stripe you off the game. Where is your guarantee he won’t?

Lately, there are more programs offering these DFY ”features”. I think many of them are leveraging people’s insuffcient knowledge.

Furthermore, if it would be so easy, that you just copy their ”template” there would be millionaires selling SFSA in every city. 

Do you know at least one? I don’t. 


Either 1k or 2k, both represent too high a price tag for this software. 

Honestly, if there is a real-life example defining the word hype, this would be the perfect one.

Paying such money for 1 hour of training and Facebook Community? 

six figure success academy review

No Free Trial 

To not include a FREE trial ( or money guarantee) nowadays is like creating a scam product and hoping no one will find it out. 

I don’t know what is the reason behind it, but it is one more point that would definitely discourage me from buying it. 

Would I recommend Six Figure Success Academy? 

Definitely NO!

six figure success academy review

Simply, I don’t see any reason for anyone to pay 1k or 2k for the program with such a quality. 

The entire project, starting from the name (Six Figure Academy suppose to remind you of big wealth), through the product( there is actually no product) until its overhyped promises look to me more as a cheap joke than the real academy or business opportunity. 

Talking about the product, there is absolutely no problem if you have no product( I love affiliate marketing, where you don’t have to own the product).

The big issue here that the service Six Figure Success Academy guys offering are not in demand. 

You have to realize that you are going to be the middle man between some course owner and influencer. You have to ask yourself, do those people really need you? 

{When someone creates onlne course I think he will be able to find the way to sell it others, via webinar for instance}

If you are honest, you’d say NO. That is also true. They don’t need you. 

So, in my opinion, anyone with an online course would find a way without you. 

Clearly, the people who are earning on this are the creators of Six Figure Sucess Academy.

How do I earn money online? 

If you are starting to be desperate that there is no LEGIT online program (after reading my Six Figure Success Academy review you could have one more reason :-), I have great news for you. 

There are LEGIT, VALUABLE, and TRUSTABLE online platforms helping you create an online business. 

In fact, I am part of such a ONE, that helped me gain knowledge, that is in high demand. 

I could go there and offer my skills and get a highly paid job if I want to. 

But I don’t want, because I do work on my business and on my financial freedom, that no JOB could offer me.  

What are the skills I started as a newbie with zero experience?

Some of them are: 

  • SEO

Without a doubt, I can say that I am more than advanced in those subjects after more than two years inside of the program. 

(I was working for a year full time next to my business and half year part-time, so you can achieve higher success quicker.)

Whatever it is, that you want to achieve…

Side hustle with a couple of bucks a month or a full-time job that pays a lot, or financial freedom, you can get there easier if you sign up to the program I did in 2019. 





  • Legit Creators


  • B******T Claims
  • Expensive
  • DFY
  • No Free Trial
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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • This seems like overhyped claims that no one likes to hear, especially if you have been marketing for some time. And trying to find other side hustles and this is not one of them for sure, we thank you for being diligent and doing homework on this one.
    They seem to be good marketers but are the only ones profiting, it won’t be a business for long, well we have to say is the suggestion he did make is real.
    The claims are real and not exaggerated to the extreme, you can earn a passive income with what Julius says he knows the way.
    Informative information that we have learned about the review of the six-figure success academy this another success review we viewed.


    • Hey guys, thanks for your comment. I appreciate that you stopped by and read it. Indeed, the claims are really overhyped and the entire business model is not leveraging enough demand in my eyes. Yes, passive income is definitely achievable via digital marketing online. I learned the most important skills on this platform. I think it provides the best deal in relation to value/price. Anyone interested in an online business should try that one. Cheers

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